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the bad luck bat


Jane was adopted by the Grayson's two years ago. Now when tragedy strikes taking away Mr. and Mrs. Grayson lives. Dick and Jane are left alone. In till Bruce Wayne decides to adopt them.

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Chapter 1

Jane age 8 dick or robin age 10 Jane's outfit gray pants a dark pick long sleeved shirt and a black beany that covers her pick hair and tennis shoesdick's outfit a red shorts sleeve shirt black pants and tennis shoes

Jane's P.O.V

At the harley circus

'huff huff I have to hurry if I'm late again miss mary won't me practice with bird boy. 'I thought while running toward the graysons trailer. 'Yes there's the trailer, and I've still got a minute left. 'I thought while running inside panting I did run three miles but hey who cares.

"ah jane sweetie just in time." miss mary. As I run in.

"hey j hurry up and eat, so we can go practice." Dick or bird boy as I call him said with a grin.

Over the two years, since the graysons adopted me I've come to think of bird boy as A older brother, just like I've come to think of mr john and miss mary as my parents. I love them just as much as I would my birth parents if I had ever met them, but that's another story for another time.

I move to sit next to bird boy, as soon as miss mary puts our food in front of us we dig in, stuffing our faces.

"woah slow down you two your going to chock yourselves. " mr john said with a amused look on his face. We slow down, and eat at a normal pace. When we were almost done miss mary looks at me.

"so jane what were you doing that almost made you late this time young lady. " she asks with a stern look on her face.

"I was practicing using my powers, I even learned a new trick, see watch. " jumping out of my seat as I stuff the last bite of my food in my mouth. You see I have special powers I can control bad luck, I can take bad luck out of anything, and then shape it into anything like a sword or a ball, anyway you get the picture.

When I am standing in front of the table, I put my hands out in front of me. They start to glow a light pink, as well as my eyes, a semi thick string of pink flows out of my right hand that makes it look like a whip. I bring my arm back, and gently swing it forward so that the whip wraps gently around bird boys arm.

And when it does I bring my arm up, and the whip pulls bird boy up, and out of his seat. "woah" bird boy says as I sit him gently back in his seat. When he is seating back in his seat, he jumps up ducks under the table, and hugs me.

"That was awesome jane you had complete control over your powers that's great. " he tells me as he lets me go.

" That was good jane you're really getting good control over your powers but you know you don't have to learn all on your own. We're all here for you if you need us. " miss Mary said with a smile.bird boy and mr john nodded they're heads.

I give them a smile back. "I know and if I ever need help I'll tell you first thing. " I said

" Hey hey can we go practice now. " bird boy asks.

"I take it that you ate everything on your plate then dick. " miss Mary said with a knowing smile. Bird boy looks down at his plate were two green vegies sat and gulped. He picked both pieces up, and stuffed them in his mouth.

Then shot up from his seat, and runs out the door spitting out the vegies in the trash on the way.

"hey wait up. " I yell chasing after him. We both jump off the lights hanging around the trailer heading toward the big top. Behind us I could hear mr john laugh, and say.

"leashes are the only answer for those two… wait for us you two. " he yells after us.

no one's P.O.V

Mr and mrs walk inside the big top. " Dick jane your fater said to wait huh. " mrs grayson gasped. There in the shadows was a man in a suit from what you can see. Standing in front of dick, and Jane.who were both frozen.

They slowly back away, as the man walks out of the shadows.

"looks like the circus is in town. " he said as he walks toward Jane, and dick. He puts his hand out for dick to shake.

"tony zucco welcome to Ghotham city. " he said looking at dick with A smirk on his face.Mr Grayson comes up behind dick and Jane, and puts his hands on they're shoulder's pulling them back.

Then tony zucco was about six feet tall one of his eyes was sky blue, and the other was brown, he had black hair, and was wearing a black suit with a red under shirt. He had a blue toothpick sticking out of his mouth.

Mr Grayson pushed dick, and jane behind him, and walked toward zucco.

"John Grayson circus manager can I help you. " he asks with a raised eye brow.

