He Without Sin

Thor info Dumps

The fake Loki was smiling widely at Thor as he sat on one of the work tables and pets his head, murmuring both insult and sentiments both. "Oh brother, you are such a fool. You mistake your head for Mjolnir if I wasn't around to help you."

It was a bizarre sight. Thor had his arms wrapped around the fake Loki's waist as he tried to stutter apologies. "I did not mean to say..."

"Yes, I know," Fake Loki nodded. He spoke softly to his brother, but a large smile was on his face.

"You will always be my brother!" Thor told him, distress in his voice.

"Yes, I'm sure," Fake Loki replied with same levity as earlier. "My brother is the paramount of strength and making and an ass of himself."

"So... this is weird," Tony said.

Fake Loki smiled at him. "Is it?"

"A little." Tony replied.

"Did you prefer when I was a magpie?"

"It was less confusing," Tony answered.

Fake Loki smirked. "Thor is used to this. He makes a mess of things quite often, you know, and I am not here to comfort him. Or scold him. He needs both. He breaks everything--"

"Aren't you being a little hard on him?" Tony asked.

"Yes," He said, still smiling widely. "But he wants me to scold him, so it's fine. He hurt his brother and so he should be hurt."

"That sounds more like opinion than truth," Tony pointed out.

"I'm Loki's truth and no one else's," He said. "In a way, that makes me opinion. But I'm being rather nice. I could be cruel, if you rather, and tell you all how it is that Loki feels." He reached out for the red box that practically jumped into his hand, then tossed in to the ground. Like the green box had done, it expanded and rose until it was the shape of a large coffin.

Thor's voice, sounding much younger, floated from the opening coffin door. "I shall slay them all!" An imitation of Thor strode out. "More tricks brother?" The fake Thor looked down slightly on the fake Loki.

"Loki," The real Thor said softly. "Enough."

"Is it enough?" Fake Loki asked.

"Know your place, brother!" The fake Thor yelled.

"But wait, the red box is lies," Tony objected.

"Lies told to Loki," Thor spoke up. "My lies."

The Fake Loki waved his hand and the other Thor returned to his coffin. Not Loki turned to Tony. "He always does this, you see, hurt Loki. I rather hate that about him." Thor made a pained noise in the back of his throat, but the fake Loki ignored him. "He is too abrasive and belittles Loki, but Loki loves him. But Loki also loves Odin, who gives him away to monsters." He shrugged, as if to say 'What can you do?'

"I'm missing something here," Tony said.


Tony frowned at the fake Loki. "What's a Yoen?"

"Jotunn," Fake Loki corrected.

"Yeah, that."

"They are monsters," Thor explained solemnly. "Or, that is what I thought. Asgard has been to war with them many times."

Fake Loki gestured to the green box, still coffin shaped. "Go on." Tony reached into the coffin and pulled out a large box. "We have stories about them. The Jotunn, Frost Giants. Beast and savages, all."

"And you are one of them?" Tony questioned.

"Loki is."

"Not Asgardian."

"You're starting to get there."

"This is complicated," Tony said. He turned to Thor. "So Loki just told you that he's a Frost Giant and you just said that a Frost giant can't be your brother."

Thor nodded, looking very sad as he did so.

"That... kinda sucks," Tony replied, trying not to be too harsh.

Fake Loki laughed as he began to pet Thor's head again. "Indeed! This day has been both hero and heart breaker to Loki!"

"You're kind of an asshole," Tony commented.

He shrugged. "I'm Loki."

"We should probably talk to the others," Tony sighed. "They probably wonder what's going on."

Loki nodded, jumping down off the table. He walked toward the coffin before turning to face Tony. "I don't want to talk to those others." His expression became a stern glare. "I don't like them and I won't talk to them and I'll hurt them if they bother me."

"Alright, I get it," Tony said.

"Don't show them my book, either," Fake Loki called. "Nothing that comes from these boxes are for them." With that, he walked back into the coffin, which closed immediately after and shrunk in size.

Tony turned to Thor. "You alright, Big Guy?"

