Bella is a Demi God


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First Meeting

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I sighed, watching as the HOLLYWOOD sign disappears from view. My name is Bella Swan (I always hated my last name), daughter of Hades. That's right the one that owns Hell or also known as the Underworld.

Yeah, I'm daughter of the most hated God EVER! But, I love it. I can control fire and souls of the dead. So much fun. Oh, you must be confused. You see, what my kind are called are Demi Gods. Sons and\or daughters of Gods and Goddesses.

I see vampires, werewolves, etc etc, everyday. My mother, Renée, was with my father, Hades for a year. The year after she left him, I was born. My father found out and he grew proud for some reason. Maybe, it's because I'm his favorite. I will never know.

So here I am, on my way to Forks, Washington. I don't know why though. Maybe I just wanted a change of scenery. You may be shocked but being in the Underworld can get pretty boring. All you see is new souls come in day after day after day. Fire everywhere. The only fun thing is that you get to torture souls. Fun times.

So again, I'm driving to Forks, Washington, in my black Bugatti Veyron. Ah, I love my car. I'm not Gothic if you are wondering. The bad thing is that I have to go to the high school since I'm 17. Forever. The good thing is that I get to live by myself. No parents to watch me. I know everything, literally. Hades and Persephone were wonderful teachers, them being a God and Goddess and all.

Oh Persephone, more of a mother to me then Renée. In fact, Renée left me on the doorstep of Hell when I was only one year old. She left me. Those words rang in my head ever since I was five, when Hades explained why my real mother wasn't with us. I grew a hatred for Renee, I'm happy I don't have her as a mother. I don't need her.

I heard that she married someone else now. A guy named Phil. His name made my skin crawl. Such a common guys name. Terrible if you ask me.

Just as I crossed the border into Washington, I was jolted out of my thoughts by an odd, out of place sound.

This is not the endThis is not the beginningJust a voice like a riotRocking every revisionBut you listen to the toneAnd the violent rhythmThough the words sound steadySomething empties within em

We say yeah

With fists flying up in the airLike we're holding onto something that's invisible thereCuz we're living at the mercy of the pain and the fearUntil we dead it forget itLet it all disappear

Waiting for the end to comeWishing I had strength to standThis is not what I had plannedIt's out of my control

Flying at the speed of lightThoughts were spinning in my headSo many things were left unsaidIt's hard to let you go

I know what it takes to move onI know how it feels to lieAll I wanna do is trade this life for something newHolding on to what I haven't got

Sitting in an empty room

The sound of my ring tone for Daddy. I grinned and laughed. Damn I can be an idiot. I pressed the SEND button and put the cell to my ear.


"Dead Bells! Why do you have to go to that town? Don't you get enough already? I already miss you!" I can basically hear him pouting and I laugh. He huffs and I make my voice sound babyish.

"Aw, is someone upset? Do you want a timeout, mister?" I laugh and he growls. I turn my voice back to normal. "Naw, I'm just kidding Daddy. I miss you already too. Don't worry, I'll be back before you even know it." He sighs and a smile enters his voice.

"Persephone says 'hey.' I hope you can come back soon sweetheart. Cerberus misses you as well." I bursted out laughing. Oh, how can that giant three- headed dog miss me? I only played with him when I felt like it... Which was all the time. He loved his big red ball. "Laugh it up, but I'm serious, he's been whimpering... For the first time EVER, but thankfully he is still vicious."

"Daddy, tell Cerberus that I miss him too. And I bet it must be a funny sight to see that dog whimpering... Anyway, I better be going, I'm crossing into Forks now." I said, sighing. I didn't want to stop talking to my Dad. He is just so cool.

"Okay. Talk to you later my young Bella." I heard a beep and then the line was dead. Just then, I pulled up to a white house. So this is where I was staying, I thought.

I grabbed my backpack and two suitcases. I needed to go shopping soon. As I lugged my luggage to my new room, I looked out at the depressing landscape and smiled. Perfect. The door to my room swung open and I nodded. Hades had the house fully furnished a few days ago. I liked it.

I set my backpack on the king sized bed and started to unpack, my iPod on full blast on the iHome cube. My favorite song, What I've Done by Linkin Park came on and I sang along quietly.

In this farewellThere's no bloodThere's no alibi'Cause I've drawn regretFrom the truthOf a thousand lies

So let mercy comeAnd wash awayWhat I've done

I'll face myselfTo cross out what I've becomeErase myselfAnd let go of what I've done

Put to restWhat you thought of meWhile I clean this slateWith the hands of uncertainty

Soon, I felt like I was being watched and looked over my shoulder. Nothing. Eh, must have spent too much time in Hell. I shrugged and finished unpacking. As my back connected with the bed covers when I flopped onto it, I began to get bored.

