the bad luck bat

Chapter 3 part 1

At waggle time dog food factory.

"Ahahahahahaha a drop or two of joker Serum in each can of dog food, And every Rex rover fido in Gotham will be laughing like a hyena. Ah ahahahahaha the kids will love it." The joker said with a crazy grin on his face.

"Pardon me sir your plan how does one put it stinks on ice." Jude said.

"I must concur Jude." larry said.(A.N don't know the others guy name if anyone can tell me it would be helpful.) With a hand on his chest.

"Ok one you never ever talk to me like that, And two when did you ever talk at all." The joker asks in confusion. Jude winks before turning into clay face his brother does the same.

"Oh no." The joker said taking a step back.

"Oh yes." They say as they come together as one.

"Clay face" the joker said in surprise.

"It's time you finally pay for making me into this monster joker." Clay face said with a glare.

"Hey you should thank me detective Bennett was so bla this is an improvement." The joker said backing away.

"This is a curse." Clay face said lunging at joker. "Huh" the joker gasps falling to the ground. He takes something out of his pocket, and throws joker cards at clay face before jumping out of the way. About four cards stick to clayface.

The joker jumps on one of the stirrers of the vats that stir the dog food. He jumps to the ground then looks up at clayface. Then starts running away laughing like the mad man he is. Clayface growls before forcing out all of the joker cards, and jumping down in front of the joker.

"This time joker there's no escape." Clayface said throwing his arm out at joker his hands wrap around the joker, and lifts him off the ground.

"Uh how about we put me down, and settle this like gentlemuu. " the joker gets cut off as clayface covers his mouth with clay. (Of course)

"Oh we're settle it alright." Clayface said with a creepy grin. Right as batman, robin, and jinx come swooping in. They land on the platform right above the joker, and clayface.

"Don't do it clayface." Batman said with a frown.

"Hey bats been expecting you who's the kids." Clayface asks pointing at jinx, and robin.

"The names robin." Robin said with a glare getting out his batarangs. Right as he's about to throw them jinx puts her arm in front of him stopping him.

"Jinx, and you are detective Bennett your partner was detective Lin, About seven months, two weeks, and six days. You were exposed to a type of serum that the joker made that turned you into what you are clayface. You went on a rampage out for revenge. Committed crimes, and is wanted by the police, and others." Jinx said everybody looks at her. Batman raises an eye brow at her.

"Um 'j' how do you know all of that." Robin asks in confusion.

"I had a report about our local police force, and came across the file on clayface it seemed interesting so I got more information on it." Jinx explained batman just shakes his head, and looks at clayface.

"Put him down." He said with a head look. Clayface looks at the joker then drops him to the ground in a cocoon of clay.

"He's all yours just finishing up some old business before I turn my self in as well." Clayface said before turning into Bennett wearing hand cuffs. Batman jumps down, and lands near the jokers head.

"I thought Ethan Bennett was gone for good." He said.

"I thought so too but a criminal isn't who I am. I'm ready to pay for my crimes." Ethan said.

"We're not going to believe this crook are we batman." Robin asks with his arms crossed.

"We are because he's telling the truth. I can sense his aura he's not lying. If he was I'd know." Jinx said robin brings his arms down.

"Besides who do you think tipped off the police." Ethan said as they heard police sirens. And slamming doors before police officers storm inside the surround Ethan, and point their guns at him.

"Freeze Gotham P.D?" The officer in charge says when he sees Ethan in hand cuffs, and the joker on the floor struggling to get free. He lowers his gun, and looks at batman.

"Two for one good work batman." He said walking toward them.

"Thank detective Bennett he made the call, and turned himself in." Batman said looking toward Ethan.

"Ex detective take them away." The officer orders. Jinx gives him a cold look that no one but robin sees. The other officers grab Bennett, and pick the joker off the floor, and takes them to the truck that will take them to arkame.

"Well that was easy why don't we knock off early. Wanna catch a movie."robin asks jinx, and batman give him a look.

At Gotham advertising building.

"Next please basil Karol." One of the three judges said.

"You can stop the auditions because you are looking at the new face of waggle time dog food." Karol said he has orange hair with a dress jacket, and blue jeans.

"Yea we'll need to read you anyway just a formality." She said unenthused.

He grabs the can of dog food off the table next to him, and turns his back to them he puts the can to his face. "It's magic time." He whispers to himself before turning around.

