Summer Loving

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Taehyung had definitely been making progress, not a massive amount but it was enough to give him faith that he might actually be able to overcome his phobia by the end of this vacation. Jungkook was always so patient and sweet about the entire situation, Taehyung was still only comfortable enough to go in as far as ankle deep water but not once did he push him to go any further. The younger had helped him through multiple panic attacks, always being the first one to pull them straight back to the shore when he notices a change in the elder’s behaviour.

Tonight was the first night Taehyung had stood within the water and not begun to panic, he allowed the freezing cold water to lap at his ankles and looked out into the dark ocean and didn’t feel it become harder to breathe, his heart still sped up with slight panic but it was small enough for him to be okay with it. He turned his head to look at Jungkook, hand still firmly placed in his and he smiled. Jungkook instantly returned the smile, happy the Taehyung was actually able to look somewhat calm within the water, he was thrilled that they were finally moving forward.

Once they were back on the sand they sat and talked for another hour, something that had become a routine after what Taehyung likes to call his ‘phobia killing lessons’. They had gotten to know each other pretty well over the past week, always talking about their home lives and sharing stories from their childhoods, casual talk that made Taehyung’s heart swell in his chest every time.

“I can’t meet you tomorrow night, is that okay?” Jungkook announces once they were making their way off of the beach.

“That’s fine, I think I need a breather after such a massive step anyway.” Taehyung laughs. “Do you have plans then?”

Jungkook hums, “Mingyu wants to take me to this seafood place, says it’s really good or something.”

“So... you’re going on a date?”

“Something like that.”

Taehyung couldn’t help but feel disappointed at that, he somehow felt that Jungkook was choosing to spend the night being out with Mingyu then being with him. “Well, I hope you have fun then,” he finds himself saying. Did he mean those words? Of course not. But he couldn’t show how bitter he was about the whole thing.

“Thanks, Tae. I’ll see you the day after then? Same time?” Jungkook smiles warmly, his face beautifully lit under the dim streetlights on the path they just stepped off the beach on to.

“Definitely. Good night.” Taehyung forces a smile, hoping it doesn’t make him seem off. He seems to get away with it as Jungkook wishes him good night also and turns to head in the direction of his cabin, Taehyung’s smile instantly dropping once he leaves. He hasn’t even met Mingyu and he already hates him.

Taehyung’s still annoyed when he wakes up that morning, finding himself not even wanting to get out of bed. He lays there for ages just staring up at the ceiling, wondering what would’ve happened if last night he just voiced that he wasn’t happy about the fact Jungkook was going out with another guy, wondering how he would’ve reacted if he just told him he should be going out on dates with him instead. But he didn’t, so he’ll never know what would’ve happened.

After a while, Jimin enters Taehyung’s room, not even bothering to knock before he strolls in. “Oh, you are awake. Everyone’s waiting for you so we can go grab breakfast!”

“I’m not hungry, just go without me.”

“Oo, that tone is not good, that’s sad Taehyung tone. Gimme a sec.” Jimin frowns before running out of the room, he runs down to the living area where everyone else was and tells them to head out for breakfast without them, giving the excuse that Taehyung was feeling slightly unwell and he was going to look after him. He then runs back to the room and shuts the door behind him, crawling under the covers next to his best friend once he’s returned. “Tell me why you’re sad.”

“I’m not sad, just go have breakfast.” Taehyung sighs before rolling on his side to face away from Jimin, which the elder was having none of.

“You’re not getting rid of me that easily,” Jimin says, pulling at Taehyung’s arm to make him lay on his back again. “Is it to do with your little nighttime meetings with Jungkook?”

Taehyung groans, perhaps talking about it with Jimin would ease some of his emotional pain after all. “No, our meetings are great. I managed to stand in the sea without having a panic attack last night, how great is that? It was only ankle deep but that’s still a massive victory for me.”

