He Without Sin

Tony and Loki Get Close, Amora and Thor Don't

"Lunatic?" Raven called as she entered the dinning room of Doom's castle. She looked around a moment before Loki called out to her and the bird cage on the table caught her attention.

"Raven?" Loki called. "What are you doing back?"

Raven opened the cage and the magpie jumped onto her finger. "I left the mutants and Doom found me in New York," She explained.

"Did your visit go well?" He inquired. The bird hopped onto her should, plucking at her hair and grooming it affectionately.

"Relatively," She sighed. "Charles agreed to help if needed, though he does wish to see you. My standing with the others is a little... tense." She paused a beat before asking, "Why were you in a cage?"

Loki made an offended noise. "Victor had me... how do you say it... grounded."

Raven laughed. "You got grounded? Why?"

"It is of little import," Loki answered.

"Funny then, that he brought you a present," Raven said nonchalantly.

"A present?" Loki questioned.

"Iron Man," She told him. "He caught me coming out of your apartment and we were together when Doom came along. Iron Man was looking for you, you know."

Loki changed into the form of Luna, expression startled. "He brought...! Of course he did. Anything to keep me from leaving," She grumbled. She stroked Raven's hair absently a moment. "I should probably go to him..."

"Doom said he'd be in the dungeons," Raven supplied. She paused a beat, then added, "Did you know he had dungeons?"

"Of course," Loki answered. She thought a moment, before turning to fully face Raven. "I know it has been a while since we've had the chance to speak, but do you suppose that you could wait a bit longer? I'd rather not leave Iron Man to Doom's mercy long."

Raven nodded. "Yeah, I'll be in my room. Have fun."

"Not likely," Loki sighed.

"Very likely," Raven retorted.

Amora woke up feeling much calmer than she thought that she should. She knew that Doom had given her something that made her sleep, had been able to taste it after the initial drink she'd taken from the wine he brought her. She should probably be angry about that, insulted even, but whatever he'd given her had resulted in very restful sleep. She wasn't certain when she had last chosen to sleep, but the rest did her well.

It was as she stretched out on the bed that she noticed she wasn't alone. She looked over to see who was sharing her bed. It was only after she recognized Thor that she sat up, staring at the body beside her. "You're here," She murmured to herself, touching his face softly.

She had wondered if Doom would truly be able to grant her desire, but she supposed that she shouldn't have thought to question it. Doom had to be the most determined mortal she had ever met. Devotion, glorious and pure. She placed her head on Thor's chest taking a deep breath. Passion, strong and focused. It wasn't hers, though she supposed, neither was Thor. Not yet.

Part of her was almost surprised that she woke peacefully in her bed. She had expected, if Doom was going through the trouble of knocking her out, that he wanted something from her. People could only resist her beauty for long, after all, and he was only a mortal. Perhaps she was under estimating him, though.

Amora felt content to close her eyes and rest cuddled up to Thor, feeling the other gods body beneath her own. Her blissful moment was ruined however when Skurge's voice cut through the silence. "Do you plan to restrain him, my lady? He could try to escape."

"You are here, Skurge," She responded, a hint of irritation in her voice.

"Of course."

"I thought Doom was making use of you."

"He released me to watch over you," Skurge answered, slight annoyance in his own voice. She presumed it was directed at Doom. She supposed that she should ask him what the mortal did, but she wasn't concerned about it just now. She wasn't concerned about anything but being curled up in her bed with the God of Thunder.

"Leave me," She commanded. "I do not have need of you."

Skurge hesitated, but bent to her desire, slipping out of the room.

She sighed, allowing herself to slip back into her peaceful state. She should bind Thor in some way. Usually she would. But... not this time. That wasn't what she wanted.

When Raven encountered Skurge on the way to her room, she was only marginally surprised. On the one hand, Doom clearly did not like letting anyone into his castle that wasn't thrown into the dungeon, but on the other hand, he didn't look human and Doom seemed to keep a lot of those around. After giving the new comer a thorough once over, taking note of the fact that he was sitting outside Amora's room, she made an educated guess.

"Are you Skurge?"

He looked at her suspiciously, hand tightening on an axe at his side. "Who does the asking, little one."

She glanced at the axe unimpressed. Anywhere else she might be worried, but she felt a particular invincibility in the castle. Everyone was here, nothing willingly brought to this castle would strike her. "Mystique," She answered. "You'd best watch your axe arm. It looks a little twitchy."

"It as steady as my intentions," He replied.

"So are you Skurge?" She questioned again. "Amora said that she was going to get Skurge a while back, but I've been gone this last week, so..." She let the sentence drift off.