"Waggle time is the only premium time dog food that's good enough for my best friend. It has the rich meaty taste that dogs crave. Waggle time it's wag-."he said with terrible acting skills, and a creepy look on his face.

"ok we've seen enough I'm afraid you don't just have the the look." She said with no expression.

"What is it now my nose last time my ears were to big, the time before that I was to short, what do I have to do to get a stinken part." He said getting up in the judges faces.

"Maybe you should think about acting classes." She said. His eyes widen

"Acting class's ha you wouldn't know a good after if you were hit by one. One day everyone will know this face." He said ripping the picture of him out of the judges hand, and holding it up glaring at them. Then he turns, and stocks away.

At the Wayne manor next morning

"I met Ethan when I was about your age jinx. We got left behind at the natural history museum on a school trip." Bruce tells them as they look though a photo album.

"And spent the rest of the day exploring Gotham by ourselves we've been best friends ever since." He finished leaning back into his chair.

"In till the joker turned his mind into mud. You said he tried to go strait before do you think you can trust him this time." Dick asked

"I was trusted Ethan enough to almost tell him my secret. I'm not so sure anymore." Bruce said.

"Well I wouldn't I mean he hurt people, Broke the law more than once, and went on a rampage doesn't seem like he can be trusted to me." Dick said Jane hit him in the stomach.

"Ow what was that for." He asked.

"Don't say that you can't blame him I mean one day he's one of the top detectives of Gotham then the next he's made out of clay he can't control. It's no wonder he freaked out like he did." Jane said with a frown.

"Yea I guess but that still doesn't mean he needs to go on a rampage." Dick retorts.

"Yea I know but I mean take me for instants remember the first time we met. You saw me asleep in an alleyway. When you, and your parents were on your way home from a movie. You went over to me, and woke me up, and do you remember what I did I hexed you into the wall, and knocked you out." Jane said.

"Yea but that was different you couldn't control your powers, and you were scared." Dick said.

"Exactly, and how do you think detective Bennett felt being normal one minute then the next having powers he can't control. He freaked out, and lost control letting his hatred for what the joker did to him blind him to everything bad he did. And now that he's back in his right state of mind he regrets it." Jane explains dick nods his head.

"Yea I guess." He said. Bruce looks at Jane in surprise. 'She a eight years old, and yet she's been though more than an adult has. Just what all have you be en though Jane.' He thinks.

"Alright you two it's time for you to go to school." Bruce said.

"Oh yeah today is the day you have to finish your side of the bet." Dick said with a grin.

"What bet." Bruce asks with a raised eye brow.

"Me, and Jane made a bet last week. If I could get an A on my book report she has to try, and befriend a girl her age. Since Jane skipped two grades, and is in all the same classes except first period, and art she doesn't talk to any kids her age. So we made this bet." Dick explained Jane groaned.

"Fine I'll take to some girls my age. But if I hear one word about shopping, or 'oh my gosh how cute is that boy.' I'm out of there." Jane said making her voice high pitch on the boy part.

Dick laughed. "Ok fair enough. Come on let's go see you later Bruce." Dick said grabbing both his, and janes backpack before walking toward the door.

"Bye Bruce see you after school." Jane said giving Bruce a quick hug, and running out the front door with dick. To the car where Alfred was waiting. Bruce smiled before getting up, and walking to shut the front door that had been left open.

At Gotham school.

(A.N elementary, middle, and high school are all together.)

Jane's P.O.V

"Come on Jane if I'm late again mrs painter will kill me." Dick said as he hopped out of the car. I wave bye to Alfred than shut the door.

"Dick class doesn't start for another 15 minutes, and your class room is only five minutes away." I said giving him a pointed look.

"Yea but I want to walk you to first class. Don't think I don't know that Kelly Christian has been messing with you. And I know you can take care of yourself, but as your brother I think the least I can do is walk my little sister to class." Dick said using his puppy dog eyes.

"Ok ok fine just stop with the puppy dog eyes." I said covering my eyes. Dick started laughing. I put my arms down, and try to glare at him but I can't help it I started laughing.

Over to the side of us, we could see a crowd in a circle around something or someone. "Hey what are they making a racket over." Dick asks I shake my head.

"Not sure let's go find out." I said dick gives me a odd look. "What." I ask he shakes his head.

"Nothing it's just you don't normally want anything to do with 'school drama'" dick said putting air quotations at school drama.

