The Captain's Daughter

Chapter Three

It's Sunday and the date is June 10. I'm awakened abruptly by the sound of my telephone ringing. My body gives a little jump, awakening the beauty sleeping next to me. She's still snuggled up to me, like when we fell asleep. It's still dark out and I wonder who could be calling at this time of the night. It can't be more than an hour ago since we went to sleep. I dig the phone out from under the mess on my nightstand and place it on the bed next to me before picking it up. Dana reaches out and caresses my stomach and chest as I sit up slightly - it feels nice to have her hand on me.

"Mulder," I answer the phone groggily.

The voice on the other end of the line causes me to really wake up though and my heart starts beating faster.

"Oh, hello, sir," I say trying to keep the roughness out of my voice.

Dana's hand stops tracing patterns on my skin as she too realizes who's on the phone and she sits up slightly as well.

"Yes- yes, sir, Dana's here, she… uhm, fell asleep on the couch last night," I hope I sound just a bit trustworthy - I've always liked Captain Scully and felt like the feeling was mutual, but I also know how protective he is of his daughter.

"Yes, I will," I say. "No, that's alright, I understand."

He's buying my story - and sorry he woke me, I can't help the smile of relief from plastering my face.

"Goodnight, sir."

"Dad?" Dana asks me as I've hung up.

"Yeah," I sigh, putting the phone down on the floor before cuddling up to her again. "He was wondering why it was taking you so long to pick up a jacket."

"Did he believe you?" she seems a bit nervous. "That I'd fallen asleep on the couch?"

"Yeah," I ease her fears. "He trusts us both, I think."

That earns a little chuckle from her, I can't help smiling - I love making her laugh.

She's laying half on top of me. I can't help pushing my hand up under my t-shirt, which she's wearing, caressing her breast gently.

She looks surprised but it doesn't seem like she minds.

She has the most amazing breasts; they fit so perfectly in my hand.

I roll her over so she's on her back, me on my side next to her, still caressing her breast.

I lean down and kiss her, hoping her lips don't hurt anymore. By the way she kisses me back, I would say they're fine. Her hand comes up to my hair, pulling slightly at it by my nape. I move my hand down from her breast to her panties, feeling her up outside her underwear. I can feel her heat through the lace material. My cock jumps to attention from its semi-erect state. She's moaning into our kiss, rubbing herself against my hand. Sweet mother of Jesus.

Last night she didn't let me pull her panties down. I wonder if she will now.

I play with the hem like I did last night. Her hand squeezes my shoulder and she kisses me even hungrier. I can't help the groan from escaping me. I break off our kiss to sit up on my knees. First I rip the covers off of us - they annoy me and in my passionate state I throw them to the floor.

She's looking up at me with those hungry eyes of hers, which even in the dark room only lit up by the sparkling moon, shine bright blue. God, she really is beautiful. My hands find the hem of her panties again.

"Wait," she says.

I do as I'm told and see her reach out towards the lamp on my nightstand. She flickers the light on, making me want to ravish her even more. I remind myself to be gentle, so instead of ripping her undergarments off of her, I ease them down over her ass and legs as she lifts slightly from the bed to allow me to do so. Next I move for the t-shirt she's wearing. She lifts her upper body, letting me lift it from her body and throw it to the floor after her panties.

She's completely naked now, as she lays back down on the bed, looking up at me. I can't decide where to begin so I just stare at her for a while. Her beautiful face, her ice blue eyes, her magnificent breasts, her taut stomach, the red hairs between her thighs, and her smooth legs all make me feel dizzy.

I finally decide to lay down myself and remove my boxers, which are seriously hurting to keep on, as my cock is now so hard I imagine it must be purple. Before I can remove the offensive garment though, she stops my hands. I look at her in wonder as she pulls them off of me and drops them to the floor, before moving to sit on top of me. I'm breathing so hard now, so aroused, I've never experienced anything like it.

She's straddling me now, my cock against her sex as it's lying against my stomach. She takes my hands and laces her fingers through mine, placing our hands on each side of my head. She leans down to kiss me and I kiss her back fervently. She quickly pulls back though, making me whimper for her.

