He Without Sin

The Family Dinner

As soon as Loki left his lab, Doom began to watch the cameras. He really did not like having others inside his castle. He did not care for The Enchantress' pet and contemplated obliterating the thing for daring to threaten Mystique. He did not like Iron Man here and was vastly disappointed that the man couldn't be put to productive use, and he was not happy that the Thunder God was unrestrained in his home.

It wasn't as if it was unusual for him to watch them all this way. It was something he had done since they first entered his castle and he would continue to do so. Mystique was happily occupied. Loki was utilizing his gift, slightly surprising Doom with their... closeness. He had not expected the god to desire romance, let alone one with Iron Man. The Enchantress, on the other hand, was not enjoying her gift quite as much.

Doom decided to interfere. He went to the room of the goddess, ignoring her pet waiting outside and his attempt at threatening Doom away from her room. Doom was not one to be so easily intimidated.

The scene in Enchantress' room was just as he had last seen it, with Thor in a position of worship and supplication at her feet and Amora standing over him. She looked wrecked with sorrow, the second time he had ever seen her in such a way, and rendered by a god both times. Part of him wondered if they were unmovable but by one another. Amora seemed to think so, or at least she seemed to indicate as much to Thor.

"Amora," He called. "You are a mess." Doom has never been one to mince words and he especially has not had a habit of doing so with Amora. "If you are done with him," Doom gestured to Thor, "I can take him away."

Amora looked at him with a combination of sadness and anger. "No," She told him. "I am keeping him here. You gave him to me didn't you?"

"You don't seem to be enjoying him," He commented.

Amora looked down to Thor, whose glowing green eyes were focused on her. "I wouldn't have to give him back at all if I had his soul. I would not have to suffer his scorn."

"Then why have you not already taken it?" Doom questioned. He didn't really care about what happened to the God of Thunder, though he was, as always, taking note of any ability displayed by his guest. As far as Doom was concerned, it would be better if the god was unable to cause more problems than he already had. Unfortunately, Doom found that solution to be unlikely.

Amora didn't answer his inquiry. "As long as I hold power over him, I can do whatever I wish with him. I can have whatever I desire of him. I can take whatever I wish from him."

"You will not get worship from a soulless being," He told her. "Though you could have anything else, I suppose. There is no need to wait. He is at your mercy."

"Loki would not..." She began.

"I am not going to stop you, if that is what you want. I did not come here to stop you. Either take what you desire of him or toss him aside, but do not make yourself miserable with him."

"Thor should be mine. I should not have to--"

"If you want him to be yours, then make it so!" Doom said forcefully. "Loki is not here to play this game of morality with you. You are either willing to take him or you are not."

Amora turned back to him angrily. "Who are you to tell me what I must do!" Her eyes and hands blazed with her magic, but Doom was not moved by it.

"What is so important about this god, as opposed to any other?" He questioned.

"Thor is mine!" She yelled. "He is everything. You can't understand--"

"Do not dare to tell Doom what he cannot understand!" He replied. "If it is so important, you should be able to explain it."

"He is power. He is passion. He is all that I need. I am the embodiment of passion and devotion. Thor is a storm. He needs nothing, but I need him." Her anger simmered down lightly as she spoke, the blaze of magic disappearing from her hands and eyes.

"A requirement of passion and devotion is not a requirement of Thor," Doom replied. "You want and perhaps he could provide to you your desire, but if he were doing so, you would not be upset as you are now. You are not even willing to truly take what you claim to want from him. Loki is not here to stop you and yet you are doing nothing."

"I could crush you!" She yelled at him.

"And what would that prove?" He returned. "It wouldn't yield your desire to you."

Amora screamed, rage burning as her eyes and hands blazing with green magic. She kicked Thor away from her, who just pushed himself back up and looked at her with sadness, and turned to Doom. She stomped forward, towering over him as she yelled. "Fine! Take him! Destroy him! I don't care." Tears were on her face again when she turned away.

He paused a moment before speaking. "What do you need?" He asked her.

