The Original Outcome

Long ass day.

Chapter 20: Long ass day...

Jackson's P.O.V

We had just parked up in the airports car park, when we were notified a change of plan..

"Right no one is flying there. Seem's Deano here to pick up some cargo for the main house, luckily there's enough room for all of us to jump in, and he's offered us a ride." Grandma (Huh, its funny now it true) said shutting her flip phone

"What about the plane tickets?" Gina said curiously, "Won't you lose the money?"

"Hun I didn't even buy them yet, that's why i said for some of you to fly there by wings, in case we didn't get on the same flight, and i knew deano's flight plan." She said back matter-of-factually,

"Sneaky sneaky" Skye said opening her squeaky boot to get out our bags.

Half an hour later, and a few massive queues later, we were borading the cargo plane,

"Good to see you again Deano!" Dr. Mitoski smiled and pulled him into a hug,

"You too Lilian! Hows the youngest? last I heard he broke his arm!" He remarked back with a slight Italian accent in his voice, i walked onto the cargo, after Skye, not bothering to listen to the rest of the conversation.

It was HUGE, more than enough room for all 15 of us. Seems like old times, just with more of us there. Last year was amazing, even if it was a Disney themed month of partying. It was a closed cockpit, but with a drinks bar, and first class seating style it was amazing, much more then what we were used to, even a big square cushioned area on the floor, to the left with dozens of pillows and blankets like a fort. I immedatly jumps in a window seat and streached back into a lounge position before Skye could sit down,

"Snooze you lose, dweeb" I remarked to her, She back handed me on the arm 'Prick' she mumbled under her breath,

"Guy's stop it" Max said with a warning tone in her voice, We both stuck our tongue out at each other and Skye walked away to the Bar for a drink,

I found a remote next to the arm rest and pulled it out, to start playing with the buttons... Oooo massager. I clicked it on and let my wings out, only to get hissed at by Mom (Max)

"Put your wing away!" She said throwing my jacket on top of me,

"Woah chill! Deano has seen em a million times over, some of his kids have been experimented on to."

"...What?" oops, I looked over at Skye, to see her with a blank look on her face and a slight shaking of her head... I fucked up again xD

"We have 12 hours, we better start explaining." Skye said rolling her eyes, once we were off the ground,

"Firstly, Any girl over the age of 16, for your own protection, must be in a convincing relationship, partnership or married." Skye started off saying, tis is the worst and sickest rule that gabriels come up with, ever.

The flocks eyebrow burrowed together in confustion, "Why?" Iggy asked,

"Becuase and I Quote: A Women cannot refuse a mans (Weather married or not) advances of sexual conduct with out reasonable excuses backed up with evidence - Allowing sexual relations with others consented or not, will eliminate adultry. Excaptions to this; a) if the girl is already taken, meaning that in your pair you must stick around eachother and convice other people; B) if the person does not know the name of the Woman they have no right to said women and C) if it is incest it is forbidden." She said with a straight face.

"That's disgusting" Nudge piped up,

"It's the worst rule there is, i don't get it myself either," Gina said slightly, leaning over the back of her seat to face the congragated group on the floor of thw wide area. "I was almost taken, if it wasn't for Alex being the smart one and asking the man for my name. Still owe you for that one kiddo" She said directing the last satament to Alex who smiled back at her.

"Hold on, your not 16..." Max spoke up "Are you?"

"You dont have to be, the strictness of the rules lessened, now any girl can be taken weather they are 16 looking around 16 or no where near the age young ones are always taken and they wont speak up about it, its rare that you see women over 25 report, talk about it or even get approached with bad intentions." Gina said again, Max shook her head side to side with a frown.

"Second, Everything you see in the main area/house stays in the main house, violation means punishment, tourture or death. Thats why we couldn't tell you untill we were up in the air" Skye said saying the last bit loudly for my idiot purpose,

"Fact: 30% of our generation within the main house has been to the school, iTex, insitution and other places to be experimented on, But so far as i know we are the othly ones with wings. We don't know why but we are on a mission to find out why it is so high and who's doing/organising these things." She said, the Flock stayed quiet taking it all in. Fang shook his head,

"From what your saying I think the storying of my mother being a crack head is better." he remarked darkly,

"It's not all bad son, after about a week Gabriel gets a cold or a fever and is put on bed rest, so all the rules are not as strict plus, once people know who's been taken and whos free we wont have to worry as much." Gandma said, walking by from the bar with Cola in her hand, ruffling Alex's hair on the way.

