The Original Outcome

I don't get it

Chapter 5: I don't get it?

Skyar's P.O.V:

I mumbled as I stirred awake... 'I hated being woken up, especially by you' I thought back to the voice... Hm nothing, As usual.

I slowly but surely peeked my green-hazel eyes, and blinked a few times before slightly stretching my back, I felt a slight twinge of pain but it was dull. I felt Limit next to me as I awoke.

"hm-wa 'appen?" I spoke out, my brain still mushy from earlier events; either a possible brain haemorrhages or just sleep... I'm a deep sleeper, but can't blame a girl for being imperfect.

"Err, you don't remember" Limit said, I blinked forcefully a few times and yawned,


"You're kidding..."

"Yep" was my reply" He looked at me staring with a blanked face,

"Of course I do ya fool, who can forget pain like that" I said to him and whacked him in the chest lightly, whilst rubbing my right eye. I heard a Girlie giggle and looked out to see... Nudge? Yeah Nudge, giggling at us.

Limit turns to Max, and rolls his eyes "Yep she's alright",

"Well that's one less thing to worry about, just be careful sitting or moving, we don't know how long it will take to stop aching and heal, We will set out to my mom's house, sorry Dr. Martinez house in the morning" Max said to us, watching with cautionary eye as Limit helped me sit up,

"Thank you for all of th- Wait" I paused and thought about what max said... Dr. M? It couldn't be... "... Did you just say your mom's name was Dr. Martinez?"

"Err, yeah. There a problem or?" she lifted a brow,

"no no no, It's just I can't believe it, you're THE Maximum Ride...she's told me millions of stories, Well us stories", I glanced at Limit, and He was smiling too.
"I know Dr.M, but well I call her Grandma" I spoke with fondness, and smiled at her,

She looked back at me surprised and shocked, and I took note of everyone looking at Max's reaction,

Was it something I said?

Max's P.O.V

Right okay now this is driving me crazy, WHAT IS GOING ON?

"I'm sorry, Grandma?" I said,

"Yeah, Well you see I don't think now is the right time to explain everything, but well she looked after us, after Jeb got out of the school back in England-", She stared off,
"I knew it" I said under her breath, She continued,
"He took us to America, to Dr. M. and well she helped raise us, in secret of course, with Ella and all. Then we moved on our own. I never thought I'd finally get to meet you Ma."

"We know almost all of your stories. Jeb told them all, and he is sorry he just went away like that, but he was helping us to escape...and then of course he turned traitorous, and hated him ever since." She finished off,

"Well you're not alone there, kid" I said back at her,

"Hmm well Jeb or Dr.M will have more information, I know you're looking for answers Max, But unfortunately it's not my place to tell you, Sorry" She said and yawned again,

"Someone's still tired" Limit grinned at her,

With a straight face she replied, "No shit, Sherlock." and looked at him with a blank expression, it oddly reminded me of Fang...

Too much like Fang, My brain hurts...

'You need sleep max, I think you've all had a rough day' the voice said,

'Yeah you're right' but first a cave we will be warmer there, winds picked up...

"Did anyone see a cave or shelter nearby? We will sleep there."

"Yeah" Nudge piped up, "while collecting firewood, its east, about a mile and a half out, just above the ground, no bears can reach."

"Right get your gear we will fly there, stay close. Do you mind carrying Skye, Limit?" I spoke to him,

"Nope, done it plenty before, sleeps like a rock this one." he says getting up and looks down at her,

"Shut up you" she says, Yawning "I'll be asleep when we get there anyways" Limit, picks her up, and she immediately gets comfy... looks like she's out like a rock already

"Alright, let's move..." I said, spreading my wings and taking off to the cave.

I made sure to keep looking back to see if he could keep up with us, we do move fast even for normal birds...

We all hit the Sac after landing inside. Fang stayed up for watch and kept the fire going. We said we would swap, every 4 hours, between me, Iggy and Fang.

When sunlight hit the next morning, all bright eyed and bushy tailed, we were back on course to DR.M's... Hopefully to get some answers.

We landed just behind the trees to the house; it was about midday at this point, with about 5 bathroom breaks and 2 stops for food, we finally made it.

Fang disappeared went to go check the area, you know for choppers or unwanted cars. Now it was Skye's and Limit's turn to gape at him. Hehe tables have turned,

"Alright guys, Wings in. Do you and limit know how to do that?" I spoke. They both nodded at me and Limit helped Skye get her wings in, must still be tender, I mean the muscle did look like it might be achy and tender after the handling.

"Clear" Fang said as he became clear again.

"Good, let's move. You two, try to be normal and act natural" I Spoke to them. Skye rolled her eyes in amusement,

"Do you think we've been living is cages all of our lives? We have been to real school you know Max, and tried to live normal lives, before this happened of course" she laughed heartedly, and walked out from the trees towards DR.M's house, Limit followed in pursuit, chuckling slightly,

"Sorry" he said as he walked past me.

Fang looked at me with a slight smirk, "What?" I said, raising an eyebrow,

"Hm, reminds of you strangely",

"Oh ha-ha, come on I just hope she has cookies ready"

At this point Gazzy and Angel perked up at this point, "COOKIES, YAY" And hopped on after Limit with nudge and Iggy in tow.

"Hehe, come on" I said.

We emerged out of the trees and saw all of them waiting on the other side of the road. "Come on Max! The cookies might get cold! But then again she might make some more, or keep them hot. Then again the chips might melt and then they will just be a gooey mess, you know like an ice-cream on a hot day, hmmm ice -cream hope she has that-" Said Nudge, being cut off by my hand.

"And that's your word count up I'm afraid" I Said, smiling at her, she looked at me annoyed "hahaha" She spoke through my hand, and licked it.

"Ewwww!" I wiped it on Gazzy. He ran round shouting something about cooties, as we continued down the road,

When we reached the house, Skye was the first one there, and knocked on the door.

She was immediately locked in a hug by my mom,

"Oh, Thank the lord your alright! Did Jeb make it in time?" she said with her eye's squeezed shut, clutching her,

"Yeah, he did Dr.M." Limit said smiling, "The others should be here soon... well that is if Jackson hasn't thrown the map" He joked.

My mom finally opened her eyes and locked them onto mine. They grew wide in surprise,

"Max? Oh of course you're back from your trip! Come in! Come in! I have a whole bunch of cookies set out, bet your all hungry!" she smiled motherly and opened the door wider for the stampede of bird kids invading the kitchen. After she closed the door, she sighed.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner Max. We didn't know how you'd take it..." she looked at me apologetically, I looked back confused,

"How I'd take what?" I responded,

"Jeb didn't tell you? Didn't go get you? To save them? *sigh* He's useless. Never get a father to do a mothers job" She looked at me,

"I'll tell you later Max, I can see you wound up inside, come on let's eat then I'll tell you all about this mess" She smiled and ushered me into the kitchen,

"Hmm, your right. But, only if you explain EVERYTHING, my brain is really hurting from all this"

"Hmm ill try to Max but I'll get Jeb to try and get down here, he has just as much explaining to do as me" she laughed as we went towards the kitchen the sound of munching got louder,

"I Hope you pigs saved some for me!" I raised my voice and they all pointed to an untouched plate... hehe, now I'm a happy bird kid. Mahwah, MINE!

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