The Original Outcome

There's more?

Chapter 2: There's More?

3rd person:

A distinguished female scream from above the six, made them stop. Max looked up to see... nothing...all but clouds. She looked at Fang, to the right of her. But, only to get a look of 'it's your call'.
Then, Angle noticed a small figure dropping from above.
'Hmmm 2 miles away? Easy' I thought.

Max shot forward, before anyone could blink, it was instinct; she HAD to catch it... whatever it was. A second 'Thing' dropped. Getting closer it looked human. But, was curled into a tight ball...

Fang's P.O.V:

I helped max's soon as she shot off, who knows what it is or what else will fall. Watching for any signs of movement from the... Person? I got close enough to catch them.
I managed to grab the person, him a boy by the hair style... under the legs and his midsection of his back. I followed max back down to ground, keeping an eye out for that chopper.

I looked down to find him unconscious... 'Yep definitely a boy' I thought, 'about the age of 14 to 16 give or take'

Dark brown hair covering his forehead; wearing black faded jeans, and navy blue top; normal black sneaker's. The only other thing was a gag on his face and rope bounding his legs and hands. Hmm didn't' notice them before...

When we, the flock and I, caught up with max, all we could hear was blood curdling screams...

Max's P.O.V:

I saw it fall from higher up and falling fast, something compelled me to go get it, not the voice ( A.N: not gonna spoil it for those new to the series). Flying, adrenaline kicked into my veins, and made me go 250 MPH.
I stopped short and dived down towards it... sorry a girl, instantly I could see the blonde hair peak out from her bobble, conscious wide awake staring behind her, I knew fang was above me, and would take care of it while I get this one to safety. Dark red stained tank top, and dark blue skinny jeans, covering her in decent places, she looked worse them fang when Ari sliced him in the gut. I caught her under the legs and the back of her head, then tucked her head into my neck, to stop any more injuries happening, and spread my wings before we hit the trees and started to rise. I noted the feathers that came out of her tank top, she was tied and gagged but I could hear her paining cries as I was holding her.

I checked out for fang and the others, no signs of danger... weird no erasers, flyboys, nothing hmm...

Floating down and around gently to the ground, I found a clearing a mile away, and landed. Placed her down as gently as I could and ungagged her, then the screams started...

"Where does it hurt?" I said trying to calm her down "don't worry I'm not going to hurt you"

"B-b-back" she managed to get out "please I'm begging you, make it stop, make it stop..."

I carefully turned her into the recovery position and checked her back to fin-... a pair of... wings...just the bone, few feathers remaining. They had been ripped off, and skin just small patches were missing, cringing I continued through to look. Nudge and Angel had calmed her down, she was not still whimpering a little but the screams had ceased. Until I touched her joint that connected her wing to her back... dislocated, aw great...

"Nudge, Go get first aid box. Angel try to keep the pain down within her, you know block it out? Iggy, Boil water and put some rags in there. Fang, check him see if he's alright. Gazzy, I'm gonna need your help. And I'm sorry to do this...?"

"Skylar" She replied, "and he-*hiss* he's Limit"

"Alright Skye" I started, "Sorry but your wings dislocated, were gonna have to pop it back in... I won't lie, this will hurt... Brace yourself" she nodded, as I grabbed a wood stick for her to bite on,
"bite down on this, ill countdown" I said "Nudge, hold her. Angel, start trying now. Gazzy, hold her wing straight."

"Ready... on three, THREE!" I pushed straight down into the joint and heard a sickening *pop* and more screams from who else? Well, worse parts over. Iggy came over with the Water and rags.

"Right lets clean her up and bandage her... I wouldn't take that stick out just yet" I heard a wine, and everyone helped stop the bleeding and bandage her up.

I looked over at Fang, to find him talking with the now awake boy...
"How is he?" I asked

"Alright managed to escape in better condition than her, still in shock though for the time being" Fang spoke, the boy just nodded quietly.

- Few minutes later -

The wounds were now healing and I took a mental check once more of her, still blood smears and the feathers we left in, they will moult naturally with the new coming ones.
Conclusion: she was meant to die, or at least critically injured. But, There were more of us... somewhere this is proof. If this is true, why didn't Jeb tell us!

"The helicopter? It travelled eastward" Iggy proclaimed.

"Thanks Ig, now let's rest and give these some water... explaining comes after food"

Signs of relief came from the flock, I turned to Skye and Limit, He was making sure she was still awake,
"you're both welcome to stay" I said.

Fang opened his mouth "Max, We don't know they ar-" I turned to him 'we talk later' I mirrored in my look. He nodded...

"Thank you" Limit and Skye replied, weakly.

The chopper, it must have been used to 'dropped them off'. I need answers. And I'll get them from Jeb...

Disclaimer: I own nothing, except the skyar and Limit...

Sneak peak

Limits P.O.V:

**** 'These people' I spoke mentally to myself. 'Are the original flock...the first 2% avian-human cross...Max's Flock'...******

The Boy that caught me undid the rope of my hands and legs that attached to my waist. (An: of course you know what they look like). I took the gag away from my mouth,
and went over to Skyar, the girl I was trying to stop getting thrown out. But, I...didn't think it... through. _oh god I'm turning into sky now... ok now hopefully I won't get voice's in my head making me insane and not telling me I'm gonna di- _oh god please let it not be now...

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