"I do not know," Thor said. "I do not know how to reconcile my brother being..." He shook his head. "I always knew that Loki was different, but he cannot be... a jotunn. They are suppose to be monsters."

"Then maybe they aren't monsters."

Thor only looked more confused at this. "I simply do not know what to think. I love Loki, still, of course! But I..."

"Is it really that big of a deal?" Tony questioned.

Thor sighed. "You do not understand."

"Maybe you're right, but I don't think you understand either. He's your brother, right? Shouldn't that be more important?" Then Tony just shrugged. "But what do I know? I've never had a brother."

Steve and Bruce were already waiting with Natasha and Clint when Tony and Thor arrived. Natasha's eyes narrowed on them as soon as they stepped off the elevator. "What happened?" She demanded.

Tony shrugged. "Loki got upset and left."

"He's not the only one who left."

Tony shrugged again. "Didn't expect him to leave Blondie here after what happened, did you?"

Natasha turned back to Steve and Bruce. "What happened in the Med-bay?"

Steve blushed and looked away. "N-nothing!"

Bruce responded much more calmly. "Do you think we did something to make her leave?" He asked.

"I'm just trying to gather all the facts," Natasha told them.

"Here's a fact," Tony spoke up. "That Saddle guy's a creep."

"Agreed," Clint spoke up. "You know what he said to Nat?"

"He was still here?" Tony questioned.

"Doesn't matter," Natasha interrupted. "He's gone now."

"Only because I shot him with an arrow!" Clint objected.

"What did he say to you?" Steve demanded, protectively stepping closer to her.

"He's been playing nice with so far," Bruce commented. "What made him go after you?"

"I told him I knew what he did to Loki," Natasha answered. Both her face and tone were blank, but the others exchanged worried looks regardless.

"What?" Thor demanded. "What did he do to Loki?"

Natasha turned her blank expression to Thor. "You really don't know?" She asked him. "Even after what we saw earlier?"

"Do not speak in riddles!" Thor yelled in frustration.

Natasha sighed. She moved to stand before Thor, placing a comforting hand on his arm. She affected a softer expression and tone as she answered. "Thor... Svadilfari raped Loki."

Thor looked absolutely stricken and varying amounts of surprise flit across the expressions of the others. "What?" Thor's voice was barely a rasp. "Loki never... no one ever..."

"Odin knew about it," She added.

"No!" Thor yelled, but there was little strength to his voice.

"Think about it, Thor," Natasha told him calmly. "Svadilfari made ludicrous demands before he saw Loki, and then suddenly all he wanted was to spend uninterrupted days with him. You said yourself that Loki was forbidden from returning until the job was done or the deadline met and Svadilfari confirmed it. When Svadilfari asked for access to Loki and Odin agreed, he wasn't asking for an aide or an apprentice and Odin knew it. Loki knew that Odin knew, that's why he didn't say anything. He probably realized it when he realized that he couldn't go home."

"Father would not!" Thor yelled, but his voice became weak, almost a sob. "Father would not do that to Loki."

"You said that there were a lot of things Odin had Loki do that he didn't talk about," Natasha said.

Thor shook his head. "No... That's... He wouldn't..."

"Like he wouldn't use his child to lure out a dangerous mad man or attack another planet as a test?" Tony questioned angrily. "I don't think we can put anything past your father."

Thor was quiet at that, but Bruce spoke up. "What are you talking about Tony?"

"Just that I finally have my answers about why the invasion happened," Tony told them, moving to one of the couches to sit. Slowly, the others followed him, picking places to sit until they were all in something of a circle around him. Natasha chose an armchair that faced Tony nearly head on, Clint sitting on the back on the chair with his feet on one of the armrest. Bruce sat beside Tony and Thor and Steve sat on the other couch.

"What happened?" Natasha asked, focus on Tony. She was in full spy mode, trying to gather all the information.

"Loki told us that the reason he invaded was on Odin's order," Tony explained.

"What?" Several voices exclaimed at once.

"Here, Jarvis? Play the footage of Loki talking about the invasion."

"Yes, sir."

