the bad luck bat

Chapter 4 part 2

Bruce and Jane walk out of the elevator as it dings. They walk out and into john's apartment. Bruce was wearing sunglasses, a blue button up shirt with a dress jacket, and black slacks. Jane was wearing Her gray beanie a black long sleeve shirt, blue jeans, and black and white high tops. Both of the had comm's in their ears. But they were covered with their hair.

"Bruce what brings you by." John asks as he walks up to them. Bruce takes off his sunglasses and smiles at john.

"In all the excitment the other night. I never got to admire your collection." Bruce said. John looked up at him with a grin.

"Come on we both know thats not why your here. If you were here for that you wouldn't have brought this cute little girl. Speaking of who is this cute little girl?" John asked bending down to pat janes head.

"Alright you caught me I wanted to get a look at that closet that the man disappeared in. And Jane wanted to come with me. Speaking of Jane this is John marlo, And John this is Jane grayson my daughter. I adopted her and her brother dick about six months ago. Jane say hello." Bruce said putting a hand on her back pushing her forward slightly. Jane waved slightly and shly said 'hi' to john. John laughed at her shyness.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Jane. Here let me show you that closet. It doesn't really surprise me, after all who can resist mystery." John said as he leads them to the closet. He opens the door and Bruce and Jane look inside. Jane walked inside as bruce moves his hand that is holding the sunglasses so that he can get a reading of the whole room.

"Readings are coming in master Bruce." Alfred said over the comms.

"Interesting we are picking up traces of low spectrum radioactivity in that closet." Alfred informed him, leaning forward slightly from his seat in front of the monitor in the batcave. On the screen there was a floor plan of the closet. But what Bruce and Jane couldn't see was the red and orange spots that covered the room.

"And master Dick seems to be finding the same radioactivity at the museum. On the mysteries reappearing paintings." Alfred informed Bruce from his spot in front of the monitor that showed Dick looking at the before mentioned painting.

Bruce shut the closet door softly after Jane had exited. Before he turned toward John. "Thanks for indulging me John." Bruce said as he made his way over to John. Jane following from behind.

"Not a problem." John replied as Bruce put his glasses on the collar of his shirt. unknowingly pointing them straight at john.

"Closet aside I do have an alterive motive for coming here. I'm worried about you John." Bruce said a slight frown marrying his face.

"Oh really?" John said. Jane detected a dark tone in his voice causing her to grab Bruce's jacket sleeve in a tight grasp. This did not go unnoticed by Bruce. As he put a gentle hand on Jane's head to calm her.

"Something's different John. A party, the way you tried to take on that masked thief. It isn't you." Bruce said softly, concern in his eyes. John whipped around to face Bruce so fast Jane was surprised he didn't get whiplash. Before Bruce could say anything more John got up into his face with a glare.

"What's the matter Brucie scared of a little social competition. People change, I apologize if I no longer fit in some comfortable role you've defined me in." John said poking Bruce in the chest roughly.

Jane stepped more behind Bruce. But nether men noticed or saw the look of fear in Jane's eyes. "I didn't mean to upset you. I'm sorry." Bruce said putting a hand on Johns shoulder. You could see in Bruce's eyes he really was.

"It's fine truth is I've been a little all over the place here lately." John said. At the batcave with Alfred at the same time. Alfred looked at the monitor in front of him in shock. There on the screen showed John. But the John on the screen was covered in a red light that meant radioactivity.

"Oh my!" Alfred said to himself.

Later that night.

Batman swings from his grappling hook to the building right across from John Marlo's lab. He landed on the ledge and not a minute later Robin and Jinx landed next to him. "Ok still confused here?" Robin said looking toward Jinx and Batman.

Jinx shook her head. "Join the club, It was odd. When we were in Marlo's apartment I felt the same aura I felt at the museum. It was the same. But at the same time it was different." Jinx said her head tilted to the side in confusion.

