The Original Outcome

Finding the truth (Part 2)

Chapter 14: Finding the Truth (Part 2)

Skye's P.O.V.

After everyone had settled in, and gotten to know one another a little better, we settled down in the (Very large) Game room in the extension.

"Skyar! Lithium! Down stairs now, you're getting a check up!" Dr. Mistoki shouted,

We quickly stopped our game and passed it over to the others, once we were in the hall way, she opened the door to the basement,

Limit went straight down into the white room, which we use as a little surgery or recovery, mostly check-ups, I followed in tow. Nan and Dr. Mistoki followed in pursuit, chattering on what Nan had done when we first arrived.

Limit got the all clear, as I jumped up onto the slightly warm steel table in the middle of the white room, removing my shirt and letting my wings loose,

"Oh Skye" She looked up at me and she inspected my arms at the used-to-be cuts, now bruised slightly and healing, firstly, Then checked my ankle, which has now fully healed and the bruising almost gone.

Lastly, she moved to my wings, unwrapping all the gauze off the still healing skin wounds, on my right was the worst one of all, his claws went straight though to the other side. But no bone was damaged luckily but muscle was ripped apart.
It was stitched as soon as we got here, Iggy just stopped the bleeding. She inspected this area toughly, and then looked for any major scaring.

"Seems alright, I am worried about this though feathers might not grow back." She started, "Meaning you may not be able to fly as well as you do now, or for very long. Unless Alex has finally got his power, well the one that was programmed with." She continued on,

"What is it exactly?" I asked her,

"Healing. We don't know how though, but we know he can make almost any illness or injury go, not all at once." I nodded at her statement, everyone other then Alex has got a supernatural power, well the one that's programmed in.

"We need to let air into these that are healing now, this major one is wanted to scab, and heal, but for the muscle we may have to build it up once it seals, so physio just for the wings." She finished turning to Dr. M,

"I'll look into it." She said back and wrote it down in my file.

"Now." She sprayed anaesthetic all over the skin of my wings and picked up her cue cards. Oh god. The psychological test pictures.

"Your prescriptions about to run out, I'm sorry I have to, darlin'." She said to me, holding up the first picture, I cleared my mind and blocked out all sounds. I said the first thing that came into my head, every time I saw one, a different word popped into my head. After I went through them, she brought out a new deck, one's I hadn't seen before. Again I said the first word that came into my head, not once looking away from the cards, my mind and the room was quiet, for once.

I finished the pack and I looked up at Dr. Mistoki, She was smiling.

"Finish this prescription first and your done." She said,

"No more?" She shook her head to indicate 'no' to my question,

"You just need to stop being scared of yourself, trust me, trust your family. It won't happen again." She said softly, it didn't surprise me that she read what I felt from the words I said. I am scared of myself, because I did pull out my feathers, when I was unconscious/sleeping. I don't want it again.

"Okay" I said, "May I go now?" I said smiling, She nodded one final time and shuffled though her brief case,

I walked outside and breathed out, only to be scared by Limit leaning on the wall next to me. He laughed.

"Shut up. Lithium" I mocked,

"Haven't been called that in a long time, well actually before Harmony couldn't speak" He smiled. Lithium was his real name, Limit his nickname didn't come until Harmony started learning to talk, because she couldn't pronounce it, she shortened it herself.

We headed back upstairs to find Jacob beating everyone at Xbox, having a laugh and joke.

It felt so much better to have everyone safe and sound even if it may be short lived.

Let's see what the week would bring us.

Dr. Mistoki P.O.V.

Later on that night while the kid's slept I, Jeb and Valencia sat in the office looking over the files I stole, trying to make sense of them. The Birth certificates were simple, we are going to explain it all once we have answered all of our own questions, and made sense of these damn things.

On the breeding papers, Most of them were straight forward too. However, Fang doesn't have one, Max's doesn't make sense and Dylan's was all failures. Nudges and Iggy's matched up having 2 offspring, Gazzy and Angel both have one success.

