the bad luck bat

Chapter 2

Penguin sat in the movie theater eating popcorn. He was watching a movie about the worlds greatest criminals coming together to get a bunch of gold. At the end of the movie penguin stud up in his chair.

"That's it I can form a team then even batman won't be able to stop us yes that's it team penguin together. " he shouted people gave him looks but he was to busy scheming to notice.

Night time at Gotham bank

Bane was breaking into the volt when a bird flew by and dropped a piece of paper it landed in banes hand.

"An invitation to join team penguin. " bane read out loud

"Let me guess bane ATM ate your card. " batgirl said from behind him bane growers as he throws the volt Door at batgirl. She jumps and over the door safely. Batman drops behind batgirl.

And jumps over her and lands a kick to banes side knocking him down. Batman landed with his feet apart. His back arm pointing up with a batarang and his other pointing toward bane with another batarang.

Batgirl jumped and landed next to batman. In the same position batman turns his head and gives her a look. Batgirl looked at him.

"I know I know wait for back up. " she said bringing her arms down.

"Someone say back up." Robin said swinging in on a rope with jinxes hand in his. They both land next to batman. Robin goes in the same position as batman with his own set of batarangs.

And jinx put her arms out at her side. Batgirl raised an eye brow.

"Uh who's the pixie and the goth." She asks

"Robin and this is jinx we're official partners of the dark knight. " robin said with a smirk. Jinx just nodded her head. Then robin and batman ran forward. Jinx followed close behind.

Batgirl raised her eye brow. As robin throw they're batarangs at bane. He blocks them using one of the fallen beams that were on the floor. Jinx throws a hex at the beam causing it to break.

As she jumps and land next to batman, and robin.

"Robin distraction maneuver like we practiced. Jinx when he's distracted aim a hex at his feet get him unbalanced. " batman tells them. Robin nods his head and goes do what he's told.

Jinx looks a bit hesitant. Batman puts a hi and on her shoulder. And gives her a look jinx looks up at him and nods before running after robin.

"They've had training." Batgirl asks or more like states. As robin takes out a poll from his belt. And attacks bane. He hits him in the stomach then swings it again and hit bane in the head knocking him he jumps back.

"He's got moves let's see how he likes mine. " batgirl said as she runs forward. robin gasps and jumps up and jumps toward bane as well. 'What are you doing robin that's not part of the plane.' Jinx thinks as she moves into the shadows.

Waiting for an opening to attack. "Robin stick to the plan." Batman orders as he gets ready to shoot he taser rope at bane. But right before he can bane grabs both batgirl and robin from the air. They both yell.

Jinx see's her chance and jumps forward. She hexes both of banes hands causing him to drop both batgirl and robin. They both fall to the floor. Bane turns toward jinx. She try's to get out of the way so batman can fire.

But bane swings his arm and hit jinx sending her through the wall and into the ally on the other side. Out cold.

Batman shoots his taser rope. While bane is turned and his the tubes that gives bane his strength the taser sends lightning into the tube turning butane back to normal.

Before he faints. Robin and batgirl get up and walk over to batman.

"So you got some new partners. " batgirl said her eyes downcast. "It's because I changed the preset on the batmolble isn't it." She jokes. Batman just walks over to where the hole in the wall is and goes over where jinx is pushing herself up.

Batman bends down slightly and put his hand out for her to take. Jinx takes his hand and he helps her up. Robin and batgirl come up from behind them. Robin put his hand on jinxes shoulder after she lets go of batmans hand.

"Are you ok" robin asks jinx nods her head. And walks toward the batmolble. The others follow her.

At the old closed Gotham academy

Penguin grabbles as he turns off the TV that's showing bane being put in a police car. "Well penguin I guess that means old bane is out. " killer crock said pointing toward the TV.

"This kinda thing is exactly why we need to team up crock. " penguin said

"In that case we should fire up our recruitment drive." Firefly said"I concur with firefly but one can't simply a group of criminals out of a hat." Rag doll said coming out of penguins hat. And jumping over penguin."Rag doll." Penguin said walking to the chair rag doll is now sitting in.

"I told you not to do that." Penguin said. Grabbing his hat from rag dolls hand.

" so we still need our 5th." Killer crock said looking at pictures of other villains. Rag doll and fire fly agreed.

"Recruitment is my job think you very much and besides they all said no already." Penguin said snatching the pictures from killer cricks hands.