The television turned on, showing the footage from the security cameras. They all watched Loki's part explanation, part confession, part freak out, starting with him asking Tony what he wanted to now and ending with his asking Thor if he hated him, then the screen returned to black.

Clint's voice was quiet when he said, "He could be lying." It was objection for the sake of objection, though. There was no conviction to the words.

"He isn't," Natasha said confidently. "I know what someone looks like when they're lying."

"You didn't know he was lying about the invasion," Tony pointed out.

"I knew he was lying," She said. "I was just wrong about the lie."

"I can't believe this," Steve said, shaking his head. "We've been helping Svadilfari to find Loki. He had us make a device to track him! We've been helping a rapist to stalk his victim." Steve looked slightly sick at the thought.

"And when that didn't work he used one of his friends as bait," Bruce added. He had taken off his glasses and was cleaning them, a strained expression on his face as he subtly tried to control his breathing.

"How could your father send someone like that after his own son?" Steve asked.

"If he sold his son out in the first place, it isn't that big of a surprise," Natasha said. She turned her gaze back to Thor. "We need to know what happened on Asgard. All this time, we've been assuming that Loki is a threat, but if he was following Odin's command last time..." She shrugged.

"No," Thor shook his head. "Loki is doing this against father's wishes. He is trying to redeem himself."

"How? By working with villains?" Natasha questioned.

"We haven't actually seen anything that points to Loki working with Doom," Tony said.

"Where was Loki before he came to Earth?" Natasha asked.

"The void," Thor said. "There was... we fought and the Bifrost was destroyed. Loki... Loki fell into the void beneath Asgard, he was swallowed by it. We thought that he was dead..."

"Except Odin," Natasha pointed out. "Loki said he told him to come home."

Thor looked pained as he continued to explain. "My Father can see much from his throne and he has command of great power. He must have found Loki while looking from the throne and found a way to send a projection of himself to speak to Loki."

"What happened after you took Loki back to Asgard?"

"Father wanted to speak with him alone. After a week, he was banished to a cell and forbidden visitors. Father said that Loki needed time to come to his senses. Then..." Thor hesitated a moment, debated, then decided to go on. "Eventually, my mother released Loki."

Natasha kept a blank face as she thought this over, but the others looked shocked. Except for Tony, who had already been told. "You're mother?" Steve asked. "But... why?"

"I do not know," Thor answered. His voice was thick with sorrow. "I have been in the dark over much of this."

"Odin asked him to do something else," Natasha said calmly.

"What?" Thor questioned.

"You said that Odin often has Loki do things?"

"Yes," Thor nodded. "Loki is... Loki has always been better at deception, moving through the shadows. I never had a talent for words or stealth, so there were many things of that nature that father asked of Loki. Most of them were to be kept secret, but Loki used to tell me of them anyway. He stopped though."

"So, what? Loki was the only one that could do covert missions in Asgard?" Clint questioned.

Thor nodded. "If force could not be used, then Loki was most often sent to take care of task in a different manner."

"It was a separation tactic," Natasha said suddenly. They all turned to look at her and she went on. "It's a common way to manipulate, divide and conquer. Odin knew that Loki would confide in you and he had to find a way to put a stop to it, have Loki do something cruel that he knew you would disapprove of or something so humiliating he wouldn't want to talk about it. That was probably why Odin agreed to let Svadilfari have him. To separate you two." Natasha crossed her legs as she thought on this more in depth. "Loki said that Odin didn't want you to know and he asked if you hated him. Why would he be afraid to talk to you?" Natasha's gaze pierced into Thor as she watched him.

"We... we fought, before he fell from the Bifrost," Thor said quietly. "He tried to eliminate all of Jotunnheim. I didn't know why, at the time, but he said that he had found out that he was one of them just before." Thor paused. "I am stating things out of order. Jotunn attacked during my coronation. I was furious and I took Loki, Sif, and The Warriors Three with me on a mission to slay them all, which resulted in my banishment. I did not know what happened during that time, except that now Loki tells me he learned of his true heritage. Loki sent the destroyer to Earth and almost killed me, then when I returned to Asgard, he was trying to destroy Jotunnheim. I tried to stop him, we fought, and he fell."