"I'd like to think I'm here to help you john. For a small fee my brothers, and I would provide your circus protection. "As zucco is saying this a big man with a yellow shirt and brown pants, walks out from behind some barrels, it looks like he's like six five.

two more guys walk up behind the Grayson's. one of them was the size as A average man he had black hair, and a mustache with light blue eyes wearing a normal black suit with a dark blue tie.

The man standing next to him was short about four feet maybe he was bold, and had brown eyes he was wearing the same suit as the other guy, but he had a dark blue scarf instead of a tie.

"I'm not sure I understand why we would need your protection. " Mr Grayson asks while crossing his arms. Behind him dick crosses his arms as well.

"I come from circus fouk myself so let me put this in terms you can understand, you don't pay us, and you'll have to deal with a strongman. " as zucco says this a the big man smashes the pile of barrels beside him.

Mr and mrs Grayson gasp, and spin around, at the sound of footsteps to see the average size man with a whip in his hand.

"A lion tamer. " zucco says.

The man pulled the whip back, and shot it forward it wrapped around one of the lights overhead. Ripping it down, and slamming it to the ground.

Dick, and Jane eyes widen then they both glared.

"A juglar. " they turn around to see the short one jugaling three pins, before kicking one into the signs in front of him, then throws at the exit sign breaking it as well. Before he throws the last one Jane, and Dick run forward.

Dick does a front flip, and Jane twists her body so she does a back flip, they both land right next to each other right in front of the juglar with they're hands out.

"STOP" they yell together.

"Dick, Jane. " mrs Grayson yells with her hands over her mouth.

"you've got quite a family here john. " zucco said as he walks over to Dick, and Jane. Putting a hand on both they're shoulder's.

"My pap's always said family the most important thing, I know my brothers mean the world to me. " As zucco said this Mr Grayson's eyes hearden to a glare.

"I'm not sure what I'd do if something were to happen to them. "zucco tightens his grip on Dick, and Janes shoulder's they both wince, and bend down alittle from the pain.

that's all it took for Mr Grayson to run forward, and slams his elbow into Zucco's chest causing him to let go of Dick, and Jane, and fall to the floor.

The short one jumps at Mr Grayson, but he catches him, and throws him to the side. The lion tamer swings his whip at him, but Mr Grayson jumps over his head, and onto his back knocking him to the ground.

When Mr Grayson lands, he doesn't see the strong man come up from behind him in till he gets punched to the ground.

Dick, and Jane gasp.

"Let me be blunt john. " zucco starts as he walks up to Mr Grayson as he try's to push himself up.

"I don't think this circus, or your family can afford not having our protection. " zucco said with a smirk.

"Funny cause I think we can. " Jane said with anger in her voice.

"Oh and what makes you so sure of that sonny. " zucco asks with a smirk.

"we called the police five minutes ago. " Dick said standing next to jinx holding his phone up. Zucco's eyes widen.

"And guess who intercepted that call. " a voice from behind zucco turns around and his mouth falls open when he see's who's standing there.

There in front of him is the dark night himself Batman. He glares and punches zucco in the mouth sending him flying a few feet back. Zucco lands on his back with a grunt.

Dicks eyes widen as well does Jane's. the lion tamer comes up from behind batman to hit him but he see's it coming. As the whip comes down toward him, he jumps out of the way, the lion tamer pulls the whip back, and swings it again.

Batman did two back flips out of the way. While batman was fighting the lion tamer.

the strong man ran past zucco "come on we have to go. " he said as he pasts zucco running out of the big top with the juglar, and zucco right behind him. As zucco pasts Dick, and Jane he gave them a look that said 'I will get my revenge. '

Before running out with his brothers. Meanwhile with batman, the lion tamer was still trying to hit batman. But batman threw a batarang, it hit his hand witch caused him to drop the whip, then came back around, and hit him in the back of the head knocking him out.

He landed at batman's feet. Batman looks around, and his eyes land on the Grayson's, Mr's Grayson lays her head on mr Grayson's chest with Jane, and Dick next to them.

Dick looked up toward batman and gave him a smile as If to say 'thank you' batman gave him a smile back.

