Summer Loving

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Jungkook laid his head in his arms on the bar in front of him, groaning at how tired he was from working all day. He closed his eyes briefly before he heard a glass being placed down in front of his face curtesy of his best friend, he raises his head slowly and smiles at the elder before downing some of the contents of the glass and wincing slightly at the burn.

“It’s only your first day, kid. How are you going to survive the whole summer?” Yoongi laughs as he leans himself on the bar, taking advantage of the break in customers.

“I don’t think I am, It’s much more exhausting than working at your studio.” Jungkook sighs.

“That’s because I’m too nice to you, maybe I should make you work harder.”

“No, you’re my best friend you can’t do that to me!” Jungkook whines like a child, making Yoongi rolls his eyes at him before laughing slightly.

Jungkook sips more of his drink, glancing at the door as he hears it open and watching the influx of new people make their way in. One of the men catch his eye, it was the guy from earlier who he had a strange encounter with, for some reason he felt happy to see him again.

“You’re staring at people, staring is rude.” Yoongi comments.

“I wasn’t staring, I was observing.”

“You was checking out the blonde guy. Don’t think you can lie to me, kid.”

“I saw him earlier, he came over to me on the beach and started spewing all this shit about mistaking me for someone he knew from back home.” Jungkook laughs.

“And now you’re in love with him, huh?” Yoongi smirks.

“I’m not in love with him. I mean of course he’s beautiful, any person with eyes can see that. But he looks like he has enough money in his wallet alone to pay my rent for six months, there’s no way I’d even go there.”

Yoongi shrugs, “Maybe a holiday romance with a rich boy would be a great experience for you.”

“A holiday romance? No thank you.” Jungkook glances quickly back over to the table the group sat down at, quickly turning around when he sees the beautiful boy was already looking at him.

“Oh yeah, I forgot you were looking for the ‘real thing’ now.”

“Is it so bad to want to find the person I want to be with forever? I’m so over random hookups, I just want someone to do cute romantic shit with.”

“Someone you can bring back to your studio apartment and treat to some instant ramen?” Yoongi teases.

“I can also offer them some anime and great cuddles.” Jungkook throws in, his tone a little dreamy from the desire to have someone to do all of that with.

“Anime that you watch on my Netflix account, you little freeloader.”

Jungkook laughs, ending the conversation there because he really couldn’t even argue with that statement. College was expensive after all, he needed to take all the handouts he could get and Yoongi was truly the best person in the world to provide him with the essentials.

“Is that your crush? Oh my God, he is cute.” Jimin gushes.

“Back off, I saw him first.” Taehyung glares at his best friend to warn him off, he doesn’t want Jimin to try and get his man.

“Alright, chill. His friend or possible boyfriend is cuter anyway, I might go order a drink so I can talk to him.”

“Please go order drinks, we’ve been sitting here for at least ten minutes now and I need some alcohol in me.” Jin groans.

Taehyung sees a perfect opportunity to redeem himself, hoping he would be at least a little more composed if Jimin was by his side. Both boys make their way up to the bar, Taehyung’s heart beating louder and faster with every step forward he took.

“What can I get you?” Yoongi asks with a smile that makes Jimin freeze in place, Taehyung makes a note to tease him about it later to get back at him for earlier.

“Do you have any Coche-Dury Corton-Charlemagne Grand Cru?” Taehyung says quickly, trying to ignore the pretty boy at the end of the bar so he’s able to at least get some words out.

“I have no idea what that is, so I’m going to guess we don’t have it.”

Taehyung huffs, of course, they wouldn’t have his favourite wine. “We’ll just have a couple of bottles of your most expensive chardonnay then.”

“Tae quit it with the rich person crap.” Jimin hisses in his ear to avoid the two others from getting the wrong first impression of them.

“You know I can’t drink cheap wine,” Taehyung rolls his eyes as he waits for Yoongi to finish searching for the most expensive bottle that the bar had.

“Hello again.” A voice sounds from a few seats away, making Taehyung stop breathing for a second.

