He Without Sin

Boss Fight

It was a tense atmosphere when Amora, Raven, and Doom arrived in the castle. The goddess had her arms crossed over her chest as she stared at the mortal man and Raven moved closer to her side. Doom looked between them and addressed Raven first.

"What is this?" Doom questioned. "You recoil from me now?"

"You've tried to restrain and capture me the last two times I've seen you!" Raven yelled.

"That was for your own good!" He replied. "Had you come with me the first time I came for you, you would not have been attacked and injured."

"I'm not injured," Raven said, her voice losing a bit of it's ire.

Doom reached out to touch her and she flinched away from him. He held his position as he looked at her. "I believe that you are."

"If you wanted our return so badly, why did you not just send Loki?" Amora asked.

Doom looked away. "The trickster became upset. He has not returned either."

Amora sighed, the tension melting out of her body as she stepped closer to him. "Oh, Doom," She purred, reaching out to wrap her arms about him. "Were you lonely? Did you desire our company?"

"Unhand me!" Doom commanded, pushing her away. "Do you mock me?"

"Did you speak to Loki as you spoke to me?" Amora asked him. "Did you offend him as you have offended me?"

"I said that I would destroy his brother for him."

Amora shook her head. "You could not. And even could you, you should not. Loki loves no one more greatly than Thor. He would not forgive you such an act, nor want it." She paused a moment, considering something before speaking again. "I did not think that you would... why do we concern you at all? We are naught but distractions to your goals."

"You belong to me," He told her calmly. "You belong in this house, in my care, and I refuse to let anything or anyone prevent it. I will not yield to your godhood," He turned to look at Raven and added, "I will not yield to your fear. You are a member of my house and that means that what happens to you is my say."

Amora reached out to Doom and pulled off his mask, taking his face in her hands and staring into his eyes. "You mortals are fools," She told him gently. "So much time spent speaking circles around the truth. Do you think I am unaware how you feel for us? Goddess as I am, you think I do not know? Speak plainly, mortal, if you care for what happens to us, do not posture so when you admit it."

"I have spoken plainly!" He insisted.

"You speak of possession."

"Because you are mine."

Amora raked her nails down his cheeks, drawing blood. "You are before a god. If you dare to lay a claim upon me, do so in the manner that you mean it! And then speak of your vows to the rest of your house as you mean them."

"I would protect you wretched beings," Doom spat. "No one else shall have you!"

Amora smiled, lifting his chin and kissing him soundly. "I could grow to enjoy such passion and devotion from you, Victor," She purred.

The mortal tore himself from her grasp. "Again, you mock me?"

"No," She told him. She stood up straight and stepped away from him. "To be honest, I did not believe you cared whether I was in your home or not."

"Contrary woman, it is you that cared nothing for us," Doom said. He turned to face Raven, who met his eyes, now that they were visible. "I care not for your fear," He told her. "You know what I desire of you, but I would have you at the mercy of no other but myself."

"And you think I want to be at the mercy of anyone?" Raven responded.

"I think you choose the place that has seen you safe for these months over elsewhere," He spoke confidently. "And I believe you will give your body over to me soon enough. When Loki brought you here, he requested that you not be ripped open for my study. But you were not of much concern or care to him at the time, and I was aware that I could choose to study you anyway with minimal consequence. I considered it often for a time, but I chose not to and you proved yourself of interest without my having to. It is not my intent to take you apart just now."

"But you will?"

"If my desire needs to be so curbed I could merely find another of your kind."

Raven frowned at that. "You are not a comfort, just now," She told him.

"Is my home not a comfort?" He asked her. "Do you not find peace amond these stone walls?" Raven looked away from him. "You will stay," He told her. "You are in my charge, the both of you. There is nothing else for it."

With that said, he turned and left the room.

Amora's hand reached out to stroke Raven's hair. "You mortals," she sighed. "I did wonder what Loki thought so enthralling of you creatures. I did not think Victor able of turning away from his work to so worry over us."

"Worry?" Raven repeated.

"He has laid a claim upon you," Amora said. "Upon us all. As audacious as such a thing is, a mortal trying to claim a god, it means that he is willing to go to task for us. And you pretend, but you feel better that it is a man like Doom after you. He is open about his motives."

Raven was silent.

"If he has a chance, he will destroy your enemies without mercy. So would Loki, if you asked it, but with Doom you will not have to ask."

