The Original Outcome

Sorting it out.

Chapter 13: Sorting It Out.

Max's P.O.V

Fire erupted under my skin, my stomach was flipping, and I could still feel the fuzziness in my chest. And that was just from Fang kissing me.

He prepped kisses up and down my neck,

"Please?" He mumbled into the skin of my neck, still kissing

I giggled to myself, "No!" I giggled out loud, and half whispered back to him,

"Iggy will hear us, Gaz it probably still awake and my Mothers next door, not to mention my new found Daughter downstairs" he cut me off with a kiss on the lips, This time he whined.

"Please!" he pouted, my heart skipped a beat and my cheeks started to heat up,

"Tomorrow, but only if you find a cave or a good spot outside the house" I giggled watching him as he moved to my tummy, prepping kisses there up to my face. No I wasn't naked, but my shirt was bunched up from Fang's cajoling, it was resting up to the bottom of my chest.

"Promise" he said stopping his ministrations and looks at me raising his eyebrow. I felt goose bumps erupt all over me, what is this boy doing to me?

I simply nodded and bit my lip, He kisses me passionately one last time, and laid on his side of the bed we shared, we spooned in together under the sheets. It was poking me in the back and worse he was making it twitch on purpose... It had been what? Like a month since last time, it's not like I don't want it, it's just I don't want to be heard.

"Stop it." I said warningly moving my backside away, He whined

"It's going, just go to sleep" he said amusingly placing a hand over my eyes,

"No, you might rape me" I said pulling it away to look at him, Smiling and shaking my head

I moved closer but facing him and got comfy in his arms, he yawned and closed his eyes, holding me tightly to him, I mimicked him yawn included.

Hopefully we can properly be alone, tomorrow is a new day.

The next morning I woke up to the smell of food, I found Fang still holding me also awake, has he been watching me sleep?

"Mornin'" I said sleepily

"Morning" He said and pecked my nose, I sniffed the Air and found something Delicious, Hmm Iggy must be awake, good old Ig :D

After I changed and woke up some more I went downstairs to the kitchen, Everyone was around the table, Coffee, Tea juice and a ray of food covered the table in front of hungry people, I heard more sizzling to my left and peered in over the kitchen island, Iggy was plating up already made food, Fang was already sat down at the table,

"Are you sure you should be in here Skye? You know Max is no good at boiling water never mind a full breakfast." Iggy spoke out, making sure everyone heard,

"That was one time!" I said angrily as everyone laughed at the remark, Skye turned around from the cooker to give a big smile,

"Looks like I've avoided one trait of yours" she said and giggled.

Yes the flock knew about Skye being my Daughter I told them all and they freaked, mostly about if they had kin they didn't know about, which never crossed my mind until it was brought up...

I sat down at the table as Skye and Iggy brought the last of the food over to the table,

"By the way; Skye cooked it all I just helped to set it out." Iggy said as he sat down,

Everyone other then I and the flock immediately dug in,

We just looked and watched as Iggy took the first bite of his fried egg, (he's the tester for food)

"Stop staring its fine, no poison" he said blankly, it is unnervingly scary how he knows.

We all dug in, Bacon, Sausage, eggs boiled; fried; hard boiled, toast full and some cut into 'soldiers', small omelettes. She must have been awake ages, or Iggy did help a bit. It was soo good, no way Iggy didn't make this, or at least he hasn't helped/taught Skye how to cook! I dare say it may have been better then Iggy's food.

Angel giggled, "I agree Max" I smiled at her sentence, reading my thoughts again.

Small talk came over the table, and soon most of the food was scoffed and settled into Hugh stomachs, I think she prepared too much!

"Best put leftovers in the fridge, I'm sure Jackson will finish them off later" Skye said getting up and taking away the left food away first, Limit and Dylan then began to pick up the empty plates,

Iggy and Gazzy clutched their full bellies.

"Full, full, too full" Iggy said not in pain but in heaven,

"Never been so full!" Gazzy remarked.

"Well don't eat like PIG'S then" I said getting up to help clear the table of cutlery,

And walked around the island into the kitchen, Skye opened the dishwasher... must be new, once it was full the rest of the dirty dishes were in the sink,

"I'll wash, you dry" Skye said throwing a tea towel to Dylan, which he caught with ease,

Getting her hands stuck in she told us to go relax, and we did just that.

