The Captain's Daughter

Chapter Two

As Saturday comes so does one of the major crises that all women suffer under; what to wear?! Melissa and I have told Mulder that we'll join him and the guys in the DC nightlife. And ever since we kissed last night I've both been looking forward to seeing him again but I've also been very nervous about it. Will he act like nothing has happened? I don't think I could bare that. Will he be very open about this new thing between us? I definitely don't want that. Putting the stress of having to find something to wear on top of that, you could say I'm losing it.

"That's it!" I cross my arms over my chest and sit myself down on the bed. "I'm not going!"

"Dana," Melissa chuckles, sitting herself down next to me on the bed with her arms around my shoulders. "We promised Mulder we'd come. Plus, I'm sure I can find you something great to wear."

She walks over to my side of the dresser and looks through it. Within a minute she's picked out a dark blue skirt that goes mid thigh and a red satin shirt. I look up at her in awe.

"How did you do that?"

"I'm your big sister," she winks at me and puts the clothes down next to me as she goes over to put on the pink and black dress she is going to wear.

As we're both dressed I let Melissa do my makeup. Usually I do it myself but Melissa likes doing all those big sister things so I let her.

"Thanks," I smile at her as she's done.

"You're welcome, kiddo," she smiles back at me.

While she finishes doing her own makeup I go in search for shoes. I quickly decide on my black pumps. In high school I'd always worn sneakers but this past year during college I'd started wearing heels. I'd finally figured out I probably wasn't going to get any taller naturally and therefore I started buying new footwear. The first month or so I'd gotten blisters and sore feet. But I'd soon gotten use to it and now I love that I don't have to feel so short all the time.

"You ready?" Melissa asks me.

"Yes," I nod as I grab my black purse and follow her out of our room.

"We're going now, dad!" Melissa yells at him, not knowing where he is.

"Hang on!" he yells back and comes down the stairs.

"Wow, you look very beautiful, girls," he smiles at us.

"Thanks, daddy," I say and go over to give him a hug.

"Be careful, okay?" he whispers to me as he holds me close to him.

"I will," I say as I pull out of the hug.

"What time do you think you'll be back?" he asks us, clearly not happy that we're not in high school anymore and that there is no curfew he can decide.

"It'll probably be late," Melissa shrugs.

"Okay, I won't wait up then," dad sighs.

"Don't worry, dad," Melissa chuckles. "We'll see you in the morning."

"Yes, of course, I'm not worried," he lies and tries to smile. "And I did say you could go as long as you did your chores."

At the mention of chores, Melissa and I look at each other as if asking; did you..? Then we both shake our heads. We didn't clean up in the kitchen after dinner.

"Girls?" dad chuckles at us.

"You go on, Melissa, I'll clean up and join you," I tell her and move towards the kitchen.

"Oh no!" Melissa exclaims and holds me back.

Dad and I look at her in shock.

"I mean; I'll do it, Dana. You go on ahead."

I realize she's scared I'll chicken out and stay home because of my crisis earlier. I am just about to tell her not to worry about it when I realize that this might be a chance to be alone with Mulder again.

"Oh, all right," I sigh. "I'll see you later then."

"Yes, I'll join you guys as soon as I'm done here!" she promises and goes into the kitchen.

"Bye, dad," I give him another hug.

"Bye, Dana," he kisses me in the hair and lets me walk out the door.

My tummy fills with butterflies. If the other guys aren't there yet I'll be alone with Mulder. If only for a few minutes, it'll be worth all the stress I've been going through getting ready.

As I arrive outside his apartment I take a deep breath before knocking on the door. A few seconds later he opens it. And he looks absolutely amazing. He is wearing a pair of denim shorts that ends right above his knees and a blue and white horizontal striped t-shirt.

"Dana," he says surprised. "Hi."

"Hi," I say dreamily as I smile at him.

"You're early," he tells me cheery.

"I am?" I ask as I look down at my wristwatch. "It's 8, I thought you said 8?"

"Oh, I did. Usually when I say 8 people are here around 9," he chuckles. "But you couldn't know that, come on in."

He steps back and lets me into his apartment. I walk into a combined kitchen and living room. He's set up some extra chairs on the other side of the coffee table from the couch.

"So I thought you and Melissa would be coming together," he says as he moves to the fridge to get us something to drink, while I have a look around.

"We were going to but she'd forgot to do something, she'll be here in half an hour or so," I tell him as I study a few pictures he has on a shelf.