"Not so rough, Mulder," she smiles down at me.

I close my eyes and take a deep breath, nodding my head, but wondering how I can be anything but as turned on as I am.

She leans down to kiss me again. Her lips are moving gently against mine. Yes, that does feel great. We kiss languidly, slowly, so passionate, and I start to feel dizzy. When she begins rubbing her wet sex up and down my hard cock, I think I'm going to loose it. Fuck me, Dana - that feels amazing.

Eventually our kissing comes to a haul and we're just breathing heavily against each other now. Her movements and pace so slow it's killing me. This is torture, I realize. She's even holding my arms down. It's the sweetest torture I can imagine though.

"Stop," I finally tell her through my ragged breathing. "Need you."

She actually moans at my words and raises herself up, releasing my hands.

I immediately reach up and give her breasts a squeeze, just because I've missed them, before placing my hands on her hips.

"Do you have a… some protection?" she asks shyly.

"That drawer," I motion for the nightstand.

She reaches over, bringing her breasts to my face. I catch her nipple in my mouth, making her moan. I release it quickly though as she's found the box of condoms in the drawer.

She looks at the unopened box, and seems pleased, before opening it and taking out a condom. She drops the box to the floor and opens the package. I groan as I watch and feel her roll the condom onto my length.

She raises herself up slightly, positioning my cock at her entrance. I take a mental picture of the aroused look on her face and the glorious sight of the tip of my cock inside of her.

She places her hands on my chest and I push up further into her. She gasps and I'm worried I've hurt her. She is so tight; I've never experienced anything like it before.

"You okay?" I ask her, sounding out of breath.

She nods and smiles, biting her lip. She pushes down until I'm all the way inside of her. Fuck, I never want to leave this place. She feels so great around me. The look on her face tells me she thinks it feels pretty good too. I have to take another mental picture: her mouth slightly ajar and her eyes rolling back in pleasure. After a little while she raises herself up slightly before lowering herself onto my cock again. I help her move, my hands on her hips but I don't dare move my pelvis again, afraid I'll hurt her.

I can see she clearly likes this but there is also a bit of pain etched into her expression. She keeps moving up and down though. It feels so great but at the same time I feel so worried about hurting her. She is now raising herself till only my head's inside her before sliding down onto me again. Little moans escape her, making it harder for me not to move my hips. Soon her moans are constant and the pained expression is far from her face. I can't help it. I groan and buck my hips upwards. This earns me a near scream of pleasure from her. We're moving together now. Finding a good pace. She's pushing herself down on me, while I'm moving upwards into her. I enjoy watching her. Her eyes closed and small moans escaping her lips when I hit that special place inside of her. Her breasts bopping up and down, a sight so tantalizing.

She starts moving quicker on top of me, and pushing herself down hard on me. Her moans are erratic and her face and chest are flushed. She's close to orgasm I realize. The thought of her coming on top of me nearly makes me come on the spot.

Instead I match her new quick rhythm. She opens her eyes to look down at me. Our eyes lock. I can feel my balls tighten - I'm close too.

I pull her down on my chest, catching her mouth with mine, my tongue entering her mouth and playing with hers while I thrust fast and hard upwards into her.

She breaks off the kiss, now moaning constantly against my mouth. I'm quite sure some weird noises are escaping my own mouth as well but I couldn't care less in this moment.

Her walls are closing around me and she freezes on top of me, biting her lip. I keep pumping into her, watching her face closely. "Gooood, Muuuldeerrr!" escapes her lips in a long moan.

I keep up my fast and quick pace, trying so hard not to come as she rides out her orgasm on top of me. She opens her eyes again after a little minute, looking into mine. Smiling mischievously, still moaning slightly and breathing hard.

I can't hold back any longer. I come bellowing her name, bucking into her wildly.

When I open my eyes again, she's kissing my face.

"Mmh," I mumble, hugging her tightly.

She moves away from me though. In my weakened state I can't hold onto her. I whimper and she laughs at me.

"I don't want you to spill something in me," she tells me, motioning towards the full condom on my now flaccid penis.

