The Original Outcome

What happened to Cooper.

Chapter 18: What Happened To Cooper.

Skye's P.O.V


Running... Running... But where? Which door?

I turned to look behind me to find my own self chasing me. I've been here and done this before many times; It's not me, it's her, who we affectionately call Alice. My Insanity.

This time its different, but it always ends in me dying, if you can think it I've dreamt it. She's always chasing me, with a sickening look on her face, she wants me dead. Always there, behind me, stalking me.

I turn back around to find a dead end. But it don't stop, I can't stop, but I slow slightly. I see a black mass move quickly pass me. What?

I watch as she opens a door to the left, it wasn't there before... She walks in without a glance to me,

I walk into the room, dread fills me, I can feel myself being pulled out of my unconcious.

Now hypnagogic, I feel small hands around my wrist tugging, but still I cannot wake.

Back in my dream, I look into a pitch black room illuminated by a singular light, I cannot see Alice any longer, but i hear her laugh, the psychotic laugh.

In the center, only a glass cylinder filled with what i can presume is water, and floating inside with a breathing mask around him.

"Cooper." I whisper, both out loud and sleep, the hand on my wrist stops and move up to my shoulder,

"Bye Skye" Hands push me into hole, filled with water, my eyes wide open as I realize I'm in a tube myself, drowning. I find my self in control and try to swim up back to the hole, Sealed.

"Time To Die, Skye... Skye... SKYE!" I jump awake in a cold sweat, and sharp intake of breath, the sun just peaking through the windows, which were located just on the walls, before it started to become dirt. I look around to find my self being pinned by Limit and Dylan the door.

"Same dream again?" Limit asks, moving off of me to sit on the side of the bed, I nod in response, feeling mute and slightly out of control. I stare at the wall, still is slight sleep, Its never happened before, I was conscious in a half-dream state, it felt so real, I've had worse, but even then it didn't shake me up, yet this did.

I don't understand why. And that's what worries me.

Something nagged me to look at the calender, just left of the bed, on the wall. A little Black circle with a 'C'.

Something registered in my mind; 10 years ago to this day, Cooper had died.

'And finally I'm free' I mentally scoffed at this,

No way in Hell 'Alice' I heard the sickening laughter echo in my head.

'We're already in hell...'

Third person.

Itex branch. Location: Unknown.

He spluttered out the last of the gunk from his throat, he was weak, in pain and disorientated.

"Welcome back" Dr. Gunther-Hagen spoke out interrupting the heaving of his gag reflex.

"Fuck Off" He said, not turning around from the bucket given to him, His wings, chocolate and white in colour, fading into one another horizontally from the top down, flexing out as he took deep breaths

"Now, now I saved you."

"Ha, you said you wanted to clone me, not stick me in a container for a century" He snapped back, this pale blue eyes pierced the doctors, as venom struct into his voice.

"Actually, its been a decade. And I could not replicate you, the DNA it to malformed, just like your fathers..." The Doctor struck back, flipping some paper over checking the boy's vitals, mental and psychical state. The boy turned back to the bucket and proceeded to cough up any more of the foul tasting goo from his body.

"Hm, Seem's your mind has grown up too, could tell that from the language you use." The last part, the Dr, mumbled to himself, But the boy heard it and pulled a face.

"Best get your strength up, Cooper. We have a plane to catch." The Dr. Said to him, as Cooper found the strength to stand.

Skye's P.O.V

"So what actually happened to cooper then? Cuz All we got was he was dead..." They looked to me and Jackson, Mostly dressed in dark clothing, even though we were young to know him, We didn't care that we were half-siblings, we were that close. But after a short silence, I looked to Jeb to give clarity

"Well because Dylan's DNA is too Damaged his genes cant produce very well, cooper was the longest to live, but serpetable to a lot of diseases, his immune system failed to work, and he contracted Pneumonia, I suspect one of the other scientists, he didn't surpass the night from what i heard, it was that broke the news, and a lot more was spilled that week." He spoke, matter a factly.

"Wait, so If Dylan's DNA is too messed up... can he still be cloned? or would they fail too? Cu-" I stopped Nudge there before the rant began,

"That's what I was pondering, because, This Dylan should have died long ago.." Jeb said Directing an unsaid question to Dylan,

He Looked away to the floor,

"Yeah about that, He couldn't clone me never even tried, I just had to pretend to be a newbie bird kid, to try and get into good books initially, it was Dr. Guthers idea To get me to think I Was created for Max, I guess i just wanted to believe it," He Spoke to the floor, I gave an eye roll, and played with my hands.

"So, you were never a clone? Wow deception" Iggy said placing break fast on the table, trying to lighten the mood a bit.

"We never got to see his body, just the table wheeled out of the room past the window out the hall.." Jackson said softly looking up to Jeb,

I pondered back to my dream, of course it was possible, but why? that was the question.

I had to let loose, ignoring the headache forming again in my temple and ate breakfast.

After, I Grabbed a random book, scribbled a note to the rest and walked out the back door, to find a sun spot to lay in.

Well on the plus side, my feathers are growing back quickly, but not quick enough, my wings itched to be stretched by the currents, it was a need I couldn't describe.

worst of all staying on ground, I could feel that familiar clawing from the base of my skull, 'Alice' wanted out and play, It's not like I'm violent, well... unless provoked, its just me out of control. It's like someone else taking over your body, over your will and you can't do shit about it, it was worse than being experimented on, you could think for your self, retaliate, not react or even try to stop them, this you can't.

I Hate It. Even though I got my self into it... Life's a bitch ain't it?

Limit's P.O.V

I followed her, of course I did, even Dylan couldn't wake her up last night, and she not herself, well from what she's been like the past couple of months.

I was taken back by the same she said, and I could tell Dylan was too.

"Cooper" she had said to so eerily it chilled me to the bone. So I wanted to keep an eye on her,

Just a little while...

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