"So you didn't come by yourself so you could be alone with me?" he asks, suddenly right behind me.

I turn around, surprised at how near he is.

"Why would I wanna be alone with you?" I ask him teasingly, leaning back against the wall.

"Oh, I don't know," he smiles wickedly as he takes a step closer towards me, our bodies nearly touching now.

"Is one of those for me?" I ask, motioning for the two beers in his hands.

"It was," he smiles and puts both of the beers down on the shelf next to me.

"What are you doing?" I wonder.

He looks me deep in the eyes and takes one last small step towards me closing the gap between us.

"I was wondering something," he says, putting his hands on my hips, causing me to gasp slightly.

"Mmh, what was that?" I ask, moving my own hands to his shoulders.

"Would you mind if I kissed you again?" he whispers, his lips nearly gracing mine.


I've only just gotten the words across my lips when his crash onto mine. His tongue is instantly parting my lips, soft and begging. As hot and frantic as the kiss is as soft and passionate is it.

Oh God, he feels amazing. His hard body is pressed up against me, his chest against mine, his kisses moving down my neck. I revel in the feeling of the muscles in his back under my fingers. I run my fingers into his perfect hair, tugging at it slightly. When he moves his kisses down, my heavy breathing is interrupted by a moan of pleasure as he kisses the top of my breast. I look down to see he has popped open a few of the buttons in my red satin shirt, my black bra now revealed.

"Mulder," I breathe out pulling him upwards to my face again for another kiss.

His mouth greedily meets mine before pulling back slightly. He looks down and bites his lip. I look down as well and see my breasts in my black lace bra. I look back up to his face; he looks contemplating. I begin running my fingers through the hairs at his nape, watching his beautiful face.

Suddenly he looks back up into my eyes. I am caught off guard by the lust and need I see in his now darkened eyes. He looks down again and moves his hand slowly from my hip and upward. He is going to touch my breast. I can stop him. I don't want to.

As his hand finally closes around it, squeezing it, he groans and looks into my eyes. Now I am biting my lip, leaning my head back against the wall. The way he is doing this feels so good. We lean in towards each other and our lips lock once more, his hand is now squeezing my breast. His other hand moves to the small of my back and he presses me further against him. I can now clearly feel his rock hard erection against my stomach, causing me to moan into our kiss.

I want to do nothing more than stuff my hand down his denim shorts but I remember something. Time and place. People are going to come soon. We are in the living room of Mulder's apartment.

When I put my hands on his chest, he squeezes my breast tighter and thrusts against me.

I gently push against him but he isn't moving, not even slightly. Great.

I push hard against him and it gives a smack when our lip lock is broken.

His hand has left my breast and they are both on my hips again. He looks bewildered and absolutely adorable. It is clear there is only one thing on his mind at the moment.

"Your guests will be here soon," I speak quietly. "I mean we could… but it'd be rushed…"

He seems to sober up, nodding his head.

"I don't want to rush anything with you," he tells me honestly, holding my gaze.

"No, me neither," I agree with a sigh, happy with his decision.

"So…" he steps back, his hands losing their hold of my hips, my hands falling from his chest - I miss him already. "What now?"

I shrug, not able to wipe the smile off my face.

"Stop looking at me like that," he grins, grabbing his beer from the shelf.

"Like what?" I wonder, grabbing my own beer and taking a swig.

"You look like you could eat me up," he chuckles.

"I could," I say flatly.

He was about to take another sip from his beer but gulps visibly.

"Not fair," he sighs and turns away from me to go sit in the couch.

I can't help the giggle that escapes me. I turn back to the photos I was looking at before. Trying to figure out how the people in them are related to him. There is a boy that is clearly Mulder; same smile. He is with what I presume is his mother, father and sister in the photograph. He was a cute kid. There is a more recent photo of a baby as well, definitely not him judging from the more modern quality of it. I figure it must be a cousin; it's a really cute baby. There are a couple of older wedding photographs, his grandparents I deduce. I can't see the resemblance, no one in his family are as handsome as him. The baby comes close though.

"You were a cute kid," I tell him walking over to the couch area, sitting in a chair opposite him.

"Thanks," he snorts.

"I'm serious," I tell him, leaning back in the chair, turning my head to look at the pictures again.

"Well, thanks," he shakes his head.

"Why would you think otherwise?" I ask, sipping from my beer.

"I was dorky," he chuckles, looking down at his bottle.