"What? Jinx that made no sense. How can it feel the same. But not feel the same at the same time." Robin asked even more confused now.

"What I mean is the aura is the same. But the one in the museum seemed more clear the Marlo's. Like I was looking at his aura under water. Other then that it shouldn't be the same that's impossible. No two people can have the same aura not even identical twins. Every person is born with a different aura no matter what. So it doesn't make sense that the ones at the museum and Marlo's were the same. Plus the radioactivity that was in the closet, the museum, And on John Marlo himself. Is proof that it was most likely Marlo who did it" Jinx explain once more. Before turning toward Batman who was looking at her with a brow raised.

Jinx shrugged. Batman just nods before explaining the plan to them. "Marlo's company has been conducting experiments of quantum theory for the government." Batman explained.

"So that explains why he was radioactive. But what about him stealing stuff, and his aura being the same as two other people that Jinx sensed?" Robin asked in confusion.

"There's always an explanation and we are going to find it." Batman said. looking through binoculars to show the same radioactivity that was covering marlo. There was two main spots, one on the second floor and one on the forth floor.

"The readings point to two different spots with high level radioactivity. I'll take this one, you two take that one. And be-!" Batman was cutoff as Robin held up his hand.

"Please don't say it." He said.

"Fine. Go." Robin and Jinx both nod as the take out their grappling hooks and swing to the other building. Batman does the same but goes to the higher floor.

A man walked past a dark hallway after he turned the corner. Batman peeped out from the shadows. Once he was sure the cost was clear batman silently went over to the door that said in bold letters. 'Authorized personal only.' Batman took out a black key card with the bat signal on it and swiped it through the keypad. Once it beeped and flashed green, Batman slipped in quietly, The room was full of many different experiments. Batman crept softly to the back of the room where the man in the orange and white suit was seated at a small desk typing on a computer. He paused in his typing. But didn't turn around.

"The sign said authorized personal only Batman." The man said turning his chair to come face to face with the Bat glare. The man stood straight up and charged at Batman. He swung a punch at Him witch Batman easily avoided. Batman kicked him in the stomach sending him flying backwards onto the hard ground. Batman stalked forward and ripped the mans mask off to revile. John marlo.

"So what happens now Marlo you teleport away again?" Batman asks.

John whips his mouth with his hand before replying. "Oh is that what I've been doing? No there's a much simpler explanation, And it's right behind you." He said. Batman turns around just in time to catch a fist coming toward his face and flip the man on the other end of the fist to the ground next to Marlo. The man was in the same costume.

"Then your quantum technology isn't behind this. This whole time you had an accomplice in the same costume."

"Getting warmer." John said standing up and helping the other man up. Before ripping his mask off to revile. John marlo. Batman's eyes widen. As both Johns grab a hold of the black watch like gadget on their wrist. They pressed a button and it lights up a soft orange. Before instead of two John marlo's standing in front of Batman, They multiplied into four.

They all laughed as the elevator ding and the doors opened. to revile yet another Marlo. "Going up." He said with a smirk. Batman says nothing just huffs and walks into the elevator. the rest of the Marlo's follow. Halfway to where they are going one of the Marlo's turns toward Batman.

"Enjoying the ride?"

"Beats the company." Batman responds with a glare.

The elevator ding again as they reached where they were going. "Penthouse level. You've been expected." one of the Marlo's say. Standing in front of the window another John Marlo turns around. But this one is in nice formal wear.

"Welcome Batman. Allow me to introduce myself. I am the everywhere man." He said turning away from the window and toward Batman.

Meanwhile in another part of the building. Jinx and Robin crawl through one of the air vents. But pause when they see two of the everywhere man stop right under them and talk to one another.

"Batman's in custody. But his partners may already be in the building." One of them said.

"What our priority?" The other asks.

"Securing the prisoner."

"We might need more men."

"Then we'll make more." And once again they multiplied. Before walking away.

Robin looks at Jinx. "Ok so my broom theory was way off." He said. Jinx rolled her eyes.

