the bad luck bat

Chapter 4 part 1

batman chapter 5

"Of course it's taken me years to put together this collection." A man with flaming red hair and dark blue eyes said with a smile. He was wearing black dress pants, and yellow button up shirt with a black over coat.

"And just as long to get you to give us all a peek marlo." A man in his late fourty's said. He had a buzz cut, black dress pants and a orange button up shirt with a dark over coat.

"Well you know what they say. If you've got it flunt it." Marlo said pulling on the front of his jacket and winking at the young lady standing next to him. The girl started giggling and soon everybody else soon followed suit. over by the food table there were two people who were not laughing. It was a man and a woman. The man was wearing a nice dress suit with a light blue under shirt and a bow tie. He had bright blue eyes and dark black hair that looked like the night sky. This man was none other then bruce wayne. The young lady standing next to him was wearing a knee length sleeveless red dress with light pink ruffles at where the sleeves end and a light pick bow wrapped around her waist. She had shoulder length blond hair and light blue eyes. They both wore frowns on they're faces.

"I wonder whats gotten into john." Bruce said with a slight smile on his face.

"He finally steps out of the lab and away from his experaments and suddenly it's. 'Hi jonh marlo alpha male.' I for one think his much more adoreable as the shy geek." The woman said with a frong gracing her pretty face. Bruce just nodded.

"How is it that all the most attactive ladies always seem to gravate to you bruce." John said with a smile shaking bruces hand.

"Oh no we were just talking about these little hot dogs." The young lady said holding up one of said hot dogs. John holds out his arm witch she takes. As he leads her to a painting. The painting itself looked like alien heads of diffrent colors. There was eight on the bottom and eight on the top that were upside down. They were green, purple, blue, and yellow.

"Ah yes emrick's exponential anxed. You out bid the museum for this." Cleo said looking up at him.

"It cost a fortune. But it was worth every penny." John said just as the elavator ding open behind him.

"Just how many penny's are we talking about." A man in a orange and white spandex suit with an 'e' on the chest said. The suit covered every part of his body inclueding his face making it impossable to tell who he was, he also had a black watch on his forearm. Everyone in the room turned toward him with a gasp. The man in the suit walked right down a path in the middle of all the people. After he walked past bruce, bruce slowly back out of the room. But noone noticed. The odd man stopped right in front of john.

"Now step aside marlo. Before i make your face resemble that painting." The man said. Cleo grab john arm when he moves to step forward.

"John please don't be foolish." She pleaded. John ignores her and chargers at the man. The odd man just grabs johns arm and throws him onto a nearby table. John goes through the table and rolls on the ground with a grunt.

"Hahaha should have listened to the lady johnny." The odd man laughed. Batman on the other hand was climbing up on top of the wall behind the odd man without him noticing. Right as the odd man turns around batman jumps down on his grapple and kicks the man in the face sending him flying across the room into the elavator doors.

Batman lands in fornt of him. But before he can do anything the man jumos up and runs. Batman runs after him with john following him.

"We've got him batman." John shouts as the odd man runs into a closet closeing the door as he goes.

"That's a broom closet theres no way. . . Out?!" John says in shock as batman opens the door to find the man gone.

At the batcave.

Batman sat in front of the monator. That showed a 3D image of the apartment that the odd man escaped from that night. "You checked the walls, floor, ceiling." Robin comforms.

"And the blue prints. There was no way out of that closet robin." Batman said looking down at both robin and jinx who were standing next to his chair.

"Batman?" Jinx asked looking up at him.

"What?" Batman replied.

"Was there. Is there a possiablity that he somehow teleported out of the closet?" She asked.

"I'm not sure. I'll take another look before I determine anything." Batman replies.

"Hey he always could have been posing as one of the brooms." Robin jokes. Batman just looks back uo at the screens.

"This isn't a joke robin! I'm going up stairs to study." JInx said before storming off.

"What's wrong with your sister?" Batman asks.

"Her art teacher gave them a project. Where they have to paint a picture of what they're family means to them. And jinx is having trouble, so she's irratated I was hoping to get her to smile or laugh. But it looks I just made her even more mad." Robin sighed right as the batwave goes off.

"Robin go get your sister." Batman orders standing up.

"The silent alarm for the gotham museum of art has been set off." He tells robin.

"A second theif or a second chance." JInx said coming up from behind.

"Woah where did you come from." Robin asks.

"I was right outside the entrance when the alarm went off. So i heard it go off so I came back down." Jinx replied.

At gotham museum

The batmobile swirved to a stop in front of the gotham museum. Inside the museum the man in the odd suit was taking a painting and putting it under his arm. He started walking away with it. When batman, robin, and jinx landed behind him. He turned and looked up and them.