I want nothing more than to jump him. Or at least sit down next to him. But I know that won't be wise. I'll have to keep a little distance. Especially when consuming alcohol.

"You're still dorky," I tell him.

He looks up, a fire in his eyes.

"Am not," he argues.

"You are."




There's a knock on the door. Mulder gets up to answer it. When he walks past me, I half whisper a: "Yes," after him.

He sighs exhausted and I smile triumphantly.

It turns out Missy's here. Not long after Tom Hunter and Harry Lewis joins us. And lastly Peter Johansson and Jim Evans, the guy who nearly walked in on Mulder and me kissing the day before.

The moment Hunter comes into the apartment he lights up as he realizes Melissa is here. He's always had a thing for her and has always gazed after her. I have no idea why she doesn't go out with him. He is sweet and funny and he doesn't look bad either.

We are all having a great time and before anyone of us notices it hours have flown by. I've had two beers but the guys have had more. Except Harry Lewis, since he is our driver tonight.

Before long we are all getting into the car, with Lewis driving and Hunter riding shotgun. Johansson says Missy will have to sit in his lap so she does just that. With seven of us and only five seats in the car, I quickly do the math and figure out I'll be sitting in someone's lap as well.

"You can sit with me," Mulder offers, beating Evans to it.

I am so glad he offers this; since it would have been awkward explaining to Evans I don't want to sit with him but Mulder instead. With Johansson and Missy giggling in their seat and Evans sat in the middle, Mulder climbs in pulling me down on him.

Soon we are on the road and through the checkpoint - despite not being buckled in, the guard merely smiles and laughs with us as Lewis shows him his papers.

I feel bad for Hunter in front. He looks quite down over Missy being in Johansson's lap.

Soon all thoughts about Hunter are forgotten though, as Mulder pulls me further back into him. I nearly moan at his erection pressing into me. I can feel myself getting way too excited. I look down and see my nipples poking out through my bra and satin shirt.

He puts his arms around me, pressing me back against his chest.

"Just to keep you safe," he mumbles.

I can only nod, leaning back into him. I can't stop myself from squirming slightly in his lap causing Mulder to groan into the back of my neck. Luckily they have the music on so nobody can hear him - well, except me.

"Danes," Melissa chuckles, interrupting Evans' joke. "Is something poking into your bum as well?"

Most of them start laughing, all except me, Mulder and Hunter. Mulder is completely quiet while Hunter and I pretend to find it funny.

Johansson might be poking Missy but Mulder is stabbing me. I purposefully don't answer.

"Well," Johansson chuckles. "Who wouldn't be sporting a little wood at a time like this?"

"So," Evans begins. "I'm sitting between two guys sporting wood?"

Now everybody laughs at this, except Evans who shudders.

They start joking back and fourth but I am not paying much attention anymore. Mulder has started caressing my neck with his nose, at the side away from the others where no one can see it. He makes a little thrust upwards and begins kissing my neck instead. I have to bite my lip not to moan. If we were alone I think I could have come just from this.

"We're there soon," Lewis announces.

This causes Mulder and me to detangle slightly. I hope no one has noticed us. Judging from the jokes running back and fourth I'd say they were none the wiser.

As we walk from where we've parked to the bar, Mulder holds his green light jacket strategically in front of him to cover his erection. I smile at him when noticing, gaining a heart warming yet mischievous smile back.

We find a booth quickly as we arrive at the bar. The place is quite full tonight but there's room for more people still. There are a few couples at the dance floor dancing to a Journey song.

"I love that song," Melissa announces just as I've sat down next to Evans, scooting in to make room for Mulder next to me.

Before he can sit down though, Melissa's pulled him onto the dance floor.

He looks slightly lost at first but before long they're dancing away, smiling and laughing.

"She's a feisty one, your sister," Evans nudges me.

"Yeah," I chuckle, the smile not reaching my eyes.

I realize how close we're sitting since I'd made room for Mulder.

"I bet you can be too," he smirks.

"Ew," I tell him, causing him to laugh heartily and put his arm around me.

I look up into his blue eyes, quite similar to mine but a darker blue, I think. His black hair combed back nicely.

"You are feisty," he whispers. "And you look great tonight."

"Thanks," I say uncomfortably, trying to edge away from him.

I look back to the dance floor. Missy has her hands on Mulder's chest. I realize he's looking at me. Frowning. He has the nerve to frown at me because Evans is sitting close to me, while he's off with my sister. Bastard. I roll my eyes at him and turn back to Evans.