"Ya think?" She said sarcastically. Before opening the vent and jumping down robin soon followed.

"Lets go bust out Batman." he said running down the hall. Jinx right behind him.

With Batman.

"It was the quantum field research of course. It led to the creation of the quantext, With it I can charge my body's quantum particles. "John explained turning the quantext on and making another copy of himself.

"And duplicate another me." They both said at the same time.

"My energy duplicates can split at will. But with the quantext I can also recall them at will. even from a distance." He finished calling the replica back.

"Witch is how you escaped from the broom closet." Batman said.

"Slight of hand I know. yet effective, Still that's only the tip of the quantext iceberg."John said walking over to one of the chairs in the room and leaning on it before duplicating it.

"Please sit down." he said sitting himself. Batman glared.

"I'll stand. Your devise made quantum copy's of the painting at the museum." He said.

"Leaving me to steal the originals for my collection." John finished for him.

"You mean for John marlo's collection." Batman said.

{Back with Jinx and Robin.}

Robin and Jinx duck behind a corner and run down the hallway in the shadows. sneaking right past a few everywhere men. They stopped at the end of the hallway and poked their heads around the corner. To see four everywhere men walk up to a John marlo copy.

"How is the prisoner?" One of the everywhere man asks.

"Secured inside." Marlo said. Robin looked up to see a security camera. he ducked back behind the corner bring Jinx with him.

'You take care of the video camera and I'll take care of the bad guys ok?' Jinx asks through telepath. Robin nods.

'Yeah just make sure to save one for me.' He said grinning at her. Jinx nods a small smile coming onto her face.

With that Robin runs around the corner and throws a bird-a-rang at the camera shutting it off as Jinx sends a hex wave that knocks three of the everywhere man unconcas. Robin kicked one into the wall and then brought his baton down on the last ones head knocking him out as well.

"Hold on Batman almost there." Robin whispered to himself. As Jinx took out her key card and opening the door. But they didnt find Batman. It was John marlo but he looked like he could use some food, sunlight, and a shave.

"Your not Batman." Robin said as he looks at Jinx.

{With Batman}

"Your not John Marlo. Your just another quantum copy. Your covered in the same radioactivity that was found in the broom closet and the museum. "Batman said.

John smiled. "Very good Batman. I was copy number one. Sometimes it takes an upgrade to get thing right. Johnny was a fool he kept me around to be his lab partner. But keep a copy around for to long and they start to develop free will." John said pressing a button under the desk that allowed the wall behind him to open and revile his art collection.

"Johnny and i both loved our art collection. But Johnny wasn't willing to do what it takes to add too it. I was." John said.

"Enough with the art collection. All this power and we're only stealing paintings." Another copy said in anger getting in johns face.

"Excuse me." John said with a glare.

"We could use the quantext to conquer the world." The other copy said.

"Like a bad photo copy, Each ones a little darker then the last." Batman said quietly.

"Shut up!" John said the other copy poked him in the chest.

"Don't tell him to shut up, Shut him up. Look if you can't handle thing then I will." The copy said before disappearing. John turned to Batman taking his hand off the quntext.

"See free will. But I know how to deal with it." He said.

"And John didn't?"

"No he didn't."

"So you got rid of him."

"I never get rid of anything. I'm a collector Batman." John said.

"And you keep your collection close at hand. John Marlo's in this building, And that's all I needed to know "Batman said before throwing down a smoke bomb. When the smoke disappeared Batman.

John glared before pressing a button on he intercom. "Attention all everywhere men the Batman is lose in our building. You know the drill divide and concur." He said.

Robin peeked around the corner to see the everywhere man multiplied into hundreds. Robin hid back behind the corner with Jinx and the real John Marlo.

"When all is said and done he is. But one man. But we we are an army." John finished his little speech. And turned off the intercom for the moment.

"Batman's been spotted by the uterine. All everywhere men to the uterine. I repeat all everywhere men to the uterine." John said once again over the intercom.

