The Captain's Daughter

Chapter Six

As Samantha picks up Nicholas Saturday night after we've had dinner with the Scullys we sit down to talk over a cup of coffee as we do most nights. Nicholas is in the midst of drawing, sitting on the floor with his crayons and papers all over the surface.

"So," Samantha smiles at me. "Dana's a nice girl."

"Yeah," I nod and lean back in my chair. "I'm glad it's working out with her and Nicholas."

"She's great with him but that's not what I meant," she chuckles.

"Oh?" I act like I have no idea what she's on about but I can't help smiling.

"Nicholas told me you kiss her all the time," she snickers.

"Did he now?" I sigh; I guess the jig is up.

"So what's going on?" she's eager to know. "Are you just seeing each other casually, are you in love, what?"

"I…" I shrug and then can't help a big smile. "I guess I'm in love."

"Oh, I'm so happy for you," she says, giving my hand a squeeze. "And she feels the same way?"

"She does," I confirm - we haven't talked about it but I'm quite sure that's the case.

"How long have you been seeing each other?" she wonders. "Is she the reason you broke it off with Diana?"

"No, we've only been seeing other for a few weeks. But I've had a thing for her since I met her. There's just something about her. And then things didn't work out with Diana, she'd broken it off with her boyfriend earlier this year as well and it just… well, it's just our time, I guess."

"How romantic," she smiles and sighs. "I wish I had that connection with someone."

"You could have but when do you ever make an effort to meet someone?"

"You know I can't just go out, I have a son to look after."

"Tell you what, let's get someone to look after him Saturday night. I'm going out with the guys and Dana and her sister, you're more than welcome to join us."

"Well, if my babysitter is going out, how do you suppose we get someone to look after him?" she frowns.

"We could ask the Scullys, I'm quite sure they'd agree with it, Dana's mother loves him already," I try to persuade her.

"I'll think about it," she gives in after a few moments of silence.

As the week flies by I start to wonder about weird things. Things I've never thought about before. It's clear that things are getting more serious between Dana and me. We haven't talked about our future together, or our feelings for that matter, but somehow we always get to talk about things like where we want to live, which jobs we see ourselves in five-ten years down the line, how many children we want, etc. We don't say we want these things with each other but I've certainly never had thoughts of moving in with someone or having children in previous relationships, let alone talked about it.

I should be scared. I'm 22 and on my way to settling down with a girl for the rest of my life. But somehow it fills me with a sense of calm and a bubbly warm feeling. I know, I know! We've only been seeing each other for a bit over two weeks but we were friends before that. Even though we only met a handful of times before this summer, we'd already established a good friendship. We've talked about difficult subjects, and even though I don't like talking about my father, somehow it's okay when asks about him. At first it was scary, sharing that deep secret with her. But after I'd done it, it just felt right.

I think that's the best way to describe how it feels being with Dana. It just feels right.

As I get home Wednesday night Dana has dinner ready. It really feels like coming home and as it often happens my mind drifts to the future - coming home to Dana after a day's work, a few kids running around, being greeted with a big kiss from my lovely woman.

"Hey," I tell her as I wrap my arms around her from behind. "I missed you today."

"Yeah?" she chuckles stirring the gravy.

"Ohh, what are you making, Dana?" I say suddenly engrossed in what's in front of us on the stove.

"Steaks and mashed potatoes," she offers.

"Mmh, how lovely," I say excitedly and kiss her neck.

She leans her head to the side, giving me access. I move my kisses up her neck to right below her ear. She leans her head back on my shoulder and moans slightly. I tighten my arms around her, feeling myself harden against her back as I keep ravishing her neck. My one hand moves up to her breast, gently closing around it. We groan in unison and I can't help thrusting once into her back.

"What are you doing?" Nicholas' voice interrupts us.

Dana quickly pushes me away from her and I can't help chuckling as her cheeks flush red.

"Nothing," Dana says, getting back to her gravy.

"Uncle Fox, come see what I've learned today!" Nicholas runs back to the coffee table where he's been sitting.

I give Dana a smile and she shakes her head at me, before I follow Nicholas to the couch area where he's kneeling at the coffee table.