"But leave it to me to find the best of the rest. "Penguin said with a smirk.

"Someone say the best." A voice rang in the room you could hear footsteps coming down the hall. And in walked in killer moth.

"Killer moth heard the legendary penguin was recruiting I'm here to throw in. " he said with his hands on his hips.

"Listen moth boy there's only room for one killer and that's killer crock. " killer crock said letting him up by his shirt then dropping him killer crock looks at his hand to see yellow gew on his hands.

He wiped them on his shirt. The other villains walk over to them.

"Huh nice wings granny make them for you." Firefly asked patting moths shoulder.

"Now now give him a chance what are your spacial abilities attraction to light eating hold in sweaters." Rag doll teases.

"Listen I can help you guys I got a lot of skills." Killer moth said. Walking to penguin.

"Oh do in lighten us. " penguin said rubbing his hands together.

"Well I got stealth skills, code breaking skills, karate skills, cocooning skills. Killer moth said taking out a gun and shoots him self by accident.

"How's your Coffee making skills. I take mine black two lumps. " penguin said handing killer moth his coffee cup.

Back at the bat cave

Alfred drops one sauger cube in a cup of coffee then stirs it. Bruce is at the computer looking up villains. Alfred sits the cup next to Bruce.

"Penguin is recruiting members for a team. Keep a low center. " Bruce tells jinx and robin who are practicing on the practice robot behind him.

"I understand team work is all the rage these days. " Alfred comments as they turn to watch jinx and robin Fight the robot. Robin jumps over one of the arms. Then does a back flip right before he lands he throws two batarangs.

They both hit a target circle. Jinx was on the other side of the robot. She jumps off her hands and sends three hexes at the robot. Two of them hits the same target, and the last one hits another target.

Back with robin. "Eyes on your opponent. " Bruce tells them. Robin ducks under one of the swinging arms. But the second one hits him sending him flying back wards.

He gets up to see jinx now standing next to Bruce, and Alfred. They were all staring at him.

"What it's only practice. " robin said with his hands out.

"We're partners but you two need to follow my lead. Dick you didn't earlier, and it almost got you, And batgirl in trouble, and jane had to save you, And got hurt because of it. "Bruce tells him with a Stern look.

"Hey I'm not the problem, She's the one flying solo. " robin said before jumping back over to the robot. Bruce and Alfred share a look.

"I think it's more than her flying solo. " Jane said watching robin.

"What do you mean. " Bruce asked her.

"Well I think it's partly because she called me a goth in front of 'd'. " Jane said.

"What's it matter that she called you that if you don't mind me asking mistress Jane. " Alfred asked

"Well you see about a year after I met dick. Some guys came to the circus looking for jobs. And when we told them no they didn't take it well. They got pissed off. And started cussing us out. I got mad, And told them to shut up not to nicely.

They got even more pissed off. And said they didn't need a a little goth girl telling them what to do, And to step aside. When I didn't one of the guys punched me in the face. I fell backwards, And hit my head on the poll behind me.

Before the circus police came and took them away. After the doctor in the circus was done checking me over. I had a black eye, And a concushen. Dick was so pist off when he found out. So now anytime anyone calls me a goth it puts him in a bad mood. So when batgirl called me goth. It didn't really give a good first impression. " Jane finished.

"So that explains why master dick is in such a bad mood. " Alfred said. Jane, And Bruce nod they're heads.

At the Gotham wear houses.

A ice cream truck pulled up, and jumped out team penguin. "Gentlemen tonight we show Gotham, and the bat jerks. The power of team penguin. "Penguin said with an arm up in the air.

"What if we call ourselves the Gotham gangsters. " fire fly suggested.

"Team penguin is not up for debate. Now let's do this. " penguin said bring his hand up.

A little later.

Killer crock is swimming up the sewer under the fence. He climbs out, and knocks out the two guards. He walks up to where the vent is, and breaks it Open. Than ragdoll climbs out of the back pack killer crock was wearing. And goes in the vent. Ragdoll sneaks into the control room, and taps the guard on the shoulder.

When he turns around ragdoll a head is up side down. "Boo." He says before punching him in the face. Knocking him out. Before he opens the gate for the rest of the team.

With the rest of the team.

Fire fly walked to a Certain wear house. Fire fly used his powers to burn a door into the wall. He walks in. "We're in but nothing is here except some chemical. " fire fly said in his head set.

