He Without Sin

The Drinking Game

Loki could not stay away from Thor. He wanted to. He wanted to hide someplace that he would never have to deal with the reality of how Thor did or did not feel about him. He wanted to pretend that everything was fine, locked away in his pure white apartment where his lies were the only truth he needed. He missed his brother, however, so when he heard the call of thunder through the sky, he followed it.

He had not returned to the castle. He had not seen Amora or Raven. He had not left his apartment, except on the occasion that he went to Thor.

Thor never saw him, of course. Loki may not have been able to resist the temptation of his brother's presence, but he wasn't a fool. Whatever Thor wanted, it wasn't good and it, at the very least, involved taking him back to Asgard. That could not happen. So he followed Thor when he left the Tower, usually in search of Loki himself.

Loki wondered how Thor thought he was going to find him. Then again, maybe he thought Loki would just come once he knew that Thor was looking. Considering that that was exactly what happened, Loki could not truly call his brother's plan foolish, ill thought out perhaps, but not foolish.

Despite the fact that he was trying to stay out of Thor's sight and the fact that Loki was afraid to face his brother, there was a part of him, undeniable, that wanted to be caught. He followed Thor in his female form, not even cloaking himself with magic, just staying far enough away that his brother did not notice. He hoped, though. He feared. He waited.

Thor wasn't the one to notice him.

"You've been following him for a week, now."

Loki almost jumped out of her skin at the sudden voice of Iron Man over her shoulder. She looked quickly toward Thor, assured that her brother had heard nothing, then glared at the man who'd raised his face plate with a self assured smirk. "What are you doing here?" She hissed. They were nowhere near New York. Thor didn't limit his search area.

"I actually have a house here," Tony answered. "Little known fact about me. Also, when you own a suit that can fly, you can go where ever you want."

A small smile touched Loki's lips, but it was colored by nervousness. "Fascinating," She drawled. "I mean, why are you here bothering me?"

"Funny question that, I was wondering that same question about you and Thor."

Loki froze for a moment before letting out a laugh, tinged with the slightest bit of nervousness. "Have you been watching me, Iron Man?"

"Have you been watching Thor?"

Loki frowned. "You are being very insistent about this. Why would you think--"

"Because I've been watching you for the last week following Thor," Tony answered. "It's alright, I get it. Everybody's a fan or everybody's critic."

Loki let out a real laugh at that, then quickly looked over her shoulder at Thor. The god wasn't near enough to hear by a long shot, but she couldn't stop the apprehension. "You think I am following him because I am a fan? You think I'm a Thor stalker?"

Tony shrugged. "What else am I suppose to think?"

Loki continued to laugh a moment longer. "Yes, what am I to think? I leave your city and yet here you are, still chasing after me. One would think you've got an obsession, Stark."

"Well you did run out on our date early. That's reason enough to check up on you."

Loki smiled for a moment, but it faded quickly as her gaze wandered toward Thor. Her expression fell completely as she stared at the god and her voice was soft as she spoke. "I'm afraid that I'm not much company at the moment. If you were hoping for a second date, I think I'd be something of a disappointment."

"Doubtful," Tony answered. "Also, I take that as a challenge."

Loki looked back toward him. "Truly? I thought I was already clear on the subject of our interactions, Stark?"

"I would take that as a challenge, too, but that's not what I mean." Tony moved to stand in her line of sight when she turned back to look at Thor. "The challenge is that you're sad and you don't think that I can cheer you up. But! We are literally ten minutes away from my Malibu house, where contrary to popular belief, I have forms of entertainment that do not include my bed. Shocker, I know, but I happen to be a very fascinating person."

"Why do you care to entertain me at all?" Loki questioned.

"I thought I cleared this up on our last date, too."

"It was not really a date, Stark."

"You are fascinating," Tony said over her. "Even without your mutant thing, you're interesting to talk to. There are not enough people like that in the world for me to just ignore the ones that I find. Also, I want to take advantage of your sadness to get all the information out of you that I can."

That got a smile out of Loki again. "At least you're honest."

"One of my greatest assets."

"I think you mean the other thing, Stark."

"My good looks?"

"You are a liar, Stark, through and through." Loki shook her head at him. "Fine, I relent. If you truly wish to force your company upon me and torture me with whatever it is that you call entertainment, then I will not stop you."

