The Original Outcome

All about me

Chapter 9: All about me

"Don't bother, I'm fine" Sky spoke from within the room,

"After that episode? You don't look alright" She looked up at me with tear stained cheeks,

After wondering around the house, I finally wondered down stairs to find 2 doors opened, the open plan 'hall', they used for practicing fighting, sound proof for the neighbours and for Dr.M , it can be a safe haven too for if erasers or flyboys came back.

I peered in to find Skyar sat with her legs up, feet crossed over and the arms hugging them in, her head resting on her arms just showing her eyes, and long hair flowing over her face and back, she must have heard me... I have heavy footing when I'm not trying to be quiet.

With a heavy sigh, she rolled her eyes slightly; I waited patiently for her to break the silence as I knelt down beside her and pulled her hair away from her face to her back. I took this time to really look at her up close, deep down I really wanted to know her, like a normal mother would, sounds strange right, but I guess with Angel and Gazzy, it's a second nature

It wasn't as thick as it looked but softer and tamer then my own, still blonde but deadly straight, even after a shower I noted, it was long, just like Fang's was before his hair cut back in New York. Her eyes had the same shape as my own, with detached lobed ears, and a slight pinch at the top (not mine), slightly full lips (not mine) and small nose, prominent but soft jawline (mine), but none I could match to Dylan, again strange, Same high as me but longer legs, she has a slight curved figure (defiantly not from me) which told me a white coat was good to her and gave her a full belly when young, but broad back and same cup as me... yes girls notice... her feet looked small but I'd guess about a 5, same as me and with freckles dotted about her visible skin and a couple of moles.

"I just hope they are okay." She spoke softly,

"Your flock?" I asked back to her just as quiet,

"Hmm... The deal was, the two strongest of the group would be theirs to do what they wanted to them, but let the rest go, I begged Jackson to act lesser like me to keep him and them safe, he's the only other person that I trust to lead them, other than limit, but he was adamant to stay with me" she explained, still looking away from me in her own world,

"Stay together go to nan's Do not split, they would suspect something amiss.. What dose Dylan do? Split them, it took me and Jeb a lot of persuading in order not to 'dismiss' the others, and he messes it up, then again I should think anything else of him it's what he is known for doing" she continued off sourly,

I smiled slightly at her tone she used, "Nan?" I said puzzled,

"Yeah, I knew Dr.M was my nan, well she told me she was and told us stories about all of you, it wasn't until recently I found out it was really true" she answered,

"So how many are in your flock?"

She finally looked at me, her eyes not showing any emotions, "Erm, 7 altogether including us three, you know of"

"Hmm, and how long have you been together?" I kept her talking to distract her from the episode of her and Dylan,

"All together about 5 years, Harmony was 1 when we all met her and we had 1 new addition to the flock" she smiled lightly at her memories. "And what is this 20 questions? My turn"

I held my hands up and let her ask, "Are you really my mom, like my biological mom?" she said her eyebrows knitted together,

"Well that's what Jeb told me, and yeah he's a traitor but everything he has every said has not been lies so far"

"But how does he know?"

"No idea, he just got a phone call didn't say who it was only that I have a daughter, you"

She smiled at me, her eyes looked far away and an annoyed looked came onto her face, "shut. up." She whispered, and came back from never land, I lifted an eye brown in a questioning state, "don't tell me. You have a voice in your head?" she looked like a deer in headlights,

"I knew I wasn't Crazy!" she said in triumph,

"Sorry to break up the bonding but, Skye? Your alarm, love." We both turned to see Limit, standing at the door frame, holding a bottle of water and tablet case, there was only 3 tablets left inside.
She got up and popped one in her mouth and quickly got rid of it with the water, she face scrunched up in disgust.

"Can't I just skip the last two? " she asked,

"You know what happened last time" he said in a low but concerned voice, "look two more days and your off, if Dr. Mistoki lets you off, noo more tablets, yay!" he said in encouragement, she gave him a pointed blank look and both brows lifted lightly, 'Really, your gonna be like that' look. He kissed her on the forehead and left us again, she turned and sat back down crossed legged in front of me this time.

"Why are you smirking?" she had the same look on her face that she gave Limit.

