The Captain's Daughter

Chapter Ten

I try to read a book as I'm on the train on my way home. I can't concentrate though so I listen to my Walkman instead while I think about what an eventful summer it's been.

In a way it feels like it's only been five minutes. At the same time it feels like it's been a lifetime. I'm once again reminded of the theories of Einstein and can't help but revise them in my head. Everything really is relative.

The train trip to Maryland isn't long and I soon roll into the station closest to the apartment I share with my roommate Ellen Philmore. I haven't seen her all summer but she's my closest friend from college and I can't wait to catch up with her.

I walk the short distance from the station to my apartment, carrying my suitcase and my backpack. It doesn't take me long but my suitcase is heavy and I'm glad when I finally make it home.

"Hello," I call out, struggling into the apartment with my luggage.

"Hello, Dana," Ellen calls out, coming out to greet me. "Oh, I've missed you!"

"I've missed you too, Ellen," I tell her as we hug.

"Hi, Danakins!" Grant greets me as well, pulling me into his arms and twirling me around.

"Dammit, Grant," I chuckle. "I definitely didn't miss you."

"Aw, come on," he whines, as he puts me back on the ground. "You haven't been cheating on me, have you?"

Grant is Ellen's boyfriend and he's always calling me his second girlfriend because the three of us spend so much time together.

"Actually, I did meet someone," I tell him just as much as I'm telling Ellen.

"Oh, honey, I'm so happy for you," Ellen exclaims, giving me another hug. "Tell me everything about it!"

"I will," I chuckle. "Just let me get my stuff into my room."

They agree and help me carry my luggage into my room. I look around, getting reacquainted with the small space that's considered mine. It's been two months since I was last in here - and even though it looks exactly the same as when I left, something feels different. I soon realize that the only thing that's changed is me. I smile at that thought.

Ellen brings us some cold sodas from the fridge as we sit down in the living room. I sit down in our armchair while they sit in the small couch.

"So," I start my tale of the summer as I open my can of diet coke. "Do you remember me telling you about Mulder?"

"Mulder…" Ellen contemplates this for a few seconds before finally remembering. "Mulder! The stud muffin who's one of your dad's lieutenants in the navy? Oh my God, Dana, you're sleeping with him?"

"Yeah," I chuckle, blushing slightly. "Well, to be honest it's a bit more than just sleeping together, we're kind of… well, we're in love."

"Too bad," Grant sighs. "I liked having two girlfriends."

Ellen smacks him for me as I'm too far away to reach him but three of us laugh, nonetheless. I tell them all about my summer. About how Mulder and I got locked inside the washroom and had our first kiss, how I babysat Nicholas, how Melissa and Oliver met each other, and so on. They can't believe it when I'm done with my tale.

"Holy crap, Dana," Grant exclaims. "That's quite the summer, you've had."

"It was definitely eventful," I say, downing the last of my soda.

"And all we did was work and visit family for a few days…" Ellen shakes her head.

"Actually," I remember something. "I promised Mulder I'd give him a call as soon as I got home."

"Uhh, calling lover boy," Grant teases me, always enjoying giving me a bit of hell.

"Shut up," I simply tell him as I move to the phone.

The phone is on the wall in the kitchen, I pick it up and put it to my ear, as I pull a piece of paper with a number on it from my pocket. I push the numbers into the phone and soon it's ringing.

"Teena Mulder speaking," Mrs. Mulder tells me cheerily as she picks up.

"Hello, Mrs. Mulder, this is Dana," I smile down the phone. "Is Mulder there?"

"Oh, hello, Dana," she says happily. "Just a second."

I can hear her call for him and soon I'm finally talking to him again. It's only been a few hours but somehow it feels longer.

"Dana," he sounds happy to hear from me.

"Hi, Mulder," I sigh, closing my eyes at the sound of his voice. "I'm home now."

"We all miss you already," he tells me. "I'll come see you soon."

"You will?" I'm surprised but thrilled.

"Yeah, I just talked to my mom and she'll let me borrow the car for a weekend so I can drive down to Maryland. Mom says it's only a 40 minute drive, I didn't think it was that close."

"That sounds good," I say. "I can't wait, Mulder."

"Me neither," he sighs. "Nicholas is here asking me who I'm talking to."

"Be nice to him, Mulder," I chuckle.

"I'm always nice," he tells me. "Nicholas, I'm talking to Dana, she's telling me she doesn't miss you at all."

"Mulder!" I outburst.

"He doesn't believe me," he chuckles. "He wants to speak to you, is that okay?"

"Of course," I say.

There's some rumbling at the other end of the line.

"Hi, Dana," Nicholas exclaims happily. "Do you miss me?"

"I do," I tell him. "Don't listen to your Uncle Fox, okay?"

"I won't," he laughs. "Is Uncle Fox going to visit you?"

"Yeah, he is. Isn't that nice of him?"

"Yes. Can I come too?"

"Not right now, I need to be alone with your uncle, but maybe another time, okay?"

"Okay," he says. "Was it fun on the train?"

"Yeah, it went really fast," I tell him.

"How fast?" he desperately wants to know.