"Look, Dana got me a notebook," he says happily, opening it to show me he's been practicing writing the letters.

"Wow, you're getting good, Nico," I praise him, and I'm genuinely impressed with how fast he's learning.

After a glorious meal Nicholas returns to his notebook, completely engrossed.

"Nicholas said something weird today," Dana tells me after we've cleaned up in the kitchen.

"What did he say?" I wonder, leaning back against the counter.

"He said…" she trails off as she puts the last plate into the cupboard before turning around to face me. "He said he hates it when they take his blood and pump the weird stuff into him."

"Oh…" is all I say as I look down to the ground.

I don't know how I could have forgot about that. It was the most horrible time of my life but somehow I'd pushed it aside. It's not even like it happened a long time ago - it's only been a few months actually. I hadn't even thought about mentioning it to Dana but of course I should have.

"I didn't even…" I sigh. "Nicholas was quite sick for a big part of his life, I'm sorry I didn't tell you - I should have but I didn't even think about it."

"What? When?" she asks.

"He had leukemia," I drop the bomb. "It was quite bad for a time. He was declared fully well in April but that must have been almost a year after he got the diagnosis. Samantha didn't tell me until it became so bad she couldn't hide it anymore. I don't even think she ever told Nicholas what was really wrong with him."

"Oh my God," she shakes her head, her eyes tearing up. "I had no idea what to tell him when he said those things. I wish I'd known."

"I'm sorry," I feel bad for her, coming over to pull her in for a hug.

"He seems like such a happy and healthy boy, I never would have thought…" she says, resting her forehead against my chest.

"Do you remember how quiet and shy he was with your family the other day? I think that has a lot to do with that year of his life, spending the most part of it in a hospital, getting new friends, watching some of them die…"

"Oh, God," Dana sobs.

"Yeah," I sigh. "It was a difficult time for all of us. Especially Nicholas of course. But despite having problems opening up to people and being a bit shy in general, he's a perfectly healthy 4-year-old. He can do everything other kids his age can."

"Good," she nods. "I'm glad he's well."

"Me too," I tell her, rubbing her back, offering her some comfort.

"Sorry, I'm reacting like this," she chuckles and shakes her head. "He's healthy now, he's well, I don't know why…"

She doesn't get to finish her sentence because she starts tearing up - she leans more into me, hiding her face in my t-shirt.

"It's alright," I tell her sweetly.

"How did you get through that?" she wonders, sniffling slightly. "Watching him being sick."

"Honestly," I sigh. "I put it at the back of my mind and focused on being there for him. I had already enrolled with the navy when Sam told me about the cancer but I saw him every chance I got, even if I had to travel for a day just to spend a few hours with him."

"I'm sure you did," she says, finally looking up at me.

I wipe the tears away from her face and give her a gentle kiss.

"You really care a lot for him," I state, smiling.

"Of course," she nods her head. "How could I not?"

"Diana never did," I tell her. "I'm glad you're different."

I remember when I told Diana about his cancer. She just tried her best to comfort me and told me it would be all right. I cried all night. She didn't even stay with me for an hour, saying she'd let me have some time for myself to let the news sink in… I've never felt more alone or more afraid.

"I'm just glad I didn't have to see him go through that, as much as I would have liked to be there for him and for you," she says.

Damn, I love this girl. I pull her in for a kiss, trying to show her how I feel. Her hands eagerly grab my t-shirt at the chest, pulling me closer to her. I move my own hands to her hips, giving them a squeeze as I move my tongue into her mouth. Her tongue meets mine, trying to push it back into my own mouth. We duel for dominance, getting quite into the kiss, forgetting all about time and place.

It's not until we hear someone clear her throat near us that we break apart to see what this distraction might be.

"Sorry," Samantha grins at us.

"Oh," Dana pushes me away, looking down as she fixes her clothes and hair.

"I guess you didn't hear me knock."

"Not really," I chuckle, moving to put some coffee over, as it's become custom when Sam picks up Nicholas.

"Mommy, mommy!" Nicholas thankfully comes to the rescue, showing his mom the notebook. "Look; I can write your name."