Inside the uterine. Batman came running through the door with a whole group of everywhere men right behind him. He threw some gas capsules at a group of eight knocking them out. Before he jumped down the small drop and continued running more everywhere men following him. He took out two of his bat-a-rangs knocking five men down with each one. Before jumping up and kicking two more down and punching another before using his grapple to swing around the on coming corner knocking down a group of me. As soon as he landed he was once again surrounded. No matter how many he knocked down more took their place.

The fake John Marlo stood at the top in front of the door watching. He laughed to himself before saying. "Come now Batman. It's useless no matter how many of me you take down. I'll just make more." John said putting his hand on the quantext ready to make more.

"And will they all smell as bad as you?" Robin asks as john turns around only to get kicked down a small flight of stairs by Jinx. They stood above him with their arms crossed.

"Two more enemies will hardly make a difference against my army." John said as he made more everywhere men.

"Oh yeah. But what if we're not just two more." Robin said as Jinx takes one of his hands. Robin uses his other hand to press a button on the quantext that is strapped to his chest.

"What are you doing with my prototype." Robin and Jinx ignore John as they multiply into a small army of their own.

"Check out our army." Jinx says. As all the copy's run forward to help fight. Soon the whole room was full of everywhere men copy's and Jinx and Robin copy's making the odds a lot more even.

As Batman threw more smoke capsules. He was surrounded again. However before he could take out anymore weapons. Jinx and Robin copy's came and took out the everywhere men around him. "How's it going Batman." One of the Robins ask.

"Better now that your here Partners." He said putting emphasis on the word partners.

Up at the top the fake John marlo looked past the real Jinx and Robin. to see the real John marlo. "Well if it isn't old Johnny boy. I knew I should have got rid of you. I always was to sentimental." The fake John said.

"Yes you were even kept the old quantext prototype. And that's going to be your down fall." The real John said.

"There's a reason a prototype is only a prototype Johnny boy. Sometimes it takes an upgrade to get things right." Right as he said that the prototype started to spark.

"Woah. That's not good." Robin said looking down at the device.

"the unit's overloaded." The real John explained.

"Oh it's worse then that Johnny. Your duplicates are unstable. One solid punch and poof." The fake John said. Punching a Robin copy causing him to disappear to prove his point.

The prototype sparked a little more before shutting down. "That's it it's dead. We're on our own." The real John said.

"Fine with me I never was good at long division." Robin said taking out his bo staff. And running forward to join the fight Jinx not far behind. Her hands and eyes glowing the normal pink.(Well normal for her.)

"Cool you take the high road." One of the robin copy's told one of the Jinx copy's.

"And you take the low road." She said as they both took off.

the real Robin gets tackled off the high platform. he takes out his grappling hook and swings the guy hanging on him to the ground before jumping down to land on a few everywhere men. Soon as the fight carry's on the Jinx and Robin copy's disappear. Leaving one or two before they too disappear. "Well there goes our reinforcements." Robin said landing next to Batman and Jinx.

Up at the top of the platform watching the Bat family fight. Two everywhere men come and grab the real John Marlo by his arms. He struggles to get free. "Hey! Let me go." He said trying to get free.

"Quite Johnny boy. The Batman may not realize it yet. But the battles over." Fake John said.

Down below Batman runs out of weapons. "It's only a matter of time." Fake John says.

Batman looks up at the everywhere men. "did you hear that it's only a matter of time." He said.

One of the everywhere men steps forward. "Before your toast." He said.

Batman looks at him. "And before you've out lived your usefulness. What's he going to do with a few hundred Marlo's? Once he's done he'll recall every single one of you. You'll all cease to exist." Batman said for all of them to hear.

One copy looked to another. "What if the Batman is right?" He asks.

"Don't listen to him. Keep fighting." Copy number one ordered.

One everywhere man went to charge at Batman. But another one stopped him. "Wait if we finish this we're toast." He said.