Meanwhile with zucco and his brothers.

they were running then they stopped in front of a Harley train car.

"our family has been divided I think we should return the favor. " zucco said while looking in the direction they came from. From behind them you could hear police sirens. When zucco and his brothers heard the sirens they turned around, and ran away.

line break line break line break line break line break line break line break line break line break line break line break line break line

night time no one's P.O.V

A man with black hair and blue eyes wearing a suit (I bet you know who I'm talking about.) sat down at the bottom of the bleachers. Eating some popcorn while he sat down.

With the Grayson's jinx's P.O.V

I was sitting on a crate in the dressing rooms. Trying really hard not to laugh, Mr John was wearing dark red tights, and a light red tight shirt he looked so funny.

Miss Mary looked good in her outfit she was wearing a tight light red shirt that flowed out at the bottom so it looked like a skirt, and dark red tights with her hair in a pony tell. Miss Mary was helping Mr John finish his outfit.

"Ok Dick come on out now. " Miss Mary as she and Mr John turn around. They smile at me before we turn toward the curtains beside us.

"No I look like a loser. " Dick said from the shadows.

"your mother put a lot of work into the new costumes. " Mr John said with a smile.

"yeah come on bird boy I'm sure it looks fine so hurry up I want to see it. " I said with a smirk coming on my face.

"Well are you going to just stand there. " Mr John asks.

As Dick sighs, And comes out of the shadows. I looked up, and burst out laughing, He was wearing a tight sleeveless red shirt, with three gold strips on the chest part of his shirt, next to the strips was a black 'R' in the middle of a gold circle, And dark green almost black tights.

"Oh shut-up Jane just think your almost ready to preform with the rest of us, then your be wearing tights too. " Dick said with a smirk as he pulls at the 'r' on his costume.

"Besides mom is there any reason why this costume has to be so colorful. " with his hands out Miss Mary walks in front of bird boy, and kneels down in front of him.

"because when I see you up there Richard you make me think of a little robin. " As miss Mary says this she puts her hand on the 'r' of bird boys costume. I grin at that trying not to laugh again.

"ugg a robin like the bird you know kids my age get beat up for nicknames like that. " birdboy said I walk up to him, and wrap my arm around his neck.

"Well I think it suits you bird boy. " I said with a grin.

"how about instead we call you our flying squirrel. " Mr John asks. I decide to help bird boy out.

"You know Mr John bird boy isn't the only one that looks like a loser. " I said with a smirk.

"Loser I'll teach you. " Mr John said as he wraps his arms around all of us. Me, and bird boy laugh, and miss Mary says "oh John" before she starts to laugh too.

"Well I better go find a seat, so I can have a good view of the show. " I said smile.

"Yeah your probably right, be careful, and if you need anything you come back here ok. " miss Mary tells me with a smile.

"Ok I will, and good luck on your show miss Mary, and you too Mr John, and bird boy do your best ok. " I said with a smile.

I get up I give bird boy a hug kiss Mr John and miss Mary on the cheek. Before I run out toward the bleachers.

When I get there I see a seat at the bottom row. I run to get it but end up tripping on someone's foot, and land right in someone else's lap.

"Hey are you ok. " I look up to see who asked, and I see a guy with black hair, and blue eyes looking back at me with worry.

"Oh I'm fine sorry I landed on you. " I said embarrassed as I get off his lap, and into the empty seat next to him with my head down.

Then I notice I don't have my beany on my head. I start looking for it till I fell someone tap my shoulder. I turn to see the guy with blue eyes holding my beany out to me.

"Looking for this. " he asks as I take it out of his hands, and put it back on my head I nod my head yes when I get it back on.

"My name is Bruce Wayne pleasure to meet you, now can I have the honor your name. " the man I now know as Bruce Wayne asks.

" Oh Bruce Wayne regular donator for Gotham's children hospital, and billion air. " I said then blush, and look down.

"Oh sorry I just remember reading about you in the newspaper a few weeks ago so I kind of just thought out loud anyway my name is Jane. " I said as I hold out my hand for him to shake he just smiles, and shakes my hand.

