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Fuckin Perfect

Hey guys, I know I made a story already about Bella singing but this one is completely different is some cases. Bella is a human, she is bullied at school. Please enjoy, this just came to me and you should know that I put my thoughts for a story down as soon as they come to me!

I do not own Twilight or the song.

Song: Fuckin' Perfect by P!nk.

Oh and a little background info, she hasn't met the Cullens yet, she meets them today.



Another day of hell. I sigh as I slip on my ripped, black skinny jeans and pull a black, Bullet For My Valentine T-shirt over my head. I went into the bathroom and looked at my hair. It had neon blue bangs, red tips, and neon green with black skulls extensions.

Grabbing my make up bag, I got out my black eyeliner and smeared it on thickly. I quickly applied mascara, looking into the mirror again. I sighed. It was the same me every time. I had freaky eyes, they made me an outsider, they were the main reason. I've grown proud of my unusual eyes.

My right eye was split in half with green and blue. The blue side had tiny green flecks and the green side had tiny blue specks. My left eye was split in half with gold and brown. Just like my right eye, it had flecks of the opposite color.

My skin was deathly pale, going great with my look of dark. Yeah, I'm Emo, or something like it. I get bullied at school and my dad hardly knows I'm here. Not that I mind the second thing so much. I am an anti-social kind of person, I like my space.

My dad is the same way. Anti-social, likes his space. Doesn't talk much. Yeah we are perfect for living with each other.

I brushed my hair real quickly, not that I needed it and straightened it with a flat iron. I sighed again and slipped on my red and black converse high tops. Taking one lass look in the mirror, I brush my teeth and run out the door to my 2011 Chevy Camaro V6 RS. I love my car, it's perfect for me. Dark colored, fast (I think), and has an excellent engine.

Hopping into the driver's seat, I pull out easily and smoothly, before speeding down the road to my personal hell. Forks High School. I got lost in my thoughts as I stared straight ahead, not focusing on the road. I knew the route by heart and could do it with my eyes closed. Besides, its still like 7 am. No one is supposed to even be awake right now.

However, when I wake up, I'm up and can't go back to sleep. So here I am, driving to school at 7 in the fucking morning. I held my breath as I pulled into my spot, literally. I'm here so early that the school reserved a spot in the school parking lot for me. I took a deep breath and slipped out from my baby. Locking it, I hurried through the school doors and to my locker. My converse hit the ground with a soft thud with each step, the only sound in the hallway.

Stopping at my locker, I put in the combination and opened the metal door. Putting away all my books except my English binder, I shut the door and put my forehead against the metal door. The coolness felt good against my skin.

There was a cough behind me that made me jump and yelp quietly. Spinning around I saw my English teacher, Mr. Berty. I looked down, away from his amused look.

"You're here early again Bella," he said, grinning. I nodded.

"Of course Mr. Berty. You should be used to it by now," I replied with a small grin. He chuckled and led me to his classroom. I sat in the back and put my feet up on the empty chair beside me, which will always be empty during the day. No one sits next to me ever. They think I'm weird and crazy. News flash, just because I'm different and Emo, that doesn't mean you all have to be such bitches.

Mr. Berty handed me the book we were reading, Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. I turned to my place, which was way ahead of everyone else. I finished the book twenty minutes later, asking for the chapter worksheets.

Those were done in the next ten minutes. Leaning back, I noticed that the time was 8 am. Time for school to start. Too bad I don't have any work to do. I grabbed Romeo and Juliet from my bag and started to read. Sounds of loud voices, feet pounding against the ground, slamming lockers, and chairs being pulled back reached my ears and I looked up. Too bad I did because the two school sluts, Tanya Denali and Lauren Mallory were standing in front of me. Dammit.

"Ew it's the ugly Emo! Tanya can we please leave the freak? I mean, her looks are going to rub off on me!" Lauren said in her nasally, high pitched voice. The sound grated on my eardrums and I winced slightly.

