The Original Outcome

Going on holiday?

Chapter 19: Going on a holiday!

Fang's P.O.V.

After they left to find Limit and Skye and food shopping. My mother (feels weird saying that) finally got off the phone to her husband, and placed it down on the coffee table. We were sat in the living room, facing across from each other. I sat with my elbows on my knees, hands clasped together looking at her. Somehow, it's too good to be true, even max found it unbelievable to begin with, after finding out she wondered into her own mothers how, by accident of course. I still don't see any resemblance between me and her, then again, I don't scrutinize my self in the mirror.
She shakes her head also looking at me.

"Why did I not see it sooner..." She said with wide eyes, "The spit image." She took the phone off the table and showed me a picture of a man, me?

"This is my husband.. Your father." She right, the spit image. I have to be careful, no emotion, just like always, can't get attached.

"Do you have any other kids?" I found my self speaking, Damn it Fang.

"Yes, youngest is 9, oldest-well second oldest is 14, and a minx at that." My eye's snapped to hers in shock.

"Minx? you mean he's-" I started to inquire, "No! no no no A form of expression! He's mischievous. I didn't make the same mistake twice." She interrupted to correct her mistake.

Well that makes me feel slightly better. Her phone started to vibrate like crazy, she checked it.

"Now news spreads fast, The whole family know about it now they can't wait to meet you- uhoh" She said, her eyes in a panic,

"What." I said more forceful then I intended,

"The head of the house, Gabriel, wants to see you. As soon as." She said shaking her head,

"Head of the house?" I said,

"Our family is huge. You have as far as I know 45 cousins, and some of them have their own children. Our family is tight nitt, and all decisions about the house is made by the head, and for some reason they don't live that long. And by decisions i mean, marriages, investments, who stays and goes.. And when we have gatherings, its who's in charge and what theme, if their is one. Any one steps out of line, or even if they are.. different, he is not forgiving nor very merciful. He's very old fashioned, but that's the way he was brought up, and the way he is bringing his child up too.." she went off to say, I took it all in, slowing getting anxious the more she spoke. She snapped out of it and quickly added,

"But usually being around the family estate you wont run into him much, he is nearly always sick, and has to rest and recover." she smiled kindly.

A short silence came over us... Until her phone started buzzing again. She looked at the screen, shaking her head she ignored the messages,

"So.. Do you prefer Fang or Lucan?" she smiled, I couldn't help but smirk showing slight teeth,

"Fang, please." I said,

"I can tell why you got that name, its the Mitoski teeth, slightly longer and pointier canines" She pointed out, from the smirk I pulled.

Hm. "So when were you thinking? To go see them I mean." I said leaning back more relaxed.

"Well, next get together, is today in a month's time, so that will be plenty of time for Skyar to heal." She said looking up to remember,

"Have Skye and her flock been with you before?"

"Yes, multiple times. As they wanted to stay with me when i broke them out, the safest place I could think of what the estate... Well i thought so, until i realized what Gabriel was actully like. But, I think he is more open to them now however." She said,

I nodded feeling slightly less anxious about it all, Yes I, Fang, do get anxious about things.

The front door then opens to revel Dr.M looking stressed, as well as Max, Alex skipping in tow, Limit laughing his head off, Skye grumbling to her self, and Jackson with a questionable bump on his head... This should be interesting.

Coopers P.O.V.

"I ain't doing anything, until you tell me what's happened since I've been out" I said trying to buy time, Damn this plane rides long.

"I don't have time for your games Cooper. I just need to get Skyar and Jackson back here. As soon as." Dr. Guther-hagen said back getting more and more agitated as time went on,

"Oh dear look at that, its 18:47, Tick tock tick tock" Now I could see the veins start to show in his neck. "So you lost Dad too then?" I quickly said,

"Hm, seems the tracker isn't working and he did not come back at all when I specified. Another brainwashed by Jeb." I looked up at him as he talked, and searched for exits when he returned to his papers. Damn it, guess it will have to be as i get off the plane.

"How much furtherrrr?" I said whining.

"2 more hours" He said not looking up at his papers, he then added under his breath ", but I don't think i'll last five more minutes at this rate..",

I grinned and looked out the window, "Well just enough time for you to tell me everything." I said pointedly at him, he let out groan of frustration,

"I've told you everything I know. What more do you want?" He said exasperated, looking away from his papers.

