the bad luck bat

Chapter 3 part 2

At Arkham asylum.

Bruce walked toward a room made out of plastic, that had no air holes or anything. Just a plastic couch, and chair. Bruce taps on the wall to get the person inside to look up.

"Bruce! Nice to see a friendly face." Bennett said standing up, and walking to the wall.

"I have good news. Wayne industry is thighs close. ' holds thumb, and fore finger less than an inch apart.' To finding a cure. Soon clayface will be just a bad dream." Bruce tells him with a smile.

"That's great Bruce. But I'm not so sure I want to be cured." Bennett said putting his hand on the wall looking down.

"I always thought that what happened to me was a curse. But taking down joker made me think. What if I served my time then come back on the force as clayface. The bad guys wouldn't stand a chance." Bennett said forming his hands into hard clay fists.

"We've been down that rode Ethan. Your powers lead to abuse. The only way to bring Ethan Bennett back fully is to rid you of clayface completely." Bruce said with a hard look on his face. Bennett turned away. Not saying a word, Bruce took it as his Que to leave. He turned, and walked out. Heading home so he could get there around the same time as dick, and Jane.

Meanwhile at a small cafe down town.

There sat in a booth was basil Karlo. "Maybe I need a new head shot." He mumbled setting his picture down. A waitress walks up from behind, and looks down at the picture.

"Now there's a face only a mother could love." She said he glared at her. " oh sorry." She apologized.

"Just bring me the usual." He said with a wave of his hand turning away. The news lady began to speak on the t.v

"After capturing the joker clayface. In turn turned himself in. Detective Ethan Bennett terrorized Gotham city citizens as clayface with his ability to change his face, and mold his features." She finished showing clips of past events.

"Man what I'd give to mold this mug." Karlo said rubbing the side of his face.

"Wayne industry's has isolated the mutagen that gave Bennett his extrem powers. And report they are close to developing a cure." The news lady concludes.

"Huh cure!? What a waist... Wayne industry huh." Karlo said with a smirk on his face, and a glint in his eye.

Later that night at Wayne labs.

In a lab with mulitable scientists around. There on the table in the middle of the room is a can with a label saying (clayface mutagen.) the door slams open, and in walks in Karlo with big glasses, and a white lab coat. Everybody looks at him in surprise.

"Ok people where are we let's go talk to me." He said clapping his hands. Trying to look like he belonged.

"Can I help you dr naroff?" The man that was in charge asks.

"Somebody point me to the clayface mutagen. I need to run an electron stat." He said putting his fist in his hand. Looking around he saw the mutagen on the table, and went to take a step forward. When the man in charge got in his way.

"May I see your clearance." He asks.

Karlo smirks. "I got your clearance right here." He said pushing the man down. He grabs the mutagen from the table, and runs out. The others cry out, and chase him. The red alarms are blaring through out the building. As Karlo runs down the hall. Two other workers come around the corner. Karlo puts his hands out in front of him, and says "highly unstable sample coming through." Running past them.

"Stop right there!" One of them orders as they chase after him. Karlo runs in till a wall made our of metal bars comes in his path, he stops, turns around, and backs up as far as he can.

"Awww nuts." He grunts.

"Calm down buddy there's no where to go." The first guy said slowly walking forward. Karlo takes off the lid of the container, and drinks the mutagen before they can stop him.

"To late." He said dropping the jar. He grunts, and grabs his chest.

"Better call an ambulance." The first man said walking forward again. Karlo steps back till his back hits the wall. When he does he goes right through it.

"Wow." He said looking at his hands that are made of clay. Before he turns, and runs away. The security runs after him.

"Help." An old lady yells. "He's crazy he stole my purse. He went that away." She said pointing to the left.

"Intruder heading north." The guard said in his radio. They all run in that direction. The old woman smirks before turning into Karlo.

"What a performance." He said making a fedora appear on his head. Before walking away with a smirk.

At the batcave a little while later.