"And you?" Raven questioned.

"I will defend you," Amora answered. "And I will, of course, answer you if you pray for me."

Raven was silent again.

"Think on it. If you desire leave, you need only ask Loki, yes?"

Steve was slightly shell shocked after the battle, not certain what to make of what had happened. He was completely thrown off and the looks that Natasha kept giving him out the corner of her eye only aggravated him more.

Sharon had been his neighbor for months now. They'd been friends, often going on runs in the morning and talking to one another whenever they met in the halls. To think that she was someone else this whole time. An Asgardian, even! A few things fell into place at the revelation. She had always been able to keep up with him rather well when they ran, and now that he knew to look for it, he could recognize the times she'd held back. Even her speech was a little off.

He tried to avoid the red haired spy when she attempted to catch his attention. He was not in the mood to hear her say "I told you so", especially when he still didn't think she was right. Sharon may have been Amora, but she hadn't been out to hurt him. She'd even protected him during the attack.

He had to spend a few long hours telling Shield that he refused to leave his apartment and that he didn't think that he was in any danger, and that he still refused to let them bug his apartment. Natasha looked at him like he was an idiot, but he was firm with his decision.

"Is your privacy more important than your safety?" She questioned.

"I don't think that's the choice I'm making," He told her. "She might have a different name, but that doesn't make her an enemy. She hasn't done anything to cause any of us harm! She even fought against Doom twice!"

"And escaped with him twice!" Natasha retorted.

"They were clearly fighting," Steve argued. "Maybe she took him away so that he couldn't do anymore damage."

"Why are you still defending her?" She demanded.

"Because she hasn't done anything wrong," Steve replied with a stern look.

Natasha frowned and glared at him. "Thor seems to think she will."

"Thor also hasn't seen or heard from her for decades. He even said that he doesn't know what she's doing! She hasn't done anything to hurt anyone on Earth."

"That we know of," Natasha insisted. "Look Steve," She placed a hand on his shoulder. "I just don't want you to get hurt. She's dangerous and she's proven herself a liar."

"Maybe because she didn't want people like you and Shield trying to turn her into a villain when she hasn't done anything wrong. I'm not going to turn on her just for keeping a secret." Steve gave Natasha a pointed look. "No one tells everything about themselves. And I know less about you than I do about her and I've known you much longer. Do you think I'm an idiot for calling you a friend, too?"

Natasha met his eyes as she answered. "Yes."

Steve shook his head sadly. "It's a good thing then that I don't think like you." With that Steve took his leave of the assassin's company. He should tell Tony and Bruce what had happened. Tony didn't always answer calls from Shield if they weren't emergencies.

It was too early in the morning to be answering phone calls. Or, too early in the afternoon, as was most likely the case, but Tony was just waking up either way, so the point was that he did not want to be answering the phone. He let out a loud groan to the room at large. "Who is it, Jarvis?"

"Steve Rogers, Sir." Came Jarvis' reply.

Tony groaned again. Steve didn't call him for social reasons. "Where is Pepper? Or Bruce? Or, hell, tell Luna to answer!"

"Ms. Potts left for work hours ago, Sir, and Dr. Banner has gone to set up for his presentation at the conference." Jarvis answered primly.

"And Luna?" Tony asked.

"Your guest in the room she was provided, Sir, but I do not believe it a wise idea to transfer the call to her room."

"Fine. Put him through."

"Tony?" Steve's voice filtered through the room's speakers.

Tony buried himself further in the covers before he answered. "Steve." His voice was raspy. He needed water. Or to go back to sleep. "What's up?"

"We had an incident yesterday and I thought I should tell you about it," Steve told him. "Actually, we've had two since you've been gone."

"Lay it on me."

"Well, Doom attacked again."

Tony sat up a little. "How come no one called me?"

"Well, it didn't last too long." Steve's voice was full of hesitant. He obviously didn't want to talk about whatever it was that happened. "Before that there was an incident with mutants, but it was over before we arrived."

"What happened?" Tony questioned.

"Another Asgardian is here," Steve explained. "Her name is Amora, but she also goes by Enchantress. We don't know what was going on with the mutants, but she was against Magneto, Sabertooth, and another unknown mutant that could control the whether. They seemed to be after Mystique and it looked like Amora was protecting her."


"During Doom's attack... we found out that she was Sharon."