"Could you move over," I ask him.

"Why?" he chuckles.

"Because I've moved to the edge of the bench and I don't feel like sitting in your lap."

I say this as nicely as possible but of course he takes offence.

"Well," he snickers, moving his arm from around me, giving me a bit more space. "You were sitting in Mulder's lap all the way here."

"That's different, I had to, and otherwise we wouldn't fit in the car."

"So you'll sit in my lap on the way back?" he asks hopeful, biting his lip.

The expression on my face says it all though.

"Why not?" he demands to know. "Why Mulder and not me? Am I that horrible?"

"No," I assure him, he really isn't a bad guy. "It's just… different with Mulder."

I feel like I've said too much and I can feel my cheeks flush.

"Different how?" he asks me.

"Mulder…" God, how am I going to get out of this one? "We're good friends, Mulder and me. You and I, we don't each other so well."

I feel like a champion with that save, and I'm quite proud of myself actually.

"Sure… friends," he snorts, causing me to flush a deeper shade of red.

The music has changed from Journey to Shakin' Stevens, I take a quick look only to see they're still dancing together.

"Excuse me," I tell Evans and walk to the bathroom.

I want to splash some water in my face but I don't want to ruin my makeup. I sigh and look at myself in the mirror instead. What the hell are you doing? I ask myself. Why am I so jealous? I'm not even really with Mulder. We've just fooled around a bit. I like him, sure. But why am I reacting this strongly? Is it because it's my sister he's dancing to? Probably. I know Missy's prettier than me - and definitely a lot sexier. She's taller too and she has longer legs. I tell myself to get a grip and decide to leave the bathroom. When I step into the hallway that has doors leading to the bathrooms for men and women and one leading back into the bar, I'm surprised to see Mulder standing right in front of me and I jump slightly.

"Sorry," he mumbles.

I wonder if he means for giving me a scare or for dancing with Melissa.

"What's up?" I ask him, taking a step back, so we're not standing so close.

"Is something up with you and Evans?" he asks me, looking me straight in the eyes.

"What?" I outburst. "Mulder, you're running off with my sister and you have the nerve to ask me…"

I'm cut off by Mulder's lips on mine. I moan into the kiss, putting my arms around his neck.

Before it becomes too heated he pulls back, and rests his forehead against mine.

"She just dragged me along, Dana. You saw that."

"Yeah," I sigh. "So… you don't… like Melissa?" I ask him warily, looking down.

"Sure, I like her. She's sweet. And she's fun. But… she's like a friend, she…" I look up at him, his green eyes boring into mine. "She doesn't make me feel the way you do."

My heart skips a beat. I capture his lips again. I'm suckling on his lower lip, the one he worries so often. He's breathing hard against my mouth. Soon he pulls back again though.

"And Evans?" he asks.

"He advanced me," I tell him the truth and see his jaw clench. "I turned him down."

He nods, trusting me completely.

"You… you make me feel things too," I let him know, smiling shyly at him.

He pulls me closer, his arms around me. He smiles, a dangerously charming smile.

"Like what?" he wants to know. "What do I make you feel?"

"Wet?" I offer.

He chuckles and seems awfully pleased with himself.

The door to the bar opens and we jump apart.

"Well, well, well…" Evans says, folding his arms over his chest.

He's only caught us hugging tightly, but that's bad enough - I flush red.

"Friends?" he addresses me. "Just friends?"

"What?" Mulder chuckles. "You jealous?"

Evans frowns. Then grunts and walks back into the bar.

"Great," I sigh. "Now he'll tell the whole world."

"Nah, he won't say a thing," Mulder promises me, taking my hand.


He nods in the affirmative giving me a cute little smile.

We go back to the booth. Melissa is now dancing with Hunter. He looks absolutely over the moon, which seems to be pleasing Melissa.

Johansson and Evans are in deep conversation, ogling some women at the end of the bar - most likely not saying anything even remotely respectable.

I sit down next to Lewis, Mulder scooting in next to me. I like Harry Lewis, he reminds me of myself. Quiet and a bit shy but a genuinely nice guy. The kind of guy whom every girl would be lucky to end up with but sadly also the kind of guy who'd never ask a girl out if there was even the smallest risk of being rejected.

"You enjoying yourself okay?" I ask him.