Bruce was sitting in front of the computer. Wearing a white t-shirt, and gray jogging pants. With Jane, and dick on either side of him in their bed clothes. Jane was wearing a light purple night gown. With a pink bow wrapped around her waist with her hair down. Dick had on a white t-shirt, and black night pants.

"The suspect ingested a highly concentrated form of the clayface mutagen Ethan was exposed too." Bruce said watching the video feed of Karlo taking the mutagen.

"I don't get it. Why would someone willingly down a dangerous toxin." Dick asks Jane frowns.

"There's a lot of troubled people out there dick. We find our man we're find our answer." Bruce explains.

"No kidding" Jane mumbles as the computer beeps.

"We've found a match. Basil Karlo. He's an acter. That is if staring in revenge of the atomic clones counts as acting." Bruce said looking at a clip from said movie.

"20 years ago I was thrown out of the universe for crimes against nature. Why because of my worth to create a bio-genetic superhuman." Movie Karlo acted if you could call that acting. (Witch believe me you can't.)

"Can't understand why he hasn't worked in over ten years." Bruce said with fake confusen.

"We are so watching that movie." Dick said with a smirk. Jane, and Bruce's eyes widen.

"" Jane said with a glare.

"Oh come on j it will be fun." Dick said with a pout.

"Tch yeah. As about as fun as putting needles in my eyes." Jane said as she walked away. Calling over her shoulder.

"Just because I don't doesn't mean Bruce doesn't. I'm sure he'd love too." Jane said with a smirk. Bruce sent her a playful glare that said. 'I will get you back.' Jane just sent him a smile that said 'have fun' and left the room.

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At Gotham advertising

"Has the rich meaty taste that dogs crave. Waggle time it's wagarifec." A good looking ,an with bright blond hair blue eyes, and a pearly white smile said. He was well built, and had a structured chin. In other words he was handsome.

"Thank you ummm... Brock. I think we've seen enough." The judge in the middle said her hands under her chin.

"So when do we start shooting?" Brock asks his hand up.

"I'm sorry but your just not right for the role." She said (middle judge)

"Really because if my look is the problem. That I can change." Brock said turning half his face into clay with a blood red eye, and a glare. He changed into an old lady, a little boy, and a weight lifter. Than he turned back into basil karlo.

"I can even play the dog." He said with a glare turning into a white wolf. With blood red eyes. He throws the table on the other side of the room. Walking toward the judges. They screamed as he growls, and attacks.

That night at a dinner downtown.

"Three people were hospitalized today following an assault by a man with the powers of supervillain clayface." The news lady on the t.v reported. At one of the tables to the side a hand was shaking uncontrollably setting down a cup of coffee. That hand belonged to none other than basil Karlo.

"Ugg what have I done. My life is ruined." Karlo said burying his head in his hands.

"With Ethan Bennett in custody. Police have turned they're attention to a second clayface. A man identified by victims as acter basil karlo." The news lady finished.

"Great they know it's me ohhhh." Karlo exclaimed slamming his head, and hands on the table, causing it to shake.

"They know it's me..." He said before pushing his chair back, and rushing toward the counter to see the t.v.

"Basil Karlo as seen in this high school production of rent." A news man starts before Karlo changes the channel to another news channel.

"Karlo was born in Denver." Another news man starts before the channel changes again.

"This acter has been in." A news woman starts before the channel changes to showing the movie Karlo 'acted' in Karlo smirked at this watching the t.v. The people in the dinner looked in between the t.v and Karlo. Back, and forth.

"Ahhhh." A waitress screams dropping plates on the floor. Backing away from Karlo.

"It's him clayface!" She yells putting her hands up in the air. Karlo smirks standing up. Everybody screams running out of the dinner. One guy takes a picture before running out as well.

"A star is born." Karlo said making his chest bigger with clay. With his hands on his hips.

At Gotham bank.

Karlo was hiding behind a pillar out of view of the security camera. "It's magic time." He said walking out from behind the pillar. Throwing his arms out.