"Hold on!" Tony called out, sitting all the way up. "Sharon? As in your next door girl, Sharon? She's an alien god?"

"Yeah." Steve's voice went quite for minute before he went on. "She fought Doom, but then she disappeared with him like last time."

"Last time?"

"Oh. The twins that destroyed Doom's bots before, that was Amora."

"Huh. Your girl's kinda hot, Cap."

"Tony, she's not--"

"Come on!" Tony objected loudly. "She's hot as Sharon and she's a hot Asgardian god! Are you really gonna let that get away?"

"Is that all you think about, Tony?" Steve asked and Tony could hear the pout in his voice. Steve really didn't like it when Tony refused to take things seriously. Which was unfortunate for Steve, because Tony made an art out of not taking things seriously most of the time.

"Not the only thing," Tony insisted as he finally decided to get out of bed. "It's just one of the more frequent things."

"Just... be careful, Tony. We don't know what was happening with those mutants, or Doom, or--"

"Or anyone!" Tony concluded. "I got it. Thanks for the update."

"No problem." Steve hung up.

"Jarvis, update Project Twins. Rename file, Amora."

"As you wish, Sir."

That done, Tony went to take a shower and maybe start his day.

It took a bit of convincing to get Luna to accompany him to the conference. She was skeptical about imposing, but he got his way in the end. She looked hesitant as he lead her to one of his cars and he grinned at her as he opened the door for her. "What's wrong? Never ridden in a car before?"

"Not really..." Luna said truthfully.

Tony stared at her a moment. "Huh. Well, this will be fun."

To Tony's disappointment, after an initial shock from Tony taking off and speeding as fast as possible, Luna did not freak out as much as he was hoping. Tony pouted, but she wasn't paying any attention to him. "So, hey, I've been wondering about something," Tony said. "Where is it that you got those new clothes?"

Luna ignored this by asking him a different question. "What is this conference suppose to be about?"

"A bunch of scientific discoveries that people hope will be awesome and ground breaking that they want to brag about to other science nerds, but which will mostly likely turn out to be nothing."

"And you think I should be here because..."

"If I get bored, I'll have two different people to mess with." Tony shrugged. "It's hosted by my company so that people can tell us why we should fund their very stupid projects and how they aren't totally going to fail any expectations we have."


"Hey! Don't use that tone with me young lady! Science is important!" Tony scolded.

"If it's so important then why are your people so very bad at it?" Luna drawled, staring out the window with a bored expression. "You haven't even discovered how to reliably change the molecular structure of objects at will."

"And you have?"

Luna shrugged, still not turning to look at him.

"I knew there was a reason that I brought you with me. We are so talking science after this! No debate!" Tony insisted. "I'm doing body scans, checking you for radioactivity, and you're going to tell me how you did that healing thing."

"Presumptuous, aren't you?" Luna asked.


Luna couldn't help the small laugh that escaped her at that.

Tony lead her inside the building that the conference was being held in, moving back stage where Bruce and Pepper were talking. Pepper turned to them both as soon as they entered, giving Tony a stern glare. "You're late, Tony!"

Tony held up his hands in supplication as he approached. "I thought I sent Bruce to help you so that I didn't have to be on time?"

"This is still your company and we can't start without you," Pepper told him.

"Bruce can tell if their ideas make sense. And you're the CEO, you could just pick them at random if you wanted."

Bruce shook his head at him and Pepper's glare intensified. She halfway turned and gestured to a few people across the room. "These two are going first," Pepper explained. "This is Jane Foster."

"Hey, Thor's girl, right?" Tony asked as he reached to shake her hand.

Jane responded with a nervous smile. "Mr. Stark, it is an honor to meet you."

"Right back at you," Tony replied. "So tell me, how does it feel to have your theories proven right by aliens?"

Jane's smile widened a little. "Astounding and gratifying all at once," She told him.

"So, you're here to get funding for your Einstein-Rosen Bridge?" He asked her. "You'd think more people would step up for that after having literal gods fall out the sky at them."

Jane's look became more fierce as she answered. "Yes, well, some people only respect gender over actual theory."

Tony hummed and nodded before turning to Pepper. "I approve."

"What?" Jane looked startled.

Tony was still facing Pepper. "Give her the funding. We already know her theory's right, no need to make her fight any harder than she always has. But!" Tony turned to face Jane again. "I want to be one of the first humans on Asgard, so don't go selling tickets without telling me."

