The Original Outcome

The week before

Chapter 15: The week before...

Tuesday night (when Skye's flock arrive)

So now not only do i have a Daughter but now a Son? My head was spinning; everything's just come on at once. I looked up towards the end of the garden from my sitting position on the porch, and Fang emerged from the trees in front of me.

I felt my eyebrows knit together, where the hell did he go? I didn't even know he left the house.

I could faintly see him smirking and lifted his hand in a 'come here' motion. Curious I got up to follow him, only to find him run away. The Cat and mouse game had begun!

I snapped out my wings to give me the advantage, and flew weaving in and out of the tree's, i saw a figure hide behind a huge oak, Yes! I had caught up.

As quietly as I could I landed and jumped up into the beginnings of the tree, and silently moved to the other side, where he hid. Not there. I waited knowing he'd probably gone invisible.

Twig snapped below, I whizzed my head around to try and locate him, nothing.

A black mass clouded my vision and hands came round to trap my hands from the punch I was about to give, turning my head I found a smiling Fang covering me with his black midnight wings.

"Boo." He said softly,

"Quit it!" I said, he made me jump out of my skin!

"Quit what breathing?" he smirked even more as I tried to get out of his grasp, only to be constricted more.

"What have you been doing anyways?" I said trying to twist out,

"Remember last night?" I re thought the events,

"Hmm how could I not?" I said,

He picked me up bridle style and jumped down, but didn't let me go. Ahh screw it, I put my hands around his neck and held on as he walked further into the woodland.

"Where we going?" I asked,

"That's for me to know and you to wonder" He said smirking,

"Great I'm being kidnapped" I said, "Noo Birdnapped" he replied and smirked wider as I rolled my eye's.

We eventually came to a stop in front of a huge waterfall, with a little lake. He flew up with me still in his arms holding me tighter, and proceeded through the water, getting me wet, great.

"Hey, stup-" A cave stopped my words, but it was what was in it, "A picnic?" I asked, and he nodded, aww see romantic at heart,

"who made this stuff?"

"I asked Iggy, you know seeing as it is three years today.." shit knew i forgot something. "i know you forgot like i did last year, but we're even now" he set me down and the bundles of pillows and blankets lit by soft battery night lights.

"What happens if the batteries run out?" I said knowing he didn't think about that, but a simple reply of "we wont need em soon" left me blushing. Why am I such a girl round him, ill never know.

But I'll remember this night forever, it was the first time no drama came for us, just quietness and sounds of the trees and wind, and splashing of the water in front of us.

And I don't have to tell you what happened after the food went. ;)


"Hey wanna go for a fly? my wings are itching" Nudge said coming into the kitchen for breakfast that morning, "Then again that might be because of the feathers, or i'm dirty, but i don't smell do i? or don't i? but I've been using this new shamp-"

"I'm up for a fly" I chipped in cutting nudge off her motor-mouth,

"Sorry" Nudge said sheepishly,

"Just go ask the others, in fact you can wake them" I Replied sinking her teeth into a slice of toast. The Boys love to lay-in Literally, they can just lay there and pay on tablets/computers, or in Iggy's case make bombs.

Nudge nodded and got a bucket from the pantry, started to fill it with water... Well this mornings going to be a loud one.

I looked outside it was barely 9 O'clock, and the sun just woke up, the clouds still had a tinge of yellow about them against the blue sky. A smile appeared on my face as angel paddled in from her wash, Yep perfect day to fly.

after breakfast and a lot of sheets being stripped, and washed. i moved out into the back yard, where Nudge, Gina, Jacob and Gazzy were already in the sky, I turned to look at Skye behind me,

"You sure you don't want one of us to carry you?" I said, she nodded in response and just sat with a camera on her lap,

"We need some new photos for our album anyways, plus I'm not allowed to strain myself, i shouldn't ask the others too just for me" she said and messed around with it.

I watched Fang and a close Behind Iggy lift up too,

"Okay well, as long as you don't mind a trek into the woods and follow us...?"

she giggled, "as long as you guys keep up a bit." As she then got up, unfurled her now scabbed wings and vanished up into the trees at a fast pace, Well is that's what she classes as non straining then heyoh, but at least she got one of my ability's.

I climbed up into the sky and joined the rest, wow this is a lot more then I'm used too, it feels like in starting a fresh. Well best get used to it, End of the world crap of course.

We mess around for a bit, some landing every so often to include Skye, then I see her hands waving at a clearing, and I come into land.

"What?" I ask she simply stood looking behind me, and nods, it was the waterfall me and Fang err 'Visited' not long ago...

"Beautiful" Jackson says as he landed, and ran over to the water, it looks more like a waterhole big enough for animals to wash but small enough to hide beneath the trees.

"Woooooow! and its warm! Oh max can we swim please?" Nudge said and started a Bambi fest along with Angel and Gazzy.. oh lord.

"Later we can go back and get swimming stuff, we've only just got these clothes clea-" SPLASH.