"That's the dinger. Grab it." Penguin orders. "Yes sir Rey this is a blue print for success. " Penguin said as killer moth pours him a cup of coffee. He takes a sip.

"Oh row bust. " penguin said with a grin. "Ahahahahaha" moth laughs.

"Let's move" Fire fly said.

"All in good time gentlemen. A light in the sky tells me we're about to have company ." Penguin said looking at the sky were the bat signal can be seen. A few minutes later the bat mobile pulls up into the wear house road. Penguin finishes his coffee. As the batmobile pulls in front of them.

Batman, robin, and jinx jump out. "Hard or easy your choice. " batman said.

"Please say hard I need the training. " robin said punching a fist into his other hand.

"Looks like I'm not the only one with a lackey ahahaha. " penguin laughs. Before robin punches him in the stomach. Then pulls his hat over his head.

"Who's the lackey now." Robin asks pissed off. As he continues to beat the crap out of penguin. "Sir" killer moth said worried but not sure what he was supposed to do.

"You might want to cut back on his sugar in take. " batgirl said as she lands next to batman, and jinx.

"Yea that's not because of sugar. See I told he was in a bad mood. " Jinx said shaking her head.

"Penguins not alone." Batman said glaring at the sky. Batgirl sees killer moth. "He-yah. " he said bringing his arm down like you would on stacks of wood in karate.

"I think we can take him." Batgirl said.

"Not him... Them. " batman said looking toward killer crock, fire fly, and rag doll. Who were charging at them. Batman ducked under killer crock. Then got tackled to the ground. Meanwhile batgirl was fighting rag doll. He wrapped his arms and legs around her.

While she tried to break free. With robin he throws penguin to the ground. "Freeze." Killer moth said. From behind him. Holding up his gun and accidentally shooting himself. (Again) A beam shoots at robin, But jinx knocks him to the ground right before he gets hit.

Firefly flys over them. Jinx and robin jump up, and start running with firefly shooting beams at them.

"Robin I'm going to Count to three. When I do I want you to give me a leg up. So I can get a Clare shot ok. " jinx said robin sends her a worried look. But nods.

"1..2..3." Jinx said as they stop. Robin turns around, and folds his hands. Jinx puts her foot in them. And he shoots her up in the air. Firefly is surprised for no more than a second. But that's all the time jinx needs. She shoots three hexes at him knocking him to the ground.

Jinx lands on the ground next to robin with a smirk on her face.

Back with batgirl. She bangs ragdoll into the wall, than a poll. Trying to get him to let go. She slams into the wall one more time than grabs ragdoll off her back and holds him in front of her.

She brings back her other arm that is not holding him to punch him, and accidentally hits killer moth knocking him out. She looks back than punches ragdoll in the face.

With batman. Batman slides across the concrete. Killer crock hits him into the wall behind him. Batman looks to the side to see a lever. He pulls it, and the big metal crane beside them slams into killer crock knocking him to the ground.

Back with the others. Ragdoll slips through the hole in the middle of barrels filled with oil. Batgirl comes from one side, and robin comes from the other side.

"I got him." Robin said jumping toward him. "Saw him first." Batgirl replies jumping toward rag doll as well. Ragdoll sees his chance, and ducks. Causing batgirl, and robin to smash into each other. Before falling to the ground. (Again)

"Firefly high and long." Penguin said pointing toward the chains holding the barrels of oil together at the top. Firefly nods, and shoots it breaking the chains. Batman jumps in front of penguin with jinx at his side. Each throwing punches at penguin.

Killer crock sees the chains holding the barrels, And swings his tail at them making them fall. Batman and jinx see the barrels about to land on batgirl, And robin, and run toward them tackling them to the ground. As the barrels roll over them. With penguin killer crock pulls the chemicals into the truck.

"Grate team work boys. Let's pop a few corks to celebrate. " penguin said swinging his umbrella to cut some pipes that pulls out oil. The oil heads toward where the bat gang were trying to get out from under the barrels. As team penguin drive off firefly sets the oil on fire heading strait for the bat family.

Batman puts two round shape things on one of the barrels holding him down. "Stay down." Batman orders.

"Not a problem." Jinx says robin, And batgirl nod. The round things beep and go off like rockets lifting the barrel off batman. He pushes the other one off it lands in the fire, and explodes.

Batman goes over to the kids, and lifts the barrels off them. Once they all get out the start running 'we're never going to make it.' Jinx thinks right before they fire could hit any of them jinx throws her arms up, and puts a shield around them.