Jane smiled this time without a hint of nervousness. "Don't take offense to this, Mr. Stark, but you're just like people describe you."

"Awesome? Of course I am," He answered her. "And call me Tony. So, does the big lug know you're here?"

"We don't talk about my work too often," Jane admitted. "He's not much for... science theories."

"Figures," Tony shrugged.

Pepper got his attention again and gestured to the man at her other side. "This is Aldrich Killian. He's here to talk about his Extremis project."

"Hey, Tony. Nice to meet you again," Killian greeted.

"Sounds familiar," Tony replied as he shook his hand. "Well, let's get started, shall we?"

Luna was standing in the doorway, staring at Jane when Tony went to walk out of the room. He slowed, looking between her and Dr. Foster before asking, "Something wrong?"

Luna looked to him with a startled expression. "No, just..." Her gaze wandered to the female scientist once more, her lips turned down in a frown. "Nothing."

Bruce followed as the two walked out of the room. "You should really take this sort of thing more seriously, Tony."

Tony only shrugged in response. "Hey, I showed up didn't I?"

They were made to sit in the front row, Pepper joining them after a few minutes. Dr. Foster and Killian were set to explain their theories first. After a break, the next batch would begin, rinse repeat until it was all done. It was an open panel, encouraging others from the scientific community to sit in and offer their own thoughts or criticism on the presented theories, and quite a few Stark Industries employees from R&D were present. All of those presenting were also front row, but split between the ends of the aisle to make the transition onto and off of the stage easier.

Killian was up first, explaining about the properties of Extremis, uses in medical advancement, upgrading the human body. It was interesting enough, then he went on a completely different tangent.

"It was during the experimental phase of this project that it was brought to my attention that Extremis was very close to doing something that the human body had already tried to achieve on it's own. Evolution happens all the time. Sometimes in only minor ways, but sometimes in more major forms." Killian pressed a button and the projector screen behind him showed a different biological image than the one previously offered for demonstrating Extremis. "There's a natural process of evolution that has been so far ignored in main stream study; mutation."

A slight shudder went through the air of the room and the metal armrest of the chairs bent around their arms. Gasp went around the room as people startled and struggled.

"You see, mutants are the natural step up in human evolution, but not everyone is so lucky as to be born with the X-gene." Killian went on. He gestured behind them and several people walked out onto the stage. A man and a woman with a red glow beneath their skin went to stand on either side of Killian. On the other side of the stage, holding a weapon that heavily resembled a dart gun, stood Magneto and beside him Storm.

"Working together, I've been able to upgrade my Extremis formula to play off of the x-gene, not only aiding in the healing process and giving the strength offered by Extremis, but unlocking the potential awaiting each individual.

"Unfortunately, the second version of Extremis is more unstable. It reacts to every person differently, as you may imagine, and we need a rather large test group to be able to hammer out some of the more... dangerous effects. Since we haven't been able to acquire the mutant volunteers needed to alter that side of the formula, we thought that it would be a better idea to try a large sample group and study what effects we can change on that end."

Killian strode confidently to the end of the stage, hopping down to stand before Tony. "So, do we have any volunteers?"

"You're going too far Killian," Tony glowered at him sternly.

"Or I'm not going far enough," The man replied. "See, I tried once before to get your help and that didn't work out so well. So now, I've decided that a more extreme method is in order to make progress." He walked a few steps over to stand next to Pepper, taking out a syringe. "This is the original Extremis formula. A little more stable than the mutant version, higher rate of survival." He crouched down before Pepper. "Because it would be a shame for the lady to be held back by you and her own human limitations, wouldn't you say?"

"I swear to God, Killian." Tony began, but Killian didn't pay him any attention, sticking Pepper with the syringe and injecting her with Extremis. "No!" He called out, trying to escape, but the metal was holding him down too well.

"Don't worry, you'll get your turn," Killian told him. "Mutant version, of course, can't make it too easy for you." He smiled. "Plus, I'm rather looking forward to watching you explode." He hopped back up onto the stage.

"Bruce, you gotta get us out of here!" Tony growled.

Bruce had his eyes squeezed shut, hands balled into fist as he tried to take deep breaths. He spoke through clenched teeth. "I can't, Tony. There's too many people here and they can't get away on their own. If I let the other out now, it'll be a slaughter."