Once I couldn't stand to stay in the house any longer, I noticed that I can go to the school, since it was almost 7 a.m. Did I forget to mention that I don't sleep? Well, everyone else of my kind does, just not me. So, I can roam the night while everyone else is sleeping. Like a vampire.

I got up with a groan and dressed in faded blue jeans and a T-shirt with Linkin Park on it. And onto school, I thought, groaning again.

As I drove into the school grounds, I looked around quickly. Green. Of course, I thought, shaking my head. I wasn't fond of the color but it's still a nice one. My Bugatti Veyron quieted down from a purr into nothing as I cut off the engine in front of the Front Office. With a quick sidewards glance, I saw that there was a mid-age women with red hair. Her purple T-shirt showed too much of her wrinkly skin.

A deep breath and I was in the Front Office. Mrs. Cope, the red- head, looked up in confusion.

"I'm Isabella Swan," I murmured with a wince. I hated that name. I like Bella. And what is with the Swan part? I am not a bird okay?

"Oh yes of course. Your father told me that you were coming," she replied hastily. Then, she looked over my shoulder and sighed dreamily. I didn't think anything of it. Maybe she had a crush on one of the teachers, but whatever not my business.

"Can I just have my papers please?" I said, annoyed that she was taking so long. She looked at me in confusion again, but a look of knowledge came over her face. I bet she has none though. She rifled through some papers and gave them to me.

She was about to open her mouth again, but I didn't stay to listen. I was out of there as soon as the paper touched my hands. Back in my Bugatti, I looked through the papers, memorizing them as best as I can.

Thankfully, my mind is wired to read English, Spanish, Greek, Italian, Russian, French, Icelandic, Latin, and Romanian. Or else, I would be screwed. Don't ask why, I know I just would be.

Other student's trucks and\or cars came into the parking lot. I'm pretty sure lots of them saw my car, but I didn't look up to check. I'm so happy that the windows were tinted so dark that no one can see into them. I took another deep breath and cleared my head. No one is going to bite me. With satisfaction, I got out of my car and walked down the hall to my first class. English.

That is going to be boring. As I said, know everything there is to know on the planet. I've read everything too. Damn this is going to be boring.

The teacher, Mrs. Gomen welcomed me into her super advanced class with her warm smile. I knew she and I would get along. Mrs. Gomen gave me a list of books we will be reading through out the semester. I got a seat in the back and read over the list.

Shakespeare etc etc. Well that's comforting... and freaking boring! I thought shaking my head. I considered telling Mrs. Gomen that I already read everything. Yeah, I think I will, at the end of class. I put my head on the desk, listening to her drone on and on. I think I fell "asleep" because I almost fell out of my seat when the bell rang. I looked up and saw through the thick curtain of hair, a baby faced, blonde haired boy standing next to me with a grin.

Instantly, I felt sick. "Hey baby. I'm Newton, Mike Newton." He smiled. Who did he think he was, James Bond? I think he was trying to be sexy but to be honest, I think he looked more like he had a mental problem. I put on my best fake smile.

"Nice to meet you." Mike obviously thought that his "sexy" look worked on me. Yeah fucking right.

"So, baby what's your name?" he asked me, I think he was trying to purr. More like a lawn mower.

"Oh, my name?" He nodded. "My name is STAY AWAY!" I grinned as he looked shocked and took the chance to walk over to Mrs. Gomen. I cleared my throat and she looked up, shocked. When she saw it was me, she smiled warmly and took off her glasses.

"Yes Bella? Can I help you with something?" she said, her head tilting to the side slightly. I smiled at her and shook my head.

"Actually, I just wanted you to know that I've read everything on this list." I held up the reading list and she looked genuinely shocked. She searched my face, I knew all she could see was the truth. Mrs. Gomen smiled and nodded.

"Okay. I'll find something for you to do during class." I nodded and left the room with a wave. Onto History. Great.

Mr. Lonard looked me over and grinned. "Welcome Ms. Swan." I winced and nodded.

"Thanks Mr. Lonard." He pointed out an empty seat in the back and I smiled warmly. I nodded in thanks and sat down silently. Mr. Lonard started his lesson after a minute or two. He knew not to call on me, probably knowing that I'm smart enough to be in his class. Way smart enough. Mr. Lonard decided to take a chance and called on me.

"Ms. Swan can you please stand?" I did so and nodded for him to go on. "Can you tell me one of the major people in the women's rights time?"

