The Original Outcome

Now we're getting somewhere

Chapter 8: Now we're getting somewhere!

I looked at Limit, we shared a look. 'Prepare for the worse'. We knew two possibilities. 1) Erasers, flyboys, Potencies of intimate death. Or 2) Jackson had crashed into another tree...
Yeah that means my flock of birdies would be together again!

I opened the back door and just stood... listening

"What are you-" Max began to speak. "Shh..." I held a finger to my mouth,
"What do you hear" I said, looking at them all

"Err, nothing" Iggy spoke. It was eerie quiet.

"Exactly, no chopper. So that means my flock are here, finally"

"But wait, why did the tree fall then if it's one of yours?" Max said, very wary.

Myself, Limit and Granma laughed, "Not all of us are great at landing you know" I smiled at her and walked out the back,

"Well, you can come with but we should be back soon" I said waiting for limit to get a move on.

"Hmm, I'm sure Ella will be glad to see you all back safe" Grandma Spoke out "ill set up the basement, and YOU, Max need to sort out your clothes from your backpacks"

"Right your heard the lady get settled" Max said turning away, "I'm sure Skye won't need us on a little recovery mission" she smiled to herself, "Always be on guard though, that's what we learned"

"Okay Dokie, let's go, Limit"

The sun was setting the sky filled with a deep red, it was beautiful. Perfect setting for a reunion.

Without 3% avian we are able to make bird sounds, so by learning or the patters they make we can sort of understand what they are saying, the chirping we can hear, they are intrigued by something, and it wasn't us...

We kept searching the chirping became quieter, a sign we were getting closer to the tree that had the unfortunate accident.

A Freaking sign, my arse, not 5 minutes later, we came across a branch laid in our path, in the middle of a clearing... well then someone's gotten heavier.

We looked up in the tree. I made our little song chirp; only our flock and others we trusted knew this. You'd think all of them came down... Oh no

Just One. The youngest, aged 4, Harmony dived down and rushed into my arms.

"Ello little chick" I smiled and hugged her close to me,

"Where's the rest?" Limit asked her,

"We split up, Jackson and the rest were followed, but they are okay now, they will be here in a few days."

"They left a message?" I said,

"Yeah we had a meeting point, but they came and went straight away, once we saw we fled here as soon as, we could, they said they would throw them off in case they were still following them."

"Okay well at least you lot think like me" I smiled, "So who came with you?"

"Err, Help?"

I Looked up into the tree again, and saw someone dangling down, stuck.

"You Have Got To Be Kidding Me." I spoke out to them, Unbelievable.

'Shit's hit the fan...'
'.. Shut the Fu voice'

Max's P.O.V

Once we had unpacked into our rooms we went back down stairs to wait and relax for sky and her flock to come back, Nudge was excited and babbling, she just wanted someone new to talk to and make friends with. I was still mulling over the fact I had a daughter... and she had grown up the way I did. I felt horrible, sickened to the stomach, no one should go through what we did, especially when you think it's your own blood relation.

Before we had time to laze my mother asked us to go and set up the basement, which unbeknownst to us was also converted to rooms for Skyar's flock, we set up the sheets and beds for them, often coming back up for drinks. Oh and Ella got crushed by a group hug when she got home. :)

I heard shouting from outside... But not the good kind.

Iggy was in the kitchen helping with the desert and cookies mom was cooking.

It wasn't 10 minutes later when Skye stormed in her face covered in rage.


Jeb rushed out of his chair, "Skye calm down. What's go-" she interrupted him, "Ask HIM." She pointed to the figure in the back door way.

Dylan. He stood in the door way looking like a deer in headlights.

"Max!" He said. Fang came to my side and held my hand.

Mom came out of the kitchen to see what all of the commotion was about.

"Where are they all?" mom asked,

"Not here yet they split up, when there was no need to apparently, thanks to genius here" Skye gestured towards Dylan,

"Look you know they cannot be trusted to keep a word." he said back.

"No but, Jeb had it under control, plus you have no idea what I went through to protect my flock."

"I can hardly imagine" He said sarcastically. Skye's face fell from anger to annoyance to nothing; a blank unreadable expression came across her face.

She straightened her back and let her featherless wings fall out. They looked better than before but still no better, they were covered in gauze by my mom and few dotted feathers left in tacked.

"No you can't." She said quietly and turned to go down stairs to the basement.

I look beyond a Dazed Dylan, to look at Limit, outside on the back porch. He's with a little girl with blonde curls, looks no more than 5-6? He's talking to her, playing thumb wars.

He looks up and they get up to head inside, and he closes the door behind him. The Little girl had Bright Grey-Blue eyes, staring wide around her taking in all the faces and hid in Limits legs. He looked at Dylan and shook his head,

"And you wonder why she doesn't like you." He said,

Dylan snaps out of it to look at him, "what happened to them?"

The covers the girls ears, "They were pulled out, by erasers, the deal was for us to be wiped out of the system, for good. And the flock would go free, at least for a few years. I managed to get out before they got to me, we were lucky that Max was there, or we would have been goners."

Limit pulled away his hands from the girl's ears. And she looked up at him,

"Who are they?" She looked back at all of us and huddled backwards towards Limits legs,

"Do you remember the stories we were told about the First Flock, by Jeb and Dr. M? Well you're looking at them."

She looked at us timid, and Nudge walked towards her, And crouched down to her level.

"Hey there, what's your name? I'm Nudge" The Girl giggled and said "Harmony"

Nudge began to introduce all of us to Harmony. Angel and Ella walked towards Nudge and Harmony, joining them, and began to make conversation and talk about girlie stuff.

We then reverted back to where we were well with the added 4 people, good job mom decided to expand the house.

I squeezed Fangs hand and whispered "I'm gonna check on Skye. No doubt she's upset"

"Okay I'll hold the fort" He winked at me and retreated to the living room, As I made my way down to the basement.

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