The Original Outcome

Voices? Wait what happened?

Chapter 4: err, what happened?

Limit's P.O.V

I spoke out in Latin, towards the guardians of the past, only I can do this. For as long as I can remember, Dr. Ter Brocht always said to all of us: they did not give us these 'other' powers, we inherited them or something, but I was always the odd one out.

Whilst we were with Skye's grandfather; Skye and I, found out two years ago, that I was supposed to be in Max's flock but, something went
wrong with the first developments of the embryo, it wasn't human, it was full bird. Itex would only keep funding if the school produced human-animal mutations, they couldn't keep full animal mutations, that was their deal,

Their 'legal' binding contract.

I closed my eyes and spoke the Latin words out.

"A praeteritum exhibere, de hoc ostendendum memoria ..."

I put forth my version of events, my memory, from the beginning.

The erasers were trying to force us into the chopper. We of course, were fighting back. Dr. Ter Brocht, he ordered it for us to be 'Tested'. But, We both knew we were going to be terminated, Taken care of, but we had a plan, there we others that needed us, but had no idea what was to come...

"Vou know, all of vou en vour flock, were only back up's vor ze Original flock, if Max or Fang en the rest of zheir, flock vere to die or vet
terminated. vour flock, Skylar, vould hav only been ze back up" Ter Brocht said to the both of us, while we were both restrained by the Erasers.

"This vould also hav applied to Max if she did not vor vill herr, purpose to save ze world, then Skyar vould hav to take herr place, all of vour flock vould be
vith you. However, We hav no need for you now, all of your flock was supposed to hav ze same fate as vou two, but vou hav convinced me otherwise, Jeb Batchelder..." he turned to Jeb, signalling that this is directed to all persons here.

"I'll give vou this much, but no more. I hav already let vou go, with Max en the others, but this is ze last favour." Ter Brocht spoke to him threateningly.

We were tired up and gagged tight. The rope was around our hands-connected to waist, and separate rope around out feet.
They had already knocked Skyar out, by winding her in the ribs and one smack with the hilt of his knife, around the back of her head.

Jeb just nodded and looked at us, we knew he had something planned something that would save both of our skins, and I just hopped it was sooner rather than later...

I flashed through my memory bank, to before them though Skye out of the copper.

Sky was now wide awake, guess they didn't hit hard enough. I as wide awake as I could be, even though I could fly being in here with them being tied together, was making me panic a little. Skye's eyes popped wide out, when one of the erasers (No. 3) opened the door behind me, the other just turned and grabbed Skye.

"Awww look, little birdie woke up... ready to go to hell?" he spoke (No. 1),

"Huh, yeah these bird's are about to get their wings clipped. You guys ready for limbo?" the second added (No. 2), Laughing along with the first, Then we both caught on...

Even though there was only 3 erasers in the copper, 4 if you count the pilot, there was still enough of them to break the
precious things that give us flight, our wings... our situation got worse. We knew we were too weak to fight back, no food for a weak and water was limited but they knew to keep us alive. And what little energy we had we used trying to get away back on the ground.

No. 1 and 2 walked over to Skye. No. 3 made his way next to me, forcing me to watch the whole sickening event that took place. I stopped the images there but,
I left the volume as it was...

I couldn't show it, not for the girls sake, but for my own insanity, the two erasers, took one wing each, and pulled them back stunning her... making her scream...
then, keeping them in this position.

A sickening crack was heard, her wing was dislocated, the sound still echoed around in my head. My beautiful angel... gave out a horrific scream... the screaming continued, Tearing the ripping from her skin, her Feathers, beautiful black and flecked with white... almost gone...

I remember tears streaming down my face. Staying true to their emotions streaming even now down my face. I closed my eyes, I couldn't take what they were dishing out to her, I knew she was strong, but with this pain to our wings and how weak we were from our treatment, we couldn't stop it, and it was too much.

They continued their assault on her wings, you could hear the tearing of the feathers as they ripped them out if the bone and skin. Then they stopped...
her screaming died down.

*I continued the image back up once it was over*

I opened my eyes to find blood on the floor, and the littering of black feathers, some were white (now grey) on the ends... in fact now a dark deep red. A green tinge was now reflecting from the light.

The eraser next to me had taken a shackle off of Skye's, as well as my foot. Her foot now swelling up, and blistered from kicking.

All of them hauled Skye up, and took her over to the open door. Eraser No. 3 turned to me,

"Say; bye-bye birdie!" he snickered. They threw her out. Before they could even turn to me, I used my last ounce of energy and rolled vastly, and swiftly. Tumbling out of the copper, right after her...

After that, things caught up in time... form the thrill and adrenalin from that 'dive' I couldn't think straight I panicked, while I was still in the air. I'm a wimp, but I couldn't help it was my worst nightmare, come to life, haunting me... I blanked out...

I was frightful for Sky. What they did to her, if I hadn't thrown myself out, then I would have the same fate, I couldn't look after her, wouldn't have been able to do anything. My only hope was to be slowed somehow by the trees and to still be alive. I'd never leave her, not like that...

If Max's flock didn't save us then, we'd both definitely be screwed!

I stopped the memory showing, and looked around at the group.

The blind boy, Iggy was trying to consult... err, Nudge, I think it was... Kissing her on the forehead, and whispering comforting words into her ear.

Max was sat curled up into Fang; with the two youngest at either side of them. Angel on Fang's lap, while holding Max as well and Gazzy curled up into Max's side comforting his sister as well as himself.

Both Max and Fang were trying to calm down everyone. It was horrific, even for me; I couldn't describe it properly...

~~~~~10 minutes later~~~~~~

Max's P.O.V

Fang and I had calmed down the group. We gave Limit some new clothes and we had woken sky up momentarily to dress her.

Fang was helping Limit. Bandage's and plaster covered his body, strangely enough he only had one plaster on his head; his cheek.

"Iggy mind making some more food up? I think we all need comfort food, I think." I said to Iggy, as he was poking the fire, to keep it going.

"Comfort food?" He questioned,

"Yeah, everything's better with food, or you could go back: What... 10, 20 miles? To the nearest town..." I said, getting a map out to search out the town we had past
"Ok I'll go look for what we got" He quickly stopped me.

~~~~Ruler: 30 Minutes later~~~~~

We had just eating readymade rice, curry and noodles, of course Iggy made extra for Limit and saved some in the morning for Skye, but we set out some Granola bars if she woke up during the night. We had all finished. When, Limit looked past me, eye's wide he scuttled towards the person behind me, Skyar.

"What is it?" Iggy turned to where Limit was crouched, next to a... stirring girl, Sky.

"Sky's waking up." Angel spoke out loud across the fire,
"I can hear her thought's, there's a 'voice' similar to yours max, I've heard it speak to you, but there's are a lot more than one, and I don't just mean her thinking and one voice I can hear about 5 voice's speaking at the same time, Robotic voices." Angel spoke with confusion, and the look of concentration on her face, like she get's when she's mind reading.

Turning back to look at the girl, her face scrunching back and forth from pain to anger. She's shifting a lot more now, then before. I hope she doesn't injure herself further, her wings still tender...

~~~~~Ruler: Before Limit See's Her Shifting~~~~~

Skyar's P.O.V

'Come on child, wake up...'

The stupid voice's, I wish I never inherited this, but on the plus side, at least I can be connected with my mother... I know she has one in her head too...

'Wake up, child...'

I can also speak into her mind, my mother's mind, like her own voice...

'Wake up'...

''Ha-ha no... 5 more months... please!'' I mumbled out,

'No, wake up Skye...our mother's near, just open your eyes and see...'

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