Summer Loving

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The ocean seemed calmer tonight, it made Taehyung less panicking the venture further into it. He had put on some swim shorts and brought a towel along with him, thinking he was ready to go further into the water tonight so seeing that the sea was working with him was a calming thing. Jungkook jogs up and falls to the sand next to Taehyung making him break out of his daze, both of them exchanging smiles as they meet eyes.

“How was your date last night?” Taehyung is quick to ask even before he has greeted the other boy, his eagerness to find out the answer to the question that had been eating him up the entire day outweighing his brain to mouth filter.

“Oh, erm- It was good. The food at the seafood place was amazing, a bit pricey though so I didn’t end up eating much. The lobster looked so good, I’m so bummed I couldn’t afford one.” Jungkook says, not even mentioning the person he was with last night.

‘I could buy you all the lobster you could possible eat’ Taehyung thinks to himself before shaking the thought when the lecture from his brothers about becoming a sugar daddy rings through his head. “So you had a nice night with Mingyu then?”

Jungkook hums, Taehyung couldn’t make out if he was humming in agreement or just humming to avoid talking about the topic any further. “So, I got your text about wearing swim shorts, how much further are you thinking about going in?” Jungkook says, swiftly changing the topic of conversation.

“Not far, thigh height? Maybe waist height if I can deal with it, but I’m not going to push myself too far.”

“Well it’s good you’re even pushing yourself a little, it’s a massive step forward from last week. I’m proud of you.” Jungkook smiles sweetly making Taehyung stop breathing for a second, only taking a breath when the younger rises from the sand and holds his hands up to pull Taehyung up with him as he usually does. “The sea seems calm tonight, so hopefully that will help you.”

“I was actually mentally thanking it earlier for being calm, there’s no way I would be this chill if the waves were big.”

“Well let’s say thank you to Mr. Sea.”

“Mr. Sea? Are you five?” Taehyung laughs.

Jungkook pouts but can’t help but laugh as well, Taehyung’s laugh always did seem contagious to him. He intertwines their fingers, something he knew always calmed the elder down before heading towards the water. “Ready?” He asks when they reach the shoreline.

“As I’ll ever be, I guess.”

The sea was always freezing cold, another reason for Taehyung to absolutely despise it. Every time the water hits his feet he regrets his decision to face his fear, maybe it would’ve been easier to go through his whole life being terrified of the ocean. But the presence of Jungkook so close next to him and the feeling of warmth coming from his hand protectively wrapped around his almost makes it all worth it.

“Feeling okay?” Jungkook cautiously asks when they’re up to their thighs in water.

“Surprisingly yeah, I am.” Taehyung smiles.

“So we can go in a little further?”

“A little, not a lot. I don’t want to push my limits.”

Jungkook nods before leading them a little further so the water level reached their hips and then stopped, thinking that they were in far enough for the night. They stand in silence for a short while before Jungkook realises Taehyung is trembling, instantly he prepares himself to bring them both to shore.

“What are you doing?” Taehyung asks, his voice a little shaky.

“You’re shaking, I’m taking you out before you have a panic attack.”

“I’m fine, It’s just a little cold that’s probably why I’m shaking,” Taehyung states, feeling butterflies in his stomach from how protective Jungkook sounded.

Jungkook hums, happy that Taehyung wasn’t freaking out but his shaking still didn’t sit right with him. They fall back into silence, Jungkook seemingly contemplating his next move before he makes it. Taehyung’s shaking only seemed to be getting worse as the minute’s pass which only made Jungkook frown, and finally, he decides to just go for it. He carefully removes Taehyung’s hand from his own, making the elder frown and slightly panic but freeze up when he feels Jungkook moving behind him and wrapping his arms around his waist.

“What are you doing now?” Taehyung says breathlessly.

“Warming you up,” Jungkook answers back as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Jungkook did, in fact, warm Taehyung up instantly, his body feeling so comforting and warm against his back, so much that he feels himself leaning into him more. “Thank you,” Taehyung whispers as if he’s trying not to ruin the moment.

The younger simply smiles, even though he knows Taehyung can’t actually see him. Something about holding him like this just seemed right, almost as if their bodies were made for each other. It confused Jungkook greatly, he’s been trying to ignore the way he was feeling about the elder but this was something he definitely could not ignore. He really had some thinking to do, and fast.

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