"Clayface a most pitiful freak of nature. But it is not the mutation that turned me into a monster. Rather his fellow man who viewed this troubled soul as a pariah." He finished his horrible act. (Thank goodness.) before he shot his arm out in the shape of a spear. Right through the volt door. He turned his arm into a hook, and ripped the volt door right off. He throws his large clay hand in the volt, and grabs a huge pile of cash.

"Though he knew it was too late he secretly hoped he had a chance at redemption." He started acting again before someone took out the security camera. (Guess who?!)

"Shows over Karlo.. It's not too late to get help." Batman said robin, and jinx next to him.

"It is too late for acting lessons though." Robin said. Jinx had to hide a smirk.

"Sorry batman but this was the role I was born to play." Karlo said turning into clayface 2. He slammed his hands into the ground before he grew twice his side. He smirked before turning his arms into giant knives. And shooting them toward the bat family. Robin, and jinx dart to the side. Batman jumps over clayfaces arms, and kicks him in the face twice. Clayface growls before shooting out all kinds of weapons. Batman jumped ducked, and dodged all the attacks. Before taking out a ice capsule, and pushing it inside clayface. Clayface jumps back leaving a ice mold of the front of him.

He shoots his hands out, and grabs batman. Throwing him across the room. Robin throws a bird-a-rang, and jinx throws a hex wave at clayface they both went into his arm. But didn't have any affect, clayface turns to them. He shoots his arm out. They both jump up, and do a back flip to get out of the way. But right before they land clayface shoots out a ball of clay. Sticking them to the wall. They struggle to get free to no avail. Clayface turns away, and walks toward the stack of cash. Before he could pick it up batman shot a bat-a-rang with a rope attached. The rope wraps around clayface.

"Your not a criminal Karlo. Why use these powers to become one." Batman questions with a hard look.

"Because that's what the role is isn't it batman." Clayface said slipping out of the rope over to the money.

"Now that I'm a celebrity. I'll need the cash to start living like one. Now answer me a question. How long can your two little buddy's hold their breath." He asks with a smirk. Batman's eyes shoot toward robin, and jinx. To see the clay covering their mouth, and nose. Batman runs over to them taking a spray bottle out of his belt. Spraying it on the clay. Causing it to harden allowing jinx, and robin to break out. They fall to the floor breathing hard. They all look around to see clayface gone.

"Clayface two continues his week long crime spree with a break in at the Gotham jewelry exchange. I Spoke to Karlo yesterday at an in closed location." The news lady said showing the video from the day before of said conversation.

"My motheri she walked out on us kids when I was five. We had to beg on the streets. My sister little Susie, use to ask why she had to go to sleep hungry. Every night, I'm sorry! Are you crying." He asks looking up after his little play.

"No" she said with no sympathy what's so ever.

"What about the batman." She questions.

"Hey! This isn't about the batman, it's about me." Karlo said getting mad.

"So your not concerned that the dark night will stop you?" She asks.

"Listen lady Gotham has a new leading man." Karlo declared as the t.v got shut off. In front of the t.v on either side of the wall sat Ethan, and Bruce.

"No ones been able to stop clayface not even the batman. It would just be a temporally reassignment. If you could just put in a good word for me!" Ethan said looking at Bruce with a pleading look.

"Don't even ask that Ethan." Bruce said with a hard look.

"Bruce you once said that you trusted me like a brother. I need you to trust me now. I need a chance to prove myself. And it takes a clayface to stop a clayface." Ethan finishes his hands on the wall. Giving Bruce a begging look. Bruce looked at him for a minute. Before getting up, and walking away. Ethan groans burying his face in his hands.

That night at Arkham asylum

A worker walked toward Ethan's room with a tray of food for Ethan's dinner. "Dinner time mr Bennett." He said in front of the door. He looked inside for Ethan. "Huh!" He gasps dropping the tray. He opens the door, and runs inside looking for Ethan.

"No! It's not possible." He said when he was completely inside. When he was a glob of clay slithered across the floor, and out the door. Unnoticed by the worker.

