The Original Outcome

Almost there!

Chapter 12: Almost there.

~After the phone call Skye had~

Jackson's P.O.V.

As I hanged up on Skye, and returned it to Dr. Mistoki when I got out of the car at the airport.

"Are they okay?" I heard Alex say, I turned to him. 2nd youngest in our flock only 9, His eyes were a dark green with short light brown hair to match, and white skin tinted with red from this year's sun, well from the most we have been out in, on his face.

"Yeah they are both still alive I mean..."

"And Harmony?" He said hopefully,

"Um... actually she didn't say, but I know that Dylan's there so she has to be" I Replied back to him, he smiled lightly and got his backpack out from the boot.

"I told you she meant Dr. M. GOD even I knew that but noooo Michel Jackson knows everything" I female voice mocked behind me,

I felt myself become agitated, "Do you wanna, I don't know. SHUT UP. We are safe and out of there, aren't we? And stop calling me MJ it was one time." I turned to Gina, as I replied to her,

She was more of the girlie girl like Harmony is turning into, Dark brown hair, and very light brown eyes, from her sight adjustment (aka experiment. A successful one, shocker!) She was mixed race, so like her twin brother standing next to her, Jacob. Exactly the same, including the eyes. If he wore a wig, he'd defiantly pass for his sister.

She huffed and crossed her arms, her brother making a face behind her. As he collected the rest of the bags and passed me mine.

"I'll be fine tell the kids I'll be back soon, I'll call you every day" Dr. Mistoki said to her husband in the driver's seat of the car, His parents were Italian, but he grew up in England, so his accent was British and he could speak in Italian too, he had black hair, dark brown eyes and very tall with olive skin.
Dr. Mistoki, had almost black eyes with brown hair, her skin was paler then his however.

"Okay, text me when you land alright?" he said back and gave her a final kiss before pulling out back onto the road.

"Right let's be off" she said to all of us turning to the front entrance.

"With your coming with us?" I said in surprise,

"Well they are not gonna let you on without an adult present, plus I'm Skye's and Limits main carer I have to be there if there's a problem." She said walking up the correct desk, it was a private little airline, but they provided private jets, I know fancy right? It was her brothers company I think... that's how she was able to get it and on such short notice.

Yes. We do have passports, how do you think we were able to hide, well before we got captured...


Not my fault...

Okay it might have been who would suspect a parrot to hold a camera and a homing beacon? Not me. Then again we were in Finland.

We boarded the craft and it was pretty sweet, there was good room for all of us, it consisted of about 20 seats and only half of them were being used, by business people or the rich.

We were planted at the back nearer to the exits. Fine by me, after all the safely procedures were spoken we were off and into the air. I looked out of the plastic window and thought to my self,

'I'll be there soon, sis.'

Limits P.O.V


I was staring at Angels hand; this is the 20th time, in a row... HOW?

"Move let me have ago." Skye said and got up, we switched places, and she used whatever I had left, Gazzy was already out and just decided to join Angels 'Team' grr. Harmony was on Skye fast asleep, well for half 8 she usually is anyway.

Angel was about to deal.

"I say Dylan deals, you know how to do it right?" Skye spoke out and directed the last question to Dylan,

"Yeah I guess," as he took the cards from Angels giving hands,

"Okay" she said and looked at Skye, oh I see now. Got ya cheater!

Dylan shuffled the deck and passed out the cards, Angel was the big stack, Fang not far behind but still in the game, and me/Skye with minimal.

There's one thing I know. Skye is a card counter, it's how we got money when broke trying to stay alive and she always wins. But up against a mind reader, it would be a hard game...

Fang already put down a starting bid.

She took a quick peek at her cards only flicking the edge up off the table and kept them there, even I couldn't make out the number or suit it was fast. She kept her face blank and looked at her opponents.

She matched the starting bid, 4 sweets and waited or Angel, of course it was matched and Fang Knocked, 'Check'.

Dylan then placed three cards down, 3 Spades, Jack Diamonds and 9 Hearts.

Fang raised by 3, Skye and Angel Matched.

The Forth card was added, King Diamonds.

Fang knocked, Skye Raised keeping 5 left for her,

Angel grinned and raised to above even Fangs keepings,

He matched and Skye added her last five. They both kept the same? Blank face. I knew Skye was bluffing, not because she didn't have a winner, but because she had a high match.

Last card was drawn as Angel Knocked, 10 of diamonds. Then slight grin appeared on her face, Fang uncovered his first, 3 hearts and 9 clubs, 2 pair.