Taehyung reluctantly turns his head, regretting it instantly when he’s met with those big doe eyes that make him weak at the knees. “Er- h-hi.”

Jimin sighs before deciding to help him out, he can’t just stand by and watch his best friend embarrass himself again. “Hello! I’m Jimin, this is Taehyung.”

“I’m Jungkook.” The younger smiles brightly. Yoongi clears his throat in annoyance, a bit insulted that Jungkook didn’t have the sense to introduce him as well. “Oh, and that’s Yoongi.”

“Well it’s great to meet you both. Do you live out here?” Jimin continues, trying to keep his eyes away from Yoongi behind the bar so he could form a coherent sentence.

“Nah, we’re just working out here for the summer. Extra money and we get a free holiday, who could say no to that?”

“I would. It’s not much of a holiday if you have to work the entire time.” Taehyung blurts out, instantly kicking himself when he realises just how snobby he sounded. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it like that- I just...”

“It’s fine, I agree. I don’t get much free time, but I cherish the little time I do get to actually enjoy the place.” Jungkook smiles sweetly.

Taehyung nods before looking back at the bar where Yoongi had placed the bottles of chardonnay along with five glasses, he quickly pays before mumbling a goodbye and heading straight back to the table. Jimin gives Jungkook an apologetic smile before quickly following after his best friend, “What the hell was that?!”

“I got nervous, I have no spoilt rich kid filter when I’m nervous!”

“Do you ever have a spoilt rich kid filter?” Namjoon teases his younger brother.

“Shut up and pour the chardonnay.” Taehyung spits back.

Namjoon thinks about making a smart remark in return but the look of anger in Taehyung’s eyes has him keeping his mouth firmly shut as he fills everyone’s glass up.

“Is that your crush over there? You couldn’t stand still when he was talking to you.” Hoseok laughed.

“Yeah. I messed up yet another opportunity to talk to him, I’m pretty sure he thinks I’m a nervous wreck by now.” Taehyung groans out before gulping down the contents of his glass.

“Easy there. Great wine should be savoured, not gulped.” Jin reminds him.

“I paid for it, I can gulp if I want to gulp.”

“Actually mom and dad paid for it, they’re the ones who put money into your account.”

Taehyung shrugs, sipping his wine this time to avoid any more lectures from his brother, “Technicalities.” He looks over to the bar again and see’s Jungkook laughing with Yoongi, he couldn’t help but feel a little jealous even though he didn’t even know the boy.

“The bartender is cute.” Jimin sighs dreamily from beside the youngest.

“Not as cute as the little cherry haired baby speaking to him. Do you think they’re dating? He didn’t introduce him as a friend, but he didn’t say boyfriend either.” Taehyung frowns.

“My bet is that they’re just friends.”

“That might just be your heart talking.”

Jimin agrees, knowing they’d have to try and figure that out another time. “I hope they’re not dating, I’d love a good summer fling with that Yoongi guy.”

“Summer fling?” Taehyung raises a brow in question.

“Well yeah, isn’t that what you were looking for with Jungkook?”

“Not really... when I saw him I just wanted to take him out for expensive meals, buy him gifts, he looks like the sort of person who needs to be spoiled.”

“So, you want to be his sugar daddy?” Jimin laughs, his words grasping the attention of the entire table.

Taehyung shoves him lightly to get him to shut up, “That’s not what I meant, I want more than that.”

Taehyung spends the rest of the evening gulping down chardonnay and getting a lecture from his brothers about how much his parents would kill him if he becomes a sugar daddy. He makes a mental note to kill Jimin later for not being able to keep his voice down, he didn’t even think about having that sort of relationship with Jungkook anyway. His mind wonders into thoughts of candlelit dinners and cute night strolls with the boy, his heart craving that kind of closeness. He just needs to find a way to not be so awkward around him, how he’d ever be able to do that he doesn’t know but he’s willing to try day after day until his brain finally cooperates with him.

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