"So, you and Loki had a fight that ended with Loki alone and stranded in space," Natasha began. "Then your father tells him to come home and tells him to give himself over to someone more powerful and to attack Earth, all after Loki thinks that all of Asgard hates him for being a monster. If Loki was willing to give himself to..." She looked at Thor.

"The Mad Titan," Thor said.

"Right. Loki was willing to give himself to someone more powerful than he was, to attack Earth even though that meant fighting you, again. There is no way Odin planned to have Loki come back just to put him in jail. He wanted something from Loki. Something more than testing earth, that was just conveniently on the way. Whatever he wanted Loki to do, he was so upset when he wouldn't do it that he locked Loki in prison, and Loki was so against it that despite everything, he fled to Earth." She locked eyes with them all. "We need to find out what Odin wanted."

"Loki doesn't seem keen on talking to us," Tony said.

"He seemed alright talking to you," Natasha commented.

Tony just shrugged.

"You believe my father would have Loki attack Midgard again?" Thor asked.

"He did it once," She answer.

"But that was not a real attempt."

"But Odin didn't tell Loki to fake the invasion. He dropped him into the hands of someone who very much wanted to invade earth and he's planning on leaving us to fend for ourselves after having us get his attention," Natasha spoke up. "No offense, but I don't think I have much faith in your father's plans."

The others nodded.

"This is... this is just wrong," Clint said. "Odin is a crap father."

Thor rose from his seat. "I... need to be alone," He said. "I need to think."

Tony rose just after. "I'm going back to the lab," He said. "I can't..." He shook his head as he left the room.

They were all quiet as Thor and Tony left the room. After a moment, Clint made a disgusted noise. "This is sick," He announced. "This whole situation."

Bruce was fumbling with his glasses again, trying to calm down before he finally just stood up. "I think I need some air."

"You alright, doctor?" Natasha answered.

Bruce let out a heavy sigh. "No. No, I'm not. Thinking about this... what he did... and we helped him get to Loki! And who knows what he did to Amora while he was with her?"

Steve paled further at the thought, but Natasha spoke up. "I don't think he would have done anything to her." Bruce sent her a frustrated look, but was clearly waiting for her to say more. "He's fixated on Loki. He wants to conquer someone strong and I don't think, by Asgardian standards, Amora is all that strong. He just wanted her as bait." She looked down. "Even when he threatened me, he said that it was because I reminded him of Loki."

Bruce shook his head. "I need some air." He went to the elevator and left.

Steve moved to sit beside Natasha. "You know we won't let anything happen to you," He told her.

"I'm not worried about Svadilfari," She replied. "I'm not a priority to him."

"Even so, you don't have to worry." Steve placed a hand on her shoulder.

She gave him a small smile. "Thank you."

Clint was alone on the common floor of the tower. Natasha left to return to Shield, mostly likely to update them on what had happened so far and Steve had left with her, not wanting her to go alone. Tony had retreated to the lab. Clint was staring at a card, memorizing the numbers and wondering if he should call.

He had considered telling Natasha, but he hadn't really known what he would say. He didn't want this to get back to Shield and he knew that she would be suspicious of it. Suspicious of him if he told her not to tell them. It was only a whim that had him thinking about it. The thoughts about Loki made him think of his sort of advocator.

He had thought about whether or not to talk to this Skye person for a while now, but now he thought his mind was made up. He took a breath before placing the call.


"Can you contact him?" Clint asked first.

The girl seemed caught off guard at that. "What? But I'm not working for anyone?"

"I didn't ask that," He replied in frustration. "Can you contact him?"

There was silence for a moment. "This is Hawkeye, right?"


"Why do you want to?" She asked.

"I want to..." Clint wasn't sure what he wanted to do. He wanted answers. He wanted to interrogate the hell out of Loki. He wanted to yell at him. A small part of him even wanted to apologize, even though he hadn't done anything wrong. Well, they had all lied about what being controlled by him was like, but he refused to feel bad about that. "I want to talk to him."

"I don't know if that'll be possible," She answered slowly. "I can't exactly tell him what to do and it will be a while before I can..."