"I am," He answered. "What role have you in this place?"

"Role?" She repeated in some confusion.

"Loki is here, allied with some mad mortal," Skurge explained. "Do you belong to Loki or to the mortal?"

'Neither,' She was tempted to answer, but thought better of that. Even if this person hated Loki, better to have the protection of a god than not. "Loki," She said. "But Amora has fought on my behalf before."

Skure snorted. "There is nothing about you that has my ladies mark."

"So you... belong to the Enchantress?"

"I am her protector."

"She didn't seem to need much protecting last I saw her fight," Raven answered.

"I am whatever my lady wishes me to be," He told her.

"Right. Well, nice to meet you, I suppose." She began to walk past him, going to her own room. "You're staying, I assume? Doom can't have liked that. He didn't like when I first showed up."

"The mortal did not seemed pleased with my presence, but he matters little."

Raven actually laughed at that. "You shouldn't say that around Doom. He'd take major offense and that doesn't usually turn out well for anyone."

Skurge didn't reply to this and Raven kept walking. She didn't exactly get the same feeling from him that she did from Loki and Amora. She wondered at that, but figured she could just ask later. It's been much too long and she was beginning to miss her bed.

Loki went to Victor's lab before venturing to the dungeon's. She watched for a moment as the mortal worked on one of his Doombots, silent and focused despite her presence. After seeing that he wasn't going to acknowledge her, Loki spoke. "Why did you bring him here?"

"He could be useful," Doom readily replied.

"Is that why you brought him?"

"He was with Mystique when I went for her, looking for you, the simplest solution was to take him out."

"Is that why you brought him?" She repeated.

"You are fond of him, aren't you?" Doom questioned.

"You refuse to answer me?" Loki asked in turn.

"What answer do you wish me to give, Loki?" Victor replied exasperatedly. "It is a gift, and if you do not want it, then it is a resource. There is much I could learn from studying Iron Man's technology--"

"No," Loki said. "Just as I would not allow anyone to tamper with your creations, you may not tamper with his."

Doom stopped and placed his tools down on the work table, turning to face the god. "I ask again, what is it that you wish me to say?"

Loki was silent as she looked away. Finally, she just sighed. "I do not know."

Doom watched the god closely for a moment. "I have already delivered the thunder god to Amora, and I have promised him that he could speak to you. Even if you chose to run from this, he will likely wait you out."

"Why?" She asked, her voice strained. "Why would you bring him here? Why would you--"

"I am no fool, Loki!" Doom yelled, cutting her off. "After your first confrontation with Svadilfari, you took comfort in the form of Thor. You become enraged when I offer to kill him and yet you hide away from his sight like his gaze would burn! You want him as much as The Enchantress. You fear him like he is your judge and jury. As if he is above you!"

"He is!" Loki cried.

"He is not," Doom shouted back. "And I will not allow you to be a coward of a god." Loki flinched back from Doom's words as if he'd been struck, but the mortal didn't let up. "You said it yourself when you brought Mystique into our home. We are all monsters. That includes your Stark as well as the God of Thunder. It includes Mystique as well as it does myself. There are no innocents here. Is what you are so much worse than what you have done? You gods of old bathed in the blood of enemies, reveled in destruction, is Thor so pristine that he can claim otherwise?"

"Stop it!" Loki commanded. "You do not understand."

"And you do not tell," Doom replied. "But it matters not. Even if you were sin wrapped in flesh, I have placed a claim on you. And nothing of mine shall want or fear. Whether that means dragging a god into The Enchantress' chambers or dragging you to face him, that is what I shall do. Stark is a distraction, nothing more. Make use of him as you will, because you will not be avoiding this conflict when it so clearly eats at you."

Loki stared silently as Doom turned away from her and back to his work, a slow realization coming over her. It had not occurred to her, though she claimed these mortals as being under her protection, that they would do so as well. Mortals were fickle things. They worshiped and abandoned gods between one breath and the next, and they always wanted something. Mystique wanted to be protected and defended. Doom wanted power. Loki had given them what they wanted and expected nothing more than the subservience of old, that right which any god claimed of it's mortal worshipers. She expected to be obeyed, she did not expect to be loved.

It didn't occur the first time Doom endeavored to protect her, because that been fueled by possessiveness and arrogance. It was a territorial display, nothing more. No one worshiped a weak god and Loki thought she had done well to hide her weaknesses here. Apparently she was wrong.