With team penguin.

"That sure went out with a bang." Firefly laughs. "Yeah that's what we always think." Killer crock said.

"It doesn't matter we beat those bat jerks once we can do it again." Penguin said with a smirk. As they drive away.

Back with the bats.

When the explosion was done jinx let down the shield. "That was so cool 'J' I didn't know you could do that." Robin said with a grin.

"Nether did I." Jinx said as she starts to fall to the ground. "Jinx" robin shouts as batman catches her. And bends to the ground. Batgirl, and robin right next to him. "I guess it took more energy than what I thought." Jinx whispers before fainting in batman's arms.

"Is she going to be ok" batgirl asks worried. " she'll be fine she's just tired from using so much power." Batman said as he picks her up, And sits her in ether front seat of the batmobile. Before he gets in as well batgirl, and robin follow.

"Nice team work real effective." Batgirl said they were driving down the road. Batgirl,and robin were stuck in the back together. Since jinx was in the front seat. "It would have been if you had stayed out of my way. Instead of hogging the ball. " robin argues. Batman presses a button, and a hologram pop up.

"They Stole a highly unstable chemical penguin may not realize it but as long as it's in they're possession he's team is in danger." Batman finishes "I doubt anyone in that team can spell danger." Robin said with a grin leaning forward.

"They handled them selves better than we did." Batman said. "I know follow your lead. What's the plan drop off the third wheel then regroup at the hide out." Robin asks pointing at batgirl."They've been to the hideout. Well you might as well tell them your secret identity." Batgirl said looking at batman when she sees his face. "They know of course they do. After all they've been your partners for a whole week." Batgirl said looking down frowning.

"Hey where are we." She asks when she sees they're driving through a tunnel. (Guess where :P) "yea why are we going here." Robin asks as they pull into the bat cave. Batman doesn't say anything. Just stops the car picks jinx back up, and gets out.

Robin, and batgirl following from behind. "A cave really milking this whole creature of the night thing huh." Batgirl asks as batman puts jinx on a pull out bed that he asked Alfred to put out no doubt. Near the computer pulling off his mask.

"Bruce Wayne... New it." Batgirl said with a smirk. "And that makes you dick Grayson. And she's Jane Grayson." Batgirl said pointing at each of them. Dick bows his head before taking off his mask.

"And you are." Dick asks "sorry as a not quite freelancer I have To go the extra mile to protect my privacy." Batgirl said with a smirk. "She's Barbara gorden." Bruce said looking their way.

"Gorden as in the commissioners kid." Dick laughed Barbara takes off her mask with a frown. She give Bruce a 'really did you have too.' Look witch he ignores. Than they hear a groan, and look toward Jane. Dick runs over too her as she sits up.

"Jane your awake how do you feel, are you ok, does your head hurt, your stomach anything." Dick continues to babble. "'D' 'D' dick, dicky, Richard." Jane yells dick finally looks at Jane she doesn't usually use is full name.

"Thank you gosh I know your worried but I already have a headache, and your babbling doesn't help." Jane explains. "Oh sorry do you want me to ask Alfred for some pain killers." Dick asks still worried.

"No it won't help"Jane responds.

"what do you mean it won't help... Oh."dick realizes. "Your having one of your sensing headaches aren't you." Dick asks than he starts babbling again. Jane groans, and walks over to Bruce sitting in the chair next to him.

"You wouldn't happen to have any extra knock out gas laying around would you mr Wayne." Jane asks laying her hands on her folded arms in front of her.

"No I don't, and your not aloud to use it on your brother anyway. And by the way you can call me Bruce mr Wayne makes me sound old." He joke trying to get her mind off the headache.

"Ahahaha." She started laughing. Dick quit his babbling as he, and Barbara stare at her as she calms down. "What why are you staring at me." She asks they both just shake Their heads. Jane frowns, and looks at Bruce he just shakes his head. And looks at the computer. Jane sits down and does the same.

With team penguin.

"Gentlemen the target the stately mansion of Gotham's own solfwear billion air Robert Howard." Penguin said looking at the mansion in front of them.

"No ones been able to break into that place I've tried." Firefly said pointing to himself.

"Did you have a team of specialists to break into security system, and a super chemical to eat through five layers of laser proof titanium volt. It's team work that's going to get us in there, and it's team work that's going to get us Howard's resent purchased one of a kind ruby crested penguin." Said the others groaned.

