He Without Sin

Loki and Amora Get It Together

Victor Von Doom knew how to put on a show.

Amora and Loki were sitting on top of a roof top watching as he and his Doombots engaged in battle with the heroes known as the Fantastic Four. Loki wasn't quite sure what had set the man off and towards his mortal enemy, but the gods were having an amusing time watching. They were both hidden under an illusion keeping them invisible to the mortals, sitting side by side.

"You will feel the wrath of Doom!" He shouted as he unleashed electricity at them all. He always put on a show whenever he accompanied his bots into battle. Loki thought that perhaps he was making fun of them. He never spoke in third person any other time.

"Don't you think you've kept me waiting long enough, Loki?" Amora questioned.

He turned to look at her questioningly. "What, dear Enchantress, could you possibly be talking about?"

"What are we here to do, Loki?" Amora turned to him. "You haven't told me anything about who is coming to Midgard."

"I don't think it's of much importance to you." Loki answered.

Amora glared. "If I am to help you, Loki, I think that it is about time that you told me what I am helping you against."

Loki looked away from her. "I do not expect you to help me when the time comes to fight."

"I am no coward, Loki!" She yelled heatedly, her eyes beginning to glow green with her magic.

"I am not calling you a coward," Loki replied lowly. "I just do not expect you to put yourself on the line for something that has no bearing or importance to you. What you are doing now does not place any danger on you, so it is no bother that you are helping, but..."

Amora shot a bolt of green magic at him, knocking him onto his back on the roof. "We are friends, Loki! I am not helping you for nothing!" She yelled as she stomped over to him.

Loki pulled himself up on his elbows, looking away from her. "Is that what we are?"

"Why else would I be helping you!"

Loki glared at her at that statement. "Perhaps because the All-mother promised you a handsome price to do so!"

"You are obtuse, Loki. I could have left the minute we set foot on Midgard if that was all that I cared about."

"Then why did you not?" Loki questioned. "You barely spoke to me after your banishment even when I sought you out! What brought about such a change in your heart, Enchantress?"

Amora fumed for a moment and looked away. "I was angry then. You... frustrate me Loki. As fond of you as I was, I was also fond of Thor and you kept me from him."

"You tried to take over his mind."

"I just wanted an opportunity to--"

"And you tried to take his soul."

"That was one time!"

"You tried often to bespell him."

"Do I bring up the ways in which you have wronged your brother!" Amora screamed and Loki flinched back like he had been slapped. He couldn't face this now. He wasn't certain that he ever could and he'd been doing so well trying not to think about Thor at all.


"No, Loki! You've had your say, now I get mine." Loki closed his eyes, trying not to remember the last time someone had said, 'No, Loki.' to him. "We were friends, Loki, of course I was upset that you would stop me when you knew how much I cared for Thor."

"I cared for him, too. I couldn't let you--"

"I know!" She yelled. "You don't understand what it was like! You always had his attention. He would not even look my way when you were around. Sif and I used to drink ourselves into an abyss over how unfair it was that he only had eyes for his precious younger brother when we..." Amora paused as if to collect herself. "Did you remember how gleeful I was when you stole away her golden hair? I thought that you'd done that for me. To help me gain Thor's attention, and then when it brought them closer, I thought you'd done it to spite me."

"It was neither," Loki admitted. "I did it on the command of the All-father. He intends Thor to marry Sif and when she began to give up and found another, he bid me to ruin them."

Amora looked away, visibly trying to hold herself together. "You are the reason that Sif and I had a falling out. She told me that you were no good. That you would betray me like you did everyone else. I told her that I was glad she lost her hair." Amora let out a weak laugh. "And you know, she should have been right. After all I tried to do to Thor, you never treated me differently afterwards. You deflected and broke every spell that I threw at him and even when I raged at you for it, all you did was give me that stupid stare of yours and ask if I was done. You're the only one that even tried to talk to me after my banishment. How could you think that I would throw that away?"

"I thought you'd simply tired of me," Loki admitted. "I ruined your attempts with my brother and then you spurned my attention for a decade, at least."

"I admit that I did not handle my heartache very well," Amora whispered. "I do not even know what I would do now if I were to see him."

Loki swalled at the very thought before replying, "Neither do I."

They both looked toward the battle to avoid each other's gaze. The Avengers had joined the fight by this point. "Between Loki and Amora, Victor had made quite a bit of progress with his magical abilities and in turn his creations had become more powerful and more advanced. The Fantastic Four, as they called themselves, were unable to keep up. The Avengers had to push themselves whenever they fought. The Iron Man was constantly improving his own armor, but he was only one man. As a team, they seemed reluctant to rely on each other, and the assassins seemed static in their skills. The Captain was meeting the challenges well, but likewise, he was also just one man.