"Great!" Tony replied brightly. He leaned down and scooped her into his arms and took off before she could complain.

Stark's house was more than ten minutes away.

"So what do you intend to do with me now that you've got me here?" Loki questioned as she paced around his living room. She was drawn to the large window, subconsciously searching the sky for storms as she stared into the distance.

"Traditionally," Tony began as he removed the suit and sat down on the couch, "This is the part were we would get to know each other."

Loki snorted at that, but didn't bother looking away from the glass. "I think you're trying to swindle a date out of me, after all."

"But!" Tony interjected loudly. "Instead of talking like boring people would do, why don't we just play twenty questions."

"Is the game as complex as it sounds?" Loki questioned sarcastically.

"Absolutely," Tony grinned. "And since I know we are both such open individuals," Tony rose and went to his bar, retrieving a few different bottles of alcohol, unsure which he planned to use, and a stack of shot glasses. "Whenever one of us chooses not to answer a question, we have to take a shot." He lined up and filled several shot glasses.

"I have an extremely high tolerance," Loki warned as she approached the couch.

"Then you take two shots," Tony answered immediately.

Loki smiled as she lowered herself to the opposite end of the couch. "Is this how you cheer up every pretty face?"

"Usually I pick the pretty face that don't need cheering up."

"So I'm a challenge for you?"

"I'd wager you're a challenge for everyone," Tony answer. He sat back on the couch, taking in the sight of his companion. Her dark hair obscured her face when she looked away and her pale skin contrasted it beautifully, making her green eyes seem unnaturally bright and compelling. He had to remind himself not to stare too long. Even though her top and suit jacket were cut to perfectly frame and emphasis her generous curves and the split in the side of her skirt emphasized the her long legs. "So, I'll start with something simple. Are you a mutant?"

Loki reached down and took both shots without pause. "My turn. Why does it matter?"

Tony shrugged. "It doesn't, really. I'd be curious either way, but that's the obvious thing to start with, right?"

"No," Loki smiled. "My turn again."

"What? Are you kidding me? That was not a question!"

"I believe that you mistake the definition of the word," Loki responded with a sharp smile. "Speaking of, you should chose yours carefully in this game."

"I'm starting to get that about you," Tony grumbled. He slumped back into the couch, folding his arms and pouting, mostly for effect. He rather liked the way she could out talk him.

"What do you want from me, Stark?" Loki met his gaze as she asked this.

"I want to pick you apart piece by piece and learn everything about you," Tony answered. "Why won't you let me?"

"Because I know the truth would scare you off," She said honestly. "What are you willing to offer me to get the information you want?"

Tony took a drink. Loki raised an eyebrow at this. He met her gaze, but didn't offer anything as explanation and her expression took on a considering look. "What do you want from me?" He questioned.

Loki took her two shots and Tony returned her raised eyebrow from earlier. "Why are you Iron Man?"

Tony thought a moment before taking his shot. "Why do you care about the Avengers?"

"I told you, I need you," Loki replied. "Something is coming and I can't fight it off on my own. What is the device in your chest?"

Tony froze for a moment. The glow of the arc reactor wasn't visible through his shirt. He moved deliberately, eyes on Loki, as he reached for his drink and took his shot. "Why do you want to know?"

In similar slow fashion, Loki deliberately took her two drinks. "Why are you still willing to play?"

"I told you, I want to know about you." Tony refilled the glasses. "What else can you do?"

Two more drinks. "How much do you actually wish to bed me?"

"A lot, but not as badly as I want to intellectually pick you apart. Why don't you want to sleep with me?"

"It would only prove problematic to my cause," Loki shrugged. "Has this not been twenty questions already?"

"Don't take the name so literally. And, no." Tony rolled his eyes as he answered. "So, you actually do find me attractive?"

She rolled her eyes. "Yes, Stark, you are attractive. Do you ever think about anything besides your own pleasure?"

"I try not to as often as possible. Why won't you call me by my first name?"

"Because I do not want to become personal with you. Why are you so insistent?"

"Because I want to get personal." Tony moved closer to her. "What's your real name?"

Meeting his eyes, she took her two drinks. "Would you still wish to know me if you found out that I was a monster?"

"Even more so," Tony answered. "Because I'm betting that whatever reason you have for thinking you're a monster, you probably aren't. Do you think that you're a monster?"

"Yes. Do you always try to befriend monsters, Stark?"