Angel next, with a smile 3 of a kind, king of hearts and king of clubs. She began to reach for the sweets already but Skye placed her cards down on top of the 'pot'

Straight flush, 9 and queen of diamonds. Angel looked wide eyed at her.

"But but your thoughts said Jack clubs and 8 clubs" she said,

"I knew it, cheater!" Gazzy spoke out,

"Thoughts can easily be manipulated, plus he didn't shuffle very well" Skye said sticking her thumb in Dylan's direction.

"Wow, I never thought the day would come. Angel finally lost" Max said from behind Fang and she held her palm out to Skye, which she smacked in for a high five.

"Sorry, Angel" Skye Said smiling. Angel Giggled and smiled back,

"I finally have someone decent to play with!" Everyone all laughed.

Ding Dong went the front door, and Jeb answered it,

"Ahh thanks" he said accepting 7 of massive pizzas all different toppings and paid the man,

He closed the door with his foot and moving to where we were in the living room, and placed them on the coffee table,

We managed to then decide on a movie after relentless arguing. Two hours later empty boxes were piled up in the bin and everyone was headed for bed.
Myself, Skye, Dylan and, now slightly awake, Harmony who scoffed almost half a pizza were heading down to the basement.

I got ready for bed in the bathroom and headed towards my room, just as I was walking down the hall, Skye was there leaving the door to harmony's room slightly ajar and her night light on,

"Hey" I said to her, she turned to me and took one last look at Harmony,

"Out like a light bless her" she said smiling, she looked at me and began to fidget slightly,

"What ya fidgeting for?" I said laughing slightly; she tucked some of her hair behind her left ear,

"Can... Can I stay with you tonight?" She said quietly, her words took me back "I haven't been sleeping very well, I feel like I'm going to dothat again, while I'm sleeping" she looked up at me hopeful.

When we finally got her back after a year apart, she was only just put on treatment. When she slept she would pull the last of her feather. I would stay awake just to stop her, eventually it got worst when the feathers started to grow back so i had to lay with her and hold her hands, every movement would wake me. Now she's recovered she never wants it to happen again, that's when Jackson began saying 'History will never repeat.' We all took the mick, but it's true. I lightly smiled and nodded,

"Thank you" she said "I'll get ready" and she moved towards the bathroom,

A few minutes later we were huddled up in my double bed, her head was snuggled close into my neck, my arm resting under the bed undernearth her, and wrapped it around her waist, she was turned towards me. I kissed her forehead and kept both her hands on one of my own and fell into a dreamless sleep with her in my arms.

Dr. Mistoki P.O.V

Watched the others as they slept while trying to get back into my book. We were half way through our journey, 5 hours left. I couldn't sleep, nor could i think. I looked over at my brief case full of daunting documents. I thought back to the other evening when I called Jeb up to confirm our suspicions.

I was sat in my car, the rain pouring down onto the roof of the car, i had just stolen from work, documents ones that i should have found years ago. The Windows were starting to fog as i spoke on the phone with Jeb, the yellowish glow from the bulb on the roof in the front was helping me read.

"I have them right in front of me" I said into the phone,

"Are they the real thing?"

"Well they are defiantly different from the ones they have seen... and there are breeding papers here as well, you'll have to take a look at them yourself but there's something not quite right. I know that Cooper is gone but his files compared to Jackson's and Skyar's are different..."

"Alright, well ill wait for the rest to show up. The worst is they have been captured, or they are on their way to you." He said back quickly, "Now are they Max's kids?"

I quickly flicked through to the birth certificates, on all three it said Max Ride as the mother.

"Yes" I replied, but something caught my eye, the father's name...

"Good, what about the Dad? Are they Dylan's?"

"..." I stared at the documents in front of me... No this can't be, he was still born. Or at least that's what they told me...

"Lilianna?" Jeb called my first name through the phone. I couldn't speak,

"I have to go I'm sorry!" I hung up the phone. I wanted the truth, I knew from this moment on I would be haunted by the name of the Father of Jackson and Skye. One thing was certain, it was not Dylan. Cooper, who died at 7, was Dylan's and Max's son but, his sister and brother have now been found out to only share half blood with them.

"Lucan Mistoki. My son." I spoke out loud into the air, Was the name that is stated on 'Father'.

No wonder these files were under lock and key and who had that key?

Dr. Hans Gunther-Hagen.

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