I grinned. That's easy, I thought. Everyone turned to face me. "Fredrick Douglass. He fought for women's rights and was an escaped slave during the abolitionist times," I said calmly. Mr. Lonard nodded and called the class back to the front. I sat back down. He didn't call on me anymore.

The bell rang and I was out of my seat in a flash. I had Trig next and sighed. Mr. Banner welcomed me like the others, but not as warmly. I could basically feel his annoyance riding off him in waves. Before he could say anything I sat down in the back again. Ugh...

I got bored half way through his class and started drawing on my notebook. After another thirty minutes the bell rang and I was out the door. Lunch was next thank god.

I can finally sit by myself. That is what I was planning to do, until I was intercepted by a bottle blond and her brunette friend. I know their names already. Lauren and Jessica. I considered burning them to a crisp so they can go visit my Daddy. Naw, not now, too many witnesses. But Daddy would be so proud of me though.

"Like, sit with us, like today," Lauren said in her nasal voice. Hmm I wonder how many times the word 'like' can be used in the same sentence. Jessica nodded.

"Like no way. Like why would I want to sit next to like two bitches like you?" I said, mocking her voice. Lauren looked pissed and shocked. Didn't take her long to recover though, since she moved her hand to slap me.

I caught her wrist easily, thanking Hades and Persephone for the fighting they taught me. A sneer crossed my face and I know I looked terrifying, since I inherited that from Hades.

"I suggest you get away from me or else." They ran from me as soon as I let the slut's wrist go. When she turned, I noticed a first degree burn mark on her wrist. She's going to be feeling that later. Good.

I got an apple and sat at the table in the far corner, closest to the door. I had my eyes closed, my head on the table when I heard a throat clearing.

"Excuse me? I'm sorry, but you are kind of sitting at my family's table." I looked up and saw a small pixie like girl... No, vampire. I always loved being near them, though some could be a little creepy. They fascinate me greatly.

A smile crossed my face as I stood up and grabbed my apple and backpack. "I'm sorry. I didn't know anyone sat here. I guess, I'll find somewhere else to sit. Thank you for telling me." And with that I turned and walked out the door. Before the door shut I heard a males voice.

"That's odd she didn't feel one ounce of fear for us." An empath. Great.

I sat at a picnic table for the rest of the lunch period, probably getting soaked by the rain but I didn't care, I could just dry myself off with my power. The bell rang and I stood. Mike Newton ran over to me and grinned.

"Hey babe. You walked out of the lunchroom before I could ask you. Do you want to go out with me this Friday?" he said, grinning sickly. I shuddered.

"Hell no." With that, I walked away. Next is Biology. Oh joy. This is one of my favorite subjects. Mr. Barly told me to sit next to the bronze haired boy. The boy looked up and I was struck with surprise. Vampire as well. Their eyes... They are golden... vegetarian vampire. That kind always fascinated me more than natural vampires. I sat next to him and smiled.

My smile was met with a frown and eyes full of hatred. My scent... DAMN HOW CAN I BE SO STUPID? I quickly threw my shield over me and murmured. "I'm Bella and you are?"

"Edward Cullen," he replied, confusion and relief clear on his face.

"Nice to meet you." Class started and that ended the start of the conversation I wanted to have with Edward. Mr. Barly seemed to want me to get caught up so he didn't call on me. I snuck a peak at Edward next to me and smiled a little. He is so gorgeous, I wonder... No no that will be impossible. I could get him killed as soon as I touched him. Demons, Hades himself... Souls, damn my life is awesome!

I was jerked out of my thoughts when the bell rang and Edward laughed, obviously seeing that I was zoned out. I scowled at him playfully. He tried to control his laughter and smiled.

"What's your next class?" he asked in his musical voice.

"Umm..." I checked my schedule quickly and groaned. "Gym!"

"Okay, mine is English," he said. Edward seemed upset for some reason. I nodded, and sighed.

"See you later." He nodded and left, me heading to gym. I'm going to skip the details, lets just say that it was good for me, I didn't have to play basketball.

I walked over to my beautiful car and got in, driving home. Just as I exited the school grounds, I saw a flash of white. Edward. He was following me. I grinned and laughed. Oh, my sweet Edward. Wait, my? I don't know why I said that, erm thought it. I got home and went inside to work on my homework, knowing Edward was watching me.

I blinked and smiled softly. My cell rang. Dad... YAY! I picked up quickly. "Hey Dad..." I said happily. That was when I heard the warning growl behind my house. Something was going on. "Erm, Daddy, I have to go, something is going on."

"Okay, sweetie, TTYL." The line went dead and I ran to my backyard. I was met with a shocking sight...

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