The Heirs


This, is Hanwang High, home to the richest students of all Asia. [extended summary inside]

Romance / Drama
michelle | minah
4.5 2 reviews
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WELCOME TO HANWANG HIGH, HOME TO THE RICHEST STUDENTS OF ALL ASIA. At Hanwang High, you must be rich. Or it’s social suicide. If your father doesn’t hold a c-suite position of a large company, you’re out in a week at most. Not an heir or heiress? Kicked out. Your family isn’t a large stockholder of one of the biggest companies in Asia? Forced out. It’s not like they don’t want you there — you won’t be able to survive there. You can certainly try to fit in, but the students there will find you and kick you out. A specific group of students to be exact.

They’re called the Blacktan Line.

And they’re richest kids you will ever meet.

Every single one of them are heirs to their parents’ companies, also known as the ‘Big Eight’. The Big Eight are the eight largest and richest companies in all of Asia.

They all grew up with each other and were best friends - until three years ago. Until Lalisa Manoban left Korea to live in Thailand because of her father’s company.

But that was years ago. Things have changed, and life went on.

That is, until Lalisa Manoban comes back from Thailand three years later.

Then all hell breaks loose.

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