"But you can make it happen?" He pressed.

"For you, I could," she answered. "If any of the others were to call, I wouldn't be able to."

"Why's that?"

"Because you're an Avenger," She told him. "He kinda has a soft spot for you guys."

Hawkeye wasn't sure what to make of that. He changed the subject instead. "You're doing this for him, aren't you?"

"Not exactly," Skye answered. "Listen, I don't like Shield. I don't like places like Shield. And I certainly don't like the things that they get their hands on. If it were up to me, I might want them to be torn apart, but that's not what I'm trying to do. He doesn't think that would be a good move and I respect his opinion. So instead, I just want to put a dent in the dangerous things they get their hands on. It's obvious that those things shouldn't be in the wrong hands, but I don't think that makes Shield the right ones."

"And that's why you want us?" He asked.

"Look, don't get the wrong idea. I don't want the stuff for myself and Loki didn't give me the information on you."

"Yeah, yeah," He waved off her concern. "Look, I want to talk him. I'm not turning you over to Shield or whatever, just... make this happen."

"Why do you want to?"

Clint paused a moment as he thought that over. "I don't know yet," He answered honestly. "I just know that I need to."

"I'll do what I can," She answered. Then she hung up.

Clint took a deep breath. He wondered what the hell he was doing and couldn't seem to come up with an answer.

Loki was sulking. That was the only explanation that Amora could come up with, as he hadn't spoken to her since they returned from the tower. He also had not left her side.

As soon as she left Doom's lab, she had gone straight to her room, Loki still wrapped around her in his serpent for and Skurge following behind. She'd decided to soak in the baths, removing what blood and dirt was left staining her and he simply shifted to the form of a bird to avoid the water, perched on the shower curtain.

It had continued from there. He perched on her shoulder when she later left the room, slept in her bed in the form of a wolf, only to morph into a serpent again when she woke and sought to leave the bed. It carried on that way the entire day and Amora was getting tired of not knowing what the Trickster's problem was.

Doom had yet to leave his lab, so she had to go there to find him. He would likely be displeased with her still, since Skurge remained on her heel as ventured to see him. He didn't even look from her work when she arrived.

"Where is Raven?" Amora decided to ask first. She hadn't heard anything from the mutant since her return.

"Away," Doom answered dismissively.

"Where?" She repeated.

"Some mutant haven," He replied dismissively. "She will stay there until we get this taken care of."

"Oh?" Amora raised an eyebrow, but the man hadn't deigned to look at her at and did not see.

"Yes," He replied. "I will have her retrieved once I have dealt with the beast that haunts you both."

Amora was quiet at that, not knowing how to respond. She felt uneasy with his dismissiveness toward her, not that it was usually so much different. Last night was the abnormality, feeling his full and undivided attention on her. The memory made her shiver. Doom was a devoted man, but that devotion was not usually aimed at her. Not strictly aimed at her, anyway. Truthfully, with the interest Loki had taken in him, she hadn't thought to try and have the man's full attention. She supposed her mind was too occupied on Thor. It usually was and it might always be.

It suddenly occured to her that Doom, much as he said last night, was the kind of man to give his guest whatever they desired. If he felt like it, that is. She suddenly wondered if she gave the word, if she could have Thor in her grasp, after all.

"Did you want something, Enchantress?" He still wasn't looking at her. Skurge's eyes were on her, as always. Worshiping her, loving her. It wasn't enough. It would never be enough.

"Look at me," She demanded in a soft voice.

Without comment he stopped what he was doing and turned to her. There was no fanfare to it, no complaints about her interrupting his work. He simply watched her, waited. One mortal shouldn't make her feel so powerful. She must be getting weak.

"Loki hasn't spoken to me since we left the Avengers company," She told him. His eyes went to the serpent coiled tightly about her body, but his gaze went right back to hers after. "I don't know what's wrong with him."

Doom made a noncommittal sound in reply. He took a few steps toward her. "You look unwell," He said.

She blinked in surprise at that. She had thought that she might be getting weak, even felt it, but she hadn't expected it to be so visible. She looked away. She rather wished that Mystique was around. Even if the girl somewhat favored Loki, she absolutely worshiped them both.