"Yes. Why do you think you're a monster?"

Loki took her two shots and looked away. "I've done terrible things," She told him softly.

Tony considered that a moment. "You've done terrible things, but that isn't the reason that you think you're a monster?"

"It certainly doesn't help," She answered, still refusing to look his way. "What would I have to be to drive you off?"

Tony considered this question for a long moment. There was no easy answer to the question and he wasn't certain what answer to give anyway, so he just took a shot and asked, "Are you asking because you want to push me or because you're scared you will?"

Loki looked at him with surprise at that answer, finding his eyes holding a far too serious expression. Despite the drinks he'd had thus far, he seemed to become almost more focused and intense instead of less. It made her slightly nervous, but she didn't take a drink. "Both," She whispered in answer. "Why are you so willing to befriend people that identify themselves as monster?"

"The people that are the real monsters don't announce themselves." Tony looked away from her, his eyes gaining a far off expression. "If you think you're a monster, that means you feel guilty, and if you feel bad about the things you've done, you're already a step closer to not being a monster." Tony shook off his levity as he added, "Besides, sometimes monsters make the best people."

Loki stared at him in surprise for a long moment before shaking her head. "You mortals are insane," She whispered to herself.

Tony grinned at that, then her words seemed to catch up with him and he asked, "Why do you say mortals?"

Loki froze as if she'd been stunned, her eyes showing panic as she met his. Her hand moved toward the glasses a moment, but then she stopped. She bit her lip as she moved her hands back into her lap. "Because I am not," She answered. "What did you think of when you were talking about monsters?"

Tony's hand almost reached for a glass, too. "A... a friend that betrayed me. Why were you following Thor?"

Loki was completely caught off guard by that. A million answered jumbled in her brain, most of them contradicting each other before saying the simplest, yet most confusing of them all. "Because I couldn't stay away. What have you done that makes you identify with monsters?"

"I've killed people," He answered lowly. "Why can't you stay away from Thor?"

Loki took two shots. "Does it bother you? The killing?"

Tony hesitated. "Not as much as it should," He told her. "What are you running from?"

Loki stared into his eyes as she answered. "Everything. What are you running from?"

"Everyone," He answered. Contrasting his answer, he moved closer to her.

"I am not what you think I am," Loki told him. "I'm not what you see."

"No one is," He told her, moving closer. "What do you want to be?"

"Not a monster," She whispered. "Why are you moving so close to me?"

"Because I want to kiss you."

Their eyes locked and there was a reflected intensity in both green eyes and brown. "You will likely regret it if you kiss me," She whispered.

"Let me worry about that," Tony told her. Loki closed her eyes before the man leaned in to capture her lips. His lips pressed against her softly, massaging her own before trying to press deeper. A whimper escaped her as she opened his mouth and he slipped his tongue past her parted lips. One arm went around her waist, the other cupping her cheek softly before sliding up and into her hair. Loki's hand clung onto his shoulder, halfway between pulling him closer and pushing him away. She tried to pull away slightly, sinking her body further into the couch, but Tony's insistent lips followed her.

Finally, with a moan as his tongue slipped and swirled around hers, Loki grabbed tightly onto him and returned the kiss full force. She pressed her body against his as she took control of the kiss and Tony submitted to her readily. She felt suddenly ravenous for his touch.

She'd spent months in proximity to people that she hardly ever touched. Amora did not often do causal touches without them leading to (or trying to lead to) seduction, Victor encased himself in metal to avoid being vulnerable and touched by others, and Raven was too wary to allow them too close to her person too often. Compared to centuries around Thor who could hardly go a minute with touching Loki, hugging Loki, grabbing Loki and dragging him off somewhere... it had been a very lonely few months.

And Stark had been on her mind since the invasion, anyway. She wanted. It was very hard to remember that she couldn't have. 'Shouldn't have,' her thoughts corrected, but that thought only made her want more.

They were both panting when they pulled away, unable to look anywhere but each other's eyes. There was lust present in both pairs of eyes. Tony leaned in again, but Loki placed one delicate finger to his lips to stop him. "I told you that I would not bed you."

"I remember," He said.

"If you kiss me again, you may make a liar of me."

Tony grinned widely at that. "You aren't already?" He asked jokingly.

Loki's answering grin was more sly. "I'm trying to change my ways."