“That’s amazing, Tae! I’m so happy for you.” Jimin congratulates before returning back to the topic. “Why are you so sad then?”

“He’s not meeting me tonight because he’s going on a date with that dickbag he works with.”

“Ah, right. You should’ve just told him not to go, you could’ve made up some bullshit excuse about not wanting to have a day away from facing your fear.”

“How can I? I don’t want to be an ass that keeps him from spending his time with who he chooses to. If he’d rather spend the night with him over me than I just have to accept that.” Taehyung says sadly, burying his face into the covers to hide from the world.

Jimin looks at him sympathetically, he’s always hated seeing his best friend so beat down over something, thankfully he’s usually a confident person so this is a rare occurrence but when it does happen it pains him to watch. “Well, Jin was saying about us all heading to Mdina today. We can see the sights, play some hide and seek, just take a well-needed break from the beach. Sound good?”

Taehyung hums thoughtfully from underneath the blanket, he can’t lie that it sounds like a perfect way to spend the day.

“Come on, if you get up now we can still meet everyone for breakfast.”

So Taehyung does get up, he can’t spend his day wallowing in his self-pity, after all, he has more pride than to do that. He quickly gets himself dressed and heads out with Jimin, thankfully the family had only just ordered their food so they could quickly add onto the order and eat with them. The light conversation did actually make Taehyung feel better, taking his mind off of his self-proclaimed failed love life for at least a little while.

All the boys spent their day within Mdina, giving the parents some alone time that they were thankful for. The day was one of the best Taehyung had ever experienced, he can’t remember the last time he laughed so much. He felt so light, all of his worries seemed to dissolve when he was in the presence of the people he loved the most in this world. They all headed for dinner once the sun began to set, all of them eating way too much for their stomachs to deal with and then heading over to what had become their regular bar to drink in. Jimin and Taehyung went up to order as always, Jimin going to obviously talk to Yoongi and Taehyung wanting to get some inside information from Jungkook’s best friend.

“So, Jungkook’s on a date tonight?” Taehyung wastes no time in asking.

“Yeah. The kid didn’t seem too pumped for it though, he said he was excited but I can read him like a book.” Yoongi mutters as he starts preparing their regular order, not even waiting for them to tell him what they want.

“He wasn’t excited?” Taehyung perks up upon hearing the words come out of Yoongi’s mouth.

“In my opinion, no. I still don’t trust that Mingyu guy, he’s laying it on too thick with Kook.”

“Could you maybe talk up Tae when you’re around him? Get his mind off of that rat and onto the person he should be focusing on.” Jimin encourages.

Yoongi smirks as he sets the wine and glasses down on the bar, “Anything for you, Min.” He winks before turning his attention to Taehyung for the payment, Jimin blushing furiously beside him.

The two boys gather all the things from the bar before heading back to their table, Taehyung holding in his question until they’re out of earshot of Yoongi. “So, you’ve been keeping something from me then.”

“What do you mean?” Jimin plays dumb, of course, he knew exactly what Taehyung meant.

“You and Yoongi, what’s been happening? I’m so out of the loop!”

“Nothing much, I just talk to him more once you leave for your meetings with Jungkook. We get along well, flirt a lot, he still hasn’t asked me on a date.”

“He works evenings, he can’t exactly take you for dinner.”

“He could take me for lunch!” Jimin says, a bit too loudly causing a lot of people to glance at him only feeding into his embarrassment.

Taehyung laughs before dropping the topic to save Jimin from complete humiliation, knowing that Yoongi was definitely going to be asking him out for lunch soon. He was happy for his best friend, he could see that Jimin was starting to really like Yoongi, despite the fact he initially intended it to only be a summer fling. He pours everyone a glass of wine before filling his own glass, everyone glancing at him strangely when he fills his own wine glass to the brim, he only smiles unbothered back at them. If he was going to enjoy his night he had to drink more than usual, easing himself away from thoughts of Jungkook laughing and enjoying himself on a date with someone other than him.

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