"Who made Skye go insane in the first place." I said now meeting his eyes.

"I sent her on a mission to New York, she was 11. There Dylan told her this would be the last she'd see of him, as he was going after her mother, she protested after all the times he broke other girls down. After, stories from Jeb she knew about Fang and Max, Your mothers love affair, but went onto Fangs favor even though she did not know him one bit. " He looked angry at this point,

"All plans ruined, All because of Jeb, and so i got contacted by an investor, he told me to put her into the Beta program." My eyes widened, no wonder, after communication and being able to see the outside world, she went insane from one circular wall and no speaking just endless pain and testing.

"How long?" I interrupted his ranting about the preposterous idea, I knew he put her in there. That's what he wanted all along, Dad didn't allow it, threatening to take his own life if it happened.

He looked shocked from the interruption, "What makes you thin-" "How long." I grounded out interrupting again.

"18 months...She was then taken by Dr. Mitoski and Dr. Martinez and introduced to her now flock." he said watching my face.

"You sicken me. What did dad say?"

"He didn't know. Until after I got into contact with him 4 years ago."

"What do you want me to do?"

"Bring her and Jackson back to me, so I can find out how she recovered from her insanity. It will do great prospects for Itex and for customers." He said proudly. This made a change to the monotone, back and fourth conversation, we were having.

"and what do you want Jackson for?" I inquired,

"To ship him, hes been sold to china." He said with a wave of his hand, I tried to act as calm as possible.

"Okay, i'll do it." I said, looking back out the window.

"You double cross me, like them not only will i put you back into the chamber, ill make sure you'll get into the alpha programming."

"May as well as kill myself." I muttered underneath my breath,

"Hmph, good luck, that's why I made you immortal." Damn it.

"Were landing in 30 minutes." He said checking his watch,

"Where are we?" I said looking out of the window at the ground below,

"Germany, Going to see Dr. Ter Borcht." He replied, getting his papers together.

Four weeks later

Jackson's P.O.V.

"Harmony, you only need to take 1 teddy." I said lightly, she looked at me with the bambi eyes, damn it I'm too soft.

"Fine! Three but that's it, were not leaving the house we will be back in a few weeks, plus you have toys and teddies there as well, you know this hun" I said firmly at first then softer towards the end.

"Jackson! Are you Ready?" I heard Skye shout from the top of the stairs,

"One sec!" I said back, holding open Harmony's small bag so she could but 3 bears in.

"What's the hold up- You are too soft." Skye remarked at she stood at the door frame. I zipped the bag shut and got it onto Harmony's back before I replied,

"Shut up, It was the bambi eyes!" We walked out the room and down the hall,

"Yeah yeah yeah, come on lets go! Some of us have a plane to catch!" She said, skipping up the stairs.

"Your not flying?" I said carrying up my own case as we walked up the stairs,

"Oh I am, Your not." She said turning to smirk,

"What? when did this happen?" i said walking down the front hall way,

"When you took the Micheal to get your stuff ready anddd," She stepped out of the door, "The last one out of the house", I groaned and shuffled out of the front door and shoved the bag inside the red Toyota yaris. (oh yeah they rock! too bad its not mine...)

"Hey! Be nice! what's my Peter ever done to you?!" she said patting the roof of the little car.

We decided some of us should take a plane with Dr. Mistoski the rest will fly, less numbers means less people will notice.

"Yeah yeah yeah" I said turning to Grandma Val, giving her a hug and climbed into the back of the car. Skye followed in pursuit with Harmony, she was sat behind the driver (Skye), and Max Upfront with fang behind her, me in the middle... squished. The rest went into the family car that Dr. Mistoski rented, including Total in the back. poor fella. (I completely forgot about total! Ahh I'm so bad .)

"Ready?" Skye asked starting the car and belting up.

"Yeah" Came a reply from everyone,

"Bye!" We waved as we left Jeb and Val at home with Akila.

"Wait is this a manual car? you drive a manual?" Max asked,

"Well yeah thats what I learned in, plus was cheaper at the time" she said smirking to turn the CD player on, I groaned.. Nickelback.

"You got some beef bro?" She said looking at me through the rear view mirror.

I rolled my eyes and stayed silent, watching Dr. Mistoski's car in front leading the way.

Just wait till the airport...

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