The Original Outcome

Dylan's side of the story

Chapter 11: Dylan's not so bad...

Dylan's P.O.V

I was up on the roof looking though the flock album, I noted how little I was present in them... Well you can't change the past, but I can try for the now right?
Well try to sort things out with Skye, defiantly she doesn't know the whole story, and yes what happened I should have allowed but I didn't have a choice, Dr. Günter doesn't give options. It was only then I found out what he was really like.

It was only once we hit Connecticut what he wanted me for, to find Max and that just created a new chapter. It was also then when I found out what was happening to Skye, I tried to go back I honestly did, but being put back in a cage and the testing and 'training' started all over again.

Dr. Günter made up that I was a clone and only been alive 6 months, only because I was brainwashed, by him of course, that's why I acted like a douche at first with max's flock but I want to act like a good guy, make it up to Skye and Max, and I have realised that Max will not be mine, not with Fang around at least. (What? I still sort of love her!).

I closed the book and jumped down from the roof, drifting down I saw Max and her flock in the living room, along with Harmony seems like they were playing cards? I walked around to the back door to see Jeb at the table with a lot of papers around him, and Dr.M Just emerging from the basement with a wide grin and the some washing in a basket resting on her hip as she closed the door and headed to the kitchen.

I opened up the sliding double doors with a click holding it in place while I walked though, May as well leave it open it was humid! Jeb looked up as I walked though, his face looked confused and stressed.

"What's up?" I ask him, and placed the book onto the only empty space on the table.

"..." His face softened but concern reflected into his eyes. "You do know it was Dr. Günter that ordered the Death of Skye's flock?" I looked down at the book and nodded.

"He told me this when I returned to him from failing to 'infiltrate' the flock, truth was I liked them too much to do what he asked and I was going to tell him to stuff it down his throat and bust the others out. But the order was already done; I really thought they were dead. So I went to go see for myself and caught the others just as they were escaping. I ended up being here with harmony." I spoke softly, and looked back up at him after I told my little story.

"And I'm guessing he tried to tell you about, the real parents of Skye and Jackson?"

"Until proven I am the Farther."

"I never said you weren't, not by blood I mean." He said, cautiously.

I looked at him puzzled, and then it clicked. "You mean by bond" I said, it sounded more as a question then a statement. He nodded and slid a pile of papers towards me, ones that he had moved to the side.

I looked at the first paper 'BIRTH CERTIFICATE OF SKYAR RIDE' It said on the top in bold letters. I instantly looked towards the bottom of the document, 'Mother: MAXIMUM RIDE' and 'Father: DYLAN ETTONBREG'.

"That's my last name?!" I said in shock, I never knew it until now. "..Wait how did you get these?"

"I had Dr. Ter Brotch fax them over. Look at the birth year." He stated and looked at me intently.

"2000!? She was 1996.. right?" i looked back up to see him nodding.

It's Fake.

"Where are the real ones?" I said disheartedly.

"I don't know, I'm trying to find out. According to Dr. Günter-" I cut him off

"They were burned right? It's always burn this, burn that." I shook my head.

"Where is Skye anyways?" I said recalling my memory of the living room.

"She's downstairs with Limit having a very interesting conversation, don't even think about it. She'll come up when she's ready, Dylan." Dr.M spoke up appearing out from under the Island in the kitchen. I nodded and got up, picking the book up with me.

Going into the study I put it back where I found it on the shelf.

'I wonder what they are up too' I spoke to myself looking at the Living room door, 'may as well ask.'

I opened the door, and walked into the room slightly, to find Skye and Limit had joined the others, while I was talking with Jeb.

Gazzy, Angle, Fang and Limit were engrossed in the card game... Poker? I think it was.

The rest looked up at me as I walked into the room, I instantly looked towards Skye and smiled, to my surprise she slightly smiled back and waved quietly.

"Are you guys playing poker?" I enquired.

"Yep" Gazzy said quickly,

"Mind if I join, or well watch" I said, Skye budged up on the sofa to make room,

"Knock yourself out, Angles about to win anyways." She said grinning at Limits hand which he quickly hid in his chest and glared at her. They all laughed at this, and I sat down at the spot made for me and watched the game, I had never played poker but I would figure it out.. I hope.

Fang added more wrapped sweets into the 'pot' as it was.

A Fifth card was added into the table facing upwards showing the suit and number. They all knocked on the table one by one. The cards were shown and angle grabbed the pot of sweets in the middle grinning widely. While the others groaned...

This game is more complicated as I thought...

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