The Original Outcome

Who is she?

Chapter 6: Who is she?

"She's my what, what, what?" I said hysterically.

Jeb looked at me, after staring at the floor the whole time he was talking.

"Yes, but I think there's something deeper. It's not just coincidence that she has some characteristics of yours I can't quite put my finger on it, but that's why I went back to the school, to find out more about why and how they created them all" he said.

Bet you're more confused than me huh? Let's recap...

I had found out that Ella was at a friend's house doing a project for the night and after everyone had stuffed themselves with cookies and pasta (Thanks to Iggy). Skye and limit first explained what went down first, and then I continued on after rescuing them from falling out of the chopper. Anyways, Dr. M looked over Skye's and Limit's wonders and treated them properly.

"At least you don't have broken bones, and that's lucky" Dr.M said after feeling her wing bone.
"Just a few sprains like you said, should be alright after week, but your feathers? Hmm they may take longer but we don't know with your rate of recovery, all I know is that it's faster than the flocks but we will have to wait till new lings start coming through..."

"Right, Okie thanks Nan" she smiled; surprisingly she's taken to her wounds quite well.

"I'll go and call Jeb, hopefully he should be on his way or quite close" mom said reaching for the phone and walking out to a quieter room. At this point all of us were sat around the table, with our food still settling.

Right seeing as though Dr.M can trust you; let's get to know you guys.

"We never really got to know you very much, so what exactly are you? Like what percent is avian DNA? "I started questioning, leaning my arms on the table, I addressed Skye.

She looked towards me and looked up thinking. "Well we are all 3% Avian but mixed with 2 different birds. We were breed, as they put it, within the institute back in England. When I was 7 we were moved to America for some 'training' basically, needles, mazes and things like that. Not m8uch different to you, in all honesty" she shrugged and gave a light hearted smile at me.

"How old are you?" Fang asked quietly,

"Were both 16, he's older than me, but I can whoop his ass" she smiled smugly, as Limit rolled his eyes,

"Is there more of you?" Nudge asked, looking excited.

"Yeah we have a flock of our own; we all grew up together in cages." She replied,

"How many?" Angel asked, concentrating, probably to get a sneak peek at what the others look like,

"Ooo let me think including us two, err seven in total."

"Any boys?" Gazzy chipped in,

"Yeah, four, including Limit. One, no wait more like two, of them are around your age." Limit nodded along with her statement.

Total walked in after eating his food, "Any animals with in your group?" he asked wagging his tail,

They both turned startled. "did-did-did The dog just talk?" Limit spoke out, pointing at him.

"This 'Dog' did speak and he does have a name!" Total said annoyed,

We, the flock I mean, all laughed and giggled at this, "Sorry, but now I've seen everything" Skye shook off the shock and giggled, "And your name is?" she asked,

"Total and it's quite alright, just telling him to stop gawping" Total said looking at Limit,

Limit shook his head, "he-he, sorry." He replied and scratched the back of his head,

Total trotted off to Angel, and sat on her lap.

"So will we be meeting, your flock?" I asked getting back onto topic,

"Yeah, Hopefully. That is if Jackson hasn't screwed the map and ended up in Canada." They both Laughed at Limits statement,

After a while, of more questions and sharing funny stories of being out of schools/institutes. We were all in stitches after sharing with them the story of when Max 2 (or Maya) took over the flock when they kidnapped me, and how she got found out immediately. No one can replace me! ;)

"Getting along are we?" Dr.M asked to all of us smiling, after the laughter died down,

We all nodded and got up to put the dishes in the sink. I turned to my mother and asked about Jeb, Even though we know most about them, I still want to know why he kept this from me and what exactly was Jeb suppose to tell me?

"He's about 20 minutes away. Why don't you guys get washed, have showers and change your clothes, while we wait. Skye, Limit, some of your clothes are downstairs in the basement from the last time you were here" She smiled and ushered us out of the kitchen, to her now expanded house... Yeah that's also the reason we went for a little while to get us out of the way.
There were now 5 bedrooms, and 3 bath rooms and an ensuite for Dr.M.

AAAAaaannndd back to now; The Flock and Skye and Limit were sat in the living room, Jeb sat in a chair across us in an arm chair, and Dr.M was making snacks for all of us about to watch a movie.

"So My flock was going to be replaced by Skye and her flock, if I wasn't going to comply with saving the world?" I said slowly to get it right.

"Well actually it was going to happen either way, but I managed to remind the Director how far you've come and to have you guy try and pair up, the more of you to help the more chances. And it worked; until Ter Brotch managed to bring up the point of why keep them alive if they are not going to for fill their true purpose. Its true they were made to be faster, better and well better versions then you, but we couldn't control them, like you, and I knew I had to try something to keep them alive and to get them out of the school as much as possible." This time he addressed Skye "I managed to save the others due to a favour Dr. Brotch owed me, by the way."

She nodded in response, not giving away an ounce of emotion.

I took a breath, only to hear the silence breaking away by a mobile ringing. Jeb took the phone from his pocket.

"Excuse me" He said, as he got up from his chair to take the call.

My head was still trying to think... I have the feeling that's not what Jeb needed to tell me, it has to be something more...

"May I Speck with Max alone for a second? It will be quick, promise", Jeb said as he finished his call,

The sun was going down, the air had turned chilly, and the birds were tweeting and flying from tree to tree to their nests,

We stopped just outside the living room window, I looked in to see, Nudge, Gazzy, Angle and Iggy Talking to Limit and Skye, Fang was watching us from his standing position in the wall.

"I know that's not all of it Jeb, So what's the catch?" I turned and asked him,

"Know how I said I Have the feeling that's not everything? That phone call I got just confirmed my suspicions." He Started, He then paused thinking on how to say his next words,

I looked at him 'cut the crap, tell me already' I thought,

"Max. Skye Is Your Daughter"... I looked at him, and thought to myself, 'Daughter? But she's she's she's Way too old!'

"But I'd Have to be at least-",

"Two years old, I know. It seems the director wanted to know how far they could take this. Ter Brotch Took over this project and produced more of you, without me knowing."

"Who's her father?"

"I don't know, that you'll have to find out yourself, but on her records its Dylan But from tests, Dr. Günter did, you are not compatible to create life together artificially, so it had to be someone else." He said to me,

Oh Great... I huffed and looked back into the living room at Skye... Who is she?

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