Samantha is clearly proud as she sees his clumsy handwriting spelling out: mommy.

"Oh, Nicholas, you're such a smart kid," she says kissing him and pulling him in for a tight hug.

"Dana taught me," he laughs at his mother's affection.

"You're doing such a good job with him, Dana," Samantha says sincerely as she lets her son go again. "How can I ever thank you?"

Dana just shrugs and smiles as she sits down next to my sister.

"It's no problem really," she says. "I'm honored that I get to teach him a few things, he's such a good boy."

"He is," Samantha agrees and gives her a big smile before turning her attention to me. "Fox, you've really hit the jackpot with this one."

"I sure have," I agree quickly, sitting down next to Dana giving her a chaste kiss on the cheek.

She just shakes her head and blushes. Adorable.

"Mom, is Dana Uncle Fox' girlfriend?" Nicholas tries to whisper as he crawls into his mother's lap.

"Yeah, she is," Samantha chuckles.

Nicholas just nods and eyes the two of us suspiciously.

My girlfriend? Dana's my girlfriend, I realize. It sounds so juvenile but that's what she is. I guess we've been labeled.

As the week progresses I convince Samantha to let the Scullys take Nicholas Saturday evening so she can go out with the rest of us. When I tell Dana about the plans she gets just as nervous as Sam about leaving him. Of course I soon make the point that he'll never get over his shyness by being coddled and she can see the sense in what I'm saying just as Sam could.

When we tell Nicholas about having to go to the Scullys he just nods his head and says okay.

After I've brought Nicholas and his things to Mrs. Scully - I trust neither Samantha or Dana to be able to leave him - I pick up Dana and Samantha at my apartment before we walk the short distance to Johansson's place, which is where we're meeting up this night.

"I must say, I like this improvement," Johansson smirks as we arrive. "More and more women for each time we go out - lovely."

"Calm yourself," I tell him, quite protective of both Samantha and Dana all of a sudden.

He agrees to try with a little smirk I don't care much for and we enter the apartment. We're the last three to arrive at the party and soon Dana and Samantha seem to be able to put Nicholas to the back of their minds and have some fun.

A few hours pass and we're all in good moods and decide it's time to head into town. This time it's Evans' turn being the designated driver. As it comes to deciding who sits where in the car I'm met with a real dilemma. Either Samantha or Dana has to sit with someone else.

"Alright, Lewis, you're the only one of these bastards I trust," I say to him.

At first he doesn't understand but when I tell him he has to sit with Samantha in his lap he blushes a deep shade of red but agrees to do it.

I'm happy Melissa seems to have gotten off my case, not flirting with me or asking me to dance this time but instead spending all her energy on Johansson. I haven't quite shared with Dana how hard she came onto me - not really seeing the point. Melissa doesn't know I'm with Dana so it's not her fault. And Dana, as much as she loves her sister, seems to feel inadequate compared to her. I have no idea why but I don't want to add fuel to that fire or come between them in anyway so I keep quiet about the things she whispered in my ear as we danced a few weeks ago.

"Look at Samantha and Lewis," Dana whispers to me as we're sitting in a booth in the bar.

My head whips to the opposite side of the booth where Sam is laughing and Harry Lewis has his arm on the chair behind her.

"He better not try anything…" I keep my eye on them.

"Mulder!" Dana chastises me, slapping me in the stomach with the back of her hand. "You let them be."

"Hm," I just shrug, giving her a look that says I could devour her this instant if she'd let me.

She bites her lip only adding to my horny state of mind. I run my hand up her leg under the table. Slightly drunk on alcohol and extremely drunk on Dana Scully. She's wearing a dress tonight. I've never seen her in a tight little number like this before but I really appreciate it. My hand runs up her naked thigh, under her dress.

"God," she moans, closing her eyes.

I massage her tender skin; she leans forward, placing her arms on the table in front of her - an attempt to better hide what's going on under the table. My hand slowly makes its way to her underwear and gently caresses her through it. She's trying so hard not to make a sound and I'm quite impressed with her accomplishing it actually.

"You nearly done with your beer, Dana?" I ask her, somehow managing to string words together and sound perfectly normal.