Dylan was a lot more animated then last we met him, settling myself on the sofa with Angel to my left and Ella on my right we all settled in a comfy silence with a film on,

About 10 minutes later, I looked around me, Jeb was mulling over papers as usual and Dr.M was teaching Ella hairstyles with nudges hair. I then, looked over at the boys Gazzy and Iggy were messing with some electrics,

"That best not blow up" I said to them,

"Nope, making a clock" Gazzy said and continued, Iggy stopped and looked over to the kitchen,

"Did you know Skye calls Dylan dad?" he said quietly,

"What?" I said my eyebrows knitting together,

"Their talking I just heard Skye calling Dylan 'dad'" He said moving his head towards me,

"I do know, but Jeb nor do Skye believe it, to be honest I don't either and try stop being so nosey, I didn't tell you that because of everyone being so sceptical." I looked at the eyes turned towards me,

"STOP LIVING IN THE PAST!" We all heard Skye's outburst, then everything went silent only Iggy could hear them. Probably Angel too, if you count, reading their minds.

Dylan's P.O.V

"STOP LIVING IN THE PAST!" Skyar said in rage.

Only a few seconds ago I was apologizing for what happened, i wanted to make everything right, she never lets me finish.

"Just listen," I started,

"No you listen, it's in the past. I already know it wasn't your fault for what happened. But I did tell you to say 'No.' But it's too late now. What happened has happened just leave it. This is why I'm not getting any better, because people keep bringing up the past!" She spoke harshly placing the last washed plate into the rack; I picked it up and thought carefully on what to say next.

"I just don't want you to hate me anymore; I just wanted to make things better."

"I don't hate you" she said this more softly emptying the sink of water. "We've just grown apart, I have grown up, and something's yes I do get angry at you, but not for long." She said turning towards me placing her hand on her hip.

She looked more like Max in that moment then I'd ever seen her, she was her mother's daughter, I should be apologizing to myself for not being there, watching her grow. But she's just grown away from me.

"Yes i do want to know who my real dad is. But not to hurt you, not to rub it into your face" She started softly, "I just don't want to be lied to any longer, no one dose." I looked away from her guilty of the fact I helped Dr. Gunther hide those files...

"You'll always be my dad." I looked back at her in surprise; I felt the emotions rise up in my throat.

"You'll always be Jacksons dad. Alex, Harmony, Gina, Jacob. Without you I wouldn't be talking, walking never mind flying right now. I wouldn't be living, leading, learning. None of us would. Even if we aren't related by blood; we will always be by the bond we had." She said smiling and hugging me mid way through her speech.

I could feel the tears roll down my cheeks, I never even noticed it, and they were all my family. I wish I really did say no to him. But something irked me what she said at the end.

"A bond we are going to get back." I said determinedly and pulled away from her holding onto her shoulders.

She smiled back brightly. I decided to tell her then.

"I know you and Limit are together." Her face dropped and she looked at the door separating us from the rest.

"Err, yeah yesterday..." she said carefully, "please don't punch him like last time..." I half laughed at her words,

"Only if he hurts you. But I'm okay with it. Plus, I'm sure I won't be the only one doing the punching, you may have to save him from being killed by Max, if he does hurt you." I said trying to make the mood lighter,

"That's a point. By the way dose Max know I have a brother?" she said looking away into the living room,

"Now that is a point..." I said looking into the same direction as her my eyebrows knitting together.

Well Max was about to find out one way or another.

12 O'clock came round fast, and Skye began to fidget and she jumped when Dr. Martinez's phone began to ring. After a short conversation she then told us to wait here she was picking them up. I'd never seen Harmony or Skye watch out of the window so much.

Lillian's P.O.V (Dr. Mistoki)

As soon as we were off the plane I gave Valencia a call she agreed to pick us up from the airport, even after much protesting from me, I knew if I didn't call her hell would break lose, I can see where Jackson got it from, and I'm sure Max is the same.

"Hello" I heard a slight crackle over the line, damn airport.

"Ello, were here just about to collect the luggage you know I can easily get a taxi for us-"

"Don't be silly! I'm free and I cannot wait to see everyone again! Plus you can get here faster with me!" she said in all excitement.

"Well okay then I'll see you soon," I said watching the kids getting the bags off,

"Yep on the way!" and I hung up; she was defiantly a lot more preppy over the phone...

We stepped outside the facility just as Valencia was pulling up to the pick-up point.

"Just in time" I said to myself walking over to the car as she got out to open the boot.

We all gave her hugs and Hellos when we saw here and scrambled into the massive car, what is it with Americans and big cars? Always puzzles the English! Slash Italian... but god was the ride smooooooth.

Half an hour later we pulled up at the house. I saw Skye scamper from the window to the door.

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