The Original Outcome

He can... Can't Explain!?

Chapter 3: He can... CAN'T! Explain!

Max's P.O.V

After Food-

I couldn't stop staring, it was horrific, it made me wonder if it was Itex, or the school, the things that they did to us back at the school...
the mercury, the eraser battles, the electric mazes, the test's... all the things they did to us, I never thought they would stoop that low.

I don't even know the girl but I fell more protective of her, then I have done with any of my own flock, not Angel, not Fang, even Gazzy
when he had his first fight with the erasers back at the school or even when he popped out his wing...

After a chat with Fang, I won him over, he feels the same way about the connection to them, and I convinced him to let them stay, get information and maybe even, expand the flock a little for these, if they are good and everything... but right now something else was on my mind, Skye was sleeping, poor thing, don't blame her after this ordeal.

So... "What the hell is going on?" I mumbled to know one in particular.

"Oh so she speaks." My head whipped up to the voice, and glared.

"Shut up, Iggy" I shot back at him. I saw Fang trying to question Limit, that was watch over Skye as she slept. Iggy was helping Fang and checking on her wounds.

"Ok guys, girls and Iggy" Ig huffed in annoyance,

"We will have to make camp here for the night; we will make it to my mom's in the morning. Nudge, pick a partner and go collect fire wood, small to gradually thick."
I'm so lucky, I have an overprotective mother, first aid and spare clothes, food, water, blanket and even pillows *sigh*.

"Oh and help total out." Just as one of the bag packs was rolling away, nearer and nearer to the cliff.

'Um... a little help... Please... I feel dizzy... hum there seems to be an increase of the winds over here.' Totals muffled voice rang out.

I couldn't help but give a small laugh, Iggy and Fangs joined with a small chuckle, at the ever decreasing voice within the tiny constraints. I couldn't help bursting out laughing when Iggy gave a small chant of 'fall, fall, fall ,fall, fall!' as total got nearer to the cliff. Unfortunately, Angel helped him out of the bag.

I even heard Limit chuckle a bit at this joke, he seemed a little calmer, but he's still tense.

"Nudge? You picked" she gave me a nod,

"Alright go, and be careful." Both she and Angel moved to get firewood.

"Gazzy could you get clothes that might fit limit please." He nodded and fiddled with the boy's backpacks and clothes. While, I checked to find Skye some that fitted as well.

I turned to Fang and the boy; they were sat, backs leaning against an oak tree. We need information, and he was the only conscious one... OK, here we go.

I walked towards them, Fang; trying to get to come back to earth from the shock of (I think) falling.
The boy, face that used to be as white as a sheet, has returned to a normal skin tone (I think...)

"Hey" I spoke softly, he turned to look at me, and "Can you tell us yours and the girl's name, if you can..." (When persons in shock, they can never think straight minded)
when I asked for their names he started to slowly scuttle behind Fang... hum... Someone's found a new friend it seems.

The boy stopped and looked at me, he seemed easy on the eyes, and you could see almost everything he wanted you to see.
"I'm Limit, my Gi—friend!.. Sorry is Skyar"
'ok at least you have detected he's not in shock anymore...' 'Shut up voice.' You know I never could decipher the voice, if it was male or female, weird...
the voice seems stronger now... no not stronger... louder...
"Ok... can you tell us what happened to you? Please." Fang was also using a soft voice, like the voice he used for Angel, Awww.
(Ha-ha lol, yeah I know what that means. :P)

"I...see... uh... I. we...*humph*" Limit stopped talking, with a silent sigh and started again, with and unsure face, overtaking his features,
"I can't exactly tell you...but I err... I can show you..." he said again.
Fang and I looked at each other. "What do you mean?" We both spoke simultaneously. (((Oh yeah I also know what that means!D )))
'Can you spell: simultaneously?' the annoying robotic voice, spoke into my head.

"Shut. Up. "I spoke VERY low, without meaning to, 'woops'

"Voice?" fang said back to me,
"yeah, being a noob head" I said,
I looked at Limit, he was away from Fang now but still close...

"Sorry, I have a voice in my head, it like to annoy me, and pop up when it wants, only I can hear it, come on I won't hurt you, if that's why you're hiding behind the Goth... "

'Say it; I dare you' Fang whispered almost, seductively, 'oh so he wants to play that game now then...ok...'

I saw that Limit moved back to the girl, out of the corner of my eye, a hint of blush evidence on his cheeks, oh well.

"Why, what you gonna do?" I whispered back, threateningly playful, "Chain me up, and do what you like? Hum..."
I tried to make my voice drop seductively, success...

"Maybe, or I can just take you somewhere far away from Angel and the flock, and have my way anyway." Ok now that way Hot,
maybe I'll take up on his offer... no wait bad Max, Angel will be back soon an-

*Sigh* Sorry let me explain; me and Fang, are together, I gave myself to him two years ago, tee-he. ^.^. Anyway-

"No" I spoke to him, "I think we need to know how these kids got into this mess."

"Sigh, alright but I'll get you" he answered me back, and kissed me long and hard, umm he-he, Hmmm I've turned soft...

"Ha, I know, I know, I'm the leader of the flock, but not this relationship, I know" I spoke back, he pulled me, to stand up, and gave me a quick kiss,
'Good girl...' he whispered in my ear, I smiled and pulled out of his embrace, and walked over to Iggy, Limit and Skyar.

"Sorry, 'bout that" I said to the two conscious people, "Ig what's the verdict",

"lucky for her, she's got 2 bruised ribs seem to be healing alright, of course her wings have been ripped to shredders but the bones okay until we get an x-ray from Dr. M. err, oh and a sprained ankle, but other than that she's alright." Iggy said.

"Limit can you Te—show us what happened, please" I said to limit, just as fang came up behind me. Limit said something in... Italian, no not that oh what's the word... Anyways, it's a dead language...

"Memoria praeteritorum, commodo nova ostendere inauditas volucris, memoria nostri memoria huius."

There was a bright light in front of us, you could hear the chopper and the grunts of both erasers, Limit and Skyar, an image appeared in fount of us, just as Angel and Nudge, had got the fire going, (whoop's I ha-ha didn't see them there I guess I was a bit preoccupied, with... Mr. Tall, Dark and silent).
Gazzy, Angel and Nudge, turned around and watched as the image cleared within it...

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