"Mmh," she says, giving me a death glare for speaking to her in her current state.

I just chuckle a little bit and keep up my ministrations as I take a swig of my beer using my other hand.

After a few minutes she removes my hand though. I guess it's become too much for her. She gets out of the booth and moves in the direction of the bathrooms. Right before she leaves through the door to the hallway, where the bathrooms are located, she looks over at me with a mischievous glint in her eyes and a smirk on her lips, signaling for me to follow her.

I take a quick look around. Hunter and Evans are talking, Samantha and Lewis are laughing over something, and Melissa and Johansson are fooling around on the dance floor. I get up and follow her.

"What's up?" I ask her knowingly as I see her stand in the hallway in front of the ladies bathroom.

"There's no one in there," she lets me know, teasingly biting her lip and pulling me into the bathroom by tugging on my shirt.

"Oh, really?" I smirk, raising my eyebrows as we tumble into a stall.

She locks the door and pulls my head down to hers, kissing me furiously. I return her urgency and soon we're making out up against the door of the stall.

As we kiss furiously I move my hand down to behind her knee to pull her leg up. She gets what I mean to do and locks her one leg around my waist, moaning deeply into the kiss.

My hand finds her underwear and it's soaking. I push the garment to the side and enter her with two fingers.

"Fuck," she groans in pleasure, banging her head back against the stall door.

"Keep your voice down, Dana. Someone could come in," I say teasingly as I continue to finger fuck her.

"Mmh," she bites her lip, trying desperately to keep quiet but failing miserably.

I lean down to kiss her shoulder, neck, ear, and all the skin I can reach really. I slow my thrusts down a bit and put my thumb to her clit. The little nub throbs against my finger and I start caressing it, pressing down hard on it and making irregular circular patterns with my thumb.

"Jeez, Mulder!" she hisses, breathing so hard now, I'm afraid they'll hear inside the bar.

Her hands are clutching the material of my shirt in my right side and on my left shoulder and as she comes painfully hard around my fingers, I can feel the sweet torture of her nails digging into my skin. I can't help but yelp a little cry of pain as the sudden sharpness surprises me.

"Sorry," she manages to mumble as she comes down from her high.

Her eyes are still closed. I gently pull my fingers out of her, making her bite down on her lip as I do so - either from pleasure or pain, I'm not sure.

"That was…" I say before she cuts me off with a kiss.

"Mmh, amazing," she ends my sentence for me before reclaiming my lips.

"Yeah," I mumble into her mouth.

Her mouth travels down my jaw and chin to my neck as she opens my shirt.

"Dana," I manage to get out in between moans.

"Mhm?" she responds as she runs her tongue along my clavicle.

"I don't have… N-no… condom," I stutter.

"We don't need one," she states, lowering her hands from my chest to my pants, undoing the belt buckle, button and zipper.

"Wha…" I can feel my eyes widen at her words - not understanding - but as she gets to her knees in front of me it finally sinks in. "Oh."

My pants and boxers are around my ankles, my shirt is undone and she's kneeling in front of me, looking up at me as she starts gently pumping my painfully hard erection with her fist.

"Oh, fuck me!" I groan, already near climax.

Her hand grasps around the base of my cock - a method for making me last longer - as she puts her perfect little mouth on me.

I can't help the sounds I make. I know I must be loud but this is too amazing. The sight mesmerizes me as I look down and watch her suck my cock. She's beautiful. She's sexy. She's mine.

I have no idea how long I'm in this heaven - but I doubt I last for more than five minutes. Just knowing that we're in a public place, both a little drunk, that this is Dana going down on me - it's just too much, and I can't hold back any longer. My head rolls back as I bellow her name, coming in her mouth.

Before I can even register it she's pulled my boxers and pants up, buttoned my shirt and is fixing my hair from looking too disheveled as she's run her hands through it once or twice.

"I hope no one heard us," she worries, whispering as she's fixing a particularly resilient lock of hair.

"Yeah," I agree, grinning - no matter what I don't think I'll be able to wipe the smile off my face anytime soon.

"What are you smiling about?" she meets my eyes, now grinning herself.