"It nearly travelled with supersonic speed," I lie.

"Wow," he says amazed. "That's super fast!"

"It is," I chuckle. "Can you put your uncle back on for me, sweetie?"

"Okay, Dana, bye."

"Bye, Nicholas," I smile down the phone.

"He wants to come with me to Maryland, huh?" Mulder chuckles.

"I told him I wanted to be alone with his uncle," I say.

"Oh really, you want to be alone with me?" I can hear him smirk over the phone. "Ow!"

"What was that?" I wonder.

"My mom smacked me," he says dismally.

"Well, I would have too," I tell him. "I could practically hear you smirking."

"Damn," he chuckles.

"Yeah," I just say. "I love you, Mulder. I can't wait to see you again."

"Yeah, I love you too," he says sweetly. "I'll see you soon."

We say our goodbyes and hang up.

As I turn around after hanging up, Ellen and Grant are looking at me, both grinning.

"What?" I chuckle.

"So, your Mulder is coming to see you?" Grant says teasingly.

"Yeah, some time in the next few weeks," I tell them.

"I look forward to meeting him," Ellen says sweetly.

"Yeah, I think you'll like him."

At the prospect of seeing Mulder again soon, I already miss him a little less, and it makes it easier to get through the week. I work long shifts at the café these days, from 9 to 5, Monday through Friday. It'll help me make a little extra money before I start my second year of college. When I start school again I will only be able to work nights. If it was up to me I wouldn't have a job while studying but it's the only way I can pay rent. While my scholarships and my parents' college fund for me are paying for school, I still need to live. As I get home from work Friday, I find Ellen already cooking dinner in the kitchen. Grant is here as well - he's almost always here. He's watching TV in the living room. I plop down on the couch next to him. I've only just sat down as someone's ringing our doorbell. I groan at the prospect of getting up so soon after sitting down and Grant laughs at me and goes to open the door.

"Dana, it's for you," he calls back a few moments later. "It's someone named Fox Mulder, do you know him?"

Within two seconds I've gotten up from the couch and run to the door where Mulder is indeed standing.

"Mulder," I exclaim happily and run to him.

"Hey," he says, wrapping his arms around me, breathing in my scent. "I missed you."

"I missed you too," I say and give him a kiss.

Even though we've talked on the phone every day for this past week, it feels like we haven't seen each other in months. In reality it's only been five days.

He returns my kisses before standing back and eyeing the goofy looking guy standing behind us, who's watching our entire exchange with a silly grin on his face.

"Grant, for God's sake," I chuckle.

"Hello, Fox Mulder, I'm Grant Doyle," he says. "Dana's told me all about you."

"This is Grant," I tell Mulder. "He's my roommate's boyfriend and a complete idiot."

"Oh," Mulder laughs. "Well, nice to meet you, Grant Doyle, boyfriend and idiot."

Mulder extends his hand to him.

"Nice to meet you, Fox Mulder," he chuckles, shaking his hand.

We walk into the apartment and I introduce him to Ellen as well before showing him into my room.

"Your roommates are nice," he says as he puts down his bag by the end of my bed and pulls me into his arms again.

"Ellen's my roommate, Grant's just always around," I tell him, running my hands through his hair, before cupping his face in my hands.

"He seems fun," he chuckles, lowering his hands to my ass, as he bites down on his lower lip.

"Mmh, he's alright," I sigh, studying his facial features. "I missed this face."

"I missed this ass," he says cockily, earning a swat to the shoulder with the back of my hand.

We laugh at each other. So relieved to be together again.

"Tell me I can ravish your body right now," he near begs of me.

"Mmh," I moan slightly.

I've dreamt about this moment all week and it's arrived a lot sooner than expected. I walk over to lock the door. When I turn around he's standing right there, towering over me. He slowly starts to undress me. Before long he's pulling down my panties, my last piece of clothing.

"Lie down on the bed," he tells me.

I walk over to my bed and lie down with my head on the pillow, on top of the covers. My heart is beating fast in my chest. He starts to undress himself; first his jumper, then his shoes and socks, and lastly his jeans. He keeps his boxers on as he joins me on the bed.

Finally we're really kissing. I run my hands through his hair as our mouths get reacquainted. We kiss for the longest time and I can feel my wet folds against the material of his boxers. Why the hell hasn't he taken those off? Just as I'm about to ask him to he moves his kisses down my neck causing me to moan loudly. I remember Ellen and Grant are home and I try to keep it down. As his mouth moves further down and his tongue starts circling my nipple I'm finding it hard not to make any noise though. Languidly the tongue traces lazy patterns around my nipple before he flicks across it a few times and pulls it into his mouth. When he's done torturing my one nipple he moves to the next one where he executes the same form of torture. It feels so good and at the same time he's teasing me so much I nearly can't stand it.

His mouth now travels down to my stomach. He bites my skin gently and kisses me everywhere. I'm already breathing hard. He moves down to my hips, where his feather light kisses feel like they're tickling me, to my inner thighs, where his kisses cause tiny explosions moving throughout my body. He parts my legs a little further with his hands, still kissing my inner thighs. He separates my folds and enters me with his middle finger, which he slowly begins to pump in and out of me. It's just the one finger - all the way in, then all the way out - his pace excruciatingly slow. Then he adds another finger but keeps up his slow pace.