"Get over it Lauren! Anyway, I don't think her ugliness will rub off on us. Our super hotness won't allow it!" Tanya laughed. I glared at her and my hand automatically went to my wrist. I know what laid under my wrist band.

"Leave me alone bitches," I growled. I shouldn't have done that because Tanya slapped me hard, her nails cutting my skin. I wiped away the blood that trickled from the slash her long nails caused. Disgusting. I was about to pull her fake hair out until I heard a velvety voice come from behind Slut #1 and Slut #2. They turned around and gasped, then fixed their way to tight and small skirts, not to make it go down further, but making it hike farther up their legs to their crotch. Sluts.

"What's going on here?" I heard the new voice say, I was surprised. However, the surprise turned to numbness. He isn't going to help me, he is just going to torture me like the others do.

"Oh nothing. Just talking to the Emo loser here," I heard Tanya say. I scowled, looking down, at my book. I bit my lip to keep from attacking Slut 1.

"Really? It doesn't look like just talking," he said. Is it me or did I hear the undertone of annoyance and anger in his voice. Looking up, I gasped silently. The boy that was talking... He was fucking beautiful. His eyes were a perfect emerald green with greenish blue specks, bronzish sex hair that I could run my fingers through all day, a perfect nose, full lips. He was thin and lanky, boyish, but still had muscles. Hot damn he's gorgeous.

I was starled at myself, I never thought this way about anyone. What's with me? I looked back at the boy to see him staring at me... In curiosity? Great, just what I need. A curious boy who is going to beat me up even further than the hell demons here already do.

"Oh it is, by the way, what's your name handsome?" Tanya asked. I saw her hand on his chest, and shuddered in disgust. Poor boy, now he's going to have to burn that shirt. The look on his face agreed with me, it was disgusted and he pulled himself out of her claws.

"My name is Edward, Edward Cullen," he said. Edward... It fitted him perfectly. I watched the scene in front of me with amusement. Tanya got closer and purred in his ear.

"Edward's a nice name for someone as sexy as you," she said. He looked disgusted beyond belief and I couldn't help but snicker quietly. Thankfully none of them heard. Once again Edward retracted himself from her clutches and sat next to me. "Ew, Eddie why are you sitting with the freak?"

"My name is Edward, not Eddie," Edward growled darkly. Ooo lala, he looks sexy when like that. I looked away again to see Tanya huff. "And I think that the "freak" will be a better person to sit next to then any of you," he continued. I heard the quotation marks around the word 'freak'. That made me confused. Why isn't he repulsed by me?

"Fine, whatever. But I'm always here when you need me Edward," Tanya said, winking. I gagged quietly as she and her follower went to their seats. Class started shortly after once Mr. Berty came in.

"Alright, the sooner we start the sooner we finish. And it seems that we have a new student. Please stand up..." Mr. Berty looked at the clip board. "Oh yes, please stand up Mr. Cullen," he said, looking back up at the class. His eyes stopped at Edward.

Edward did as he said and stood up, looking straight at Mr. Berty. "Alright Mr. Cullen, please introduce and tell us about yourself."

"Alright. Hey everyone, my name is Edward Cullen. I just moved here with my sisters Alice and Rosalie and with my brothers, Jasper and Emmett. We are all adopted, only me and Alice are blood siblings, so are Rosalie and Jasper," he said quickly. He sat back down and looked at me. I locked my eyes with his and he gasped.

I looked at him in confusion, but then remembered that my eyes were freaky and unusual. Looking back down, I hid my face in my hands. Peeking through my fingers, I saw Edward staring at me in wonder. Moving my hands from my face, I looked back, staying silent.

"Ahem, Bella, you can go," I heard Mr. Berty say. I nodded and grabbed my things. Every class, since I have all the work done, I leave the classroom so I won't learn anything I already did. There's only one place I go to during this time. The music room. It's unused and neglected during this time.