"Jesus, what do you think?" I chuckle.

She just shakes her head at me and walks out of the stall.

"It's clear," she tells me and I come out behind her.

We walk back into the bar and just as we reenter the room Dana's smile falls.

"Oh, fuck," she sighs.

"What?" I wonder, as I look around to see what could have brought on this sudden change in mood.

"Dana!" a guy exclaims happily, pulling her in for a hug.

Just as I'd wondered what could wipe the smile off my face I find out - a tall guy with jet-black hair and deep brown eyes, what can only be described as perfect facial features, and his hands all over my woman.

"Hey," she says awkwardly, patting his shoulder.

"God, what are you doing here?" he asks her enthusiastically.

"I'm in town for the summer," she says with a smile. "How about you?"

"Me too," he smiles widely. "My parents live in Fairfax, just 20 miles away."

"Oh, right," she nods her head, remembering.

"We should meet up sometime," he says winking at her.

I look at her, trying to gauge her reaction. I feel sick to my stomach as she just looks at him.

"I don't know," she finally shrugs her shoulders.

"What? It'd be fun," he says and takes her hand.

She lets go of his hand and reaches out for mine - words can't describe how much joy I feel over this.

"No, I don't think so," she says. "Sorry, Oliver."

"Oh," he looks down to our hands and then realizes I'm there and looks me over. "Hi."

"Ehm, hi," I say, not very impressed with this guy so far - and did she say Oliver? As in the Oliver she had a sexual relationship with but who she dumped because he wanted to be in a serious relationship with her?

"Oliver Montgomery," he introduces himself, reaching his hand out to me.

"Fox Mulder," I tell him, shaking his hand with my right one - meanwhile not letting go of Dana with my left one.

"We should get back to our table," I say to Dana.

"Sure," she nods. "It was nice meeting you, Oliver. Have a good summer."

"You too," he says, sounding deflated.

I nearly feel sorry for the guy… nearly.

As we walk back to the table Dana suddenly drags me in the opposite direction.

"What the…" I mutter, but go along with it.

"Sorry," she chuckles as she's dragged us outside the bar. "I just needed some fresh air."

"Sure," I shrug. "So…"

She looks down, letting go of my hand.

"So?" she says, studying her shoes.

"That was Oliver?" I say. "And you're sure you don't wanna meet up with him? It'd be fun."

I'm mocking him but she only laughs, finally meeting my eyes again.

"Dick!" she accuses me.

"He sure was a good looking guy," I say.

I can hear how insecure I sound and now it's my turn to study our shoes. I'm wearing nice black leather shoes for a change and she's wearing black pumps that match her black dress.

"Mulder," she lifts my chin with the tip of her finger - making me lock eyes with her. "He's got nothing on you."

"He has a better nose," I shrug.

She leans up against me and kisses the ridge of my nose.

"I like yours better," she smiles at me. "It has character."

"Well thanks," I can't keep the giant smile off my face - alcohol, orgasm and compliments; all makes me feel like I'm on a high. "So, why did you really pull me out here?"

"Oh," she giggles nervously. "Don't get mad, okay?"

"Okay…" I say gingerly, raising my eyebrows slightly.

"Well, Sam and Lewis were kind of kissing and I didn't want you to stop them," she says like it's nothing.

"What?" I say outraged, stepping back from her before running back into the bar.

I quickly scout for them. They're not at the table - what the hell?! I walk towards our table where the rest of the gang is all sat.

"Have you seen my sister?" I ask them - trying to sound calm.

"Yeah," Melissa says smiling and points behind me.

I turn around and eye her and Lewis dancing closely. I'm just about to go kick his ass when a hand on my shoulder stops me.

"Mulder," Dana says patiently. "Look at her face."

I bite down hard but does as she says. Samantha is smiling and her eyes are sparkling. I'm taken aback by the look on her face - I've never seen her like this before but I know this look. I've seen Dana look at me like that.

"And look at Lewis," Dana whispers.

I once again do as I'm told. He has the same look on his face. I also realize he's being quite the gentleman. His hands are on her back, way above her ass. He's also keeping a bit of distance between them. He says something to her and they both blush but don't break eye contact. She gives him a shy little kiss and he closes his eyes savoring the small but meaningful gesture.

