Captain 1942


''Whatever happens tomorrow you must promise me one thing'' Ally Barnes, younger sister of James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes. And best friends with Steve Rogers. Ally Barnes who became an Army nurse during the war later gets captured by HYDRA. Ally doesn't know where her brother is and Steve was back in Brooklyn.Or though she thought

Action / Romance
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Chapter 1

July 1942


Ally’s POV

Dear Steve Grant Rogers

I hope this letter will make it to you soon.So much has happened while i’ve been working as a nurse here at a camp in England.Bucky has just been called off for a rescue mission.While i have also been helping Peggy train fellow soldiers. Peggy recently told me about a super soldier experiment that will take place soon in August. I really hope your doing alright back in Brooklyn and i hope you haven’t caused any ‘trouble’ while i’ve gone.

Hope to see you soon.

Love ‘Al’ Barnes

After writing to Steve I head off to the deliverer to send it.As I was walking a huge explosion rang through my ears as i was thrown from my feet into the ground.

I laid there for a few seconds before hearing gunshots and grenades going off.

The next thing I know was a soldier collapses in front of me handing his gun to me trying to get words out of his mouth before taking his last breath.

I have one job and that is to save as many as i can.i have no choice.i have to fight.

I pull myself up with all the strength i can.Tightening my hold on the gun i turn around and fire towards the enemies. ″I can’t lose anymore soldiers today″ .

I couldn’t find anyone I knew around me,not even Peggy or Chester Phillips.

Before i could register what else was happening my legs went completely numb.Collapsing onto the ground,soldiers calling out for my name,and my eyesight going blurry. I faintly see a figure towering over me.′Hail Hydra′ i hear. before black dots started clouding my vision before completely blacking out.

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