On Asgard, such weakness would have been greatly ridiculed by now. She had memories enough of Sif and The Warriors Three doing just so. Mystique's comforting her could have been attributed to a favor owed for all she did for the mutant. Perhaps she did think of her affection as such. Doom did not deal in unspoken spoils, however. He made his every intention quiet clear.

It had been a long time since she had been loved as a god.

Worshiped, yes. Though it was a wild heart that called upon the God of Chaos; of Mischief; of Lies; of Change. The wild, the reckless, the tricksters in their own right, the wicked and the rowdy and the innovators. They called upon Loki.

Trusted, even, on occasion. When paths aligned and alliances were temporarily forged. Or even when there was no one else and so Loki was the only one that could be called. Loki had gained grains of trust.

Loki almost couldn't remember the last time he had been loved by a mortal. Not for something more than the godly boon her favor granted.

Part of Loki had still been waiting for when the day when Victor would attempt a betrayal. Loki was prepared to forgive and correct the mortal, was expecting to have to expend her wrath, she hadn't prepared for the possibility that it wouldn't come.

Loki leaned heavily on the wall behind her. This castle was her home. She was wanted here. She was loved here. A mortal gave her that. An arrogant, possessive, prideful mortal that could not speak plainly lest he fear his tongue betray his sentiments. Victor was a child of his house, for certain. An instrument of change, of creation and destruction. But perhaps also, there was more of Amora's influence than he had anticipated.

Mystique, due in part to her being a shapeshifter, was one of Loki's. A trickster at heart. There was little of Amora's domain there. The mutant had no particular penchant for devotion, no particular passion, at least not stronger than any other mortal. She had faith in them as gods, but that was all.

Victor was more. Devoted to his work, passionate in his goals... Though it could always be that the mortal had simply changed, as they are wont to do. No mortal went unchanged by the presence of a god. The mortal had been alone in this castle and now he was not. He was surrounded by beings that could freely interact with him, unlike the bots that he built himself. He had entities in his house that required study, protection, attention.

While his passion had been on his work, he was also devoted and passionate to an extent, but the drive that gave him those things, the need to change and heart of chaos, had overwritten them. Now the rest was much more pronounced. He was invested in them.

"Victor," Loki said quietly. "Do you worship me?" Loki didn't need the answer, but she wanted to know how the mortal would response.

"If you are seeking praise, I am in no mood to give it," Doom replied.

Loki smiled, feeling praise despite Doom's words. She is a god after all and prayers are practically life blood to her. She turned to leave, but stopped before she was fully out of the room. "What about that Extremis sample?"

"When I noticed Mystique was near, I decided to forgo causing a scene to bring her home. I expect there will be better opportunities soon and I left plenty of bots in the city should I have need of them."

"Did you now?" Loki questioned.

"You are not the only one that can make plans, Trickster," Doom answered.

"No, I suppose not." With that, Loki decided to leave. It wouldn't due to keep Iron Man waiting in the dungeon, after all.

Iron Man looked rather dejected sitting in the dungeons. Loki almost found it funny, but she rather had different feelings on the matter, considering that the mortal had been actively seeking her out. Loki didn't want to really think about her feelings on the matter. Not after her realization about Victor and Raven's devotion to him. She kept herself hidden in the shadows, just a small bit of fun, as she called out to the mortal. "What have you gotten yourself into now, Iron Man?"

The mortal stood quickly at the sound of her voice, face plate flipping up as he replied. "I thought I told you before, call me Tony."

"And I thought I told you, Stark, that I would not be doing so."

"Where are you, anyway?" He questioned.

Loki crept slowly out of the shadows, inwardly laughing as she saw him jump in surprise. She smiled sharply. There hadn't been enough mischief in her life lately. "Hello, Stark."

After he calmed down, Tony smiled back at her, full of his usual bravado and charm. "Hey there, Lunatic."

Loki blinked in surprise a moment before the realization hit. "Ah. Raven must have made mention of her nickname of me."


"Mystique," Loki corrected. "That is her name, though she has more fondness for her usual moniker."

"Then why don't you use it?"

"Names have power, Stark, even if you mortals have little realization of it." Loki moved closer. "Are you willing to take your suit off and talk with me? I promise the rest of the castle is much more hospitable."

"Yeah, not really feeling too safe here," Tony replied.

"I promise no harm will come to you or your suit on this visit," Loki told him.

"What about Thor?"

Loki's expression changed, but she covered it quickly. "That is no business of ours, so please let it lie." Loki teleported to Iron Man's side. She held out her hand to him. "Will you join me in my chambers, Stark?"


"Iron Man."

Tony frowned pausing just a moment before the suit opened up and he stepped out, taking Loki's hand. Loki smiled at him, then the two teleported away with Iron Man's suit.