"Everything," She answered. She met his gaze for a moment and he saw the pure need in her gaze. It was more emotion than he had ever seen her display, even in her fits over Thor. It was more emotion than he thought The Enchantress was capable of. She made to turn away from him, but he was having none of it. Doom reached out quickly and grabbed hold of her, pulling her until she face him.

"You think only that will suffice?" He demanded. "I am not asking simply for curiosity." He took hold of her other arm to keep her still. The raw vulnerability was still fresh in her eyes, even as she continued trying to turn away from him. "Tell me what you need from me. I will provide it. I will find it. I will tame and subdue it and lay it at your feet if that is needed. Tell me!"

Amora slammed him against the wall in response. "I need everything!" She repeated. "You said that you understood what I need. I'm telling you I need it all!"

Doom was silent a beat. "I will not have my enemy here for this," He said quietly.

"Away with you," She said to Thor without looking away from the mortal. "My enchantment over him will hold."

They both waited as the god rose and left the room, the door closing behind him. He stared at her unflinchingly as he removed his mask. Only one of them was hesitating. Amora leaned forward, her lips hovering an inch away from his own as she whispered, "Want me." Then her lips closed on his own.

Loki had a plan.

He was going to train the Avengers until they were a force strong enough to face whatever army Thanos brought to Midgard. He was going to collect and cajole any heroes or villains he could into aiding him when the time came. He was going to use and manipulate every power in his reach. Slowly, he was going to guide the Avengers into a working alliance with himself, Amora, Mystique, and Doom. Shield, as well, would end up helping him and he even had several different tricks in place to make that happen.

Tony Stark was a distraction to all his plans.

He needed to have his team and the Avengers together in working order. He needed Shield in a position to believe such an alliance could be worth while. Sleeping with Tony Stark, becoming romantically entangled with him, would undeniably ruin his credibility, and Loki would rather have the man's esteem to aid in his plan than to simply have the man.

Or at least, that's where his priorities were suppose to fall. That's what Loki had planned for them to be. That aspect of his plan was already rather off course. His hands were already beneath the mortal's clothing, feeling his skin, holding him close. His priorities were a bit off course just now, but he was finding it hard to pull away from the mortal.


Especially when the man sighed his name with such contentment.

And the mortal was undoubtedly overwhelmed by Loki's attention. The full attention of a god was no easy thing to be beholden to. Such a thing could be addictive. It could sway and manipulate the mortals whim, if he were weak, could consume him in Loki's feelings.

Loki pulled the mortal close to himself. "Anthony," He breathed. Loki could be patient. He could also be selfish however, and this mortal, Tony Stark, was meant to belong to him. Loki didn't think he could follow any plan that required otherwise.

Loki wanted to worship this mortal. To lavish him with all his attention and desires. Later, perhaps, he would reconsider the wisdom of such a dalliance. Later, he would consider the possibility that this mortal was being influenced by his own desires. But... not now. Not when he wanted so intently.

Loki's lips traveled from Tony's neck down, magically removing the clothing that stood in his way. Thoroughly, his lips and tongue traced and tasted every inch of Tony's chest, hands tracing his ribs, sliding down his thighs, as Loki's mouth moved lower. Tony's soft groans of pleasure were like music and Loki wanted the man to sing.

He traced his lips down one thigh as his hands traced the other. Lightly, teasingly, caressing so close to the man's hardened length where it begged for attention.

"Loki," Tony moaned, trying to move closer to the other man. Tempting him as he made small thrust into the empty air. Loki couldn't resist and wasn't inclined to. He licked back up the man's thigh and wrapped his lips around the warm, wanting member, taking it in slowly and listening to Tony's answering moan. Loki moaned in turn around the man and Tony let out a trembling breath. One hand slipped into Loki's hair, the other raking nails down the back of the god's neck, his shoulders, anywhere Tony could reach.

Loki shivered in delight. Tony was moaning a litany of encouragement, of Loki's name, of delicious praise that left Loki in a haze of pleasure. He slowed the speed of his movements as his other hands began to gently tease the man's entrance. He magically slicked his fingers as he slowly pressed into the man. Tony trembled, clenched around him, then relaxed as Loki's hand pressed deeper.

