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The Angelic Guardian

By Fangirl5678

Romance / Adventure

Paradise--The Mission

Bella hit the ground with a sickening crack as thunder rolled off into the distance. Lightning usually went from the ground up, but when the Superior needed to send an angel to Earth, the process was reversed. No beings on the planet were quick enough to notice it. As she layed on the indented grass in the middle of the woods, Bella ran through the series of events which landed her there.

Bella flew urgently to the throne of the Superior. She could have walked, but flying was faster. Her wingspan was double the length of her arms. If she had walked, they would drag behind her. This was a sign of seniority. When she first received her wings, they barely reached her waist. Wing growth was the only way to mark passing of time. The only way to obtain wings were through acts of bravery, kindness or trustworthiness.

Bella was special. All angels had extraordinary abilities, but Bella held a lot of power. With a touch of her hand she could absorb other's abilities and make them her own.

The Superior, her guide and mentor, never showed favoritism. Bella had been the first angel to arrive, creating a path for others to follow. She was there when the Inferior, not to be underestimated by his name, drew first blood in the War for Dominance. It was a war over the universe, more accurately, who should rule it. The war had taken its toll on Bella. She had always been fair and tough, but the war made her hard and callous.

She asked the Superior many times where the angels went when they died in Paradise, but there was never an answer. So she settled for fighting in the name of those lost. When many of his angels thought it useless to fight against the Inferior, they fell from Paradise and were forced to live amongst the beasts that plagued the Earth. They had no recollection of their time spent there, and only heard theories of what happened after death. Bella, however, stood tall and fought with bravery. Her kindness was never a weakness in battle. Even when the Inferior sent his minions to twart her, Bella never swayed. It was through her undying faith and ingenuity that they were able to banish the Inferior into a world of darkness forged in flame.

But that didn't stop the evil from spreading elsewhere...

A thousand years later, there was news that something dark and vastly dangerous was headed to Earth. Bella foresaw a virus that would turn the inhabitants into monsters. It needed to be stopped before the entire planet was exposed. Bella knelt in front of the throne and bowed her head, "My Lord, I have come to bring you a message. It is of the utmost importance."

The Superior chuckled, "My child, you bow to no one. Please rise." Bella did as she was told, but still had her eyes glued to the iridescent floor. He moved to a pensive which showed him what was happening on the Earth below. His people were being changed, most painfully, against their will. "Bella, I know of what ails you. The Earth is infested. The Inferior has found a way to bring his wrath upon the human race, and he must be stopped." He paused, "So I'm afraid I must ask you, are you willing to help?"

She understood his hesitation in asking her. Bella was a fearsome warrior, but even she had her limits. The angel thought the fighting would cease when the enemy was trapped. She was ready for a well-deserved rest, but there was only one answer she could give, "I will do whatever it takes to obliterate this virus, My Lord." She finally raised her head to meet his eyes. They were green, full of infinite wisdom and burned like the Sun. "Or I will die trying." Bella declared.

The Superior smiled sadly, "I admire your bravery and willingness to do what must be done. This will not be an easy task. The road which lies before you is treacherous." His smile disappeared and was replaced with one of pain, "Bella, I'm sending you to Earth." She nodded, accepting her new assignment. "Do whatever you can to vanquish this epidemic. I worry that it may already be too late." His brow furrowed but he continued, "You must understand. If this population continues to grow past the discovery of the New World, then I fear that they will be a part of Earth forever."

Another rumble of thunder broke her from her thoughts. The Superior wanted her to get moving, of this Bella was certain. She slowly at up and looked around. The first thing she noticed was that her wings were gone. Panic started to overwhelm her. She felt naked without wings even though she was wearing her beautiful white flowing gown. The Superior's voice whispered in her mind, Calm down, my child. Your wings are still there. Simply hiding until you need them.

She nodded and focused on the matter at hand. The woods surrounding her were teaming with life, but none were the creatures she was looking for. Though Bella was a good angel and would do anything to help, she wasn't all too happy with her situation. Being cast down from Paradise meant she could never return. Unlike others before her, Bella's memory was still intact. She wasn't sure if it was more of a blessing or a curse. Even if she managed to dispose of all the blood-thirsty creatures on the Earth, she'd only be let back into Paradise through death. It was unfortunate because she couldn't die.