"Ahhhh! Jackson!" Skye spoke in rage, "You just had to." He bobbed up in the water with his clothes still on and spurted water at her, though she was too fast and hit Gina instead, The Glare was deadly, the punch he got looked worse.

I looked at Fang, he smirked and pushed me in?!

They all laughed, as looked at them, with clutched stomachs. "Well you wanted to swim right? Get in!" I splashed water at Nudge who was closest And somehow got Fang and Skye in, whom was having none of it.

A little later and the crowning of the chicken kings Iggy and Gazzy, Stomachs started to growl, and hands started to prune, lucky for us it was hot out so walking/flying back was alright.

"Don't you dare come in with those wet clothes!" Mom said with stern, "shoes off wait in the porch, i'll get towels" She said shaking her head,

laughed and spoke out "Nice to see you smiling again Skye" With a motherly smile on her face and helped my mom with towels.

Well Today was fun...

Thursday... Jackson's P.O.V

"How do you do that?" I said looking over Skye's and Iggy's shoulders at the cookies they helped make with Dr. M,

"Easy, Learn to cook." Skye said to me with a smirk. Hate that smug look. I took one from the plate and bit into it, HAWWWWT

I ran over to the sink and downed water from the tap, "Why didn't you tell me?" I said Once my tongue had recovered slightly,

"I thought you had some common sense, plus It was already in your mouth before I got words in, Pig." She said, Iggy was laughing and Dr. M and Max moved into the kitchen to see all the fuss,

"You ate one of my cookies?" Max Said, S#!t Run!

Lets just say i learnt three lessons, My mom can kick ass, have more common sense, and My sisters evil... Though I always knew that.

Friday... Limits P.O.V

Ahh Friday Spar Day. Love getting a new bruise to add to my collection.

"What are you doing?" I hear Gazzy saying as Skye teaches Alex some new stuff, down in the massive space in the basement

"Sparing day, it keeps up our strength and we get to share techniques, like Alex is learning" Jacob says to him,

"Hmm spar day you say can I join?" Iggy Says,

"You sure? We won't go easy" Jacob says in response, "Bring it." Iggy says, Me and Jackson look at each other, never underestimate Max's flock, rule number one from Dr. Gunther. Yes Unfortunately we had the misfortune of being 'taught' from him when we were naive,

"We're up first, Skye!" Jacob says as they move to the mats layed out,

"He's gonna get his ass kicked isn't he?" Gina said,

"Yep." I said,

"Shouldn't we warn him?" She said skeptically,

"Nope." Jackson said on her other side, and we sat and watched.

"Ready?... Go" Skye Said, And Jacob ran into Iggy with his fist up ready for impact,

Iggy grabbed the hand, twisted around and catapulted Jacob over his back, A dazed Jacob was on his back with a Thud in under 3 seconds... All of us sniggered, Bar Alex and Harmony.

"What the?" He said once he came around,

"Never run at a blind dude" he simply said, Nudge Came running in, "What was that? What are you doing? Iggy what the hell you do? another bomb? Wait til Max hears. MAX! oh wait she here- Mphf" Max covered her mouth, and looked around

"let me guess, You ran at him didn't you?" She said to Jacob smiling, He nodded. "My turn!" she said

"Hey no fair there's a Queue!" Jackson said and Ran in, "Me and You," He said to Max,

"You sure boy? remember what happened yesterday?" She said, he nodded and smiled,

"Ready for an ass whooping?..." Skye directed at me, smirking. "Thanks for the support sis." Jackson shot back at her and readied himself,


It lasted a while a good 15 minutes, but Max was holding back you could tell, by this time the rest had joined us down here to watch.

"Come on hit me" she said,

"You've not tried a single punch yet, you first" he said,

Within the next minute he was pinned, Face down with his arm behind his back and wings pinned and with lovely bruises on his leg, arm and back.

"Damn it." He simply said, Skye full on laughed on the floor, first in a long time, and i joined her.

Well you learn something new every day... Don't run at the blind guy.

Skylar's P.O.V

The rest of the weekend was uneventful, just relaxing and a few pranks here and there, well that's what weekends are there for relaxing and unwinding, But there was one thing Fang Learned about me...

On Sunday's. Don't wake me up.

They were playing truth or dare, I was too tired, after a full stomach so I went for a nap on the chair, Apparently Fang was dared to wake me up, by shouting right in my ear...

My eyes snapped open, and I whirled my dazed eyes to the culprit,

"Dude, Run, run now!." Jackson said, oh run did he, out of the house, into the garden and the forest almost got away by flight but, I was faster. I tackled him down and sat on his back arms up behind him, and my knees on his wings, his legs fell in defeat when he tried to struggle, and i punched him in the chest when I let him up,

"Fang got beat up my a girl!" Gazzy said and laughed, Fang flicked Gazzy's nose gently, "Shut up"

I walked back in and slumped into my spot, next to Jackson who tried to steal it, and slept. "Your too heavy," he said, "then move bro. I ain't bothered. Ill sleep here." I said and smirked,

Little did we know what the new week had planned, time to get back on track...

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