Being pressed closely to Thor's body, Amora felt the moment that he began to stir. She pressed closer to him and spoke softly, hoping to stave off any panic, since she didn't know what Doom had done to capture Thor and expected him to wake with some alarm. "Hello Thor."

"Amora?" He questioned, pushing himself into a sitting position. The goddess refused to let him go, however, causing him to simply sigh and pull her further into his lap so that he could sit up without causing her injury.

"How are you feeling?" She asked.

"Like a fool," He sighed. "I was promised the chance to speak with Loki and instead I've been taken by one of your allies."

Amora frowned. It made sense that it would be Loki on Thor's mind, but the prickling jealousy came regardless. Just once, she would like to be the first thing on Thor's mind. Well, no... not only once. She wanted it to be once and always. A single time would never be enough.

"Loki is here," She told him. "Must we speak on him, however? Can we not speak on us?"

"There is nothing of us to speak of, Enchantress."

"There could be."

"I am with Jane, now."

"I could kill her."

Thor's grip tightened where his hand rested on her waist. "You will do no such thing."

"I know you better than any mortal ever could," Amora replied. She pulled back enough to meet his gaze, eyes fierce and blazing with passion. "Why do you spurn me? We are a perfect match. Passion for passion. What can that mortal give you that I cannot."

"I love Jane."

"You love me," She countered, looking into his eyes. "Or you could... you can... you have."

Thor looked away from her gaze. "None of your mind games!"

"This is no game!" She replied, grabbing his face and forcing him to look at her. "This has never been a game. That is your problem, Thor. You think all magics are tricks, that all desires are lies. You are so... blind! Do you really believe all my feelings for you to be lies? Were your own?"

"We are not here to talk about the past--"

"We are," Amora insisted. "You ignored Sif and I for centuries, inbetween playing us like a fiddle, and running to Loki everytime we wanted your head on a stake. No more! I want to know now, why don't you love me? We were beautiful together. Fierce and passionate, strong, everything you desire."

"You are wrong, Enchantress." Thor moved her away from him as he answered, his expression serious. "Neither you nor Sif was ever what I wanted. I want not a warrior and I want not a mage. You are right that we are well suited, but that is not what I desire. I want for something that I am not. Sif is too like myself and you are too like Loki."

Amora pressed herself closer, taking his lips in a passionate kiss before pulling away and whispering, "I am nothing like, Loki!"

"Nay, you are," Thor replied. "And I have spent my life by my brother's side, will continue to do so if he will allow it, but I do not need another Loki. What you want is to take his place in my heart and I will never allow that."

Amora pushed herself away from him, angry tears filling her eyes. Turning around, she unleashed a powerful blast of magic at him and tossed him from her bed. "You are the worst kind of fool, Thunderer!"

Thor stood up slowly, holding his hands out placatingly. "I mean no offense--"

"You have caused it!" She yelled. "How is that meant to not offend me?" She attacked him again, the green blast of magic knocking him into the wall. "That my beauty means nothing! That my love means nothing! How is that not an offense?"

"You misunderstand--"

"I misunderstand nothing!" She yelled, hitting him once again. "We were glorious once! You told me... you told me..."

"Amora! Stop this!"

Amora's eyes glowed with magic as she stomped toward him, meeting his gaze. "It doesn't matter what you say, Thunderer, and it doesn't mater what you want. If I mean to have you," She pushed him against the wall, the glow beginning to take over his eyes as well. "Then I can very well do as please."

Loki's room was not as Tony expected it to be. He doesn't really know what he expected, but Doom's castle looked like a typical villain lair, so maybe he was expecting Loki's room to be similar. It isn't though. There are jewels that hang from gold chains from the ceiling and the room is mostly in green, but it isn't dark. It looks as lavish as he would expect of a prince's room, he supposed. There's a large bed and multiple bookshelves, a desk sits on side of the room, and a sitting area is on the other. There's a floor length mirror and paintings and other decoration of gold or jewels.

"You really like shiny things, huh?" Is the first thing that Tony says and he really hadn't expected to say it. He's immediately glad that he did, though. Loki's face flushes slightly, though she soon turns to look away from him and her hair covers her face.

"You really want to speak on my decor?" She asked him.

And no, he doesn't, but he does want to continue saying things that put that look on her face. He remembers why he came here, though, and he asked softly, "Are you alright?"

Loki turned back to him with a surprised laugh. "Is that why you went looking for me? To ask after my well being?"

"Well, yeah," Tony shrugged.