"Yeah sure," he nods, but he's probably a bit bored being the designated driver. "Hunter sure seems happy."

"Yeah," I giggle. "Poor guy."

"Appropriate song though," Mulder enters our conversation.

I listen to Hall & Oates' Maneater and can't stop laughing.

"Oh yeah," I say leaning into Mulder's side slightly.

"You want a drink, Dana?" he asks me.

"Mmh, that would be great," I lick my lips just to tease him - it works too.

He shakes his head at me getting up from the table asking Lewis if he wants a coke.

"Mulder's a great guy," Lewis says.

I think he's caught me staring at his ass as he walks to the bar but realize he's just making conversation.

"Yeah, he is," I agree, looking back to Lewis.

"I had it tough the first few months," Lewis admits, looking down suddenly, his face flushing. "He really helped me through it - made me come out of my shell with the guys, making me part of the group."

"That's nice," I say, looking dreamily over at Mulder - an angel but with devilish good looks.

I ask Lewis about how he's liking the navy now and he tells me how he feels about it - how he's thinking of making a career in the navy, and about some of their exercises.

Soon Mulder is back with a drink for me, a beer for himself and a coke for Lewis. I mutter a thank you and wish I could kiss him.

When it's finally time to leave I'm a bit drunk. Well not drunk, but intoxicated surely. Mulder seems the same. We joke and laugh on the way to the car a bit ahead of the others who's basically carrying Melissa.

"Wanna sleep at my place tonight?" he asks suddenly out of nowhere.

I look around, we're alone by the car, and the others can only be heard in the distance approaching.

"I don't know," I chuckle a bit nervously.

"We could just sleep," he smiles, taking my hand. "Maybe cuddle a little."

I seriously doubt we'd settle with cuddling if we were to share a bed. He sees my hesitancy.

"Think about it," he says, giving my hand a final squeeze before letting go as the others have reached us now.

We sit the same way in the car on the way back. While Johansson, Melissa and Evans are passed out, sleeping nearly the second we take off, Hunter and Lewis are screaming along to Karma Chameleon by Culture Club in the front.

This leaves Mulder and me a bit of privacy. I sit sideways in his lap, my back to Evans and the rest of them. I move my head up from his shoulder and give him a peck on the lips. He has his arms around me. The others will assume we're sleeping, the way we're sitting.

"What was that for?" he whispers, combing my hair out of my face.

I just shrug. "I like kissing you."

"Mmh, me too," he agrees, giving me a small kiss as well.

We're whispering sweet nothings to each other on the rest of the ride back, exchanging small kisses. The guys in the front are singing loudly to the radio the whole way, making it possible without being noticed.

At last Lewis stops the car, waking up the people in the backseat. I sit up straight in Mulder's lap, pretending to just have woken up.

"Okay, first stop: The Scully girls," he announces.

Melissa stretches herself against Johansson, giving him a peck on the cheek before getting out.

"You coming?" she asks me, sticking her head back inside.

"Uhm, no… I left my jacket at Mulder's, I'll just come home when I've picked it up," I lie.

Nobody seems to pick up on it though. Melissa just nods and says goodnight to the guys. Only Mulder knows I'm lying. I dare a look at him; he's smiling a smug little smile, making me crack into a smile of my own.

At the next stop Evans and Johansson get off. They're both looking absolutely knackered. To not look too conspicuous I slide off Mulder's lap. A few minutes later it's finally our turn to get out. We thank Hunter and Lewis for a great night and walk towards Mulder's apartment. We're laughing and giggling, being silly and feeling nervous as we walk the small distance. Mulder unlocks the door and ushers me inside.

"So," he says, closing the door behind him and turning on the living room light. "Where did you leave your jacket?"

I look around as if actually looking for it and then shrug.

"We could take a look in the bedroom," he suggests with a devilish smile.

I roll my eyes but can't keep the smile off my face. I turn and walk towards his bedroom. He flickers the lights off again and follows me through the dark living room into his bedroom.

He turns on a lamp by his nightstand. It's a mess of papers and books and his reading glasses on top of it all. I chuckle. He follows my gaze and shrugs with a smile. I look to his bed. It's a queen size bed, stuffed into the corner of the room. It's unmade, and the covers are a mess.

"Wanna sleep against the wall?" he asks me, motioning to the bed, starting to undress, pulling down his denim shorts and removing his socks.

I kick off my pumps and start unzipping my skirt.

"Sure, that's fine," I tell him.