"Shut up you traitor!" The other copy yells tackling the other. Soon everywhere men all over are fight one another.

"The quantext as long as he has it none of us are safe." One of the copy's says pointing toward copy number one.

"Stop don't you see your playing right into his hand." Copy number one said stepping back. Two everywhere men step in front of him.

"Don't worry we'll protect you." They said.

The real John Marlo smirked at him from behind. "But they all look the same how will you knows whos with you and whose against you?" He asks.

One of the men holding him looked down at him. "Quite do you want him to recall all of us." He said.

The real John Smiled at that. "Now there's an idea." he said to himself.

"There it is! Get the quantext." One of the everywhere men said as a huge group of them come charging toward copy number one. They backed him into a corner as he lifted his hand where it was hovering right above the recall button.

"Stop! Don't make me do it." Copy number one said. They kept getting closer once they were no more then a few feet away. Copy number one panicked and hit the recall button causing all Copy's except for himself disappear. Batman, Robin, And Jinx all grappled onto the platform. Landing right in front of him.

"You haven't won yet Batman." Copy number one yelled.

"Three against one. Piece of cake." Robin said.

"I'll create another army." He said. You could hear the panic in his voice.

"With the same results." Batman said.

"Then I'll recall it start over. As many times as I have to. eventually you'll fall." He said a crazed look in his eye. The real John grabbed his fist that had the quantext on it and said.

"Will you please shut up." He hit the recall button. Making copy number one disappear.

"I thought I could help people everywhere. But all I am is no where man." John said falling to his knees.

A few days later at the museum.

"It's really great of you to donate your whole art collection to the museum John." Bruce said looking at one of the Paintings with John.

"It seemed like the right thing to do after everything I've done." John told him.

"But John you didn't do anything." Bruce said looking at him.

"Perhaps. But part of me always wanted to be like that other Marlo cool, confident, comfortable. Maybe it's good that the only place I've really felt comfortable is inside my shell.

"Any room in that shell for one more?" A voice called from behind him John and Bruce turned to see cleo. John smiled at her.

Cleo walked forward. "Johnny you've been locked away with you art collection and science projects. Come and stay out here with." Cleo said. But John finished for her.

"With you?" He said. Bruce walked away quietly so the couple could look at the art alone.

Later that night Wayne mansion.

Inside Jane's bed room. While everyone else was sleeping peacefully. Jane was tossing and turning in her sleep.

"No, no, !" Jane shouted shooting up from bed breathing heavily.

"It's just a dream. Just a dream." As Jane continued to say this to herself to calm down. She soon realized it wasn't working. So Jane grabbed her blanket and headed across the hall to Dicks room.

She walked in softly to see Dick sleeping peacefully. Jane softly shut the door and climbed into the bed next to her brother slowly as to not wake him. Once she was completely lying down she closed her eyes. Not a second later Dick rolled over and wrapped his arm around her.

"Nightmare?" He asked quietly. Jane nods burying her head in his chest.

"You want to talk about it." Jane shook her head.

"Ok. But just so you know Jane he can't get you Jane. He will never be able to hurt you ever again." Dick told her rubbing her back softly.

"You promise?" she asks. Dick looks down at her.


"Do you promise?" She asks again.

Dick watches her for a minute before nodding. "Yeah I promise. Now get some sleep. Your safe here. Okay baby girl?"

"Ok" Dick watches as her eyes fall shut and her breathing evens out telling him that she's asleep. It isn't long before dick followers her into the land of dreams. And holding onto each other like their lives depend on it is how Bruce and Alfred find them the next morning.

Bruce softly shuts the door back as to not wake the kids. Alfred looks at him. "Master Bruce?"

"Lets let them sleep in just this once." Bruce tells him as they head down stairs. Alfred smiles at that.

"I think that's a great idea Master Bruce."

Alright well I hope you liked it. In till next time. REVIEW, COMMENT TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK. in till then peace :)

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