The Original Outcome

Now where were we?

Chapter 16: Now where were we?

Dr. Mistoki P.O.V. (A.K.A Lillian)

I stopped dead in my tracks. I turned my head and I caught a glimpse of my husband when we were younger, when he pulled his eyebrows together.

To my left. his right. Stood...

Him, Why did I not see it before? Replica of my husband; Jackson's iris colour; the same body build; Skylar's eye shape; the colour of her wings; her stare, grin the motionless face.

I took a step towards him and lifted my shaking hand to his face. He stared in disbelief back to me at what he had just been told.

"Pffffft, Fang's real name is Lucan?!" Iggy started laughing behind us, Breaking the tension in Fang's stare, blinking. He looked up at Iggy, glared and spoke-,

"I'm glaring Ig."

I didn't drop my hand, instead I moved it over to touch his cheek lightly, like I have with my other two children after him. This made him look back at me.

"My Son." I started to tear up slightly, "If only your father was here.. I have to tell him once Dr. Guther-hans has gone.."

"Told you she wasn't a crack teen who got pregnant by some old guy" Max piped up, "You should never believe what you hear around the school" She looked over smiling, Which I fondly returned,

Wait a minute.. My eyebrows knitted together,

"A Teen crack head, really?" I inquired and looked over to Hans,

"Were wasting time, now wheres the girl?" He changed the subject...

I looked over his shoulder out the window, I think they have a good head start.

"If you want them I suggest you take that up with your ex-Wife Dr. Guther-hans. She Ain't here." I said.

His eyes widened and the rage began to stretch over his face, and with a "Damn it all", he left without even a goodbye.

The Flock, Skye's flock I mean, always know there's a place he can never go to find or get them...

Don't you just love restraining orders?

Skylar's P.O.V

Limit and I landed behind the studio and quickly walked in to find Michelle, Dr. Gunthers ex-Wife, see she adored us all, so once she found his true nature, two papers went flying through his door, divorcing papers and a restraining order once the divorce was complete. We still make time to check in with her whenever we can, because she cares about her 'danseurs parfaits'. Oh yeah she's french...

We found her, not hard to spot, slightly shorter than 5"2 with brunette hair back into a tight ballerina bun.

"Ahhh, my bonbons, what is the problem?" She spoke giving us both hugs,

"Dr. Gunther is after Skye again..." Limit spoke

"Oui oui, you may stay as long as you need, ill keep him away, if he ever shows" she said in almost perfect English, and a full smile.

"But first, I have a new apprentice, I need to get your word on her, she is not as great as you Skyar, buuuut easy room for improvement, oui?" she said looking at me with hope to help her 'perfect the imperfect'

See Michelle owns a dance studio, and I know, I know,me tough bird kid wants to learn how to dance. But,you'd be surprised at how often it has helped me on the field. Nothing more satisfying than easily kicking an eraser in the face and being graceful about it...

I nodded to her question and let her lead me to the floor where 'Liza' was standing.

Ahh great, not as good... she's crap, bad posture, feet all over, what the hell?

"Sorry, I'm a little nervous" she said and flipped her red hair over her shoulder. The flip has 'trying to sass' all over it, and she still glancing up every so often at Limit, who sat on the break bench behind us.

Yeah, nervous, and No I can't tell your staring at limit. I held the statement back and rolled my eyes.

"First things first" I flung a scrunchies towards her, "Hair back, it gets in the way" I said with as much sweetness as possible from my blank face... so none really.

She nodded and pulled it back, as I did with mine at the top of my head in a slight bow thing.

"Again, and stop staring at him. he doesn't give a crap." I said and stood next to her, she said at me with mouth open, so I shut it and played the music.

That my friends was sass..

"Poor thing looks like a new born calf, what did you do?" He said to me as I walked over, pulling my hair down, after walking away from an angry Michelle, because 'Liza' who I know now as Lissa, knew it all and didn't focus, Lissa's leg where like jelly by the time we had finished.

"Me? she couldn't stop staring at you, plus she was crap anyways, even if she had it down to a T she would still have legs like jelly, with or without the staring at you." I looked over at him after I finished, he was looking right at me with a smile.

"You got jealous" his smile widened when i didn't deny it,

"Course i did, but it was quickly went when i wiped the bare sass off her hair." and flipped mine for emphasis,and we both laughed.

"Some of them are here, look." Points to the viewing windows above the studio. We both wave at them all (Alex, Max, Jackson, Gina and Nudge) and get up to walk out.

"So where'd you find her Michelle?" I raised my voice slightly to speak to her across the room after Lissa left...

"Hpmf, west Virginia, usually they are good from that state, don't understand it..." She said disappointingly,

"Don't worry I think he may have had influence" I pointed to Limit "I'll come by another time without distractions." And bumped his side,

"ahh that reminds moi too" she said once we were close enough, "Are you two finally together?" she said with a grin, which I nodded in reponse,

"Ahhh finally, I shall see you two next time, but you can stay around the place as long as you need. My next tiny tot class is here" She spoke. As the parents and little ones came in, Myself and limit went out to the others.

"Wheres fart-face?" I said to Jackson, he shrugs at me

"He's gone for now. But, He'll Turn up one way or another, knowing him it wont be good" He said and stood up,

"Hey Max? Didn't we know that girl? from the time we went to Virginia? and went to school, oo and Fang Kissed her!" Nudge said and was cut off by Max,

"She kissed him, and it was Lissa sweetie" She said and turned to me, "Did ya give her a hard time?" she said smiling,

"Yep, she wouldn't stop staring at Limit either so something had to be done..." I said,

"And why would that bother you... sis?" Jackson said staring at me,

"No business of yours" I remarked back.

"Are we going back home now?" Alex moaned,

"Just because you don't want your cheek pinched again Alex, but no we need food and a lot of it." Jackson said smiling at the boy.

"Great shopping...well at least its food" I said and marched onward to Walmart.

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