"i knew it this is about a stupid bird." killer crock aid with a glare.

"well this time its a bird next time it can be a alligator. now where's my laky with the chemicals." Penguin said looking for moth.

With killer moth.

Killer moth was driving he truck to where the rest of team penguin was. "having acquired the secret elixir for his general. Special op's moth approaches (cough cough) the ronday point. (Cough cough) " moth keeps coughing not realizing gas was coming out of the chemical container.

Or that the moths flying around him were burning into his cloths. outside the truck you could hear a growl. As the truck swiveled across the road almost crashing more than once.

At the batcave

"At room temperature the chemical is Merely a universal solvent." Batman said

"Than it would seem to be useful for any number of nefarious purposes." Alfred said from where he was standing. Next to Bruce in front of the computer. Behind them batgirl, and robin were fighting the practice robot.

"Sorry circus boy but you can't beat Olympic gymnastic for teaching acrobatic skills." Batgirl said jumping toward the robot.

"How meany times have you preformed a triple Ariel summersault. " robin retorts.

"Dozens" batgirl said kicking two of the target circles she punches a third than jumps off the robot, And throwing a metal bat that hits the forth, And last target. Turning that half of the robot off.

"Fifty-feet without a net over hungry lions." Robin asks as both he, And batgirl do a front flip off they're hands toward the robot.

"I don't know if they were hungry." Batgirl said with a grin as they dodge the robots swinging arms. Robin jumps over batgirl, and throws two batarangs (or should I say birdarangs?) at the target they both hit one.

Then he jumps onto the robot, and kicks one target, and punches the other. Before jumping off and landing next to batgirl as the robot shuts down. "Good job you two. Jane it's your turn I want you to focus on making any shape now make sure you focus." Bruce tells her.

She nods and takes a step back as her hands start to glow as well as her eyes. She spreads her arms out, and starts making a sword, and a shield. Bruce turns the robot back on. Jane runs forward, and ducks under one of its arms then jumps on one of its other arms.

She runs up it to the targets. She hits two with her sword kicks the third, and takes out the last one with her shield. She jumps off the robot as that half shuts down. The other side turns toward her. Jane makes the shield, and sword disappear. And makes what looks like a batarang but pink.

She makes two, and throws them they both hit a target. Jane than runs to the robot, and does a front flip. She lands a fist on a target then kicks off, and throws a hex taking out the last target shutting the robot down.

She lands next to everyone else. Robin high fives her. "Nice joe 'j' you kicked that robots butt." He said with a grin.

"Yea you didn't do half bad." Batgirl agrees

"You had good control over your powers. Just remember to stay focused." Batman tells her she nods as the bat call goes off.

"They're hitting Robert Howard's mansion." Batman said as robin runs ahead. "Shot gun." He yells.

"Great why doesn't he just drive us there too." Batgirl said with a smirk. Jane smiles at that.

With killer moth

The ice cream truck comes down the road swerving before rolling to a stop In front of the rest of team penguin. The team slowly walks toward the truck. Penguin reaches, and opens the doors, and falls out a slimy Cocoon. Looking thing team penguin gasp, and back away.

"What is that." Penguin asks. Killer crock walks up to it, and smells it.

"Uh it's moth was him anyway poor guy." He said.

"Must have been the fumes." Firefly said

"I feel awful we'll buy him a refe with the profits. Now let's grasp the canister, and let's do this." Penguin demands

"You couldn't lead us out of a paper bag I'm gone." Crock said turning, and starts walking away.

"Quitter huh fine more for the rest of us." Penguin said firefly, and ragdoll ignored him, and started walking away.

"Guys" penguin asks "where are you going." He asks again not noticing the cocoon breaking open, and something crawling out. Crock, firefly, and ragdoll turn around at the noise, and they're eyes widen. Penguin turns around to see what looked like a giant moth.

"Huh" he gasps bringing his arms up. The moth flutters his wings, and growls. Penguin yells as he, and the rest of the team back away. "What" the moth thing said. "I have something on my face don't i." He/it asks using its claw like hands to rub its face.

Then looks in a shop window to see its reflection. His eyes widen "ohhhh" he said looking toward the others. "Ahahahaha well well well. Maybe now I'll start getting some respect." He said as everyone backs away.

"Now as for penguin." He said leaning closer to him. Penguin 'epps' before covering his face in fear.