It happened so quickly they would have missed it had they still been talking. Victor aimed a blast at Reed who'd stretched out of the way, the energy coming in contact with an oncoming blast from Iron Man's weapon. The resulting explosion was fast and both Loki and Amora were on their feet and moving to the building's edge to scan the battle. Victor was caught in his own blast, as was the Widow who'd been trying to sneak up on him.

They were both unmoving on the ground.

The Captain was standing over the red haired spy as the Fantastic Four moved to surround Victor.

"Amora, retrieve Victor," Loki told her. In a flash of green she was already teleporting to armored man's side. Loki shifted into his female form as he teleported to the Widow, wasting no time in healing her.

"Wha?" The Captain gasped, startled by the sudden appearance.

"What are you doing!" Hawkeye yelled, aiming an arrow at her. Loki didn't see when the archer had appeared from, but he was suddenly standing before her. She heard the sound of Iron Man's repulsor's behind her and assumed another weapon was being pointed at her.

"I'm just trying to heal her. I mean no harm," Loki said, turning to face the Captain, but really just wanting to confirm that Amora and Victor had gone. Victor had better be safe in that armor of his, healing was no specialty of the Enchantress. It was another minute before the woman began to stir and Loki moved away as soon as the healing was finished.

"Not so fast, White Mage," Iron Man's mechanical voice called out and she froze. He landed beside her. "What was that?"

She was saved from answering by an attack by the remaining Doombots. Loki ducked out the way and in the resulting chaos slipped off back to Latveria. Victor was just sitting up on the couch, Amora over him. Loki changed back into his male form as he approached. "Feeling well, Victor?"

The man growled but did not answer.

"Do you need me to heal you, Victor?"

"Doom needs nothing from the likes of you!"

Loki leaned down over the man, frowning. "You must be unwell. You are home now, Victor." Amora leaned over and pulled the man's mask off and Loki took the man's head in his hands. He could see a small amount of blood at the back of the man's head and began immediately healing the wound. "Oh, Victor, you foolish mortal. You've given yourself a concussion."

"What should we do about his mechanical creatures?" Amora questioned. "Doesn't he usually destroy them?"

"I suppose we will have to do for it for him," Loki answered. He laid Victor down and changed himself to imitate Amora. He smiled, making his eyes and hands glow green with magic as hers always did. "Shall we, dear Enchantress?"

She smiled in return, glowing with magic. "This shall be fun."

"Okay, what the hell was that?" Tony yelled when he entered the meeting room on the Helicarrier, as if his teammates were any less confused than he was. He dropped down into a chair, turning in it to watch them all as they entered behind him.

Clint was hovering worriedly near Natasha, but not really saying anything, and the Widow herself was cool as an ice cube. As if she hadn't just had a serious injury. There were still small burns in her suit from the explosion that went off near her and Doom, so he knew it happened. Stark didn't get how she was suddenly healed.

Steve was giving everyone the same worried looks. Bruce was glancing at Natasha as well, fighting the urge to demand that he look her over and check for injuries. She insisted on being fine and no one could really force the Widow to do anything.

"A mutant, obviously," Clint said. Then he mumbled to himself, "Everyone is a freaking mutant."

"Why would she heal Natasha?" Steve questioned.

"Good deed for an upcoming hero?" Bruce offered.

"Uh, no. That's not what I was talking about," Tony said. "I meant the two twins that fucking obliterated Doom's bots! They were literally everywhere! The one chance I could have had to study his tech--"

"Seriously, Tony? That's what you focus on?" Steve asked.

"Yes," Tony answered seriously. "I have my priorities. Also, I already ordered JARVIS to do a search for whoever Magic Hands is."

"You and your stupid nicknames, Stark," Clint complained with an eye roll.

"Got a problem, Katniss?"

"I'm also pretty interested in why," Natasha said. "Even if it was just a civilian doing a good deed, that area was evacuated, why would she have stuck around? And close enough that she could see the battle and jump in to do something like heal someone's injuries?"

"People watch us fight all the time," Tony argued, waving off the concern. "Idiots are always trying to post footage of our fights on the internet. I made a montage of our greatest hits threw the eyes of amateurs."

"And jumping in while the fight was still going on was pretty ballsy," Clint said. "There were still a lot of Doombots around. She kinda risked her life, whoever she was."

"And disappeared pretty effectively right afterwards," Bruce said.

"So what you're telling me," Fury said from the doorway, walking into the room with a glare, "Is that you have no idea how or why someone rescued Romanov or why someone stepped in to destroy all of Doom's bots."

"It isn't like the guy doesn't have other enemies," Bruce offered with a shrug.

"Yeah, we're just his favorite," Tony added.