At the batcave.

"You called it Bruce you think he's going after Karlo?" Dick asks. He, Jane, and Bruce were all in front of the computer. Dick was wearing a white button up shirt, and blue jeans. Bruce was wearing a white t-shirt, and pants. Jane was wearing a dark purple shirt with "more pain more gain." In dark pink letters. And blue jean pants.

"Sometimes Ethan's his own worst enemy." Bruce said Jane, and dick nodded. They all looked up at the screen when it beeped.

"Wayne industry has just finished a douse of anti-dote. I'll go pick it up." Bruce said walking toward three tubes. He puts his hand on the scanner, and it opens to revile all they're costumes.

"You two track down Bennett." Bruce tells them they nod.

At Gotham art museum.

It was quite peaceful outside I till the front doors got smashed off their hinges. And out came clayface two his hands full of paintings statues, and other pieces of art. "This should get me on the nation news." He said as he looked up to see the bat signal up in the sky.

Up next to the bat signal stood jinx, and robin. "Your late." A voice behind them said.

"Some of us don't have jet-propelled cars." Robin retorts.

"Gordon just got a tip about Karol's where abouts." Batman said looking over the edge of the roof.

"Gosh batman let's go clobber that creep!" Jinx responds. Batmans response is to shoot his grabble to the building across the street. Behind him jinx, and robin smirk turning each of their arms into giant hammers made out of clay. They stretch they're legs so they are taller than batman. And slam down the hammers. Batman turns around, and his eyes widen before the hammers hit him into the ground. Robin, and jinx smirk before they join as one turning into Karlo.

"Gotcha bat jerk." He says bringing his arm back to him. He walks over to the hole, and looks in his eyes widen. When he sees half of batmans face is clay. Batman turns his head into Bennett.

"Boo!" Ethan said with a grin.

"Huh! Clayface." Karlo says surprised before Ethan grabs him with his giant clay hand.

"New you couldn't resist a chance to take down the batman." Ethan replied.

"How did you know it was me?" Karlo asks struggling to get free.

"My grandma can do a better jinx, and robin than you." Ethan replied before throwing Karlo off the roof. And into the bridge behind it before jumping down himself. When Karlo gets up Ethan punches him in the face twice than kicks him in the stomach sending him flying.

"Why're you even here your not a cop anymore." Karlo questions whine he gets up.

"I am a cop always was always will be. And I will not rest in till I bring you down." Ethan said with a glare at the last part.

"Haha not gunna happen." Karlo said with a smirk of his own.

Ethan's response is to turn into clayface, and to turn his hands into balls with spikes sticking out all over the place. He jumped toward Karlo bringing his arms back to hit him. Karlo lifted his hand and pushed it into Ethan than he made it grow and threw Ethan across the bridge. Ethan landed into a pile of clay at the bottom of the bridge. Karlo stood over him at the top of the bridge. Ethan looked up at him with a glare.

"You see I've been practicing, and this clayface sequel is bigger and better than the original." Karlo said turning into clayface two smirking down at Ethan before jumping down and landing in front of him. Ethan

turns his hands into spears. Karlo turns his hands into the same balls with spikes that Ethan had. Than made two more hands out of clay, and made them the same.

They both shot they're arms out. But Karlo easily over powers him. He knocks him down that charges at him. And punches him multiple times. He punches him one more time sending Ethan flying into one of the support beams. Karlo than wraps his arm around Ethan's ankle, lifting him up, and slamming him into the ground. "Ugg." Ethan groans before Karlo steps on both of his hands, than shoots clay to cover his mouth.

"You should have stayed in Arkham." Karlo sneered turning one of his hands into a moving drill. Ethan's eyes widen at the sight. Before grabbing the drill with his hand struggling to hold it back. When the drill was about to hit his face a bat-a-rang shot through the air, and into Karol's arm. The bat signal started blinking before it exploded shooting Karlo off Ethan.