Bella scowled at the sky as it began to sprinkle. The sprinkle turned into a downpour.

Ruefully, Bella began her search for the abominations that polluted the planet. Not far from where she landed was a tiny cluster of people. The group was huddled together in a cave and waited for the rain to stop. None of them looked like what she'd seen in her visions. So, she tentatively walked over to them. One man, missing four eye-teeth and a left hand, rose a tree branch he'd been holding and smacked it on the ground a few times. The women next to him clutched their infants to their chests and snarled. Not wanting to offend them anymore, Bella slowly walked away to find another shelter.

Much to her dismay, that wasn't the only interaction she'd had with the humans. Some allowed her to come within a mile radius while others chased her over to another cluster entirely. They hunted small animals by clobbering them with rocks, ate them raw and used their hides as loin cloths. Humans were a vulgar species. They communicated with grunts and points. She was amazed how such a race could survive so long.

Time passed lethargically for her. It took her eighteen months to find a person affected by the virus. The man was inhumanly beautiful with red eyes, olive toned skin and wild blonde hair that seemed to defy gravity. He was short and skinny. As soon as he noticed Bella, he charged, but was immediately stopped by an invisible force field. The creature was rabid as he pounded his fists on the wall that separated them.

The angel racked her brain to figure out how it was happening. Had the Superior done this? This thought caused her more confusion because she couldn't die. So why would he help like that? Suddenly, it was like the information was written before her like a book. Her abilities were amplified more than ever since she was on a different plane. It was perfect for the destruction of the contaminated humans. When Bella felt threatened in the War for Dominance, she had to focus to bring up a strong shield. On Earth, her shield appeared effortlessly.

In addition, the wall before her could be manipulated into any shape she wished. Without further thought the angel wrapped the force field around the creature, and he ceased all movement. Bella stepped toward him confidently to get a better look, "What do you call yourself?" she demanded. The demon laughed maliciously but didn't answer. Bella grew impatient, "I'm not in the mood for child's play. What has the Inferior named you?"

Bella could see the fear in his eyes. She could tell he didn't know much about the Inferior, but knew enough to be afraid of anyone who dared to speak his name in defiance, disgust and hatred. When he finally gathered his wits; he spoke one word, "Vampire." Whatever happened during the change had made them more intelligent which was somewhat of a relief. The angel needed answers and quickly.

Bella gave him a timid smile, "That wasn't so bad, was it?" She placed her hand on his cheek and absorbed his power which flooded through her. She gasped then her lips morphed into a smirk, "This will do quite nicely." Her other hand made a fist as she brought it up to her mouth. She opened her palm and tiny blue orbs were floating slightly above it. The vampire stared at her in shock. Bella blew them toward the vampire; they swirled around him until he was nothing but ashes at her feet.

After killing the first vampire, finding another was almost too easy. She followed his sweet scent to a nearby village where everybody was drained. Someone else had been with him. It appeared that they had parted ways before he stumbled upon the fallen angel. Bella followed the second scent to a woman who had bitten into a large man with dark red hair which flowed to his mid-back. The vampire sensed her presence and immediately went into a defensive crouch. The woman quickly looked into Bella's eyes and horror briefly flickered across her face, "What have you done with Sebastian?!" She hissed, her eyes black as night.

The angel tilted her head to the side, "Was that the vampire who tried to drain me?" The woman's eyes grew wide and she keeled over. Her hand viciously rubbed her chest. Bella saw this as her opportunity, "What happens when you bite a human?" The vampire's nostrils flared and lips were set in a hard line, "Let's try this again." The angel knelt down so she was face to face with the olive-toned brown haired woman, "You'll tell me what happens when you bite a human."

"They turn into one of us. Our venom flows through their veins. It burns like nothing you've ever encountered." She explained rapidly. A look of confusion crossed her beautiful features, "How'd you do that?" The vampire growled as she backed away from the angel.

Bella smirked, "I'd tell you, but I don't want to. How many have you changed?"

The woman tried to fight Bella's influence, but gestured to the man before her, "This is my fourth."

"How many more do you know of?" She fired off again. The vampire bit her lip to keep from answering, "Speak!"

"You want me to put a number to it?!" She snarled, "Fine! Hundreds! Possibly thousands! Now leave me be!" The vampire shrank away from Bella again.

Bella shook her head and tutted, "I'm afraid, I'm not quite finished. Tell me everything you know about any and all vampires."

