The Original Outcome

Finding the truth (Part 1)

Chapter 14: finding the truth (part 1!)

Jackson's P.O.V

As soon as I saw Skye alive and running towards me, I sense of relief passed over me. Of course it was only to be short lived when she hurled herself towards me in a bear hug, I managed to catch her and hug her back ferociously. The others joined, including Limit and Harmony who came running out the house.

All 7 of us huddled together most of the weight on me... Only option was to keel to the floor.

Safe at last, of course untill someone wants us, either dead or just as pets no doubt.

"There's some people you need to meet" I looked up at the voice, Dylan. My dad.

"Oh yeah! Guess who I met?" Skye said finally looking up at me from burying her head in my chest, I raised an eye brow and joked,

"A beach bunny?" I said as enthusiast as I could, I earned a whack to the head,

"No!" she said in disgust, "the first thing you say to me as it's a sexist comment, god Jackson!" she closed her eyes and shakes her head,

"You have no idea what's it's been like with these boys! I wish I went with Dylan and harmony now!" Gina spoke up rushing to hug Skye,

mu sister looked up at me, "What did you do?!"

"I didn't do anything, it was her brother!" I said pointing to Jacob,

"Dude!" he said back to me and looked sheepish at Skye, "I may have swapped her shampoo.. And lipstick... Okay and made her jump, a few times" at each thing he listed Skye kept a blank face, towards the end her eye brows raised and she held out her hand to me,

"Bomb." I looked at her innocently, "I can see it in your pocket, can't hide things from your leader, nor your sister" she continued,

'Shit' I thought to myself, and handed it to her,

"It was for protection, just FYI" i said,

"I'm surprised they let you on the plane with this" she have her traded half smirk, "Nice one."

Gina clears her throat, and Skye looks down at her, "What about what Jacob did! My hair was ruined!" She pouted,

"Unfortunately honey that's what brothers do, and I learned not to wear make-up. By the way, I wouldn't use your foundation just in case" she said to her,

"Duuude! Seriously Jake?" Gina turned to her brother, which he looked sheepish,

I never did anything to Skye's make-up, in fact she never wears any, I don't even think she owns any- ohhh I see. Another plan to ween Gina off it. Well it is true we have better complexions then normal teens, and Gina definitely doesn't need any, just shows how magazines and tv can do to young minds, even when they have natural beauty.

Anyways off subject...

"Go on then who are these people to meet" I enquiries to Skye,

"Max. And her entire band of birds."

I could feel my eyes widening,

Skye's P.O.V

I saw my brothers shock on his face. even though we are siblings we look very different, my blonde clashed against his brown/black hair, it wasn't completely black but it wasn't enough to call it brown either, his eye brows matched, but like me he had hazel eyes, that's was the give away. He was a year older then me, like Limit. But he doesn't just LET me lead, he just can't lead, when in control he can't take the reins like me or max (from what I've heard) so I took over and he's my second in command with limit a very close 3rd. Jackson acts like leader in front of other people, because last time no one took me seriously so we had to improvise, in company I'm the brains he's the talker, up untill recently I didn't talk much must have been the knock-out the flyboys gave me...

I grabbed Jackson's hand and pulled him inside to the living room


Max looked up in surprise, huh oh yeah never called her they before hehe,

"This is my brother, Jackson. Sorry I didn't tell you sooner you have another kid"

Silence befell the room,

"dun dun duuuun" both Jackson and Iggy broke the silence, I rolled my eyes. now I knew who Iggy reminded me of. My brother.

Wait, you don't think?...

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