When Karol's hand was off his face he gasped in air. Breathing hard. Karlo went to attack Ethan again when three ice capsules fly through the air, and into Karol's stomach and chest. Karlo try's to walk forward but freezes mid-step. Batman jumps down behind Ethan."oh uh I can explain." Ethan says his head up turning back into Ethan Bennett.

Batman glares and takes out a silver capsule pen filled with blue liquid. "The anti-dote Noo!" Ethan shouts stretching his hand and knocking the pen out of batmans hand. It went flying over the edge of the bridge. A blur of pink, purple, green,red, and black shoots down. Jinx shoots out a rope of pink power catching the pen. As robin shoots his grabble swinging both himself and jinx to the top of the bridge above batman and Ethan.

"Come on take the serum." Jinx and robin say together as jinx throws the pen to batman. Who in turn catches it.

"Sorry bats I didn't mean too. I'm one of the good guys now." Ethan said turning toward batman.

"The good guys don't break out of Arkham." Batman said. Ethan looked down before turning around at the sound of ice crackling behind him. Before the ice Incasing Karlo shatters, Karlo roars. (Yes actually roars) before shooting his arms out at batman and Ethan in the shape of giant blocks. Batman jumps back out of the way Ethan does the same.

Karlo jumps forward bringing his arms back too him. He slams them into the ground in front of him and makes spikes grow out of them. Jinx and robin jump down and both do three front flips before jumping back behind a support beam next to batman. "Bats you need me on this one." Ethan shouts on the other end of the bridge looking at the at family.

"Take the anti-dote and sit this one out." Batman orders right as Karlo slams one of his hands into the support beam the bat family were behind. Jinx and robin duck.

"I say we let him help." Robin said jinx nods looking up at batman. As Karlo hits the supports Ethan's behind.

"Bats trust me!" Ethan yells batman looks at Ethan than slowly nods. Ethan nods back before turning into clayface. And running toward Karlo. Batman took his bat saw and hooked it to his glove. He turns it on running toward Karlo as well. Jinx and robin follow suit. Ethan shoots his hands under Karlo, but Karlo does a front flip and lands on Ethan's arms, than slams his arms into Ethan. Smashing him into a pile of clay. Ethan comes back together and grabs Karol's arms. As batman, jinx, and robin charge forward. Batman cuts off one of Karol's arms but Karlo grows to more batman cuts those off as well.

Both batman and robin throw a bat-a-rang and a bird-a-rang cutting Karol's arm again. Jinx shoots out a hex wave that cuts off Karol's other arm. Karlo looks down at his cut arms growls than jumps back. He shoots out four new arms each grabbing a support beam and ripping them off. He throws the beams at the bat family and Ethan. They all jump out of the way. Ethan looks to the side after dodging a beam to see robin helping jinx up from the ground not noticing the beam heading right for them.

Ethan runs forward and wraps his arms around both jinx and robin and jumps out of the way. Batman looks over at them to see if they're ok than looks up at the sound of the beams above head creaking. He sees that the beams are coming apart. "That doesn't sound good." Robin comments from his spot next to jinx under Ethan. As he says that the bridge starts falling apart. Batman taks a step back on the platform he's on witch is pretty stable. The rest of the bat family and Ethan aren't so lucky. As the part of bridge they're on starts to fall to the ground. Witch is about a 150ft drop.

"Robin jinx!" Batman shouts jumping down to the ground.

"Over here bats." Ethan calls lifting a part of the bridge off his back. He opens a hole in his chest and jinx and robin fall out and onto the ground gasping for air. Robin has his arms wrapped around jinx protecting her. They both groan as Ethan gets up and walks toward batman. Jinx and robin follow robin supporting jinx since she hurt her ankle.

"I think we did it bats." Ethan said with a smile. Before they hear a bang behind them. They all turn around in surprise to see clay forming around and with pieces of the bridge forming a face.

"HAHAHA it's magic time." Karlo said swinging his arms at the group grabbing more parts of the bridge at the same time.