I stand up from the bed to remove the condom and tie a knot on it. I pick up the t-shirt we used to take care of the spillage last night and use it to dry the semen off my penis.

I realize she's watching me from the bed, where she's resting her head on her arm, laying on her side. She's still naked. I smile at her and she smiles back at me.

I pick up the cover from the floor and lay down with her. She turns around, her back to me. I cuddle up to her and we sigh in unison, it feels great as we spoon naked under the covers.

The next time we wake up the sun is beaming into my bedroom. We don't even talk before we start fooling around. I end up going down on her. She tastes amazing and I love the sounds she makes as I'm teasing her with my tongue and my fingers. I move up her body after she's climaxed. Kissing her all the way. I finally kiss her on the mouth. I can still taste her in my mouth and I'm guessing she can taste herself in our kiss. The thought makes my already hard cock jump excitedly against her inner thigh. Before long I'm reaching out for another condom and we're making love again. This time I'm on top. It feels amazing. We do it slow, enjoying every second of it, before at last coming together.

After I've disposed of the full condom we kiss and tickle each other. Just being silly and enjoying the moment.

"I think we need to talk, Mulder," she finally says.

She's caught me off guard and I sit up in the bed.

"Talk?" I ask her.

"Yeah," she says and sits up next to me, pulling the cover up around her naked body.

"Talk about what?" I ask her nervously.

"What do you think?" she laughs, kissing my shoulder. "Where do we go from here?"

"I… I would like to do it again," I tell her. "I mean not right now, but you know… later, another day."

"I know what you mean," she tells me. "And I don't think of this as a one night thing either."

I'm relieved.

"But…" my heart starts beating faster. "I just think we need to talk about this, about us and about what to tell people. I mean; I don't want anyone to know. I just want this to be between us."

"Me too," I agree - even though I'd be proud to announce to the world I've had sex with Dana Scully, I know what she means. Relationships always seem to get strained with the pressure other people put on them.

"So we're going to keep seeing each other," she sums up. "In secret."

"Yeah," I confirm. "But it's not just sex for me, I think you should know that. I really like you. A lot."

I can feel my cheeks flush and I look away.

"Yeah, I like you a lot too," she admits, inching closer to me, putting her arm around my middle as she rests her head against my shoulder. "And I like that you're so honest."

"No matter what, I think we should be honest with each other, Dana. With every relationship I've ever been in it has turned out they wanted something different than what they led on. Pressuring me to meet their parents, to do what they wanted, even though I didn't feel ready. I don't want that with you. And if I'm being a dick you need to tell me. I want nothing secret between us."

"Yeah," she agrees. "Actually I broke up my last relationship because he insisted I meet his parents, so I know what you mean. I definitely agree we should be honest with each other. And not do anything either of us feel uncomfortable with."

"You never met Marcus' parents?" I'm surprised, knowing they started dating in high school and went out for more than a year.

"Yeah," she blushes. "I went out with someone named Oliver after Marcus."

"You did?" I can't hide my disappointment - I hadn't been with anyone since Diana.

"We only went out for about a month. I just wanted someone to have fun with. But as it turned out he wanted something more serious than he led on."

"When did you go out with him?" I need to know.

"March," she tells me. "Why?"

I shrug but feel better. I broke up with Diana in March.

"So what do you want with me?" I ask her.

She thinks about it for a little while.

"Well, I just want to be with you as much as I can," she says honestly. "You make me feel things I haven't felt before. I really think maybe… maybe we could have something great. But for now all I want is you and not to share it with anybody else."

"That sounds good," I sigh, pleased with her decision. "One day at a time."

She nods and smiles up at me.

"How do you feel?" she asks me.

"The same," I chuckle. "I don't know what it is about you - well, you're really sexy and beautiful of course - but there's something else. I don't know. It's like you said, nothing I've ever had before."

She seems pleased with my answer too and gives me a little peck on the lips.

"What time is it?" she asks me.

I look to my alarm clock on the nightstand. "Only a bit past eight."

"Great," she says and snuggles into my side. "Why is your phone in your bedroom by the way?"

"Well, it was in the living room when I moved in but I moved it in here. I always call my sister before going to bed."