"Great, I'll probably need to get up to pee," he says grinning, sitting down on the edge of the bed now in his boxers and t-shirt.

"And if I have to get up to pee?" I ask, folding my skirt neatly and putting it on the armchair in the opposite corner of the room.

"I guess you'll have to crawl over me," he smirks.

"Is that so?" I ask, coming to the bed, sitting down next to him.

"Yep," he says.

I look down at his t-shirt then up to his face, raising an eyebrow in a challenge.

He raises his eyebrow in a similar way, nodding towards the shirt still on my body, throwing the challenge back at me.

I pop open a few buttons. He smiles and pulls his t-shirt over his head to throw it at the pile of clothes on the floor. I look at him, admiring his toned chest and abs. Wow. There's a trail of hairs leading from his navel and down into his boxers, I wonder where it leads - although I can probably guess.

"Your turn," he says, his voice rough.

I stand up and pull my shirt over my head - faster than working the buttons I figure.

He looks at me hungrily, I feel a bit self-conscious but the way he looks at me fills me with confidence. I go to the bed and pull the cover back, crawling into the side by the wall. Mulder lies down with me, under the cover as well, right beside me.

I reach out to him and he inches closer until we're basically hugging in bed. His arms are around my waist and my hands are on his strong chest.

"You wanna get the light?" I ask him.

"Is it okay if we leave it on?" he asks back, worrying his bottom lip.

I nod, quite happy with his decision.

"Not that I'm assuming anything," he quickly adds.

"Of course not," I chuckle.

"I just want to watch your face for a little while, before I sleep," he says kissing my eyelids. Then my nose. And cheeks. And finally my mouth.

I kiss him back, moving my hands over his chest and abs and shoulders. He feels so great, and I can feel his muscles flex under my skin as he moves his leg up between mine. I've been able to feel his erection since we lied down, but now it's jabbing me in the stomach. Again. My stomach tightens at the feeling and I feel a gush of wetness between my legs. With his thigh against my panties I'm sure he can feel how much I like this.

"You're really wet," he states, moving his leg a bit between my legs, relieving some of my pressure but teasingly so - I close my eyes at the feeling. "And your face is flushed."

"Mmh, but you're hard," I state back at him, thrusting my pelvis forward gently, rubbing against his hardness.

"I'm nearly always hard around you," he confesses, eyes closed as I keep gently thrusting, rubbing against his leg essentially.

"Really?" I'm quite surprised at his confession.

"From the moment I met you," he says, moving his right hand to my breast, starting to massage it. "You're beautiful, do you know that?"

"Thanks," I say shyly - I don't think so, but I'm glad he does.

He rolls on top of me, settling between my legs. His arms holding up his weight as he keeps himself raised above me, looking down at me - down my body and up to my face. He licks his lips and lowers himself down on top of me. Our stomachs touching feels great, as does my breasts pushed against his broad chest. We both sigh content as he lowers his head to kiss me again. We kiss so slowly, languidly, tasting each other, our tongues playing. After minutes of this he begins thrusting against me. I moan into his mouth at the feeling of his hard cock pressing against me where I want him the most. He keeps thrusting while we're still kissing. God, it feels great. Amazing.

As much as I want him I'm really glad he's taking it slow. It just feels right like this.

After a while he stops thrusting and kissing me, moving his kisses down to my neck and breasts. I moan as he puts his head between my breasts, licking my skin there. He keeps his head there, content for a little while just resting between my breasts. At last he moves his kisses to my left nipple, licking it through the bra I'm still wearing. I can't help the small moans that escape my mouth. He moves to my right nipple, this time pulling my bra down over my breast - as a result putting his mouth on my naked nipple. I take a sharp intake of breath at the feeling of his tongue flicking my nipple. God, that's nice. His hand moves to pull the bra down over my other breast, where he starts pinching my nipple. Oh dear God…

He keeps this up for a good while, shifting between breasts a few times. Then his kisses move down to my stomach and around my navel. Everywhere he kisses me a stab of electricity courses through me, all ending in my crotch. He then moves his mouth down to my inner thighs - Jesus that feels nice. I moan his name in a whisper and breathe a little harder. His hand moves to pull my panties down but I put my hand over it - no, too soon. He understands immediately but keeps kissing my thighs - yes, keep going, Mulder. I enjoy his lips on me, how good it feels, not close to orgasm just enjoying the stillness and gentleness of this.