"Pull back we need to regroup." Batman orders from up on his spot on the stairs on the side of one of the walls jinx and robin next to him.

"NO just get the anti-dote ready!" Ethan yells running toward Karlo only to get stepped on. Karlo swings his arm toward the stairs. Batman grabs jinx and robin than uses his grabble to swing them to the top of the wall. He puts the kids down and they run along the side. Karlo shoots his arm out at them. Robin grabs jinx and jumps to the edge of the piece of bridge that didn't fall. Batman uses his grabble and lands next to them.

Karlo slams each of his arms into each wall pulling him self up so he's eye level with the bat family. Taking his foot of Ethan in the process. Ethan gets up and looks away. Karlo leans toward the bat family, they all turn and run batman picking jinx up on the way. Karlo spits clay out of his mouth to chase them. But Ethan jumps in front and goes into Karol's mouth with the rest of the clay. Ethan has his clay mix with Karol's so they become one.

"Huh what are you doing? Get out of me!" Karlo said struggling with Ethan on the inside for control.

"NOW bats! The anti-dote." Ethan yells.

"WHAT!" Karlo shouts as batman takes out the anti-dote.

"End it!" Ethan yells

"NO!" Karlo screams batman runs and jumps on top of the combined clayfaces. He injects the anti-dote and both Ethan and Karlo scream. As all the clay gets sucked into nothing. Batman jumps back to Jin and robin as they all look down to see Ethan and Karlo laying unconscious coved only by two pieces of metal.

"Welcome back Ethan." Batman said a small smile coming onto his face.

"Alright are we done here cause that is something I didn't need to see." Jinx said turning around. Robin nodded turning as well, batman just shakes his head with a smile on his face.

At Arkham asylum later that night.

"The doctors said even though you shared a single douse of anti-dote your test results show a complete remission of the mutated cells." Bruce tells Ethan with a smile.

"When I get out of here what do you say we go shoot some hoops." Ethan asks with a smile as well.

"Count on it." Bruce said.

"I know I have a long way to go. But I can earn back your trust." Ethan said looking up at Bruce. Bruce's nods.

In another part of the asylum.

"Check mate clayboy." The joker said moving the chest piece with his feet since his arms were in a strait jacket.

"They say your cured but I still think your a little soft in the head." The joker said knocking one of Karol's pieces threw the gate. Before hopping away laughing like a maniac. (Like always)

"Jerk." Karlo said walking over to the gate. He tries to reach the chest piece but his hand won't fit through the bars. He tries to stretch his finger only to have clay shoot out of it grab the chest piece and suck it into his hand. He gasps bring his hand to his chest he looks around to make sure no ones looking before looking at his hand and making the chest piece come out. He stares at it for a minute before he smirks.

At Wayne manor. Dinner time.

"So you two I never go to ask how school was." Bruce said Jane and dick look up.

"It was great we met this really cool kid named Wally and his little sister Molly. He was really cool and Jane you liked him to didn't you." Dick asks looking at Jane.

"Yeah I guess he was pretty cool and his little sister was nice too me and her got along really got along. Oh yeah bird boy I did my half of the bet I made a friend that is a girl my age." Jane said dick nodded and smiled.

"Yup you did see it wasn't that hard. Now I don't know about you but I going to go to bed. Good night Bruce, night Jane sweet dreams." Dick said kissing janes forehead before rushing off. Jane just shakes her head.

"So any reason why he's in such a rush to get to bed?" Bruce asks.

Jane shrugs her shoulders. "He doesn't want to wake up late in the morning and miss breakfast again. Any way I think I'm going to go to bed to I'm tired night Bruce." Jane said she ran over to Bruce gave him a hug and than ran to her room to go to bed. Bruce smiles

"Good night Jane." He whispers as he goes to bed as well.

And there you have it. The next chapter sorry it took so long I've just been really busy with school and I just got a job so I've been really busy with work im sorry and I will update as soon as I can the more reviews I get the faster I will try to update. Till next time peace. J

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