Tony chuckled. "Course you are." He slid a finger down the side of her face, lightly caressing her cheek before dipping underneath her chin and tilting her head up. "So am I," He replied seriously.

"And which of your ways would that be?" She asked him.

With a grin, he leaned away from her. Holding her gaze, he reached out to take another shot. "Guess."

Loki laughed and shook her head. "I should go."

Tony shrugged at that. "It's a big house. You could stay. I have to stick around a bit for boring company stuff and a boring conference that you could make less boring, by coming with me."

"To your company?" Loki gave him a look that clearly called him a fool.

"No, the other thing I said." Tony rolled his eyes. "You can stay in one of the guest rooms. I can introduce you Pepper. She stayed here sometimes. We can have a group date to see which of us get together by the end of the week."

Loki laughed at that. "You will regret that when I steal this Pepper away from you."

"Jokes on you, because I happen to have no problem with voyeurism."

Loki shook her head as she continued laughing. "I accept your offer."

"Awesome!" Tony shot up from the couch. "I'll show you your room. Oh, and let me introduce you to Jarvis."

After days of debating with herself and weighing her uncertainty against her fear, Raven finally came to a compromise to deal with her lingering memories and fear of Magneto. Leaving her bracelet in the apartment, unconvinced that she wanted Doom to be able to find her, she decided to seek out Amora. Neither of the gods had hurt her and, while she wasn't certain that Amora would protect her as Loki would, she at least wasn't afraid of her. And she didn't know how to find Loki without the other woman.

Being alone was starting to cause her too much anxiety, but she didn't want to go back to the castle yet. She wanted something to take her mind off of her memories and she and Amora had spent a lot of time together doing things like that. The woman had the ability to charm almost anyone into giving her anything, making it easy to go on shopping sprees, get into clubs free, and well, anything else they wanted.

"Raven?" Sharon Carter's face looked at her with surprise when she opened the door. "What are you doing here?"

"I didn't know where else to go," Raven admitted. She was in the blonde body that was so familiar to her, wearing a dress that was very like Amora's usual wear.

Sharon scrutinized her a moment before her expression hardened. She reached out to place her hands on Raven's shoulders. "What's wrong? Did something happen?"

"You don't know?" Raven asked.

Sharon shook her head. "I have not spoken to Loki or been to the castle in some time," She answered. "I've been... distracted."

"Me, too."

Sharon pulled Raven inside, returning to her true form after closing the door. "Let's go to the spa, then you can tell me what happened."

Raven didn't have the chance to agree before they were teleported away.

Amora waited until after Raven had relaxed before she questioned her about anything. Just looking at the girl, Amora had been able to tell that something was weighing heavily on her mind, and the goddess was compelled to do something to change it. She was motivated equally by concern and guilt. It had been over two weeks she'd been to the castle and she had no idea what had been going on. The last time she'd talked to them Raven had been on her way to Shield and Amora was so caught up that she hadn't even checked to see that the mutant girl was alright.

Amora could admit to herself that she felt guiltier over Loki and that pushed her to try harder to cheer up Raven. There wasn't much that she could do for her fellow god and the uselessness was starting to eat away at her.

So lavishing attention on Raven was the best she could do. After they indulged in getting a long, deep massage and Amora was convinced that they were both relaxed enough to face their problems, she procrastinated just the slightest bit longer by going to get smoothies and walk through the park. Amora wasn't the best at comforting other people, but she was certain thoroughly distracting the girl before hand would be a good strategy.

"Alright," Amora turned to Raven, stopping under the shade of a few trees in the park. "Tell me what happened."

"What do you mean?"

Amora gave her a look. "You're upset, something happened, what was it?"

Raven looked away. "I went to Shield and they sent me to Magneto's castle."

"How did that go?"

"When we got back Doom was attacking Shield's base. And one of his Doombots captured me but Loki stopped him." Raven paused as she took a deep breath, having ignored Amora's question. The words had tumbled out her almost without thought. She looked at Amora then, curiosity in her gaze. "Can you really hear prayers?"

"Of course," Amora answered. "All gods can. Mostly, only the ones directed at us in particular, but sometimes we hear those that fall under our jurisdiction."

"What does that mean?" Raven asked.

"Loki is the god of chaos," Amora explained. "Prayers involving change, destruction, those would go to him. Or if someone was praying specifically to Loki then he would hear. Also, if we claim mortals as our own, place them under our protection, then we can hear their prayers as well."