Pepper was beginning to pant heavily and she turned to look at Tony with frightened eyes. "Tony," She whimpered.

"Hey, it's okay. I'll find a way to get you out of this," Tony said to her. "I'll fix this, I swear, just don't panic." Tony felt himself on the edge of panic, though, struggling to come up with a solution.

"Tony," Luna spoke quietly from beside him. "Where is your suit? Could you get to it?"

"It can get to me," He replied. "But I can't put it on like this."

Luna nodded. "I ask that you be discreet for as long as possible," Luna told him. She met his eyes with a stern look, but before he could question her, she pulled her arms free of the restrictive metal holding her. She looked around for a moment. Killian and the mutants were discussing something on the stage and not paying attention to them. She reached over and ripped the metal free from Tony's arms. "Discreet," she whispered again. He nodded, calling his suit to him and crawling toward the side of the stage where they would be less likely to see him. Luna went to Pepper next, but before she could do anything, the metal chairs leapt toward her, completely wrapping her.

"What do we have here?" Magneto questioned as he walked toward her. He lifted her up by the metal surrounding her as he examined her. "Another would be hero?"

Luna let out a breathless laugh as she struggled against the metal wrapped around her. "No one ever calls me that."

"How did you get free?" He wondered. "Well, no matter, you won't be doing so again. Storm?"

The white haired mutant levitated off the ground, eyes glowing white as she sent a shock of lightning through the metal wrapped woman. Luna screamed as the pain ripped through her. It continued for a full minute at least before it stopped and Magneto released her to the ground.

A roar went through the room at that as Bruce began to rapidly grow in size, skin turning green. The room erupted into screams at the sight of the Hulk. Magneto turned to face him, unwrapping the metal around Luna and trying to restrain the beast, but the Hulk tore through it as he rushed the stage. Magneto and Storm rose into the air above him, but he barreled forward, heading straight for the Extremis soldiers.

Killian hissed out a breath of fire into the Hulk's face, making him flinch away for a moment before he let out another roar and grabbed hold of the man, flinging him around. The other Extremis soldiers attacked the Hulk from both sides until Killian was released and Hulk began flinching away from the intense heat.

Iron Man flew into the air then, releasing a powerful repulsor blast at Magneto and Storm, knocking them both away before dropping down beside Luna. The robotic voice of Iron Man was swearing as he reached for her, face plate flipping up to reveal his worried eyes locked onto her.

"By the nine..." She groaned as she tried to shake off her disorientation and Iron Man helped her sit up.

"Oh, god, are you alright?" He asked her, panic alight in his eyes.

Luna let out a weak laugh at that. "No need to worship me, now," She murmured. Luna had barely pulled herself up before Iron Man was forcible flung away from her and to the ground, another bolt of lightning tearing through her body, causing her to let out a gasp of pain.

"You are rather durable, aren't you?" Storm questioned, hovering near her.

"You'd be surprised," Luna answered before teleporting away. Storm startled at this, looking around for the other woman.

Magneto didn't show any surprise. He flew over to Iron Man, landing and leaning down over him. "Some people would think it immensely foolish to fight a man that controls metal in an iron suit."

"It's not actually made of iron. It's really a titanium gold alloy--" Tony's voice was cut off as the face plate of his Iron Man suit was abruptly brought down. Magneto stood, completely uninterested in his words.

"I could crush your entire body, turn this suit into your coffin." Magneto began increasing the pressure on the suit the slightest bit, just to make a point. "But that would be a waste, wouldn't it? An intelligent man like Tony Stark, prominent in the business world and celebrity at large suddenly coming out as mutant. Very helpful, I'd say."

"Whatever you try to inject me with, I'll find a way to undo it!" Tony spat.

"Perhaps," Magneto answered. "But why would you want to? You could be something great, greater than humanity itself. Mutants are evolution at work, the next step. We are the future. The mutant Extremis serum will activate your X-gene, you'll be what you were meant to be, the highest level of your potential."

"I'm already at the highest level of my potential. I'm a billionaire, genius, philanthropist, playboy, it doesn't get any better than me." Tony answered, slightly beginning to freak out that he couldn't get the suit to move.

Magneto moved Iron Man closer, speaking lowly. "That's where you would be wrong."