Loki removed his mouth from Tony as he stared down at the flushed and panting figure he presented. He needed nothing so much as this man's pleasure, at the moment. Nothing so much as to hear his name from his lips. "Again," Loki whispered. "My name again."

"Loki," Tony breathed out, body shuddering as Loki moved his hand faster, adding another finger.

"Again," Loki insisted. "Do not stop."

"Loki. Loki. Loki!" Tony repeated, his body moving to match Loki's every thrust. Loki's eyes were locked with Tony's. He needed the man to fall apart, to cling to him, to belong to him. To never cease speaking his name. It was like addiction and Loki couldn't bring himself to stop.

"Do you want me, Anthony?" Loki asked, his voice a seductive purr.

"Gods, yes!" Tony replied.

Loki licked his lips. "Good." He leaned over Tony as he removed his hands, taking the man's lips in a passionate kiss. It was completely wild, tongue and teeth and hands clinging everywhere they could reach, their bodies pressed closely to each other. They broke apart only when Loki knew the mortal would need breath and he barely gave him time to catch it as he positioned his body and smoothly slid inside Tony.

"Loki!" Tony gasped. His hands were clinging to the god. Loki stared into's Tony's lust filled eyes as he moved deeply within him. His attention was entirely focused on the mortal. On his name from his lips, his pleasure, his sweat soaked skin and trembling limbs. Nothing could be more important than this.

Nothing else.

There was nothing else.

Tony screamed his name when the pleasure finally pushed him over his peak and it was only seeing the mortal so overwhelmed with his own pleasure, pleasure that Loki gave him, that lead to the god finding his own release.

It was several minutes before the two calmed down. Loki held Tony tightly, pulling him as close as he could and Tony, likewise, clung to Loki.

"You are a disruption to my plans," Loki told him softly, still trying to calm himself. "You mortals are always so unexpected." He was still too worked up. He desired praise. He desired passion. His body felt sated, but he still... wanted...

"Aren't you the god of the unexpected?" Tony chuckled.


Loki was an emblem of chaos and change. And not far off, a goddess of passion was releasing the reigns on her own domain. Now that Loki felt the slightest bit calmer, now that he had the mind to think of it, the signs were obvious. Amora's influence was clearly affecting him, and Loki's attention, he was sure, had encompassed the mortal. Whether or not that was something he should worry about, he could think on later. If he wasn't careful, he could push the man too far, especially with Amora's influence hanging over them.

Loki felt content in this mortals arms. An embodiment of change, a vessel of chaos, held so tightly to him and bringing him peace. It was better that this was his space they were in. Loki could be relaxed here, in this mortals arms, without having to worry about the world around him. He was home, but Tony wasn't. The thought prompted him to whisper to the mortal. "You are safe here, Anthony. No harm shall come to you while you lay in my arms. Rest. Sleep. You are safe."

Slowly, he felt the mortal relax, more than the man probably knew. It would be hard to disbelieve when he felt Loki's power coiled around him. They needed to be calm just now. Both of them. Else they would be wound up once more, compelled by Amora's influence.

Loki felt content, trusted, when the mortal fell asleep in his arms. And Loki felt safe enough to do the same.

Everything was a lot to ask of a mortal.

Amora was ready to absolutely devour the mortal before her and all he could give her. She watched as he fell beneath the sway of her godhood, wrapped in the coil of lust and passion that emanated from her, entranced by her beauty. He was compelled by her.

Victor took hold of her, enwrapping her with his arms and devotion both. Not a single moment passed when they were not skin to skin as clothes fell and the bed was suddenly beneath them.

Even under the weight of her full attention, Victor was still more himself than most mortals were when they were with her. When he spoke he called her foolish in the same breath he praised her, worshiped her with action rather than word. And he said her name. Often. Something he had only done a handful of times before. But they'd told him names had power and he bestowed that power onto her.

For a while, she let herself be worshiped as he touched every part of her body, writing pleasure into her skin. Embracing her fully as his body moved into her own. Then she couldn't hold herself back. She returned his worship as she lavished him with attention. And she took everything when she did so.

He flinched away from her when she focused on his face, but she refused to let him hide, touching and tasting each and every scar on his face. She pinned him beneath her, taking control of the situation out of his hands as she traced every line of his body with hands, lips, and tongue. She was a god and she would have him know it.