"It's ok so is this your first time coming to the circus. " he asks

"Umm no you see I work in the circus I'm the Grayson's daughter. " I tell him.

"oh ok so why don't you perform with the rest of your family if you don't mind me asking. " Mr Wayne asks

"I'm still in training I'll be able to preform in about a month or so. " I said with a small smile. He nods his head in understanding. Then the loud speaker say the flying Grayson's are next. I grin and look up.

I can see miss Mary and Mr John standing at the top of the swinging tower with they're robes on. Mr John takes off his robe and grabs the swing poll.

You see the Grayson's are called the flying Grayson's, because they do they're act without the safety of a net witch is cool, but if they fall well I think you can guess what would happen, but I'm not worried because the Grayson's know what they're doing.

Mr John jumps off the first poll and does a spinning front flip to grab the next poll.

Meanwhile in the stadium

Zucco and his brothers were watching the show. "aren't they just fantastic. " Zucco said as he hands the popcorn cup to the strong man. He takes it, and pours what's in it into his hand. Two bolts drop into his hand.

He gives Zucco a confused look as the juglar looks over his shoulder to see the bolts, then looks at Zucco as well. Zucco just smirks, and claps his hands with an evil look in his eyes.

back with Jane

I watch as miss Mary grabs the swinging poll as it swings to her she jumps off the tower, and then does a back flip of the poll as she's falling Mr John catches her hands.

I clap my hands as he does. " And now the youngest member of this amazing family. " the speaker says up at the top of the tower I can see dick waving, I was about to wave back when I sharp pain shot through my head.

I double over in pain " hey are you ok. " Mr Wayne asks I shake my head, and slowly left it up.

"something's wrong. " is all I say he gives me a confused look, as I stand up I can see dick about to take his robe off, I don't know why but I know if he jumps something bad will happen, right before he takes off his robe I shout.

"DICK" he looks down at me to see me clutching my head in pain, before he looks up his eyes widen at whatever he see's, then he looks at his parents with terror in his eyes.

Then the ropes holding mr John, and miss Mary comes undone. After that it's like time slowed as they start to fall I hear miss Mary say 'Dick' before they fall.

"NOOOO" I scream my eyes wide as I fall to my knees, I can feel tears burning behind my eyes but I refuse to let them fall I look up to see, Dick fall to his knees as well with tears running down his face before he covers his face.

I look down as Mr Wayne try's to comfort me ' they can't be gone they just can't really be gone.' Is all I can think.

line break line break line break line break line break line break line break line break line break line break line break line break

two days later

Me, and Dick are side by side in front of Mr John, and miss Mary's grave stones. It's ruining with dark cloud's surrounding us it matches are moods.

'I just can't believe they're gone' I thought holding back tears. I don't know how long we were standing there. But I heard someone come up from behind us.

"Hello Jane. Dick I'm Bruce Wayne I'm sorry about your lost. " Mr Wayne said I just look at the ground. I know if I open my mouth everything I've been holding in for the last two days will breakout. But Dick saves me.

"Thanks Mr Wayne for everything we heard you payed for all of this. " Dick said

"So how are you two holding up. " Mr Wayne asks.

"we'll be ok or at least that's what everyone keeps telling us. " Dick reply's I can feel him start to shake as he looks down at the graves I thighten my hold on his hand in comfort.

"We miss them it's just not fair. "Dick says as tears start running down his face.

" Anyway thanks again. " Dick said after a moment as we walk away into the rain.

no one's P.O.V

"They're parents were all the family those kids had. " Alfred said with a frown.

"That why I've decided to take them in as a foster son, and daughter. If they'll have me I was lucky to have you during those dark days Alfred. Dick, and Jane deserve the same. " Bruce said.

line break line break line break line break line break line break line break line break line break line break line break line break

At Bruce Wayne's house Jane's P.O.V

As the car pulled up to a stop in front of the house we were going to be living in from now on. The only thing I could think as we got out of the car was 'WOW' this isn't a house this is a mansion. Dicks mouth fell open in awe.

Mr Wayne comes up next to us, and puts his hands on each of our shoulder's we look up at him.