Luna surveyed the room from her new position, partially hidden backstage. Killian and the Extremis soldiers were keeping the Hulk occupied for now, but she had no idea how long that would last. Storm had devoted her attention to contributing to attacking the beast, keeping high enough in the air that she was unreachable, allowing the Extremis soldiers to attack from all sides. So far, nothing the Hulk had done to them had kept them down long, in part due to the high temperatures of their body. He yelled out in rage after touching one of them, bothered and further enraged by the heat, which served well to keep his attention.

She wasn't certain what outcome to hope for where the Hulk was concerned. If the Extremis soldiers actually managed to beat him or wear him out, they would be even more outnumbered, and she was already in this fight along until she could take out Magneto, which she couldn't do with Storm so heavily covering him. On the other hand, if the Hulk beat all the Extremis soldiers and was still the rampaging, then the captive crowd would be in trouble.

Her best bet was to deal with Magneto and keep him occupied and then try to deal with the Hulk herself. Being outnumbered was bad, but they were still humans, she could deal with them even with a few enhancements. The green beast was too dangerous to not only herself, but the room at large.

She thought of the Tesseract, waiting in her possession to be used and called upon. It was a dangerous move. If she brought it out and called upon it's power, it would be a beacon. Anyone looking for her, or the cosmic cube itself, would know where to go, and handling a volatile situation with a volatile object was not the best of plans. Still, she had to be prepared to call upon it in an emergency. She didn't want any of the humans under her protection to suffer her failure.

Deciding to let the situation with the Hulk play itself out a little longer, she focused on Magneto and Iron Man. She needed to act now. There was no time to get lost in strategy.

"You are under the same misconception of humanity at large," Magneto said to Tony. The billionaire was highly worried as he was trapped in the metal armor, suspended in the air by the mutant's will. Slowly, his helmet released from the suit and rose into the air. All he could do was glare at Magneto. "You think that because you are something, there can be nothing better. You think because you are the most numerous species, that you should be in control. That will change. It will be hard for you to get rid of us, to hate us, once you are one of us." Magneto had one hand raised to hold Iron Man in place. He lifted his other hand to raised the gun loaded with the mutant Extemis serum, pointing it at his neck. "Welcome to the fold."

A blast of green energy slammed into Magneto, then the gun, knocking them both to the ground. Iron Man was abruptly released, falling to ground as Luna emerged from her hiding place. She approached him as she sent another blast of energy at both mutants, lifting the helmet from the ground and handing it to him. "Keep that damned woman from shooting more lightning at me or I just might kill her," Luna told him.

"Can do," He replied. He placed his helmet back on and launched into the air, slamming into Storm and tackling her to the wall.

"You challenge me?" Storm spoke fiercely as wind began to swirl around her and her eyes glowed white. She summoned lightning to her body and attacked the man full force, shock showing on her face when noting happened.

"Sorry, sweetheart, that trick doesn't work on me." Grabbing her by her shoulders, he pulled her off the wall and tossed her hard to the ground. Storm was dazed a moment, before rising back into the air, a tornado forming around her and slamming Iron Man into the wall.

"We shall see what does not work on you," Storm decreed.

Magneto was just picking himself off the ground when Loki grabbed him by the front of his shirt. "Let's not play around, mortal," Luna declared, punching him in the face. She did so twice more before being slammed into with a metal chair and pinned with the wall. She struggled for only a moment before tearing the metal off of her, only to be hit by an intense blast of fire from the side.

Magneto looked to Killian, before checking across the room where the Hulk was thoroughly thrashing one of his soldiers. Magneto raised an eyebrow at the man. "There are always more soldiers," Killian told him.

"Enough of this!" Luna yelled in rage. She teleported behind Magneto and slammed an energy blast into his sternum, followed by her fist and foot, propelling him to the ground. Then she quickly rounded on Killian, taking out the casket from her pocket dimension and encasing him a quick layer of ice. She dismissed the object before her true form could be revealed, moving to the fallen Magneto. She lifted him up, slamming him into the ground head first a few times, then she tossed his limp body into Storm, just in time for them both to meet Iron Man's repulsors.

The mutants stayed down this time, but only one of them was still conscious. To be on the safe side, Luna tossed one last energy blast at Storm. The woman let out a final groan as she passed out.

Only the Hulk was left, calling attention to himself with a roar of triumph as he stood over his defeated enemies. Luna and Iron Man both watched a moment to see what he would do as he looked around for more enemies. When he moved to approached them, Luna prepared to attack, but Iron Man flew down in front of her.