There was nothing he could control in this situation. There was nothing he could hide from her. She would take everything he had; his secrets, his worship, his devotion, and passion. She would squeeze every ounce of lust from his body and spirits as she mounted him, taking and taking, drinking his each lustful groan and cry of passion, raking her nails across his flesh, digging into him until she felt some part of herself beneath his flesh.

She stopped before she drove his body too far past his breaking point, feeling fairly sated when she did so. The mortal was exhausted beyond what was likely healthy, but she restored enough of his vitality that he was well enough. Amora drifted for a while on the high of her satiation.

When it occurred to her to check once more on the mortal, he had already left her chamber.

It was hours later that Loki and Tony awoke. Loki held Tony close as he watched the mortal waking in his arms. "Hello," Loki smiled at him.

Tony smiled in return. "Hey."

Loki ran a hand through the tussled brown hair. He hummed in contentment as he watched Tony. "There is still much to be spoken between us," Loki said. "I imagine you still have many questions, my curious one?"

"Yeah. Kind of a lot, actually," Tony replied. He sat up to face Loki. "I'm not even sure where to start. I literally have a million questions."

"I believe you are misusing that word."

"No, really!" Tony insisted.

"Yes, well, why don't you pick one," Loki asked with a smirk.

Tony barely took a moment to think before he asked his question. "What's with the villain castle? I mean, I get having an evil lair and all, but... really? You and a bunch of villains just... hanging out?"

Loki chuckled. "The castle belongs to Victor. Amora and I met him very early in our stay on Midgard and forged an alliance with him. Since then, this place has become our home. I happened upon Raven under siege one day and decided to shelter her and brought her here. Victor was not entirely happy with the situation at first, but things have settle well since then."

"So you've just been here playing house?" Tony asked with some amusement.

"Not how I would put it," Loki sighed. "We have an alliance."

"With Doom," Tony repeated. "No offense, but that... doesn't seem very wise."

"For most, it would not be. He frequently fantasies about having any one of us on his operating table for further study." Loki said this with a smile, looking way more unconcerned than Tony thought was safe. Loki laughed a little at his expression. "I am a god, Anthony, Victor does not frighten me."

"You just said that he wants to operate on you! And you know he kidnapped me and Thor!" Tony exclaimed.

"He did that as a gift," Loki explained.

Tony just stared at him.

Smiling, Loki began to run his hair through Tony's hair, again. He was still feeling rather enamored with his mortal, though the frantic energy he felt earlier had calmed somewhat. He no longer needed to completely ensnare this mortal with such immediacy. "Victor is a villain. He has questionable, if not outright wicked morals, is completely power hunger, and willing to do absolutely anything to get what he wants. I am not blind to my allies. If you are looking for a moral standard, you will not find it from me."

Tony just sighed. "I'm not exactly a pillar of morality myself, just..." The mortal looked at him with a worried gaze. "Just... don't get yourself carved up by a maniac."

"Believe it or nor, I do endeavor to meet that standard."

Their conversation was interrupted by a knock on the door, followed by a Doombot entering. Tony jumped at the sudden interruption and Loki pulled the man into his arms, petting his hair. The man didn't exactly relax, but he didn't try to escape either. Loki looked dispassionately towards the mechanical creature. "Yes, what is it?"

"Doom demands his guest attend him." The Doombot said in it's master's voice.

"Why?" Loki questioned.

"To dine."

"Hmm. Very Well," Loki agreed. He turned back to Tony. "Would you be willing to dine in a house of villains, as you call it?"

"I'm not going to be dissected or anything, right?" He questioned skeptically.

Loki snorted. "Of course not during dinner! Victor has much more class than that. You may have to worry about afterwards..."

"That is not funny, Loki!" Tony exclaimed.

Loki chuckled as he stood, holding a hand out to him. "Victor has no interest in dissecting you. You are only human, after all, there is nothing he could find in your body that could be of more than his own." He lifted the man to his feet, holding him close. "Iron Man is a much different story, but I've already forbidden him that venture."

"He wants my suits!"