"You do?" she seems surprised.

"Yeah," I tell her. "She has a little boy so I call to see how he's doing. And to hear how she is of course."

"How old is your sister?" she wonders.

"She's my baby sister," he chuckles. "She's your age, actually - about a month older than you. She had Nicholas when she was 16."

"Wow," she's surprised. "What did your parents have to say about that?"

"Well," I can feel the darkness creeping up on me, hurting inside of me. "My mother was a bit disappointed but she's helped her out a lot. Helped Samantha finish high school, watching the baby."

"And your dad?" she asks.

I can't help shaking her off. The look of shock on her face as I push her away making me feel even worse. I pick my boxers up off the floor and put them on, sitting on the edge of the bed, my head in my hands.

"I'm sorry, Mulder. I-I…" she stutters. "You don't have to tell me."

"No, you couldn't know," I sigh. "I don't have a dad. Well not anymore."

She puts an arm tentatively on my shoulder. Afraid I'll push her away again. I lean into her touch, making her put her arms around me, hugging me from behind. It's easier telling her, not having to look at her for some reason.

"He disappeared when I was 12. Mom and dad were at some friends', while I was watching Sam at home. He went out to start the car while mom was saying goodbye. When she came out the car was running, keys in the ignition, but he was gone, nowhere to be seen. There was no blood on the scene, no evidence of anything. Just a car running, the door open, and my dad was gone. He never came back."

"I'm so sorry," she says, kissing my neck.

"The worst thing is not having a clue what happened. At first I was very angry but Sam helped me to get through it. She was so sad and I realized I needed to be strong for her, and look out for her."

"You're a great brother," she tells me, sounding so convinced.

"I don't know," I chuckle. "I got pretty mad at her when she called me at age 15, telling me she'd had sex and thought she was pregnant."

Dana chuckles a bit too, kissing my neck again.

"That all changed when Nicholas was born though. I knew from the moment I saw him that he was meant to be. I came home, taking vacation from Oxford, when mom called me to say Sam had gone into labor. He'd only just been born when I arrived."

"Is that the baby you have a photo of?" she suddenly realizes the connection between what she saw on my photo shelf last night and my story.

"Yeah, that's little Nico," I can't help but smile.

"You love him a lot, huh?" she smiles into my neck.

"Mmh," I say and turn my head to give her a kiss. "I was actually suppose to ask you something from Sam…"

"What?" she says surprised. "You've told your sister about me?"

"Well, not really," I chuckle. "I got her a secretary job here for the summer. She would like to be a secretary or something similar but since she has no experience it's been difficult for her finding work. But because mom is in England for the summer she doesn't have anyone to look after Nicholas, so she asked me if I knew someone who might want to babysit for her."

"And you told her I might do it?" she laughs. "Why?"

"Well," I chuckle. "I didn't know we'd be… involved, so I thought it'd be an excuse to see more of you."

"That's sweet," she says and kisses my cheek a few times.

"But if you don't feel like babysitting, we'll just find someone else."

"I don't know," she sighs. "I don't know anything about kids."

"Neither do I and I've taken care of him often," I chuckle.

"Maybe," she says. "It would give me something to do when you work."

"She'll be working from 0900 till 1900 every day except Sunday. So you'd be able to make some money as well."

"1900?" she laughs. "Is that seven for us normal people?"

"Sorry," I chuckle. "Military habit. But yes, that's seven."

"Well, it sounds great. I can meet up with Samantha and Nicholas and we can talk about it."

"Yeah," I nod. "They can probably come over Saturday, then I'll be home too. She starts next Monday."

"Okay," she says, kissing my neck again.

"That feels nice," I sigh.

"This?" she asks, kissing my neck a few more times, sucking on my sensitive flesh there.

"Mmh," I moan.

"Sorry," she says stopping. "But I should probably get home soon."

"Oh," I can't help the disappointment from showing in my voice. "Alright."

"Can I take a shower first?" she asks sweetly.

"Only if I join you," I say, suddenly happy again.

"Okay," she laughs.