She clenched her teeth against the words on the tip of her tongue, but the fight was futile, "I killed my Sire when he found his supposed 'true mate'." The woman spat then paused, "Before he met his untimely death, he would tell me stories of a cloaked figure that came to him in his dreams as a human. He'd told me he never felt so much fear in his life. After the sixth night on the sixth hour during the sixth month he felt like he was burning alive. The healers didn't know what was happening. After three days of constant agony, he tore the room apart in an attempt to quench his thirst. He turned me for companionship. A year later he found her. After I was through with him, I killed his little harlot as well. It wasn't until I found Sebastian that I found meaning to my existence.

"Last I knew, my sons were plotting a war with the Romanian clan. They took my eldest's mate and were determined to get her back. The brothers have hundreds of followers, and are as gifted as they are dangerous. In combination with their rage, there is no way that they won't win."

A genuine smile came on Bella's face, "Thank you." She said before the angel placed a hand to the vampire's forehead. Her power wasn't as exciting as her last conquest. The woman was telekinetic, could move things with her mind. Bella already had something like that, but would take what she could get. The information she gained was useful, though it wasn't enough to spare the vampire or her final creation.

Bella traveled around the world as she searched for more vampires. Sometimes she would take their powers and other times she'd simply kill them so she could rest for the night. Decades passed and the vampires became harder to find. It was as if they had buried themselves where she couldn't reach them. The angel suspected the Inferior had something to do with his "children's" safety. Though she was unsure how.

Over the centuries she walked the Earth, Bella noticed the human race advancing swiftly. They were constantly changing their views on life, death and the like. Some people had ideas that were way ahead of their time and one hundred years later their theories were proved correct by others. However, the humans who initially had the idea hardly ever received the recognition.

As she walked down a cobblestone street one night in London 1663, Bella came to a church. It was small, old and worn. There was a mob surrounding it with torches and pitchforks. Something was wrong.

The pastor of the church stood on a pedestal riling everyone up with his words, "Citizens of London! Hear me! These deaths cannot proceed further!" The crowd shouted, "We should not rest until our children are safe! Look at my son Carlisle," The man pointed back to a younger man that was supposedly his son. A handsome young man with blonde hair and sharp facial features. His eyes looked haunted, "He saw what those creatures did to his mother! The poor boy's scarred for life! No child should have to see such things! These monsters are the work of the devil and should be stopped at all costs! Who's with me?!" The crowd cheered and followed him down the street toward the forest.

Bella stopped a woman nearby, "Excuse me, ma'am. What exactly are we hunting?"

The frail white-haired woman looked at her like she had two heads, "Blimey, where 'ave you been? Tis an omen. Bodies found all round torn apart by an animal, but no blood be spilt. Not a single drop. Now how do ya figure tha'?" She explained before heading off with the others.

Bella knew then and there that vampires were still alive in the world, and that a human army was marching to their deaths. They didn't stand a chance. Bella quickly ran in an attempt to reach the front of the mob. She hoped to catch them in time to turn them around. She didn't want anyone to get hurt. At the sound of screaming, Bella realized she was going to be too late. Villagers scurried back to the comfort of town while several others were dead, including the pastor. The vampire managed to drain five people before sensing her and running off.

Just as she was about to chase after him, a groan came from under a dead man. There was no way a vampire would leave someone without draining them completely. At least not in a slaughter such as that. It simply wasn't heard of. Bella quickly removed the corpse to see the pastor's son, Carlisle she recalled, with a bite mark on his neck. The boy screamed in pain, "I'm so sorry, dear one." Bella apologized, kneeling next to him and placing her hand on the boy's forehead.

He began to cry, "Please, make it stop. I do not wish to be a monster. Kill me, please!" the man begged.

Something inside Bella told her not to kill this poor boy. No matter what he was about to become, he still was human at the moment. The thought confused her as she had killed humans who were being changed before. As if in confirmation, a gust of wind blew toward her nearly knocking her off her knees. She nodded, looked to him and began stroking his hair, "The pain will subside soon. As the new dawn breaks across the horizon you will be changed. And that's when your new life shall begin. You are meant for greatness, young one. He would not have spared you otherwise." She stated looking up at the stars above her, "So rest Carlisle, because a plan is in place that will change our lives forever."

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