"Victor wants everything, to be honest. Do not worry on it, though. Do not worry on anything. As long as I am with you, you will be safe here," Loki promised. He smiled at the mortal before turning to the still hovering Doombot. "You may go."

It left without further prompting.

Loki snapped his fingers, dressing them both. Tony took a moment to admire the clothes he'd been placed in, very nice quality, but not as formal as a suit. "You have to explain how you did that."

"Perhaps later, Anthony."

"And that! Do you have to keep doing that!"

"Calling you Anthony? Yes."

"No one calls me that!"

"All the better that it may be mine alone," Loki told him. He lead him out the room, still speaking as he did so. "You should know, I am rather fond of them, as well. So while I do not intend to let let them hurt you, I would not much appreciate you trying to bring harm to them either."

"Might be kinda difficult..." Tony said frowning.

"I realize the position we're in. I do not intend for you to stop playing hero. That is not my meaning here," Loki said quietly.

When they got to the dinning room, the others were already there. Doom was seated at the head of the table, Mystique to his right. Amora sat close to the center of the left side of the table, beside Skurge, with Thor seated at the far end. Loki froze for a moment at the sight of Thor, but relaxed when he saw the glow of green magic around his eyes. He sat himself across from Amora, pulling Tony along beside him.

"Shall we introduce ourselves?" Amora asked. "If we're going to be playing at hospitality?"

"Doom needs no introduction," He said from the head of the table. The table was already set, with a few Doombots placing the last dishes on the table.

Loki sighed and shook his head. He gestured towards the head of the table. "Victor von Doom, as you know, is our oh so hospitable host."

"Do not mock me, Trickster!" Doom said in a threatening voice.

"Would I do such a thing?" Loki replied. He gestured to Mystique next. "This is Raven, Mystique, as you would know her." The mutant was in her true form, looking at Tony with something between distrust and curiosity. She nodded at him, but didn't speak. Loki gestured at Amora next. "This is Amora. She is of Asgard, as well. That is Skurge, her body guard."

"So..." Tony began. "What's up with Thor?"

"His mind is a little occupied right now," Amora said with a smile.

Loki frowned at her. "Yes, I did notice that. And you are in a rather pleasant mood."

"Because you are in such a sour mood yourself," She teased.

"Selfish as always, you have no idea if your little stunt caused hardships for me," Loki replied haughtily. "Perhaps I was in no mood to suffer through your influence."

"What influence?" Tony questioned. He had already gathered food on his plate, but he hesitated to actually eat any of it. Loki casually reached over to Tony's plate and swiped a piece of meat before answering.

"Amora is a goddess of lust and passion," Loki explained.

"Ah," Tony nodded. Cautiously, he took a bite of the food Loki just tasted.

"I just bet you made Raven quiet uncomfortable," Loki went on lightly.

Raven choked on her wine. "What?"

"How unsavory of me. I should have offered to lend her Skurge," Amora said with a smile. "Or offered to let her join us."

"That is enough, Enchantress," Doom commanded.

"Victor," She purred. "I didn't realize you were so shy. Worry not, I'd say you are quite talented enough for the both of us."

"Oh?" Loki smirked. "Interesting."

"Unexpected," Raven replied, looking at Doom. Her gaze move to Amora before she added, "Or... perhaps not."

"It was a favor to her, nothing more," Doom replied.

"Oh?" Loki said again.

"I do not think this topic needs further discussion," Doom told them. "And it is not a preferable dinner discussion."

"What would be a more suitable discussion, then?" Loki asked, taking another bite from something else on Tony's plate without looking away from Doom. "Why my brother is seated at this table, perhaps?"

"You would have me starve our guest?" Doom questioned.

"A poor excuse, Victor," Loki replied.

Doom refused to reply to Loki's comment and looked over to Tony instead. "Is there a problem with your food, Mr. Stark? You don't seem to be eating."

"Is there a problem with my food?" Tony retorted with a pointed look.

"Are you implying that Doom is a poor host?"

Loki took a sip of his wine before placing it before Tony. "If I left you to it, you'd likely slip him all manner of things."

"That is not the purpose of this event," Doom told him.