"Hmm, its definiatly alot more fun after that, plus if needed we can stay within the hotel were being given, Fact three." Skye said looking more optimistic,

"Anything else?" Nudge questioned Skye,

"Just have a good time, be your self, and you can fly and let your wings out whenever you like." She said smiling softly at Nudge, who visibly relaxed, but then after a minute tensened up,

"Who will I be partnered with?" She said with a blush, quietly,

"Me" Iggy spoke up, "Promise ill keep my hands to my self Max, dont crack your kuckles just yet" he said holding his arms abouve his head as Max was about him, about to crack her kuckles like he said, Grumbling she sat back down next to Fang, who was cross legged, and leaned again him.

"But in all seriousness" Iggy started again, "Nudge your like a sister to me and i'd do anything to help and protect you" He said smiling. Nudge timidly smiled back and looked down, even i could tell thats not what she wanted to hear, i dont know which part, but she looked disheartend by what he said, no one else saw it i dont think, it was a flating emotion on her face,

"We shall either have to keep an eye on Angel, or partner up with Alex, i know him and Limit made from any of your genes" Skye said, "I mean hand holding can convince them too... while they are young" She finished,

"I don't think I want to land.. are their any specific times they usally.. take girls?" Max said

Skye looked at me, thinking, I responded to Max instead, "Hmm, mostly evenings but definatly at night and very early morning, Thats why groups are best"

"I think thats it for the major part, the rest can be told while we are there as we go," Skye said streching out and yawning, "I'm going to sleep" She said walking over to the cusioned area. And fell to sleep within minutes,

"Can we play word association? pleaasseeee? or eye spy?" Gazzy said,

"beats being bored" Fang said, "Blue" He started off

"Sky" Max remarked,

"Cloud" Angel said next,

Then Gazzy; "Water"

Then Iggy; "Fish"

Then Alex; "Pets"

Gina; "Dog"

Jacob; "Total"

Harmony (With the aid of myself); "Maths, say Maths" - "Maths!"

"You mean Math." Max said,

"Noooo MathSS, Were english remember?" I said back, and she Rolled her eyes "Fine carry on"

"Headache" Limit said, And the game continued until the kids got bored of it again, and picked another game

Skye's P.O.V.

I woke up sometime later. Groggy eyed I blinked at the face that was close to me, Limit. Laying, facing me holding my waist to tug me close, my arms huddled in Resting on his chest, legs tangled.

I rubbed my eyes deepl, while pulling away slightly from him to look around. Everyone was sleeping bar me and Limit who seemed wide awake. Watching my face, he tugged me closer so we were face to face. My hips matching hi, my own chest against his, He bent his neck slightly to make our foreheads and noses touch together also.

"Hi" I said quietly,

"Ello sleepy" He said back in a low gruff, nuzzles his nose against mine. I stretched my arms out around his neck, stretching slightly I yawned.

"How much longer?" I said looking into his eyes and relaxing,

He lightly smiled and said "9 Hours" I groaned in response, Now what am I gonna do!

I watch him, as he tried to stay awake, "Am I Boring ya?" I said with a half smile, He shook his head and shimmied down to my chest. Laying his head down, he said "Nope just your watch now" and drifted off to sleep,


I laid there playing with his hair as he slept,

This is gonna be the longest 9 hours yet.

And guess what? It Effing was. and that's me swearing.

"Where have they gone?" Dr. Guther said to Dr. Ter Brocht.

"You say that like I know where they are." He speak up, looking up from his experiment, which is on an Eraser.

"You do, I know jeb cashed in on the favor you owed him, so to speak and it was you who let them go. They are no longer back in Arizona. So the house in Connecticut? Back to England?" Dr. Guther said lightly, also watching the experiment taking place.

"The trackers failed, you'll have to find out on your own." Brocht, remarked humming slightly with his german accent thicking with the furstation in his voice.

"Key's please" He said holding out his hand, giving up on the where abouts of the bird kids. Ter Brocht handed them over from his left pocket of his white coat,

"Shouldn't leave them in stupid places, Guther-hagen." He replies looking at the scientist next to him,

"Coming from the Dr with the failing experiment." He says glaring the other scientist down,

"At least mine can repoduce."

"At least mines not dead." Dr. Ter brocht looked confused at this statment but then the slience was broken by the droning long constant beep from the heart monster.

"Wha- Scheiße! Verdammt ... Zum dritten Mal in dieser Woche. Scheiße. (translation below)" He speak out in German, grumbling as he walks around the now corpse, as Dr. Guther head out of the room.

"Any ideas Cooper?" The Doctor remarked to the 17 year old out side of the room, following him down the corridor. He shrugs in responce,

"Italy?" He said, sarcastically. The Doctor halts to a stand still,

"of course! where else would she hide them? I'll have to make a few phone calls see if the investor can give us access..." He said drifting off into his own conversation.

Dr. Teh brocht words: "Wha- Fuck! Damn it... Third time this week. Shit."

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