"What err, what's going on with you and Limit hmm?" I said smirking wider at her now red blushing cheeks,

"Nothing" she said quickly, "we are best friends that's all",

"Hmm, that's how me and Fang started out" I said Full blown smiling now,

"Fine! Alright, I like him, but the idea of 'us' only started when we felt we were gonna die, and we would see what happened after all of us were safe and alive, so nothing as of yet ", She blurted not looking at me but around the room, I giggles lightly at her face, wow I feel like a girl, silence came over us but a comfortable one, and I grew nosy.

"What were the tablets, may I ask?" I quizzed on a more serious note,

"They are anti-depressants, there used to be a lot more than that... it's my last packet and hopefully the end of my treatment, I've been on them for about 3 years on and off after an experiment went wrong," she muttered darkly,

"You don't have to tell you know" I noted, she looked up and nodded

"Thanks, It's not a memory I'm fond of, but it is the reason I hate Dylan but the reason that brought me and Limit closer" She spoke out, Yawning,

"You best take some paracetamol, you'll get a headache soon from crying" I said on a lighter note,

"Humph, it won't be me needing them if Dylan starts up again" I laughed and got to me feet,

"Come on I know where Dr. M keeps the chocolate" I said putting a finger to my mouth and stretched out my hand towards her,

"Oh yay" she grinned and accepted my hand to pull her up, and wiped the remains of the tear streaks away, and we went up the stairs to the Hallway to the kitchen to ransack the fridge.

Skye's P.O.V

Mmmmmmmmm, Cadbury's I knew I left it somewhere! Nom.

I'm not the girlie type my self, like Max but a little bonding never hurt, plus even if she doesn't want to be my mum, I hope atleast we can have a connection a friendship like.

"Feeling bet- Is that my Chocolate!?" Nan exclaimed at me and Max stuffing our faces with it at the kitchen table, We looked at eachother. Busted.

"Err No?" Max said and smiled brightly, I mirrored her smile, yep just two angels :D

Dr. M Smiled and shook her head, "Feeling better then?" I nodded in response my mouth still chewing up the chocolate block in my mouth

"Where is the 'heart-throb' then?" I said rolling my eyes,

"Muttering to himself in his temporary room" she said, "You really know how to shock him" she continued, shaking her head.

"Yeah well you know its not the first time this has happened, and that time it was his fault. He Told Dr. Gunther to buy me and keep me away from my family and everything I knew... Even worse Dylan Let him experiment on me, and then just left me all alone 6 months later. He was and still IS an appalling father for anyone not just me." I spoke out in anger, My English accent thickening within my voice the angrier I got.

My psychological and mental state was already fucked up when I found out I was being moved away from my family.

I was classed as insane, with depression, stress disorder to match... So I began to pull out my own feathers.

Dr. Mistoki And Dr. Martinez saved me from myself and reunited me with my family, Limit was quiet until I came back, he helped me get better, stopped me from pulling out my own feathers, but that was for Alex, the youngest, I couldn't subject him to that gore. It was all of my Flock that pieced me back together. That's why ill do Anything to keep them alive and safe, nothing worse can happen to me then what has already happened.

I was only 10 years old.

"Hey! Where did you get the chocolate?" Ella spoke waking into the room and eye up MY CHOCOLATE!

"Mine!" I shoved the last 5 pieces in my mouth,

"No Fair!" she huffed, Max Laughed at her "Anyways, Dylans come out of his room, he's gone downstairs to look for you. Told him you were hiding, Should keep him busy haha!" she giggled,

"Thank you... You know I still don't think Dylan's my real dad, I've seen my birth certificate, and I'm positive its fake" I said confused,

"Why do you think it's fake?" Nan Spoke out,

"Well.. It looks too new, and according to the date, I'm 14, not 16, and im pretty sure I've been alive since 1998."

The house phone began to ring, Ella reached for it by the second set of ring.

"Hello? ... Oh Hi! ... Err yes why what's wrong? ... HAHAHAHA!" She Reached the phone towards me, still laughing "Its for you" she said still giggling,

"Who is this?" I said into the speaker with my eyebrows pulling together in confusion.

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