"So it seems," Loki replied, but tasted another morsel from Tony's plate anyway. "What is the purpose, if you don't mind my asking."

"Curiosity," He answered. Doom, of course, had not bothered with the pretense of eating. He would not remove his mask before a stranger, not even in the slight way he usually did so that he could dine without his face being shown.

Loki sighed as he poured himself a glass wine. "Since you are all so very curious, make your inquiry."

"You tease us, Loki," Amora said lightly, nibbling on a piece of fruit.

"How long do you plan to make us of your... gift?" Doom questioned.

"Indefinitely," Loki answered. "He is mine, now."

Amora's face lit up with amusement. "I was wondering when you would take another apprentice. I thought you'd meant Doom for such tutelage, though, this mortal doesn't seem very magically inclined..."

"I am courting him," Loki interrupted.

Amora paused. "Courting a mortal, Loki? Doesn't that seem rather reckless of you?"

Loki smiled wickedly. "Yes."

"What is so special about him?" Raven asked. "He's just a human, right?"

"What's that suppose to mean?" Tony snapped. "You're human."

"I'm a mutant," She disagreed.

"Yeah, and I'm Iron Man, so what!" Tony replied.

Raven looked to Loki, her expression full of unhappy stubbornness. "You think you're worthy of a god?"

"Damn straight!" Tony yelled back.

"And what's so great about you?" Raven retorted. "So you build things. Doom can do that and he at least has magic."

"What, is it my fault he isn't fucking Doom instead?"

Raven's expression turned distasteful and Doom interrupted them. "There is no need to be vulgar, Mr. Stark. Mystique merely made an inquiry."

"I can tell you what Loki sees in him," Amora said. "Mischief. It's written all over him." She made a vague gesture in the air as she spoke.

Loki's smile only widened. "Already there is a lovely amount of discord here. That makes the proclamation itself worthy enough."

"Doom admits to having similar curiosity," Doom added. "Doom does not see the appeal."

"Consider this, Victor. I am Trickster, as you so love to call me. Do you think I would find interest in someone lacking similar traits." Loki ran a hand through Tony's hair a moment. "He is intelligent and inquisitive, clever and attractive, and best of all," Loki grinned, "He is trouble."

Tony looked smug at the praise. Raven looked unimpressed. "That could all describe Doom," She argued still.

Tony snorted. "How attractive could a guy who hides behind a mask be?"

Raven ground her teeth together in irritation. "It could also describe me!"

Tony paused as he looked her up and down. "Can't argue the attractiveness," He shrugged. "But if that's your argument, he could be after blondie there." Tony pointed toward Amora.

Loki looked at Mystique more closely. "This is unlike you, Raven, what is the problem?"

"You're dating a human," She said lowly. "Humans aren't... you're better than that!"

"Victor is human," Loki replied softly.

"No," She replied. "He isn't. He's more like me than like them."

Loki looked to Amora, who's expression had become somewhat alarmed, same as his. "I didn't realize you had such a strong interest in Loki," Amora said in a light tone. "Had you but expressed your intention, I am sure he would have indulged you."

Raven's eyes widened in surprise. "What? That's not what I meant," She objected.

"Oh? Are you sure?" Amora questioned with a teasing smile. "I bet they'd be willing to work something out. Loki does favor you."

"That's not what I meant!" Raven repeated.

"It wasn't," Amora agreed with a laugh. "But now it could be." She winked. "If you wanted a chance--"

"I see that no one can keep a proper track of conversation tonight," Doom interrupted smoothly. "I have a question for you, Mr. Stark."

"What is it?" Tony asked suspiciously.

"What motive do you have for entangling yourself with a god?"

"He's interesting."

"Only that?" Doom went on. "When there is power, immortality, advantage as the low hanging fruit to this... entanglement, you claim that none of that sways you?"

"I'm surprised you didn't just drag me off to an interrogation room if you all you wanted was to question me," Tony replied angrily.

"Doom assumed it would upset the Trickster."

"I assure you, it would," Loki said. "Might I also add that this a poor tactic indeed. He is not likely to answer such an inquiry while I am right here."

"Doom thought the question was worth posing."

"And I already neutralized your little truth serum with the wine," Loki added.