"20 experiments, 22 if you include the control test. Have all failed at young ages. Dylan's DNA has been too tampered to sustain life. Which match up with Coopers." Jeb concluded. Cooper Died at 7, the longest living of Dylan's kin.

"Out of 22, 2 Skye and Jackson have been successful in Max's case, and they are the control tests. The 20 she was paired DNA with Dylan." I spoke out,

"Hey, I found Fangs, Stapled to the bottom of his file." Valencia, said pulling and flipping the sheets over. Looking though them.

"There's a few, ..." she began counting, "30, all of them seem to be successful but not alive. So I'm guessing failed in experimentation?" she guessed questioning towards Jeb.

"Most likely," He responded,

"These 3, I can't make out" she laid the sheet down and passed it over, the 2 lines of names on the first page, were scribbled out so much, you couldn't even make out the other side.

"There's nothing here on Lucan! I don't get it." I said in frustration.

"let's leave it," she said looking at the clock, sticking 12 AM, "We can take a fresh look in a few days"

She said getting up and packing away all the papers, I helped her and got off to bed down stairs.

Let's see where the week takes us.

A week later I was giving Skye the once over, the rest were in the living room.

"Good as new," I said to her smiling, "Now for the hard part, physio. We will have to take it slowly, I know you've been wanted to fly with the rest when they go out flying" I said watching her face and she looks down, the quicker we build up the muscle without tiring it too much.

I meant though the motions, as I saw her flinch; I did it more carefully and apologized. After an hour we finished,
"We will do it again in 3 days, okay?" She nodded and rotated her wings slightly and gently,

"They ache now..." she said worriedly,

"They are just healing, for the first time I may have done too much, but you do have a speedy recovery rate. Leave them out they are looking better." I said looking at them from behind,

"You even have some small feathers growing back underneath" I said giving her some encouragement.

Limit opened the door and rushed in slamming the door shut and locking it...

What on earth?

"He's here." He said his face pale as a sheet, "We can't do anything he's now bribed the police apparently, what are we gonna do? He's wants Skye!"

"Whoa whoa, calm down stop talking. Who's here?"

"Dr. Hans Gunther-Hagen" He said looking up,

"What does he want with me?" Skye asked getting off the table,

"I don't know I ran down here, were supposed to be dead remember?" He said sinking into the nearest chair lining the wall.

I could feel myself getting angrier, I wanted to know one thing.

I rushed out the door "stay here and stay quiet if he starts searching get out of the house." They nodded and I heard the door lock behind me, I quietly walked up out the basement to the commotion upstairs grabbing the files from the stairs, and pulled out the Birth certificates.

"Where is she? I know she's alive." Hans said calmly,

"For the last time. She's dead. You ordered the kill." Jackson responded.

"I thought I said: out! I don't care if you bribed the police, ill still call them!" Valencia said in uproar,

I looked to find Jackson, Iggy, Jacob, Dylan and Fang stood in the doctor's way at the end of the hall,

Before Hans could open his mouth I spoke up loud and clear.

"Where's My Son?"

He looked at me and smiled.

"Lillian, How good to see you! How-"

"Cut the bullshit. Where. Is. My son."

"I don't know what you mean."

I threw the files on the floor and they scattered out over the floor. His eyes widened slightly. But, he regained his composure.

"You told me he died. Why do you have his DNA if he's a failure?" I said in Rage. "Now where is he!?"

"Tell me where Skye is."

"So she is alive." He smirked; I shook my head in disbelief

"You're unbelievable." I remarked.

"He's in front of you." He said, now he was really getting me mad.

"Stop playing, and say it." I marched forward till I was near him; he just leaned onto his cane and pointed to his right.

"He's there"

I stopped dead in my tracks. I turned my head and I caught a glimpse of my husband when we were younger, when he pulled his eyebrows together.

To my left. his right. Stood...

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