The Original Outcome

All about us

Chapter 10: The Truth About Us.

Skye's P.O.V

"They're WHERE?!" I Said in Surprise,

"With me in England, Are you okay Skye? What happened?" Dr. Mistoki asked with her Italian accent thickening with concern. I heard the faint humming of a car over the line, seems like they were moving fast.

"It's a long story" I said quickly, "I'm fine" I responded,

"That's a lie" I faintly heard a male voice over the other line, "Shhh!" Dr. Mistoki said harshly,

"Okay, you can explain it once I'm over there" She said back to me, "They are exhausted, so best option is to stay low and get a plane, we should be there tomorrow in the afternoon", She said more calmly.

"Was that Jackson? " I said quietly and softly,

"I'll put him on." ... I heard a rustle as the phone was being passed over, "Skye?" I heard Jackson say,

"I am fine, for now I mean. Why the hell are you in England?" I asked him,

"You said 'Nan' you know the code, you thought of it!" he said bluntly, 'crap, I did'

"oops" I spoke inaudible, I just see his face now with his eye's rolling. "Well, Yeah but just think if either me or Limit were going to be injured or practically dead why would we choose there? They would be no way for us to get there." I responded back quickly,

".. Didn't think of that."

"Nah bet you didn't" This started a whole new spat,


"*Gasp* how dare you shush me!"

"Skye!" Nan spoke in front of me,

"What?" I said with attitude, She gave me a look, "Sorry" I heard Jackson sniggering over the line, I made a face before asking him "Is everyone okay? No unexpected fights?",

"No just a few cuts from trees and landing but nothing drastic, What happened to you two?" He said to me, I paused for a minute before telling him what happened, "Don't say anything to the others I don't want them to be upset like last time",

"Yeah but this wasn't your fault, you didn't do it.. Did you? " he asked more seriously,

"Of course I didn't! You know 'history never repeats itself.' Neither you nor Limit will allow it anyways. " I began to smile towards the end of it,

"Err yeah, listen we're at the airport I'll see you soon, and don't worry, I know what you're like Skyar Ride. " We both laugh and say our goodbyes,

"On the up side, They will be here tomorrow and everyone's alright. Down side, Dylan's still here" I Spoke out,

"Oh, don't be like that, you know you used to love him he is, until proven false, your father." Nan said sternly,

I huffed out a huge sigh/groan and threw my head back off the chair, without looking up at me from the dishes she was washing she said "go find him and straighten things out, I know it's hard but I've told Max the same thing I'm telling you"
"Your lucky you know your parents not many people like you do.."
"Mom! She's already gone" Max said, Dr.M turned around to face an empty table and Max helping to put away the dishes. She sighed, and continued the dishes, "Just like her mother," "Heeey" Max said defensively. Dr.M laughed lightly at her response.

Limits P.O.V

I heard a light sigh behind me from the door to my room and the door closing shut. I looked over my shoulder to see Skye leaning against the door, her eyes closed and her head prepped on the now closed door.
"You okay?" I asked concerned and went back to sorting though the boxes under the bed.

"Hmm I will be, once everything's back to normal I mean"

"When is anything normal with us?"

"Haha true", she walked towards me and laid herself on the bed with her legs swinging over the end, A comfortable silence came over the room as I continued to route through each box.

"What are you looking for?" she quizzed and shifted so her face was hanging over the side where I was searching blocking my view with her hair,

"Do you mind?" I said back lifting one eyebrow; She looked up with a grin and shook her head 'nope'

"I'm looking for our photo album, Harmony was asking about it. Haven't seen it in ages.." I trailed off shifting everything out to search the bottom,

Her eyebrows knitted together and she got off the bed to help me, "Didn't we leave it under the bed in the middle, right?"

"First place I checked it's not there" I said looking into the last and largest box with Skye helping.

"I'm sure its somewhere in the house, you know what my Nan's like, she likes thing organised"

"Hmm, yeah it will turn up" After we cleaned up everything under the bed I laid down on the double bed,

"Heard you found out where the rest of the flock are." I stated feeling her weight add onto the bed as she laid down beside me on her stomach, she stretched out her bandaged wings behind her, I looked at them, they weren't as bad as they were yesterday.

There are a few scabs and stitches here and there, only a few patches where the area still has to stop bleeding but they are still bare and featherless though.

"They are with Dr. Mistoki but I think they are on a plane over here as we speak"

I was taken back by what she said and looked at her face, "They went to England?" she nodded in response and smiled, "I know that's what I thought", I laughed lightly.

"So it appears we are not dying any more" she said and turned into her side to face me,

"So it does and what about it?"

"You know what about it" she stared at me blankly but her eyes gave it away,

"Dylan doesn't like the idea"

"Screw my dad, and since when did you care what he thought?" she said her temper flaring,

'Oh This will be good'. You see every so often I like to tease her, and annoy her just to get her anger out, I don't mind the bruises after.

I shrug "since I found out what he could do to that poor tree he crashed into" She started laughing and I smiled,

"plus, I thought it was obvious when we made it alive and safe" I said closing my eyes

"What was obvious?"


"Ha! You need to give a girl a little more than that! Your suppose to ask her!" she said I looked over at her and smiled,

"Skye do I really need to ask you?"

"No.. but it would be nice " She looked up at the ceiling her eyes wondering around avoiding mine, 'she's doing it on purpose'

"Okay then" I moved towards her and crowded over her, she moved onto her back and smirked, I moved my face closer to hers, and watched as she closed her eyes, her mouth ready to kiss, NAH

I flopped on her and pretended to be dead weight pinning her to the bed, my face buried in her neck I fake sleeped with loud snores to match.

That did it for her and she punched me in the gut, I clutched my stomach and laughed though the pain.

"Prick" she said in a huff and got off the bed and walked towards the door slightly. She stopped suddenly and crouched down on the floor, clutching her head. "Shut up... shut up..."

I quickly jumped off the bed and hugged her from behind, "I'm Sorry, don't listen to it..."

I sat down and stretched my legs out, and shifted Skye onto my lap, she's whimpering slightly now.. 'Maybe that was a little too far'. Sometimes its not just The voice that talks, ever since she was classed as insane she heard another voice, it was this that aided to her insanity, every now and again when she's going though stress or pain or anything damaging it likes to jump in at the chance.

"Listen to me" She looks up but still holding her head slightly, I hold her raised arms and as I speak, I pull them away, "we are too young to say 'I love you' yet, but I Really Really Really REALLY, do like you" I get closer each word I say and our foreheads touch, and she smiles

"So while we aren't being killed or hunted, shall we try 'Us'?" I smile back and she nods back,

"It's still talking isn't it?" I continue to ask,

"Faintly, it's basically saying everyone will leave, especially with..." she gestured her wings, and looked down,

"You know that won't happen."

"I know it's just, it literally messes with my head, you know it gives me anxiety" she says, gazing into my eyes, This close I could see the slight brown flex within her iris' and the bright green mingling together, she shifts her head closer so our noses are touching now, and she closes her eyes again, I mirror her face and kissed her.

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