"Is anyone else tired of all these stupid mysteries?" Clint asked.

A chorus of agreement rang out from the table and nothing of use was discussed after that.

The woman did not exist. That was what Tony discovered after having JARVIS investigate for a little over a week and a half. There were absolutely no records of this woman anywhere, but she'd shown up over a dozen times or so in the city. There was very little information to be found.

Naturally, he became obsessed with finding out all that he could.

"JARVIS, open a new project," Tony said. "Call it... White Mage."

The woman seemed to appear and disappear out of nowhere. She'd walk into a cafe, but he couldn't find any footage of how she got there. She only went to places people went when they were wasting time, like cafe's or outdoor restaurants, where she paid cash for things she never seemed to really drink. She seemed to be people watching or lost in thought. And, add to the mystery, she was seen with one half of the blonde duo that destroyed Doom's bots.

It was frustrating him to no end.

"JARVIS, I want to know the moment this woman turns up again."

"As you wish sir," JARVIS replied.

"Save anything you find out about her to my private servers."

Things settled for Loki relatively easily. After the initial tension that arrived when Raven showed up, she seemed to slip into place pretty well. She wandered in her blue skinned form most often, which made Loki uneasy and Victor wanting, both things she dealt with the same way, confrontation. Victor had no trouble telling her that he wanted to do all manner of scientifically explicit things to the woman residing in his castle, making Loki laugh long and hard, because Victor did not display such a sense of humor often. (He was rather a serious man, likely why he and Amora could not get on too long without an argument.) Loki did not know what to say to justify his behavior, but Victor surprised him by doing it for him, saying that she reminded Loki of an unpleasant past. Which was true, but Loki hadn't known how to just say so.

Raven seemed more curious around him after that, but she didn't push. (And Loki got used to them all calling him 'Luna' or 'Lunatic' because Raven was still not privy to his identity. It caused him to have a good laugh, because really, it wasn't as if he could deny the claim. He was living in a house of villains.)

The mutant had told Victor in no uncertain that he could never experiment on her and the look in her eyes spoke of a story, but they didn't push. She had absolutely no interest in his mechanics, magic, or general designs on the world, except that it prompted her to go into her own goals of equal mutant rights. Raven and Victor had a long ongoing conversation on the subject of prejudices that Loki didn't really understand the history of, but often fond fascinating to listen to. Raven spent a lot of time after that wandering Latveria at Victor's side with him half showing off his country and half boasting over his dominion of it. It was rather sweet, in a way, but Loki wondered if the same gears that had begun to turn in his mind spun in their own.

Loki had given Victor access to a lot of power should he and Raven get along too well and decide to combine their cause and Loki deeply worried about that. Victor should not be trusted with power. Loki knew what he would do with it. And from the few facts that Raven gave about herself, she should be watched out for, too.

Amora spent a lot more time around the castle in Raven's company and they seemed to get along, despite most of their conversation being a slew of complaints and annoyances from Amora and very snappish replies from Raven. This was also the reason the amount of sparring in the castle had increased. Raven had something of a temper when given the chance. (Which might also be why she got along with Victor. Like to like, after all.)

Loki and Amora had not quite finished the conversation they started on the roof. They did not act uneasy around each other, but neither did they bring it up. Loki spent time trying to address the problems in his head, but came to no conclusion. He wanted to trust Amora (He wanted to trust all of his housemates, but he knew that was not the wises of ideas) but he still did not know what would happen if the All-father happened to get a hold of her. And she was still unaware of what he really was. Victor had taken the news the way he took any unknown curiosity, with the desire to take it apart scientifically and extract samples of it (which Loki did not let him do.) But Victor was also unaware of how much of a monster being a jotunn made him. And Victor was a curious fool. He would dissect a devil if he could get his hands on one.

After the loss he took from the Avengers and the Fantastic Four (why did Midgard give all it's warriors such strange boastful titles?) Loki had given Victor a healing stone to study. The man had been extremely surprised. Loki and Amora had their rooms very heavily warded and did not bring their personal possession out in the open. There was a slightly awkward moment where Victor nearly thanked him, but then remembered better and scrambled to cover up his lapse. Loki handled it by insulting the man and telling him to guard his weak mortal flesh better (which Loki could say because Victor was wearing his armor and thus safe from the bite in that comment) and then feigning disinterest as he left.

They both could have handled that better, he supposed.

Raven also began to accompany Amora when she returned to her apartment. Despite what they knew about the mutants abilities and fighting prowess, they became concerned for her rather quickly. Victor claimed the worry was because she was the only one of them all without magical abilities, which Loki doubted was the case, but agreed to anyway so that he wouldn't need to put much thought into the real reason. Victor made her a device that was both for communication and tracking, which she didn't take to well at first, but was persuaded when they pointed out that they couldn't come for her if she was captured without knowing where to look. Her eyes seemed to cloud over with memories as she thanked them and after that she wore the bracelet when she went out.