"Welcome home Dick Jane. " he said with a smile.

That night

"Dinner is serve. " Alfred said with a smile.

"Wow I think this table is bigger than our whole trailer. don't you think jane. " dick said/asked.

"Yeah it is." Was all I said while I sat down next to bird boy.

"Indeed it can sit 22 and sleep half that number. Now the both of you be sure to finish everything on your plate. " Alfred said.

"So where's Bruce he's never around is he. " bird boy asks.

"Unfortunately his work demands much of his time. " Alfred said with a frown.

With Bruce ( A.K.A batman)

Down in the bat cave Bruce was on his computer searching for zucco.

" master dick and mistress jane have been asking for you. " Alfred tells him walking up from behind.

" I can't just sit back and wait for the police to link zucco to the crime. " Bruce said.

" now that the boy and the girl our part of this family I suspect they may need a father figure more then they need a crime fighter. " Alfred said with a frown.

" the criminal responsible for my parents death was never brought to justice Alfred that's a burden I won't let jane and dick Carrie. Boss zucco and his brothers have been harassing Gotham business owners for years so far my only lead is a tooth pick I found at the circus carrying traces of zucco's D.N.A." Bruce said while looking at the computer screen.

" that would seem to only confirm what you already know. His involvement. " Alfred said.

" this pacific brand of tooth picks is only In two places in Gotham Alfred. " Bruce said standing up and pulling his mask over his face.

" Garret's restaurant and the ice pick club." He said with a glare.

At the ice pick club

Inside there were all kinds of people most of them had nose rings and scars others had chains. The man at the door got up as the door bell rang. He opened the eye hole.

"Password." As he said this he looked up. To see who was at the door his eyes widened as he backs up. Right before the door was kicked off it's hinges. And in walked the dark night himself.

"Tony zucco where is he." He asked with a glare. As he looked around the room every body backed up. You could hear glass shatter In the back ground.

Batman turned toward the noise. " you got a lot of nerve coming on our turf like this." A guy twirling a pull stick over his head said.

Batman glared. Everyone in the room walked forward getting ready for a fight. Batman trowels about ten capsules smoke shoots out and files the in tire room.

You could hear people hitting the floor by the time the smoke cleared over half of the people in the room were unconscious on the floor the rest ran out of the building shouting.

Batman walked over to one of the guys that was still awake who was hanging upside down looking at batman in terror. Batman bends down to his face.

"Where is zucco. " he demands with a heard look.

"I don't know man he's laying low, but his brothers they're still shaking down parts of old Gotham. You'll find them there." He said in fright.

"Tell zucco I'm coming tell him I'm coming for all of them." Batman glares then leaves.

At Wayne manor Jane P.O.V

Me and bird boy were sitting on the stair case he was playing some video game and I was drawing in my Sketch pad.

"Master dick mistress Jane could I see you chap chap." Alfred said walking past us.

"Huh." Me, and bird boy said as we get up. To follow him he leads us too a room with a fire place and a big comfy chair that could hole both me, and bird boy.

But that wasn't what we were looking at. There above the fire place was a picture of mr john, and miss Mary in they're new costumes. I smiled, and bird boy gasped then smiled.

"i thought you two might want to see this. " alfred said from beside us.

"one day alfred zucco's going to have to pay for what he did i'm going to make sure of it. " dick said with anger in his voice i grab his hand to calm him down. he looks down at me, and his shoulders relax.

"time to prepare for dinner perhaps master bruce will even join us this evening. " alfred said as he walks toward the dinning room.

"and perhaps monkeys will fly out of my butt. " dick said with a smirk i couldn't help it i started to laugh dick, and alfred looked at me then they both smiled i wasn't surprised i haven't laughed since the incident.

after i calmed down we all went to the dinning room, and ate.

With batman downtown gotham

an elderly couple who were shop owners were putting money in a brown paper bag with the strong man, and the juggler standing in front of them the juggler was juggling three big things of cash.

the strong man was telling the couple to get him some bread with jelly in it. nether of them saw batman come up behind the juggler batman knocked him out.

the strong man heard the noise, and took out his taser but before he could use it a batarang knocked it out of his hand.

batman then punched him right under the chin then kneed him in the stomach then slammed his elbow in to the back of his head sending him flying across the room he landed on his back then the bread he was eating landed on his head.

batman lefts him up by his shirt. " i want answers zucco where is he. " batman demands with a glare.