"I know I just feel like we need to go over there." I tell him as I start walking toward the crowd he follows me.

When we get there we push our way to the front. When we get there the first thing I see is Kelly Christian. You see she's like the queen bee she may only be 10 years old, but her dad owns the school. So she acts like a spoiled little rich kid. That thinks she's better than everyone else, and that she can get, and do anything she wants. She doesn't like me because I skipped two grades, and I'm in all the same classes as her. It pisses her off that I get better grades.

I look down at the ground to see a little girl with bright red hair in cute little pig tails, and green eyes bother hands, and knees are bleeding. No doubt Kelly pushed her down. Kelly looks down at the girl who has tears starting to fall and laughs. 'Im so going to kick her butt picking on that girl just because she's smaller pisses me off.' I thought as Kelly speaks.

"Aww does the poor little baby need her bottle." She said in a baby tone. I walk over.

"I don't know you tell me Kelly did you miss breakfast, and figured since your daddy's little baby you'd drink out of a bottle too poor baby." I said in the same tone everyone laughed. She turns toward me.

" nobody asked you. You pink haired freak. This has nothing to do with you so back off." She tells me with a glare.

"Oh I'm sorry Kelly I didn't realize you were this pathetic." I said with a fake smile.

"Why you how dare you say that to me. I am the daughter of the owner of this school. I deserve respect." She said her face red with anger.

"No you don't I can't believe you had to stoop so low as to pick on a little girl two years younger than you. Face it your pathetic. You have to bring others down just to feel good about yourself. Your nothing but a bully." I finish the rest of the kids shout and nod agreeing with me.

"Shut up all of you, and you you should learn to keep your mouth shut. Because next time you won't get off so easy." She said as her, and her two crownies follow her inside the school.

Everybody else did as well worrying that they would be late for class. I walk over to the little girl dick following me. We bend down in front of her.

"Hey are you ok." I ask her in a gentle tone. She starts to nod her head but then winces at the pain in her hands, and knees. I turn, and take my bag from dicks hands, and go though it till a take out a roll of bandages.

"Why do you have so many bandages." Dick asks me as I open one.

"I keep them with me at all times because we both end up getting hurt all the time." I tell him.

"Can I see your hands sweetie." I ask the girl she says nothing just gives me her hands. I look at them then put the bandages on. Then I look at her knees, and do the same as her hands.

"There you go all done." I tell her she looks at the bandages then looks at me, and dick, and smiles.

"Thank you but why did you help me." She asked. I open my mouth to reply right when a boy about dicks age more in likely. With red hair, and blue eyes. (Guess who ;) ) comes running over. He kneels down in front of the girl.

"Molly are you ok I'm so sorry I should have known not to leave you alone I'm sorry." He spoke really fast. She gives him a nod.

"I'm fine that nice girl stood up for me, and then bandaged my cuts for me see." She tells him showing him her hands. He looks then turns toward me, and dick.

"Thank you for helping my little sister. I went to go to the bathroom I should have known that Kelly would see that as a chance to mess with Molly. I'm sorry for getting you involved." He said with an apologetic smile.

"It's fine Kelly hates me anyway. No big deal by the way my names Jane Jane Grayson, and this is my brother dick." I said pointing to dick. Before putting my hand out for him to shake.

He takes it. " Wally Wally west pleased to meet you. And this is my little sister Molly hey wait a minute I know you your the girl that skipped two grades, and your in all of my classes." He said with a smile. I was about to reply but the warning bell for classes went off. We all jumped up, and ran inside.

"Oh crap oh crap we're late my teacher is going to kill me." Dick said as we were running.

"Dick go to your class if your late again your going to get detention. Besides I can get to class by my self." I tell him as we continue to run.

"But" he starts.

"No buts." I tell him.

"Hey if you want I can walk with her we have the same classes anyways." Wally said.

"But what about your little sister." Dick asks.

"Her class room is two doors down from mine. So it's no problem." Wally tells him.

Dick thinks for a second. "Ok thanks Wally. Good luck in class Jane she you in second period." Dick says. I nod

"You too good luck have fun." I tell him as we go our separate ways. Me, Wally, and Molly run to class. We get to Molly's class room. Wally gives her a hug, and she goes in.

We go to the next door, and walk in the teacher isn't there yet. So we go to the back, and sat down next to each other catching our breath. "Wow just made it." Wally said with a smile. I give him a small one in return. Just as the teacher walks in, and begins the lesson.


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