Loki laughed again, a little lighter this time. She smiled at him, equal parts charming and warning. "You've chased me halfway around the world, into the home of your enemy, Stark, what do you really want of me?"

Tony smiled in return, but she could read the bravado in his stance. She wasn't certain, and neither was he, apparently, if they were caught in a liar's game or a dare of honesty. "You must be really bad listening, because I thought we had this discussion multiple times now. I keep telling you that you're interesting. That hasn't gone away."

"And I keep telling you that I am not what you see and that you would not want if you could."

"Yeah, well you're wrong about that," Tony insisted. "I learned a thing a thing or two playing around with your magic boxes." Loki stilled at that, but the mortal continued, meeting her eyes as he spoke. "You're Loki. And from what I've seen, Loki is a liar; the most complicated puzzle I've ever come across; a sarcastic, witty, funny, beautiful, hilarious god, that makes friends with villains and saves the lives of heroes. I want Loki. I want to know everything about, Loki."

"No one wants, Loki," She whispered. "Only what Loki can do." That wasn't true, though. She'd just come to the realization a few minutes ago that her mortals wanted her. It was still too good to be true, though. Like Odin calling her home and Thor not thinking her a monster. Dreams that all proved to be false in the end.

"Yeah, well I do," He said strongly. He moved closer to her, resting one hand on her hip while the other rested on her lower back, pulling her closer.

"I'll tear you apart," She told him. Because it was true and not because she was afraid of it. She tore everyone apart and sometimes they didn't put themselves back together right afterwards.

"Yeah, me too," He told her firmly. "And I'll study all the pieces."

"Everything you see is a lie."

"Everything I see is Loki."

"Loki is made of lies," She said firmly.

"I don't believe that," He replied. "In fact, you've told me more truth than lies since we met."

She flushed at that. She had been unusually honest since turning up on Midgard. Especially to this mortal. This mortal that risked Doom's company to find her. This mortal that she had alone in her chambers. This mortal she wanted and had wanted since he matched wits with her during a false invasion.

"I'm not going to bed you," She said, but she didn't know if that was a lie. 'I shouldn't bed you,' is what she meant to say, but saying that was like giving in, wasn't it?

"I take that as a challenge, at this point," Tony told her. Then he leaned up to press a kiss to her lips and she was reciprocating before she even had time to think about it. She was pushing him back until he fell onto her bed and she was pressed up against him and stealing his breath as she kissed him like she was drowning. She wanted to devour this mortal and be devoured in turn. She wanted to burrow into his embrace. She wanted him to worship her and pray to her and help her destroy and create and --

"Oh." Loki pulled away slightly, stopping that thought before it could continue and giving the mortal room to breathe. She was not this mortal's patron. She couldn't... but gods she could feel him resonate with her. Change and creation and destruction and chaos. This mortal so nearly belonged to her. She needed to restrain herself, though. "So, Iron Man," She began, but he cut her off.

"Tony." He said it with insistence and she smirked in turn.

"Anthony," Loki purred and the mortal practically shivered beneath her. "You wanted to pick me apart. Where do you intend to start?"

Tony looked her up and down, licking his lips as he did so. He reached out and pulled her body close to his, sliding one hand in her hair as the other locked around her waist. He brought his lips close to her ear as he answered. "Tell me who you are, Loki? I want to know who you think you are."

Loki relaxed against him. "I am a god. Obviously."

He chuckled in her ear, the sound sending shivers of pleasure through her. "What else?"

"I am the God of Mischief, Chaos, Change, and often times Lies," Loki went on. "I am a being of creation and destruction. I am a wildfire. I am a lie. I am a trick." To emphasize this, Loki switched back to his male form, but there was no visible change in the mortal holding her. He was equal parts disappointed at the lack of reaction as he was elated by it. "Who are you, Anthony?"

"I'm Iron Man."

"Is that all that you are?"

"I'm billionaire genius, playboy, philanthropist, Tony Stark. Innovator and protector and engineer scientist."

"Chaser of Gods," Loki added playfully.

"Just the one."

"You make me want, Anthony, and I am not a fickle god. If I lay claim to you, you shall be mine. No one else shall touch what is mine again." He moved back enough that he could see into the mortal's eyes. "If you agree to be mine. As long as you agree to be mine. When you agree," He added with a smile. "I can be patient, when needed."

"No need," Tony responded. "To wait, I mean."

"Reckless mortal," Loki said with a smile. "You throw yourself to the mercy of a god you do not even worship?"

"I think I'm in good hands."

Loki chuckled. "Oh, Anthony. You have no idea what these hands could do to you."

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