Raven was quiet a moment. "So he really did hear me... I really... prayed to a god..."

Amora eyes hardened. "What happened?' She asked again. "Why did you have to pray to Loki?"

"I..." Raven began, but her words cut off abruptly as someone else began to speak.

"Finally found you."

Raven turned around frantically, her eyes wide as she stared at the man walking toward her, completely wild and completely focused on her. "Sabertooth," She whispered.

"We've been looking all over for you, girl," Sabertooth said as he continued toward her. "You had a good hiding place, wherever you were, but it's over now. Magneto wants you back."

Raven backed up a couple steps. "I'm not going with you!" She told him.

"Who said you have a choice."

Amora stood between the two mutants, hands and eyes glowing with magic. "She's not going anywhere with you."

Sabertooth moved into a crouch, growling out, "You wanna fight, girl!"

"Won't be much of a fight," Amora answered, hitting him in the center of his chest with a bolt of green magic that tossed him a few feet away.

"I wouldn't bet on that," A voice from above responded. The sky began to rapidly darken as two people floated closer to them. One had a crown of white hair swirling around her as the wind picked up, the center of the gathering storm, cape billowing out around her. The other was composed and intimidating, dressed in a similarly dramatic fashion with a cape a helmet both. "Hello, Mystique."

"Magneto," She acknowledged as she moved further away from him. Her eyes darted to the woman nervously.

"Oh, yes, you never meet, did you?" Magneto smiled, just on the edge of being malicious. "This is Storm."

"Creative," Amora said the words venomously. "But I suggest you leave her be. Mystique in under my protection."

The look Magneto sent her way was both disinterested and condescending. "And who do you think you are."

"I am the Enchantress," She proclaimed loudly. "And I am a god." She levitated into the air, but remained firmly planted between the two mutants and Raven.

"We'll see," Magneto said simply.

Storm made a quick movement and lightning crashed down onto Amora. The Enchantress' mouth opened as if in a silent scream, but she moved her arms enough to throw a powerful bolt of energy into Storm, knocking her back and ruining her concentration so that the lightning dispersed.

Magneto gestured toward her and Amora was pulled toward him by the bracelet around her wrist. "It would be best if you didn't get involved with this. I have no desire to kill another mutant."

"I'm not a mutant," Amora said, lashing out with her power, but Magneto recovered quickly.

"Good, then I don't have to feel guilty about doing this." The metal around her wrist unfolded from her quickly, but she caught herself before she could fall. The sharp edges pointing toward her, the piece of metal rushed toward her throat, but Amora teleported out of the way. "Do not think that I am so easily stopped." Magneto raised his arms and within a few moments the metal plumbing was bursting from the ground, shots of water spraying into the air.

Sabertooth had risen by this point, shaking off the shock of Amora's attack. His eyes went to Raven and he began to approach her menacingly, crouching to attack. "You gone soft already or are you afraid of your friend seeing what you really are? Hiding for humans again."

Anger flashed in Raven's eyes as she returned to her true form. "She already knows what I am and I haven't gone soft."

"Prove it!" He yelled as he launched at her. Raven ducked to the ground and kicked him in his stomach, launching him over her. Sabertooth rolled to absorb the blow, getting to feet and launching at her again, claws first. She dodged, but his nails raked own her arm and she hissed in pain.

The wind was increasing around them and the air became heavy with fog.

A clawed hand raked down Raven's back and she cried out. Sabertooth's laugh echoed around her. "Hard time seeing?" He taunted. He jumped onto her, pinning her to the ground, Raven kneed him in the stomach and crawled to his side. She slammed her elbow down into his back, but he was only down for a moment before he rose, growling.

Amora teleported away from the flying scrapes of metal that tried to impale her, sending waves of magic to intercept the shards of ice thrown at her by Storm. She teleported behind the weather manipulating mutant and slammed her fist hard into the back of her head, sending her sprawling toward the ground. She turned to face Magneto and met his eyes for a moment before metal burst from the ground and entrapped her limbs. Amora shrieked in absolutely fury at the look that Magneto gave her, looking down on her.

"You dare!" She yelled. The glow of her magic got brighter as she pulled her arms toward her body, ripping themselves free of the metal and blasting it away from her legs. She aimed a powerful blast at him, but he pulled up a sheet of metal as a shield as he moved away from her.