Tony paused in his eating. "What?"

"Doom felt the attempt was worth while."

"So I see," Loki replied sardonically. "And I see you didn't bother to attempt making it strong enough to actually affect a god."

"If Doom wanted to use such a tacit on you, magic would be more effective," He explained.

"Are you saying you put some sort of truth serum in the food?" Tony exclaimed.

"You are fine," Loki assured him. "As I said, I placed a neutralizing agent in the wine."

"You live with these wackos!"

"Now, now," Loki said scolding. "Only Doom attempted to drug you, it is no fair to blame the rest." He glared at the man at the head of the table. "And I shall have words with Doom later."

"I think I'm done with dinner," Tony said decisively.

Loki sighed. "I thought you would feel that way." With reluctance, Loki stood. "Return with me to my chambers. No one shall attempt to drug you there."

"Not even you?" Tony asked as he followed Loki, eyeing him skeptically.

"Of course not," Loki replied. "That is what I have magic for."

It was quiet until the two left the room, then Amora was the first to speak. "You are very poor at making friends, Doom."

"I do not trust him," Doom replied quickly. Doombots began to replace the dishes that sat before him with warmer items and he moved his mask slightly so that he could eat.

"There is nothing he can do to Loki," Amora said.

"You underestimate him," Doom replied. "Stark is a master of technology. While he lacks the extra advantage of having magic, he still creative enough to do harm with his chosen skill set. And the fool refused to allow me to study it so that I could be better prepared against him."

"Loki wouldn't let a mortal get the better of him so easily."

"No one said that it would be easy."

Amora looked at Raven next. "And I didn't realize you felt so strongly about humans."

"I was following Magneto for a reason," Raven said.

"I was under the impression that is more for the other reason," The goddess replied.

Raven looked away from her.

"Of all of us, I rather think that you know the least about Mystique's past," Doom told her.

"And shall I guess, you know the most?" Amora smirked.

"Did you think we did not speak when she accompanied me around my country?" Doom asked her. "Had she interest, I am secure enough in my knowledge of her interest and intention to teach her to be Queen of Latveria in the case of my extremely unlikely demise."

"Oh?" Amora said in surprise. "Looking for successors already?"

"One must always have their options open," He replied. "Those Fantastic Fools have interfered in my affairs enough that I know it is best to always have a back up plan. The people of Latveria have seen her face enough alongside me that if she took up reign, there would be no doubt that reign was still under me. If I ever needed to stage a coup, she would be ideal."

Raven stared a Doom a moment. "Have you been secretly grooming me to rule your country?"

Doom made a dismissive sound. "You are far too young and undisciplined for suck a task."

"That... didn't answer anything."

Doom was quiet as he ate more of his meal. After a few moments he added, "You have enough knowledge to impersonate me for a few days, if required."

"You are!" She exclaimed as she rose from her chair. "You've been grooming me to rule your country!" She wasn't certain how she should feel about that. Insulted because of the deception or honored because of his esteem.

"As I said, you are far too undisciplined."

"You've never asked me to rule your country," Amora pouted.

"I would much sooner trust my people to the Trickster," Doom replied. "You know everything about being a princess and nothing of being a queen. Friendship with a prince has left you eternally spoiled and you are too selfish to care about my people if they stood before you on fire."

Skurge glared at Doom. Amora only frowned. "That is rather rude of you to say."

"It is also rather true."

There was another stretch of silence.

"You are very poor at making friends," Amora repeated lifting up her wine glass.

"That may be true. It is very good then that I do not have to worry about having such an inconvenience."

"Hmm. Indeed," Amora replied a with smirk. "Luckily for you, you've only gods and shapeshifters to worry about."

Doom stopped his meal to turn to her. "Do you mean to imply something, Enchantress?"

"Word games are Loki's hobby, not mine," She smiled.

Doom narrowed his eyes. "Yes, they are. Let us keep it that way."

"Oh, of course!" Amora agreed. "As you say, Lord Victor!"

Doom paused again, contemplating the cage. He wasn't certain if it was out of annoyance for the mockery or pleasure at the address. Perhaps it didn't need to be either reason. He was becoming rather fond of it nonetheless.

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