"The batman here to see another disappearing act." He said.

"Oh oh oh. And then we can see a women getting sawed in half." Robin said with a grin.

"There won't be an ancore preformence tonight." Batman said with a glare. The man looked up at him.

"And just what makes you so sure?" The man asks him. Robin jumps lightly on the balls of his feet.

"This time it's three against one. Piece of cake." Robin said snapping his fangers.

"Numbers can be diceving." The man said before taking off around a corner.

"And so can I." Another male voice said from behind them.

"Two of them?" Robin exclaims.

"No somethings wrong. I don't feel two diffrent aura's. I feel the same aura in two diffrent places. But that's not possible." Jinx said in shock scaning the area very carefully. Batman looks down at her and robin.

"We're deal with that later for right now there's two thifts so split up." He said before running after the first man. Jinx and robin take off after the other one. They slow to a stop in a dark room and robin turns to jinx.

"Do you sence anyone?" He asked her.

"I..I don't know. It's confusing I feel the same aura in three diffrent places. But I can't place exactly where they are. There's one in this room. But that's all I can tell you." Jinx said looking down.

"Wait what do you mean three aur..Ahhhh!" Robin gasps as someone kicks both him and jinx to the ground. They both do front flips and land on there feet on each side of the room. They look around trying to find who kicked them. Only to have someone came up behind them and kick them down again and taking off out of the room.

With batman. Batman chases the man holding the picture down a long hallway. The man was in front of him He turned a corner going out of sight for a moment. Batman glares slightly before tuning down the same corner leading into another room. He looks around. The odd man steps out of the shadows. Batman takes out a rope with little balls on each end. and he throws it at the man.

They wrap around his ankels and he falls to the floor. Dropping the painting on the floor. Batman was about to walk over to him when a voice sounded from above and behind him.

"Oh batman." The voice said. Batman turned and looked behind him only to get kicked in the face. knocking him to the ground. He pushes himself up in time to see the odd man turning the corner. on the other side of the building Jinx andRobin were chasing their thife down a long hall way. after vatman got up and off the ground he resumed chasing after his thife. as batman catches up to his criminal he turns another corner theres a bright blue light. Jinx and Robin were chasing there criminal as well. He turned a corner and there was another bright blue light. they turned the corner and almost ran into batman.

The only thing in the hallway besides them was a cart with a broom, mop, and other cleaning utinsils. Batman looks around for anything that my lead him to where the man or men went. Robin on the other hand picked up the broom that was on the cart. And started twriling it around.

"My broom thory is looking better and better." He commented.

After about ten minutes later. The police arived and started inspecting the area looking for clues. "I know he took the paintings off the walls. But i've triple checked nothings missing nothings even out of place." Cleo said to the comissinor. Batman looked around and glared slightly in iratation.

later that night at the batcave.

bruce stood in front of a micrascoop with the bat suit on. But the mask was down. He had bags under his eyes from having no sleep the night prier. The elavator dinged from behind him And alfred, dick, and jane stepped out. Alfred looked over at bruce.

"Master bruce have you been at this all night?" He asked his tone disaproving.

"So any luck." Dick asks as he and jane move to stand next to him.

"I recovered a hair sample from the museum last night. Where our thife disabled the sacurety camera there was a match." Bruce said looking up from the micrascoop with a frown. After hitting some keys on the keyboard a picture of john marlo popped up on the computer screen.

"John marlo." Bruce comformed. Dick and Jane look up in shock.

"Soo your saying." Dick started only to have bruce cut him off.

"No i've known john for years. He's a good man." He said.

"And has the perfect alibi. He was saved from the villian by the batman himself." Alfred put his two cents in.

"Hey Bruce do you think you could take me to meet john?" Jane asked looking up at bruce.

"I can. But why would you want to meet him Jane?" Bruce asked his eyebrow raised.

"Because I want to get a read on his aura. If I get a read on his aura we can know for sure if he is the strange man or not. I'd also like to take a look at that closet something about it just seems off to me." Jane explained.

"Wait what if he stanged the attempted robberie just to give him the alibi. You've got to admit that would explain all the weirdness at the museum." Dick said. Jane shook her head.

"It would explain why there was more than one person. But that doesn't explain why all three aura's i felt were the same. you see all aura's are diffrent none are the same. So I should have felt three diffrent aura's in the museum. Not the same aura in three diffrent places." Jane reminded him.

"But if you don't think he's our guy." Dick started only to have bruce cut him off.

"No I can't rule him out just because he's my friend. Jane and I will go over to johns house and she can get a read on his aura and another look at that closet." Bruce told them the plan. They nodded.

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