Then Amora'a attention was pulled awy from the man by the sound of Raven's scream. She looked to find the shapeshifting mutant in Sabertooth's grasp, arms pulled painfully behind her back on the cusp of being broken.

"No!" She yelled fiercely. She teleported behind the unkempt man, glowing hand going immediately to his throat as she lifted him away. "You will not touch her!"

Sabertooth gasped and growled as he tried to fight her, but she only squeezed tighter at his neck.

Then the sky began to flash and thunder furiously cried out around her. Amora froze, magic temporarily escaping her control as a feeling of dread pooled in her stomach at the crash of thunder behind her.

"What treachery is this, Amora?" Thor's voice boomed around her, the crackle of thunder ominously echoing the sound.

She dropped Sabertooth onto the ground, turning to face the God of Thunder as the mutant tried to catch his breath at her feet. "Thor." Her voice was weak with shock.

"What is this!" He demanded. "You are terrorizing mortals now?"

Her eyes widened. "No! This isn't--" But her word were cut off when a metal pipe wrapped itself around her throat.

Magneto lowered himself to the ground. "Thank you for providing sufficient distraction. She was becoming bothersome."

Storm was beginning to pick herself up from the ground.

"What is the meaning of this?" Thor demanded, turning to face Magneto.

"I think we'd like to know the same thing," Captain America demanded as he approached them, shield held ready with Hawkeye and Black Widow on either side of him.

Amora pulled the metal away from her and blasted Sabertooth away from Raven. The man groaned as he hit the ground, but didn't get up again. She teleported beside the mutant, leaning over her. "Are you okay?"


The metal reached out to grab Raven, wrapping itself around her body. "You aren't going anywhere," Magneto proclaimed.

The green glow returned to Amora as she yelled. "Release her!"

Storm rose again into the air as a strong wind blew toward them, knocking the humans away, but Amora and Thor held their ground. Thor lifted Mjolnir at the assault. "You dare use storms against me, mortal? I shall show you a storm!" He hefted Mjolnir high in the air, calling thunder down from the sky and sending it toward Storm. The woman screamed and fell from the sky, but Magneto pulled her to his arms before she hit the ground.

Magneto's eyes met Raven's. "Next time," He told her. Metal snaked out of the ground and flung Thor aside as Magneto took off quickly, taking Storm with him.

Amora ripped the metal away from Raven and pulled the girl into her arms.

"I will not ask again!" Thor roared as he got to his feet. "What is the meaning of this, Enchantress?"

Amora kept her eyes on Raven as she answered. "Nothing that concerns you, Thunderer!"

"You are so certain?" Thor demanded as he stomped toward her. "Because I am certain that you would not be on Midgard unless it was to do with Loki and I demand that you tell me his location."

"This has nothing to do with Loki!" Amora yelled as she finally turned to face Thor. "And I can't tell you where he is."

"None of your lies!"

"Is that all that you are concerned about!" Amora yelled again. "Loki! Loki! Can any other word even come out of your mouth, Thor? Can you even see that you and Loki are not the only people in the universe?"

Thor narrowed his eyes. "If you intend to distract me--"

"You are already distracted!" Amora screeched, releasing Raven and taking a few angry steps toward Thor. "You are distracted from everyone and everything that is not Loki, Loki, Loki! Do you even care that I was just in peril? Does it even concern you how I am doing? How I feel? I haven't seen you in decades, Thor? Does that matter to you in the slightest? I could be living on Midgard for all you know!"

Thor began to eye her warily. "If this is some ploy for sympathy, Enchantress, it shall not work. You were banished with good reason and if you are conspiring with Loki--"

"I was banished because I am in love with you!" She yelled desperately. "The All Father demanded that I stop petitioning for your attention and when I refused, he called it treason and cast me out!"

Thor's eyes hardened and his grip on Mjolnir tightened. "I will not suffer your lies, Amora."

"And I will not suffer your ignorance," Amora said, turning away."You are blind, Thunderer. You have always been blind. The All Father is not the man that you believe him to be. Neither is Loki. And neither am I." Tears slipped own her cheek as she reached out for Raven, teleporting them both away.

"What... what just happened?" Steve questioned.

Thor stared at the place Amora had stood. "I am not certain that I know," The god admitted.

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