"He's our leader so you guys are going to start showing him the respect he deserves." Moth said. The others put their hands up.

"Oh yeah." Crock said nodding. His head firefly, and ragdoll do the same. "You heard him anyone who has a problem with taking orders from me deals with his." Penguin said with a smirk.

"You fetch the chemicals from the truck." Penguin said pointing toward crock. "Me" he asks pointing to himself not wanting to go any where near it after what happened to moth. Firefly puts his arm out in front of crock.

"Wait we may not need it." He said pointing down to where saliva was falling off moths mouth onto the ground which it melted into.

"Looks like your new make over gave you some more skills." Penguin said looking up at moth.

"Forget the chemicals moths everything I uh we need." Penguin said with his arms out.

"Now let's see what you can do with those wings." Penguin tells him. Moth starts to flutter his wings then he flys up over the mansion. Team penguin look up at him. Then they turn toward the road where the batmobile is heading in they're direction.

The batmobile stops In front of them, and jumps out the bat family. "Four against five seems hardly fair." Penguin said

"I count four where's tommy tag along." Batgirl asks jinx looks around 'I can sense him but I can't see him, and his aura seems different. What is going on.' Jinx thought keeping her eyes peeled.

"Oh mothie he's around." Penguin said with a smirk. No one from the bat team noticed something coming up from behind them. Except jinx."Everybody down." Jinx yells they all drop to the ground right before moth hits them. He flys over them "ahahahahaha." He laughs as the bat team get up.

"Whoa what happened to him." Robin asked.

"Simple the chemicals gave him a growth spirt." Jinx replies

"The chemicals did that, and here I was going to say he got hit by a radio active moth ball from outer space." Batgirl said

"Attack." Penguin orders. His umbrella point toward them. Robin jumps over firefly, batgirl kicks ragdoll back. Batman starts fight crock. And jinx charges at penguin. Right before she punches him moth comes flying down, and runs into her.

Jinx grabs onto his fur trying to make sure she doesn't fall. Some of moths saliva lands on jinxes lag burning her. "Ahhhh" jinx said cringing in pain, and accidentally letting go of moths fur. Jinx starts falling toward the ground.

'Great just great I'm going to die because if an over grown moth you've got to be kidding me.' Jinx thought as she grabs her leg. Batman sees jinx falling, and pushes crock away. He shoots out his grapple, and hooks it onto the building behind jinx. He swings toward jinx, and catches her.

"You ok." Batman asks her

"Never better." She replies before wincing in pain from her leg. Batman gives her a look as he looks at her leg.

"I'm fine go help the others I can take care of myself." She tells him. He gives her a look before he gets up nods, and goes back to fighting crock. Jinx rolls her eyes. 'Gosh my legs not that bad he didn't have to give me. A look that said 'we will talk about this later, and never do something so stupid again' 'sigh' oh well either way I'll be getting a lecture of a life time when we get home.' Jinx thought with an eye roll.

"I've been thinking who needs a team when I have you." Penguin tells moth with a smirk.

"Climb abroad sir." Moth tells him leaning down so penguin can climb on. Penguin jumps on, and they fly toward the mansion next to them.

"Show us your stuff moth." Penguin said as moth spits acid on the mansion wall.

Batman knocks down crock out, and looks back to see what penguin, and moth are doing.

Moth makes a hole in the wall, and climbs in batman jumps up on the roof but before he could get to penguin crock comes crashing though the wall. And comes at batman.

Meanwhile batgirl was dodging fireflys beams. Batgirl ducks behind the ice cream truck. Firefly shots a beam, and it hits the review mirror breaking it off the truck. Batgirl picks it up, and when another beam is shot at her she holds the mirror up sending it back at firefly.

It hits the tube that gives him his powers, and it breaks witch shocks firefly. He falls to the ground unconscious. Robin swings on his grapple to a roof, and looks back to see ragdoll right behind him.

Robin jumps into the vent tunnel thing that's on the roof. "Please let's not make this to easy for me." Ragdoll said following robin into the vent. You could hear grunts, and see dents appear from the outside of the vent.

At the end of the vent ragdoll gets kicked out in a ball by robin. He grunts when he hit the ground. With batman. Batman dodges a punch than jumps over crock. He uses his grapple to swing on the other side of the pool that was on the roof.

"You think a little water is going to stop me." Crock said before jumping into the pool swimming toward batman. Batman takes out a capsule from his belt.