Hurrying out of the room, I kept my head down. I walked this route so many times, I didn't even have to look up. I noticed that I was at the music room door and slipped through it with the extra key given to me by the principal. Thank God he knows that this room is my favorite out of the entire school.

Turning on the lights, I sat at the piano, running my fingers over the ivory keys. Tinkling notes filled the air as I smile and turn fully to the keys. I bit my lip, then played a few notes. Then I started to sing. It was a song I made three days ago, called Fuckin' Perfect.

Made a wrong turn, once or twice
Dug my way out, blood and fire
Bad decisions, that's alright
Welcome to my silly life
Mistreated, misplaced, misunderstood
Miss 'No way, it's all good', it didn't slow me down
Mistaken, always second guessing, underestimated
Look, I'm still around

Pretty pretty please, don't you ever ever feel
Like you're less than fuckin' perfect
Pretty pretty please, if you ever ever feel like you're nothing
You're fuckin' perfect to me!

Whenever I sang this line, I always had the urge to put my hands together as if I'm pleading to someone. And that someone is myself.

You're so mean, when you talk about yourself, you were wrong
Change the voices in your head, make them like you instead
So complicated, look happy, you'll make it!
Filled with so much hatred...such a tired game
It's enough! I've done all I can think of
Chased down all my demons, I've seen you do the same

Oh, pretty pretty please, don't you ever ever feel
Like you're less than fuckin' perfect
Pretty pretty please, if you ever ever feel like you're nothing

You're fuckin' perfect to me

The whole world's scared so I swallow the fear
The only thing I should be drinking is an ice cold beer
So cool in line, and we try try try, but we try too hard and it's a waste of my time
Done looking for the critics, cause they're everywhere
They dont like my jeans, they don't get my hair
Exchange ourselves, and we do it all the time
Why do we do that? Why do I do that?

Why do I do that..?

Yeah, oh, oh baby, pretty baby..!
Pretty pretty please, don't you ever ever feel
Like you're less than fuckin' perfect
Pretty pretty please, if you ever ever feel
Like you're nothing, you're fucking perfect to me

You're perfect, you're perfect!
Pretty pretty please, if you ever ever feel like you're nothing
You're fuckin' perfect to me...

I stopped playing and brushed my hair out of my unusual eyes. I bit my lip and heard clapping. I gasped and turned around, my eyes wide. My breath caught in my throat when I saw a flash of bronzish hair. Edward.

"Come on out, I know you're there," I said in a monotone. He came out and smiled at me, then sat in one of the chairs.

"That was beautiful Bella. What is it about?" he asked. He gets to the point, nice.

"... Me," I said. "I'm like two people and one side begs with the other to remember that it's perfect the way it is..." I continued. He nodded.

"So you wrote that due to the fact that one part of you believes the insults that the others say?" I nodded. "That's stupid Bella. You are better than that. You shouldn't even have to deal with that!" he said. I was shocked. Why does he care anyway?

"Why do you care? I bet you're going to be like everyone else later," I murmured. I felt a warm hand on my chin, forcing me to look up. When I did, Edward was standing right in front of me.

"I'm not going to be like them. Unlike them, I can see how good you are," Edward murmured. My eyes grew to the size of saucers. What? Did he just say that he won't beat me up?

"Are you serious?" He nodded. "Promise?" Again he nodded. I sighed in relief and then the bell rang. I sighed and got up.

Edward frowned, then smiled. "May I see your schedule?" I nodded and handed it to him. While he was looking it over, I checked my wristband to see if it's still perfectly in place. It was. "Well, great news! We have the same classes for everyone!" he said with a smile.

"Yay!" I said sarcastically. He rolled his eyes and we left for our next class. I have a feeling that the day is going to be a bit better than normal.

How wrong I was.

Well there you have it!

Review please. No being mean or else I won't write for anymore of my stories. And I don't bluffing... Okay I was bluffing when I said that I didn't bluff but I'm serious about discontinuing my stories.

Please review.

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