The Original Outcome

Uh oh

Chapter 7: Uh-oh!

Max's P.O.V

To be honest I'm not surprised that the school has done something this sick... I would have been 2 years old, when they created Skye. Don't get me wrong she's a nice girl she's turned out better than us lot, in the trusting department I mean, Then again I've not seen her angry, or really that upset... hmm especially over her wings. It's the most precious thing a bird kid can have; something doesn't feel right something hangs like a cloud I suppose over her injuries. Looks like I'm going to have to dig deep to find out. But, for now let's get to know her more.

I mean she is my daughter right?

Jeb went back inside after dropping that bomb shell; I sat in the front steps and pondered over my thoughts a bit longer (see above) I looked back at the now darkened horizon. God how long have I been out here?

"You're quiet for once." I turned startled to see Fang leaning against, the now closed front door, smirking...

"Will you quit doing that?" Smiling remembering our little back and forth,

"Quit what? Breathing?" He smirked wider. He sat down beside me on the step and kept me warm, "What's up Max?" he asked concerned,

This was my turn to grin, "The sky" I looked at him, to find him shaking his head in amusement,

"Come on, what was all that about with Jeb?"

I sighed before starting my next sentence, "Know how he just said, sky and her flock was our replacements? Well that not all of it, turns out they have a bit of our DNA as well, not just Bird but gene wise to." I looked up at him he stared back, his eye brows kitted together,

"Skye's my daughter." Fang looked at me in shock,

"No wonder she reminds me of you, looks like that attitude is in your DNA." He joked trying to lighten the mood,

"Hmm, worse of all, apparently Dylan's the Father..."

"Wait but we only knew about him since a few years ago, and you told me you did nothing with him." He said monotone.

"Hmm, the school just got even sicker. Turns out we can mate at the age of 2, they already knew this and started to plan ahead I suppose" Fang shook his head once more and looked at me,

"So what are you going to do?" He asked me,

"Get to know her I suppose, we all know what it's like to not have parents, and I mean I'm so glad I found my mom, I mean I'm not the best role model but well I can at least try to get to know her. Like a responsible adult." We looked at each other at that last sentence I said, and both burst out laughing our heads off, Yeah right me a responsible adult? You must be kidding!

After our little fit of laughter we went back inside, and ushered the flock to bed including Skye and limit of course. Seeing as though there was sort of limited rooms, Dr.M had her own, Jeb is sleeping in the living room, Gazzy and Iggy were in one, Angle and nudge in the other, Skye and Limit in the Third to last and Me and Fang took the Second to last, Ella's room was off limits anyways, still painting and the beds being delivered tomorrow apparently (also another reason why she's not here)

Hmmm Sunday is just a sleep away...!

Skye's P.O.V

Even I'm not usually a morning person but today felt different...

I put on my normal fitting clothes. A long woolly tunic and some dark fitting jeggins, hmmm Sunday! The laziest day of the week, not to mention Sunday roast and Yorkshire puddings! (Yorkshire legacy! Ha-ha)I looked at myself in the mirror.
'Uh oh look like I need more drops, my irises are turning black again, oh well always have my glasses!' I thought.

You see because I have 3% Avian, we have defects, every subject dose. But ours, My flock and I, I mean; Our eyes change to a different colour they look more bird like really so we use drops, slightly darkened glasses or contacts to make them look normal it doesn't hurt us but at least we get to have slightly normal lives!

I shrug my sleeves down over my hands and walk down stairs with my hair still slightly wet from the shower I had taken and made myself comfy on the couch. Dr.M was already there, sat in the arm chair.

I looked at the clock, 9:30 it said, hmmm even though its ages away might as well ask:

"Am I making Tea, Nana?" I said to her,

"No, Honey, not today. Were having take away instead." She smiled,

'Damn it, on well Chinese for me!' I thought, and nodded to her,

"Okay" I smiled back, and picked up the laptop, I'm currently in college, sorry high school? I think, still need to get used to the difference. I logged into the student section and I checked the assignments I have to do...

See we came prepared for if this would happen, where me and limit would not be accounted for so we had to tell some little fibs about having to go back to England every so often, which we do to keep up appearances, lucky they bought it and let us study here...
'Crap, 3 assignments due, well ones half way done just need to make a start on the others... 'I thought,

I grabbed my earphones from the side table and got a bit distracted on YouTube (damn thing!)and played my music playlist and got to work... this is gonna be a long day...

Mid way through my writing block on how Cells specialize inside the human body and WHY they need too (My brain hurts from how to write it...)
I felt a tap on my shoulder, I turned to see Angel looking at me, I looked at her blankly from my brain spinning about cells and their organelles thingies *sigh*

"Want to go get breakfast?" She said in her sweet voice,

My stomach grumbled at this, Derrr haven't even eaten yet Skylar the voice said

Shut it you, I thought back.I smiled at her "Sure, let me just save this, sweet pea." I saved my work; hmmm well I have a few days, Thank God for dead line extensions!

I got up and grabbed the hand Angel held out for me and we went into the kitchen...

"Err it's a little too early for the apocalypse" I Spoke out...

Max, Nudge and Gazzy were, well almost dead with sleep. Gazzy had his head back to the chair with a snot bubble from his nose; Nudge, had her head in her hands Yawning like mad; Max, well she had her head against the table. All three still had their plain Pj's on, the rest was awake and all dressed, its 10:45 at this point.
Angel giggled and sat next to Max and Fang, Iggy and Mr.D were in the cooking area, rustling up some breakfast, Hmmm Two missing... I know one will be in his office with a coffee (Jeb) and in bed no doubt,

"I'll go get Limit, lazy Bugger..." I retreated to the stairs and walked down the way to Limits room and banged it open!
"Right Up! Come on!" I Jumped on him and poked him in the cheek, "up, up, up!"

"Mmm go away," He turned over, wrapping his arms around me to take me with him, I giggled,

"Up!" I opened his eyes for him, and got out from his arms to rip the covers off of him,

He sat up in his blue Jammies, Grumbling at me, something about an evil crow witch? I'll get him back later... I leaned against the side of his door and looked at him opening the curtains and flinching, hum Vampire xD

"Breakfast is Rea-" he ran past me smelling the Fry up "-Dy..." I rolled my eyes, boys.

Half an hour later everyone was finished and doing their own thing really... I sat down cross legged on the biiig Sofa reading a book, while the laptop was occupied by Max's flock Watching YouTube or catching up on their T.V series. Angel Had managed to ring most of the flock round a game of monopoly, I have No idea who's winning but I know that Gazzy is sort of losing his money at the moment.

All was partly quite well apart from the talking during the game, so I grabbed my book ('Hush, Hush' By Becca Fitz Patrick.) (Eeeeeek I love it!, not as much as MR though! ^. ^)And started reading again. But all the quietness suddenly went, with a big THUMP! From the trees behind DR.M's House,

"A tree fall? But they don't start cutting down the rotten ones until a few months!" DR.M said startled as she rushed to the back door,

I looked out, to where the birds were flying away just over the tree tops, "That's no tree... "

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