He comes up again, planting kisses all over my face. I grin up at him; he smiles back down at me. His chest now against my naked breasts - it feels even better than before.

I run my hands all over his back and down to his ass, grabbing it, kneading his flesh.

Apparently this gives Mulder an idea because before I know it he's lying down next to me, pulling me on top of him. I lay on his chest and he pulls my head to his, kissing me hungrily. I steady myself with my hands on his shoulders, kissing him back. His hands now move down to my ass, grabbing it in the same way I did his before. He groans against me, thrusting upwards, his erection against my thigh. His fingertips are soon playing with the hem of my panties, begging for permission, I realize. I dart my tongue into his mouth, not wanting to break our kiss to say anything. He understands and pushes his hands inside my panties, grabbing my ass, feeling it up, and running his hands over my butt cheeks.

From his breast action earlier I would have thought he preferred breasts to butts. Now I'm not so sure.

I've only just thought this thought as he turns us again. On our sides facing each other, like we begun. His hand moves up to cup my still naked breast, teasing my nipple as we kiss again.

I'm beginning to think my lips may be bruising and pull out of the kiss. He tries to capture my lips again but I put a finger to his lips stopping him.

"My lips hurt," I tell him grinning - I look at his own swollen lips, thinking he's done even more kissing than me tonight.

"You wanna try and sleep?" he asks me, smiling.

"I wanna touch you," I tell him bluntly.

He nods lying down on his back. I snuggle into his right side moving my hand over his chest through the hair there, down to the trail I was admiring earlier leading down to his boxers. I play with those hairs, running my fingers through it. He has his right arm around me, holding me into his side tightly. His other hand moves down to his boxers. He lifts the elastic band, letting me peep down at little Mulder. Well, not so little Mulder, actually. My hand moves down his happy trail and down to not so little Mulder. It surprises me how hard he feels in my hand. I pull his hard penis out of his boxers to lie on his stomach while Mulder pushes his boxers down as much as he can. I trace my fingers up and down his length - my touch feather light. He's already breathing so heavily. There's a drop of lubricant at the tip of his penis. I touch my finger to it and spread it down onto his cock, stroking it in earnest now. He groans, biting his swollen lip, keeping his eyes on my hand on him.

I'm so glad we leaved the light on. Not only can I see Mulder's glorious cock but I also get to watch his face while I pleasure him.

It doesn't take him long to come in my hand. I'd wanted to take it slower but seeing how close he was I couldn't help but to pick up my pace, and watch his beautiful face contort in pleasure, while he is breathing my name.

It takes him a few minutes to open his eyes again after his orgasm. When he does he is smiling down at me, looking amazed. I feel amazing. He looks down at himself and groans. I've been so caught up in watching his face, I haven't noticed the mess he's made on himself - well, we've made, really. Drops of semen are covering his stomach and chest - and my hand of course.

"Want me to grab a towel?" I ask him, already on my way to leave his side.

He shakes his head though and pulls me close to him, kissing my forehead.

He moves a bit and grabs a random t-shirt from the floor - not my shirt, I make sure - and wipes up the mess. I dry my hand in it as well.

"Oops," he chuckles, looking down to my naked breast hanging out from my bra still. "I got a little on you."

He wipes the semen off my breast and throws the t-shirt away.

I sit up to unhook my bra and throw it to the floor as well.

"Got something I can wear?" I ask him suddenly a little cold.

"Yeah," he says, pulling his boxers up before hanging over the bed to reach for something.

"There you go," he lays back down, handing me the t-shirt he's been wearing tonight. "Should be semen free and all."

"Great," I chuckle, putting it on and snuggling back up to him, pulling the covers back up over us.

Mulder is just about to reach out and finally turn off the light when he suddenly looks down at me as if remembering something.

"What?" I wonder.

"Before we sleep, are you sure you don't want me to…" he looks down my body and I flush a deep shade of red.

"No," I shake my head but smile at him. "I just want to sleep. Here. With you."

He nods, reaching up and putting the light out.

"I really liked what you did," I find it easier to tell him in the dark. "It felt really good, Mulder."

"Yeah," he sighs content, squeezing me against him. "It was great. You… the thing you - that was really nice too. Really, really nice. Great. Amazing. Wonderful really."

"Okay, okay," I chuckle. "I get the point."

"Goodnight, beautiful," he says giving me a last gentle kiss.

"Night," I whisper against his lips.

Within seconds we're both asleep.

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