"Mulder, please, please, please," I'm begging him, after minutes of this torment, my head thrashing from one side to the other on my pillow.

He extracts his fingers and stops kissing my inner thighs. I look down at him and I see him, placing his hands around my thighs, holding me open to him, as he ducks his mouth down and runs his tongue from my wet sex to my clit. My head falls back and I moan his name. He does this again a few times before finally circling his tongue around my clit.

"Yes," I breathe out, my one hand moving down into his hair while the other one is grasping the bedframe.

His tongue is finally flicking over my tight little nub, and I nearly leap from the bed, held down by his hands on my thighs. I'm holding his head down with my hand in his hair while his talented tongue is making me climax. As I'm coming he moves his right hand from holding down my thigh to enter me with two fingers. This adds to my pleasure and I can feel myself coming again already. He keeps up his vigorous tongue movements while he moves his two fingers inside of me, wiggling them up and down over my g-spot, making my orgasm last for minutes.

As I at last come down from my high he extracts his fingers and moves up my body. I feel his beyond hard cock throb against my thigh - he's finally lost his boxers.

He's lying on his side next to me and I move onto my side so that I'm facing him. I shower his face with kisses while he pulls my leg over his hip, guiding his cock to my entrance.

Our bodies are pressed closely together as we lie on our sides facing each other, his hard cock finally finding my wet sex.

"Mmh," he groans as he pushes slowly into me.

His top leg is thrown over my bottom one, to give him some leverage, and he pulls my other leg even further up over his hip. It's against his ribcage now as he thrusts into me again. I can't help but moan at the sensation of his large cock inside of me. We start moving together, moving our pelvises in unison while we kiss and nuzzle our faces together. Our lovemaking is slow but strenuous. We're both breathing hard and I can feel another orgasm building. I can also feel that Mulder is close to his own climax. I pull my leg just a few inches further up, making him go even deeper inside of me, and setting off my own orgasm. As he can feel me coming around him, he bucks wildly into me, prolonging my orgasm and resulting in his own.

As he's emptied inside of me, with my name in his lips, he lets go of my leg, which slowly slides down his side. He holds me close to him and kisses me several times, while trying to regain his breath.

"I love you," I mumble into our kisses.

"Mmh," he mumbles back. "Damn, I love you too, Dana."

He lies down on his back and pulls me into his side. I willingly snuggle up to him.

"I didn't expect you here for another week or so," I tell him.

"Yeah," he chuckles. "My mom didn't need the car this weekend and I couldn't wait any longer to see you."

"I'm glad you're here," I tell him.

"Good," he says happily. "I should tell you hi from the people at home. Nicholas talks about you every day."

"He's so sweet," I sigh.

"Yeah, he's quite smitten with you," he chuckles.

We're quiet for a few minutes before he speaks again.

"Remember when we talked about me drawing you naked?"

"Yeah?" I say, remembering a conversation about that after I figured out he can draw quite well.

"I drew you from memory," he tells me. "To keep me company."

"You did?" I ask astounded, sitting up in bed.

"Yeah," he chuckles, getting up from the bed and moving to his bag by the end of the bed, pulling a piece of paper from it.

He sits back down on the bed and hands me the drawing.

"You really think I'm this beautiful?" I ask him, amazed as I study his drawing.

"You are," he says seriously. "Even more beautiful actually."

In the drawing I'm lying on a bed on my side, looking at the person drawing, my one hand supporting my head and the other down my side. I have an hourglass figure and beautiful curves.

"It's amazing," I tell him.

"Do you mind if I keep it?" he asks me. "I like to look at it when I miss you."

"No," I chuckle. "You do that."

I hand him the drawing back and he places it on the nightstand on top of the book I'm currently reading as he lies back down on the bed.

We talk for several hours before leaving the bed, when we're lastly both feeling hungry. Ellen and Grant are curled up on the couch watching TV as we move into the kitchen to heat up some leftovers.

"Lastly, the lovers emerge," Grant greets us.

I can't help blushing. We're both fully dressed but I'm sure they've heard us make love - or at least are capable of figuring our what we've been up to.

Mulder and I have an amazing weekend with each other and we talk a lot about our future together.

He has to serve at least three years in the navy, which means he can give his 12-month's notice in about a year, since he's already served his first year. After that he wants to go back to his field of study: psychology, possibly find some research work at a university where he can put his Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology to use.

In two years I'll hopefully have earned my own degree in Physics, with the extra credit work I did through high school and freshman year of college, I'll be ready to enroll into medical school. If we're still together we agree to find a university with both great medical and psychology facilities and maybe even find a place together to live. Two years seem like such a long time away but I have no doubts that I'll want the same things then. Mulder doesn't seem to have any doubts regarding our future together either.

When our weekend comes to an end, we say our goodbyes. Again. Already looking forward till the next time we'll get to see each other. And even though we know it'll be longer than five days this time, before we'll see each other again, we're not sad. We have our whole life ahead of us after all.


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