I move to the bathroom to dig out some clean towels for us. I put them by the sink and walk back to the bedroom, standing in the door, looking at her still sitting on the bed with the covers around her. God, she is beautiful. Her hair is a mess and she is sans makeup. She's sitting in the middle of the bed with the covers hugging her body. She looks like she's been proper fucked. I did that. I feel proud.

"Mulder, you should really clean up in here?" she says, looking quite disgusted as she studies the bedroom floor.

There are clothes nearly everywhere; one especially wrinkled t-shirt by my feet, which have been used to dry up semen a few times, and also a few used condoms here and there.

"Some of it is yours," I chuckle.

She gives me a look that says it all and I pick up all the dirty clothes off the floor, scooping it all up and throwing it in the hamper I rarely use. Next I pick up the used condoms and throw them in the trash in the bathroom.

"Better?" I ask her.

"A little," she grins and gets out of bed.

I pull my boxers down and throw them in the hamper before we move to the bathroom and take a shower together. We have fun lathering up each other and washing each other's hair.

At last she throws me out of the shower saying she needs a few minutes to clean herself - I have a feeling she couldn't do it while I kept grabbing her ass and touching her breasts.

I dry myself quickly and go to the bedroom to find something to wear. I pick out the first pair of boxers I see in my drawer with underwear and the first pair of shorts and t-shirt I find in the closet.

I try and make the bed before throwing myself down on top of the covers, enjoying feeling clean and sated. I'm still a bit hard from the shower but it's getting better down there.

"Mulder?" she asks from the door between the bedroom and bathroom.

I look up at her, a vision standing only in the purposefully small towel I've given her.

"Yeah?" I smile at her.

"Where's my clothes?" she demands to know.

"In the hamper, I guess," I chuckle - I didn't really study the clothes I picked up when she told me to clean.

"Could you get them for me?" she asks, rolling her eyes at me.

"Sure," I grin, jumping up from the bed to look through the hamper.

I finally manage to dig her clothes out but when I look up she's gone.

"Do you have a blow dryer?" she asks from the bathroom.

I put her clothes on my armchair and walk to the door to look at her.

"Check under the sink," I tell her.

She jumps at my words, surprised at my sudden presence. She checks under the sink though and digs out the small blow dryer. She plugs it in and combs her hair with my comb while drying it. I just look at her before reaching out and giving the small towel a little tug. It falls right off her body. She doesn't seem to mind though so I keep looking at her while she finishes drying her hair.

"I don't think you wanna wear your panties again," I tell her.

"Why not?" she laughs.

"They're still a little… damp," I tell her.

"Mulder," she makes a grimace. "You felt them up?"

"Yeah," I chuckle. "I smelt them too."

"Ew, Mulder," she's appalled and reaches out to hit me with the comb.

"They smelled of you," I tell her, going for sweet but realizing I must be sounding creepy. "Sorry, Dana."

"Whatever floats your boat," she shrugs and laughs at me.

"Wanna borrow a pair of boxers or something?" I offer.

"Nah, I'll just walk home in no underwear," she says.

"Hot," I comment making her laugh again.

Too soon she's finished in the bathroom and dressed in her clothes from yesterday, minus her panties. We're standing by the door kissing each other goodbye.

"Sure you don't want me to walk you home?" I ask a last time, between kisses.

"Mmh," she mumbles. "It would feel weird not being able to hug or kiss you goodbye like now."

I can understand her logic and start kissing her again until she finally untangles herself from me.

"Alright, I really need to go now," she chuckles as I keep holding on to her.

We play around a little with me trying to kiss and hug her while she laughs and squirms out of my embrace.

"Okay," I finally let up, letting her step away from me and open the door.

"I'll miss you," I whisper.

"I'll miss you too," she sighs and squeezes my hand. "But we'll see each other soon."

"Promise?" I ask, sounding like a child, I realize.

She just nods her head seriously before letting go of my hand and walking away. I stand in the door and watch her. She turns around a few times, smiling at me, clearly not wanting to go anymore than I want her to.

Before long though she passes around a corner. She sends me a final wave and smiles my way, and she's gone. I close the door and sigh heavily.

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