" no way i rat out family. " the strong man said with a smirk. batman glares then looks down. to see a bag of peanuts with the harley circus logo on it.

" you already have." batman said the strong mans eyes widen before batman punches him in the face knocking him out.

At wayne manor Dick's P.O.V

"Ahhhh" i shout as i shoot up in bed to see bats flying off from my window i shiver and bring my hand up to rub my arms ' why is it so cold in here' i thought. then i remember the room alfred showed us earlier.

i got out of be and started heading that way. when i get there i'm surprised to see Jane already there. sitting in the big chair that was in there. looking at the picture of mom, and dad.

"couldn't sleep either could you. " i asked as i walk toward her. she looks up at me, and whips her eyes trying to hide the tears i know are there. i climb on the chair next to her, and wrap my arms around her shoulders, and pull her to me.

"you know Jane you don't have to hold everything in i'm here for you if you need me because i know for a fact that you haven't cried once about everything that is going on you've been keeping everything inside. but if you keep everything bottled up that bottle will shatter J you need to let it out don't force yourself to keep it a secret. " i said with a smile as i push her hair out of her face.

i see tears building up in her eyes she smiles back at me before you wraps her arms around my waist ,and buries her face in my chest and for the first time in two years Jane cried. I pull her closer to me, and start rubbing her back.

As she lets out everything she's been holding in after a while she calms down I move around so we're both laying down. With my arms wrapped around Jane just like a older brother would to a little sister witch is what Jane is to me.

Right as we were about to fall asleep . We hear something slid open behind us. We both sit up to see Alfred walking out from behind the grandfather clock. We both duck behind the chair so he doesn't see us.

And then peck out to see Alfred pull on a piece from inside the clock that closes the passage. Alfred walked past the chair without seeing us. Me, and Jane look at eachother than got up, and walked over to the clock.

I pulled the same piece that Alfred did when it opened we both slowly walked inside what looked like a elevator.

"wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow . " was all I could say Jane just nodded her head. We were in what looked like a cave but super high tech. It was awesome I looked over where the computer was, and above it was the bat signal.

I looked down to see stuff that had to belong to villains like the penguin's staff some old villains masks stuff like that.

"the batman." I said in awe me, and Jane heard the sound of a car coming. We looked down to see the batmoble. The top of the car opened, and batman jumped out. Right before he turned in our direction Jane grabbed me, and pulled me back.

We hide behind one of the statues in the room. After he walks past the statue I take Janes hand, and we slowly get up. I looked behind of us when I turned back toward the front. There standing in front of us was the dark knight himself.

I gasped, and Jane's eyes widen. " you're." I couldn't finish I was to surprised. He took off his mask, and there staring at me, and Jane with a head stare was Bruce Wayne. I gasped again.

line break line break line break line break line break line break line break line break line break line break line break line break line break line break

Jane's P.O.V

"under the circumstances it was only a matter of time before you two learned my secret. Ok let talk about what you saw. " Bruce said its been about ten minutes since me, and bird boy found out Bruce is mr Wayne.

bird boy looked up, and " you're the batman the dark knight the world's greatest detective that's you. " bird boy said pointing at mr Wayne. I grab his arm, and pull it down. He gives me a confused look.

"It's rude to point at people. " was all I said bird boy pouts at my comment.

"yes and it's a laugh part of the reason why you haven't seen a lot of me lately. " Mr Wayne says as he kneels down in front of us.

"I don't want the two of you're childhood to be consumed by revenge like mine was. " he finished we both looked up at him Dicks eyes widen.

"you're going after zucco aren't you. " Dick asks we both look up at the picture of mr John, and miss Mary. Dick looks back at Mr Wayne.

"no that's for me I wanna make sure he gets what's coming to him. " Dick said as he closes his eyes and bows his head.