Doom took another step toward her. "What do you need?" He asked her.

What did she need?

Loki might hate her for this.

She tried to removed the serpent from her body, only for it to take the form of a bird and fly off. It landded on the table, facing her, gave a sad chip in her direction before flying away. She wondered if he knew. Somehow, Loki had always known before.

"Thor," She told him, at first looking away, but then meeting Doom's eyes. "I need Thor."

The man nodded. "Then you shall have him." Doom returned to the work table, obviously believing their interaction to be over. She watched him a moment longer and he spoke. "May I borrow your pet, Enchantress?"




"I have something that I need to test," He answered. "I shall make certain he is returned to you after."

Amora's eyes went to Skurge, looking him over. She had made certain to heal him completely over the course of the day. Even though Loki insisted that he was poor healer, she had woken up fully healed, and had thus focused her energy on getting Skurge back to fighting form. She was mildly suspicious of whatever Doom would do to him, though. "He will not be returned dead, will he?"

"That is not my intention," He replied.

Decades of friendship with Loki made her narrow her eyes at the mortal at that answer. "I will not have him dead," She told him forcefully.

Doom let out a put upon sigh. "As you will," He said.

Still vaguely worried, she nodded to Skurge and he went to Doom's side.

"You do not need to remain," Doom said. "Perhaps you should put your efforts into learning what ails the Trickster," He suggested.

She glared at him at the obvious dismissal, but turned on her heel regardless. She was just barely able to restrain herself from destroying something for the slight.

Having surveillance all over his castle made locating the Trickster quiet a bit easier than it might have been otherwise. He waited until the little bird was asleep before approaching it, shoving it into the rune inscribed cage. Loki woke quickly upon imprisonment, the runes glowing at the bottom of the cage as he tried and failed to escape using magic, angrily chirping and flapping his wings.

"Enough of this foolishness, Trickster! Speak! Or I shall leave you here to decorate my study."

Loki yelled avian abuse a moment longer before finally giving in and speaking. "Release me this instant!"

"I shall release you," Doom began, "When you explain what has you moping about."

"I am not moping!" Loki yelled, wings flapping angrily.

"Then what do you call it, Trickster?" Doom questioned.

"I do not, for I am not doing anything out of the ordinary."

Doom stared at the cage for a moment before lifting it up and attacking it to a low hanging hook. He took a few steps back and sat in an armchair, staring down at the magpie. They stared each other down for a few moments before Doom decided to speak. "Amora has asked me to acquire the Thunder God for her."

"What?' Loki exclaimed.

"It occurred to me that you may have some objection to this," Doom went on. "Therefore, I am going to keep you in this cage until after I have acquired him." Loki made another avian noise of objection, but Doom ignored it. "You clearly expressed that you have no desire for me to kill him, so I assume you have some wish for him as well?"

"A man such as you should know better than to assume, Victor," Loki snapped.

Doom silently watched the god for a moment before speaking further. "Amora told me of what has happened. I am in the final stages of ridding us of that problem, rest assured. I have not come to a conclusion of how to handle the God of Thunder. I would know what you want before I make a decision."

"It does not matter what I want," Loki spat. "He does not want a creature such as I as kin. I knew that he would not. I am a beast. A monster in pretender flesh. In time he will kill me and be done with it. Unless he chooses to first drag me back to the All-Father."

"Your derision speaks of need," Doom replied. "You would have his approval?"

"I do not need his approval!" Loki snapped.

"His affection?" Doom concluded. "And so both gods in my care desire the same thing."

"I desire nothing!"

"Once Amora has done as she desires with him, I will give him over to you," Doom concluded. He stood and went to the door.

"Release me at once!" Loki yelled.

"You were content enough before, Trickster. There will be no escape for you. I know not what has upset you this time, but this god has been a problem for far too long regardless. I will have it resolved one way or the other. Whether than means leaving him to the Enchantress' mercy or mine, that is up to you."

The bird was quiet as Doom left. Good. He would not have such problems lingering. Doom had no time for the petty games of gods. They would find resolution or he would force an end.

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