"Wait, wait," Tony said, slowly approaching the Hulk. "Hey there, big guy. Everything fine now, no need to smash anything else." The Hulk didn't calm down, though. He charged at Iron Man and Loki was quick to take out the Tesseract, blasting the Hulk with the energy of the cosmic cube and tossing him across the room. Iron Man spun around to stare at her, but Luna kept her eyes in the Hulk, waiting to see if the beast would rise. After a moment, he began to shrink down to the size of Bruce and Luna put away the Tesseract.

"Where did you--" Tony began, but stopped abruptly with a string of swearing. "The Extremis soldier are gonna blow. We gotta get them out of here!"

"I'll take care of it," Luna said, moving toward them. "Just like Killian," She explained before taking out the casket and covering them in a layer of ice. At the very least it would lower their temperature from being so dangerously high. While she was focused on that, Killian began to heat up from within his own ice cage. Luna only noticed when she heard the abrupt sound of ice cracking. "Tony!" She called out in warning, but the man was already out and attacking Iron Man.

Luna tried to stay focused on encasing the two soldiers better than she had Killian, hoping that the man could take care of himself for a while. The blue had spread along her skin, slowly transforming her body into that of his true form. Loki tried to suppress the loathing he felt and focused on the task at hand. Once he was certain that they would not be able to break away, he put away the casket and turned to search for Iron Man and Killian.

The glowing man had taken hold of Iron Man's suit and Loki could hear the sounds of pain coming from within the suit. Loki barely contemplated his decision as he took out the Teseract once more and blasted energy into Killian. The man gasped, screamed, as he let go of Iron Man, then he began clawing at his skin. "Wh-what is this?" He yelled. The red in his veins began to mix with blue, the energy of the cosmic cube rushing through him.

"Shit," Loki swore, rushing over to Iron Man. He dragged the man away, then pulled Bruce away, as well. Killian was going to explode. He could open a portal with the Tesseract, but he couldn't be sure of where it would open. The outcome of that could be much worse. Pulling the mortals off the stage entirely, Loki raised a barrier to protect the rest of the room from the explosion he knew was coming, hoping that he was strong enough to hold the energy at bay.

Killian screamed as his body imploded upon itself, the energy hitting Loki's barrier, which held strong against the initial waves of power, but broke free a moment later, tossing everyone in the room back, but not doing further damage.

The room was a chaotic mess of trapped and panicked civilians, crying and begging to be saved as they watched from the prison of their chairs, but otherwise unharmed. Bruce was still out cold. Loki quickly scanned the room to find Tony. The man was prying Pepper out of her chair, holding her in his arms as she made sounds of pain and distress as Extremis wreaked havoc on her body. Loki let out a sigh of relief.

"Okay, what the hell was that!" Tony yelled, staring at Loki with wide eyes. The stare made Loki uncomfortable as he realized he was still in his true form.

Loki didn't get the chance to say anything. Before the transformation back to his Asgardian form could take hold, a hand grabbed hold of him and he felt a spell rapidly fall over him, trapping him in his current form. "I've found you, little prince."

Loki felt his stomach drop as the worst feeling of absolute dread came over him. He turned sharply, staring at the form that had a near breaking grip on his arm. The man was dressed in an impressive looking Midgardian suit, long hair pulled neatly behind him, and red eyes staring intently at Loki. Loki nearly choked as he let out a fearful whisper. "Svadilfari."

He smiled with a false pleasantry that made Loki sick as he pulled the jotunn closer. "So glad that you remember me. I've come to take you home." Loki twisted away from the man and out of his hold only to be kneed hard in the stomach. "Do not dare run from me." Loki fell to the ground, doubled over in pain. He summoned a blade of ice and swung at the man, who backed away from the blow, then Loki took his chance to escape, teleporting away. "Now I shall have to find you all over again." With barely a curious glance to the mortals around him, the man disappeared.

Iron Man was left looking around the room in confusion. He didn't know what had just happened, except that he had just gained a million more problems. Holding Pepper closer to him, he put in the call to Shield. They couldn't be here quickly, but this was one time he thought it best to contact them. Pepper was infected with Extremis, Magneto tried to transform the room into mutants, another unknown had appeared, and he wasn't certain, but he thought that he might have just been saved by Loki.

This was way too much to deal with at one time.

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