"maybe we should finish this in morning it's late. " Mr Wayne said as he gives Alfred a look before walking away.

"late for Bruce Wayne early for the batman. " Dick whispers to me so Alfred doesn't hear us. I nod my head, and watch as Mr Wayne walks away.

At the Harley circus

Batman walks into the big top. "Zucco I know you're here. " he said a second later a spotlight lands on batman. He turns around at the sound of a connon going off. Before being hit with a sand bag and being knocked out.

Meanwhile with Dick, and Jane Jane's P.O.V

"If we find batman we find Zucco. " Dick tells me sitting in front of batmans computer he hits a couple of keys, and a bat signal shows up where the circus is.

"wait a minute that's where the circus is why would he go back there. " I ask with a frown.

"I don't know but we can't go dressed like this but I know what we can come on. " bird boy said getting up, and heads toward his room I follow him. When we get there bird boy get out his costume from the circus.

"now all I need is a mask. " bird boy said.

"um D it's great that you have something to wear but what am I supposed to wear I don't have a costume" I ask

"are you sure about that. " he said I raise a eyebrow that I don't have. He smirks and gets smoething out of his closet my eyes widen when I see what it is. "how when. " I ask still in shock.

"mom made it for you as a surprise for your birthday, and first preformis I know she really wanted you to have what better time then now. " dick said with a smile I give him a smile to.

"well go change so we can kick some bad guy butt. " he said with a fist in the air I laugh and go change.

Back at the circus

batman slowly opens his eyes to see zucco standing in front of him.

"morning sunshine. " he said with a smirk still on his face. Batman glara then looks at his tied up hands and feet. He's tied up to a round piece of wood like what circus acts throws knives at.

"you know being here really brings back memories believe it or not once upon a time my paps, and I were in the circus we were knife throwers. Well I throw the knives, and dad hoped I wouldn't hit him it was quite the act really." Zucco said

As he picks up one of the knives next to him. And throws it up in the air after he catches it he throws it at batman. It landed right next to batmans side.

"we put him on a bored just like you're on, and I say ladies and gentlemen please don't try this at home I am a trained professional. " he said as he throws another knife at batman it landed near his face.

"then my paps would say ah I knew we should have given you piano lessons instead haha always good for a laugh. " zucco said as he throws four more knives each knife landed about one or two inches away from hitting batman.

"why'd you give up such a promising career. " batman asks with a glare.

"well one day I missed. " zucco said. While picking up the last knife. Batman's eyes widen. Zucco throws the last knife at batman heading for his head. Right before it was going to hit batman a sandbag dropped from above, and the knife went in it instead.

"huh" zucco gasps then looks up to see to shadow standing on one of the beams. They both did a front flip, and landed on the ground in front of batman. One was a boy, and the other was a girl.

The boy had on a tight red shirt with short sleeves, and three gold strips in the middle of the chest next to them was an 'r' in a circle of gold in tight dark green almost black pants, and a black on the outside, and yellow on the inside cape, and dark green gloves he also had a gold belt around his waist with a black, and white mask he had black hair. (guess who)

the girl had bright pink hair up in what looked like devil horns pink cat like eyes she had on a dark purple dress that went to her knees black, and dark pink striped tights, and a dark purple mask that covers her face but you can still see her eyes from under it.

batman's eyes widened when he saw them.

"so batman's got family too…. Cute. " zucco said with a smirk before he runs forward and swings to punch them but they both jump over them the boy lands on zucco's back and kicks off pushing zucco to the ground.

the boy (who everyone should know is dick, and that the girl is Jane) landed next to Jane.

meanwhile batman was trying to get out of the ropes that were holding him he started rubbing the rope on one of the knives trying to cut it.

back with the others

Jane jumped over to a poll and swung around it, and landed a kick to zucco's face. Sending him flying to the ground a few feet back.

"didn't you parents ever teach you any manners. " zucco said. 'not the best thing to say. ' Jane thought as dick jumped over her head and landed in front of her before punching zucco in the gut the kicked him back a few feet.

zucco picked up a pin, and smacked dick across the room. Jane ran over to Dick and tried to wake him up as zucco came over.