Raven also began to wear an increasing amount of green, which all of them pretended they didn't notice, but made them all feel something warm and uncomfortable.

Amora had begun the task of telling Raven why they were all together. Amora had a talent for dismissiveness, so either the information came off as being unimportant or she treated the mutant's inquiries about it as such.

Loki didn't ask for her help yet, but he could see that she was more and more intrigued by them.

The next time Loki was in New York in her female form, the day before Victor's next attack, she had an unexpected visitor. She had been sitting at the outdoor portion of a restaurant for an hour, at least, looking in all directions, calculating how much force Victor planned to use and the usual amount of collateral damage that the Avengers caused trying to stop them, when Iron Man appeared right in front of her.

Loki was reasonably stunned.

The armored man drooped down right in front of her, plopped into the seat across from her, lifted his face plate and smiled rather cheekily at her. "You are a hard woman to find, you know that?"

Loki was having a time getting over her surprise. Of all her forms, she hadn't expected anyone to be looking for this one. "I was unaware I was being searched for."

"You see, I might believe that, but normal people come out in the open every now and again."

With a raised eyebrow, Loki looked pointed at their surroundings. "I did not realize that I was still inside my apartment," She said with dripping sarcasm. "You realize that makes this breaking and entering?"

He barked out a laugh at that. "Seriously, Cinderella, I haven't seen you anywhere for a month. Did the clock strike twelve on you, or what?"

The confusion showed plain on her face. "Forgive me, but I have no idea what you are talking about."

"Why did you disappear last time?" Stark clarified.

And oh. Loki had rather forgotten about that incident. Victor had been more her concern than the fact that she healed heroes in her female form. Well, this could become complicated, couldn't it? Loki sighed. "For this exact reason," She answered.

"What reason?"

"The reason of not wanting to explain myself or be questioned by nosy heroes," She snapped lightly.

"Oh, ouch!" Stark exclaimed, placing a hand on his chest for dramatic effect. "Most people would love having a one on one with Iron Man, you know."

"I don't consider myself most people."

"Well, duh. Most people can't touch someone and heal burn wounds and concussions."

"If she was healed, how do you know there were either?"

"I've got it on good authority that explosives can cause both," Stark replied with a smirk.

"Whose authority would that be?"

"My own."

"Through experience or experimentation?"


Loki didn't let the none answer stop her. "If it was experimentation then you cannot be certain of the results, can you? If you had a concussion you are in no condition to diagnose your injuries and if you did not then you've just invalidated your own results."

Loki took immense pleasure in the way Stark's mouth hung open in surprise. She had always enjoyed talking circles around people. She smirked at him as she waited for him to recover, then changed her mind and decided to hurry the exchange along. "Is there something that you wanted from me, Iron Man?"

"Tony," he replied automatically.

"Stark," she countered.

The man sighed. "Well it was my intention to find out why you healed Widow. I mean, since you left so quickly, you obvious didn't want to be found--"

"And yet here we are," Loki said.

"--but you risked exposing yourself to us anyway. And why were you even their when the area was evacuated?"

"If I answer your inquiries, will you leave me be?" Loki asked.

"No promises," Stark replied. "But it would help."

With a put out sigh, Loki met his gaze. "I helped because I don't want the heroes that are defending us to die. There are not very many of you. I wager we can't afford to lose any of them. That means debilitating injuries cannot be risked any more than outright death. That is why I was watching and why I healed her."

"How did you know to be there?" He asked.

A small smirk quirked at the edges of her lips. "That is a rather ridiculous question, is it not, Iron Man? Evacuations have been a regular occurrence over the last few months and each of them have preceded an attack of some sort. The battles are not covert."

Iron Man felt a little stumped by that for some reason. "Oh. Well, yeah. That."

Loki stood. "Are we done here?"

"Not really."

"That is a shame," Loki replied and walked back into the restaurant. Iron Man rose and followed her as quickly as he could. He spotted her going into the bathroom and decided to just wait. She had to come eventually.

Which was apparently the wrong assessment, because after an hour, she never did. He swore to himself and left the restaurant. He'd wasted an hour ignoring the strained looks from the other patrons and giving excuses to the waiters for why he was at their establishment in a suit of armor.

Pepper was going to kill him. She hated when he pulled stuff like this.

"JARVIS, you recorded all that, right?" He asked his A.I.

"As instructed, sir."

"Good." She must have given away something in that conversation. Some sort of clue or something, right? Well, he hoped so.

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