I sigh deeply and sit down next to Hunter. Dana sits down next to me.

"Sooo…" Johansson snickers, making Melissa laugh and lean against him.

"Johansson, if you say one word, I'm going to make sure you'll never walk again," I warn.

He mocks shock and pretends to zip his mouth and throw away the key. Melissa laughs again at this and touches his arm. This time I notice how Hunter looks down as she does this. I feel sorry for him. If Dana was acting this way with someone, knowing fully how I feel about her, I'd be devastated. Suddenly I feel incredibly lucky. Damn, I'm fortunate the girl of my dreams is as crazy about me as I am about her.

I take her hand under the table, making her look from her sister with her eyebrows raised at her behavior to look at me with a little smile.

"Thanks," I tell her.

She just shrugs and smiles even more. She knows I mean thanks for everything. For stopping me from making a fool of myself and embarrass my sister, for being with me, for having sex with me not long ago, for caring so much about me.

Melissa and Johansson disappear not long after and Sam and Lewis rejoin us. Lewis looks at me like he's afraid I'll kill him. I just give him a smile and a nod that says: You're all right, dude, but you better be good to my sister.

The way he looks back at me says: I will!

Just as we're all having fun and feeling a bit drunk Oliver Montgomery decides to join our table and pick up a conversation with Dana. He's sitting opposite her and next to Lewis. I pretend to be listening to the guys discuss something that seems very important if their hand gestures are anything to go by but really I'm trying to pick up on what this Montgomery guy is on about. I can't make out what he's saying over the noise but I pick up words like: boyfriend, dating and sex. I don't care much for this but the fact that Dana's hand is still in mine under the table makes me realize I have nothing to fear. I give her hand a gentle squeeze and she gives me one back, making me smile as I finally tune back in on the guys' conversation, joining in on the argument over which animal Goofy must be.

"Oh, hello there," a woman says as she sits down next to Montgomery.

I look up and see to my surprise that it's Melissa - back from sexing up Johansson and on the prey for fresh meat.

"Melissa, this is Oliver Montgomery from college. Oliver, this is my sister," Dana says awkwardly.

"Well, hello," he says smiling, as they shake each other's hands for a few seconds too long.

"Oh, Oliver," Melissa says sending Dana a little smirk that says she remembers who this is. "I've heard all about you."

"All good, I hope," he chuckles, now completely directing his attention towards Melissa.

I look at Dana and see how uncomfortable she seems. If Melissa really knows who Montgomery is, I can't believe her behavior. She's bluntly flirting with her sister's past lover. What I hate even more is how much this seems to bother Dana. Does she like this guy?

When the night finally ends it feels like it's been the longest night of my life - and quite the rollercoaster ride. As we drive home Dana is quiet. I'm not feeling very joyous either. Evans hates being the designated driver. Hunter tries to smile but can't help eyeing Melissa and Johansson in the rearview mirror as they make out in the backseat. Melissa and Johansson don't care about anything besides having the other's tongue down their throat - both really drunk. Samantha and Lewis seem happy and they can't seem to wipe the smiles off their faces. As down as I am, I'm happy for the two of them. I consider Lewis my closest friend in the navy and if anyone is deserving of my sister's affection it's him.

Dana gets off at the first stop. She can hardly get away with crashing at my place again - and also: Samantha will be sleeping on my couch. We can't even kiss each other goodbye. I feel like crying. I thought I'd sobered up but obviously not… as I watch her walk into her house as we drive off my stomach hurts. This love thing is hard.

At the next stop Hunter and Lewis get off, Lewis giving my sister a gentle kiss and a huge smile. I look away at this.

Finally Sam and I get out of the car. I realize Melissa and Johansson are still making out. She didn't get off at the Scully household stop - it's safe to assume she'll be spending the night with Peter Johansson.

As I finally collapse in my bed I can't stop thinking about Dana. This isn't unusual, and neither is missing her. But tonight it seems unbearable. Sam went straight to sleep on the couch and I consider sneaking out to go see Dana. But before I know it, I too fall asleep.

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