"No but maybe a little ice will." He replies throwing the capsule into the pool. Right as crock starts to jump out of the water the whole pool freezes. Causing crock to freeze half way out of the pool with his claw toward batman. Batman turns, and jumps away.

With penguin, and moth. Moth shoots acid at the volt door causing it to melt. Inside is a golden penguin with rubies. "There it is the stuff dreams are made of." Penguin said walking toward the statue.

"Happy birthday to me." Penguin said picking up the statue. "And it's not even my birthday." He said walking toward moth. They fly out of the hole in the wall. Behind him batman pulls out his grapple, and shoots it out it wraps around penguins arm. Batman pulls down on it causing penguin to land on the ground in front of him with a thud.

Moth growls, and charges at batman. Batman ducks under only to come face to face with penguins spinning umbrella. Penguin swings it at batman he jumps out of the way. Meanwhile moth flys over batgirl, and robin. Then turns around, and heads back toward them.

Batgirl runs toward him. "Your mine." She says. Robin does the same, and runs toward him too. They stop next to each other.

"Listen you two your going to have to work together. I'll distract moth you two think of a way to bring him down." Jinx said limping toward them.

"But your leg." Robin says worried.

"I'll be fine now go." Jinx tells them they nod, and take off. Jinx turns in the direction of moth.

"Hey mothie bet you can't catch me even when I do have a limp." Jinx shouts she sticks her tong. Moth growls, and charges at her. She turns, and runs jumping off the roof. Moth follows her down not seeing robin, and batgirl jumping from above.

They land on him together, and each grab a ear steering him this way, and that. As jinx pulls herself off the edge of the roof where she grabbed when she jumped off the gets up, and runs toward the roof batman is on.

"Any final words before you part." Penguin asks charging at batman. Batman jumps over his head landing a few feet behind him.

"I have a few." A voice from above said. Before jinx lands next to batman. "Huh" penguin said turning toward batman, and jinx

"You might want to move." She said before batman grabs her, and uses his grapple to get them off the roof. Right as batgirl, and robin make moth crash though the roof. Both moth, and penguin land in the movie theater right as the man on the screen says.

"Now that's a blue print for success." Penguin said at the same time as the screen. Before fainting. Up at the top of the roof batman catches the golden penguin as it starts to fall.

Alittle while later.

Moth is being taken away in a net by helicopter. "Blue ribbon in the insect rodeo." Batgirl said as the helicopter flys away. Her, robin, and batman were standing on one of the roofs. Jinx was sitting on the edge swinging her legs.

"You know your not so bad after all." Batgirl tells robin with her hands on her hips.

"Well it was jinxes distraction that made it possible for us to jump on moth but if you hadn't jumped on moths eyes we wouldn't have been able to steer him into the roof."robin replies.

Robin, and batgirl give each other a look that said 'did we just agree on something.' They look at jinx, and batman jinx grins, and batman gives a small smile if his own.

"Of course leaving yourself open like that was totally reckless." Robin said using his grapple to swing away.

"Oh yea who was the one who crashed the giant moth monster into the roof because it wasn't me." Batgirl responds. Following him as they continue to argue.

"So can we go home now. Because I'm tiered hungry, and I have school tomorrow. And I still have to deal with this burn." Jinx said getting up batman gives her a small smile. Before calling the batmobile to come right below them. He picks jinx up, and jumps into the car. Jinx buckles up, and they drive home.

At Wayne manor.

Jane just finished eating, and was about to get up for the table. It's been about an hour since they got home dick came home about 20 minutes after they did. Jane got patched up, and then ate dinner. Now it's time for them to go to bed.

"Alright you two brush your teeth, and go up to bed you two have school tomorrow." Bruce tells them. Dick gets up, and runs toward the bathroom. Jane slowly gets up Bruce walks over to her, and bends down to her level. ( Jane is only to about his waist she's short for her age.)

"You did good today but you need to be more careful. You could have gotten hurt a lot worse then what you did ok." Bruce tells her she nods her head.

"And Jane have a goods night sleep." He tells her before kissing her forehead. Before walking away. Janes eyes widen before she puts her hand on her forehead. She smiles than goes to get ready for bed. That night Jane had a goods night sleep with a smile on her face.

RIVIEW and give me your feedbacknext time jinx and robin learn about clayface and how he and bruce used to be best friends what will happen find out next time.

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