"move aside little girl. " zucco said.

"not a chance. " Jane said with a glare.

"suit yourself. " zucco said. Bringing the pin over his head ready to hit them Jane ducks her head over Dick using herself to protect him right before the pin hit them. Batman broke the ropes holding him, and jumped up kicking zucco in the side, and away from the kids.

batman punches zucco in the face, and then continues to beat the crap out of him.

meanwhile with Dick, and Jane. Dick was slowly standing up with the help of Jane. They look over to where batman is to see zucco climbing up the swinging tower. When he gets to the top he looks around to see where batman was.

when he turned around batman stepped in front of him.

"no, no, no, no. " zucco said while backing wards not seeing that he was walking closer to the end of the tower till he stepped off the end he yelled as he fell.

"zucco" batman said as he tried to catch him but missed his hand as zucco was falling toward the ground Dick came flying on a rope holding Jane's hand. Jane shoots a pink magic out of her hand in the shape of a whip.

the whip rapped around zucco's arm. As Dick landed on the same tower as batman. Dick pulled Jane up then helped her pull up zucco. Zucco looked left, and right before he fell back and fainted.

Outside the tent 20 minutes later Jane's P.O.V

"nice job you two but I thought you wanted zucco to get what was coming to him. " batman asked us.

"well he did didn't he justice. " Dick said I nodded my head in agreement.

"I've been thinking you two I'm not sure Bruce Wayne has what it takes to raise you two. " he said.

"yeah we kinda noticed he's never around. But if not Bruce Wayne what about the batman. " Dick asks with a smirk.

"we'd have to give you two names. " batman said. Dick looked down at his costume and put his hand on the 'r'.

"how about robin. " he asks.

"like the bird. " batman asks with a raised eye brow.

"It's a family name. " Dick grins then he looks at me.

"well what about you. " he asks me

"well since my powers mean bad luck for my enemy's I was thinking my name could be jinx. " I tell him with a smile.

"ok I think it will be cool you'll be a jinx to your enemy's. " dick said I grin.

"I think it suits you. " batman tells me with a small smile.

"now speaking of powers is there anything you two would like to tell me. " batman said with a stern look.

"can we talk about this when we get back home that way I can tell you, and Alfred at the same time, and I don't have to say it twice. " I ask he nods his head, and walks off me, and dick follow him.

Wayne manor

"ok you two you have some explaining to do. " Mr Wayne said we are in the dinning room with Alfred, and Bruce sitting in front of us. I sigh, and look at Dick he nods his head, and holds my hand to calm me down.

"ok well I have the power to control bad luck I can take bad luck out of something and turn it into different shapes like how I made that whip earlier I can also give a person bad luck like making them trip over themselves or making some thing fall on them.

I can also since when something bad is about to happen when you were sitting next to me at the circus when I started holding my head in pain that's how I knew something was going to happen before it did I can't tell what is going to happen exactly I just know something bad will happen.

I can also go into people's minds and see they're memories I can also talk in your mind. I think that's everything. " I finish Mr Wayne looks at me for awhile.

"I do have one question why don't you use your powers that much, I noticed when you were fighting that you made sure to avoid using your powers why." He asks.

"well you see I don't really have much control I try not to use them because if I do I'll more in likely end up hurting someone, it doesn't seem to matter what I do I just can't control them. " I said with my head down.

"then I guess we better get started. " Mr Wayne said I snap my head up.

"start what. " I ask confused he sends me a small smile.

"practicing how to control your powers." He said as he starts walking away.

"how am I going to do that I've been trying to get control over my powers for years, and if I practice here I'll blow up the house. " I said with a frown.

"you'll see. " is all he says as he leaves.

"you two should get to bed you do have school tomorrow. " Alfred tells us pushing us toward our rooms.

"are you as confused as I am. " bird boy asks me I nod my head.

"alfreds right we should go to bed we can find out in the morning night bird boy. " I said as igive him a hug he hugs me back, and kisses my forehead.

"night 'J' sweet dreams." He tells me as we both go in our rooms to get a good nights rest.

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