You Only See What You Want To See

Chapter 13

Silently the door closed behind the mysterious girl. I still lay on the bed, my mouth hung slightly open and I tried to order all the new information the real host gave me. She didn’t tell me why she knew me or something about my past, because time was running out.

Have I ever met her? Maybe I did come from the dragon village and we were friends or so.

Ah, that stupid memory loss was killing me!

Suddenly the door opened again, but this time it was a heavier person, probably one of my captors. For a moment I forgot all my thoughts and started to curse and yell: “Hey you stupid ass I know you’re there, untie me, now! Or I’ll shove you your damn tongue down your stupid throat and bury you alive in the earth after I kicked your sorry ass! You’ll regret it to mess with me, the blind shinobi, so free me or-“ But before I could tell him what else I was planning to do to him I felt suddenly a cold sharp metal thing at my throat.

“One more word” a deep menacing scary voice growled into my ear while the kunai went down my throat to my chest “and I’ll cut your bumping heart out of your chest. Understood?”

I couldn’t help myself but to shiver. So I only nodded.

In the next second the kunai cut through the ropes that held me on the bed.

“Stand up” the menacing man demanded.

I did what he said. As soon as my bare feet touched the earth I sighed relieved. I could see again! I was in a small room with thick walls, which I could easily break. The man by my side was heavy, probably tall. We were underground; the whole hideout was scarred with hallways and rooms.

Suddenly something twisted itself around my ankles and hands and tied me again. I shrieked as I lost my balance and was about to fall forward but my captor caught me, tossed me over his shoulder and walked out of the cell. His shoulder dug itself into my stomach by every step he took and it hurt like shit.

“Let me go!” I demanded as I found my voice again and started to struggle. “I can walk on my own you know?!”

The ropes tightened painfully and cut into my skin. “Be silent or I’ll cut your tongue out” the man threatened. I remained silent but cursed silently in my head every time my stomach got hit.

Finally the man stopped and knocked on a door. A second later a demanding voice told him to enter and my captor went into a room. He removed me from his shoulder but let me just fall onto the ground. I groaned in pain. This guy was definitely tall, and rude.

“Thank you Kakuzu, you can go now” a voice I’ve never heard before said to my captor, Kakuzu, who only grunted in response. Suddenly the ropes around my wrists and ankles left without anyone touched them and I heard them snipping back to Kakuzu. What the hell…?

Kakuzu left the room and let me alone with the other two persons. By now I stood on my own feet again and scanned my surroundings. I was in a media-huge room; the only furniture seemed to be a desk and a closet. The one who thanked Kakuzu for bringing me sat behind the table and a lighter person, probably a woman, stood by his side.

I knew instantly that those two were powerful, especially the man. His aura filled the whole room and made me shiver uncomfortably.

“Girl, I’m Pain and the leader of the Akatsuki” the man introduced himself.

“My name is Tora, not girl. Why am I here?” Of course I already knew it but he didn’t have to know.

I almost could see his smirk. “You’re here because we want the power of the dragon spirit that is inside you.”

I narrowed my eyes. “How do you know that?”

“So it is true?”

I grumbled but nodded.

“Tell me everything about you and your power” he demanded while ignoring my question.

I blew one of my strands out of my face before I answered: “Well, I lost my memories a few days ago, so I don’t know everything.”

“Then tell me what you know.”

I sighed, ordered my hundreds of thoughts and to my biggest lie ever to a scary terrifying leader of a criminal organisation. I was so lucky that I kind of was a natural liar.

The lie was a mix of the information which Kazumi gave me, the things Tsunade told me, and my own beautiful imagination.

“I grew up in the dragon village, as a normal child with no super abilities and little chakra. One day I was at the cave by pure chance where they kept the spirit sealed away. I saw how these men destroyed the seals and how they tried to seal it away in a person. But the ninjas made a mistake and the dragon escaped, killed them and found me. I don’t know exactly what happened next, I nearly felt unconsciousness, but the dragon took control over my body and moved it. I think I walked the whole time, until we were both too tired to move and I fell unconsciousness on the ground in that forest near Konoha. As I woke up I was blind, lost some of my memories and could do that thing with the earth because the dragon was as earth spirit or something like that. Just slowly I remembered what happened to me, but I didn’t tell anyone, because I wanted to know everything first. And that’s all I know in the moment, I think” I ended my very believable super amazing lie.

Of course that Pain guy believed every word of it.

“Can you do something different than controlling the earth?” he asked, his voice was emotionless but I knew he was interested and excited.

I shrugged. “I have no idea but I don’t think so.”

I could feel Pain nodding satisfied. “Alright, you’ll stay here, train with us to practise your power, go to missions with other members and use your strength in the sake of Akatsuki.” His tone left no room for arguments, but I still tried it.

“What if I don’t want to become a member?” I asked provoking. “You’re hunting my friend, you hurt and kill others; I don’t want to become a rogue ninja and I definitely won’t help you kidnapping Naruto.”

I felt his smirk and knew that he had a trick up on his sleeve. “I thought you would say something like this. Well, the Jinchuriki will die anyway from our hand, it doesn’t matter if you help us or not, but if you refuse my request, I’ll capture some of your other friends too. I heard that you are friends with Kiba Inuzuka, and that you’re in the team with Sakura Haruno, Sasuke Uchiha and Kakashi Hatake.” I gritted my teeth by now. How dare he threatening my friends? “Refuse me and my orders, escape, fight against us, send messages without letting me now, tell someone about us, and I’ll kill personally one of your little friends in your presence. And after that I’ll kill you slowly and painfully, and take your spirit away.

Am I clear?” His voice was as quiet and controlled as in the beginning, but his aura darkened as a warning not to mess around with him.

I wanted to yell at him, to punch his stupid face, to scream at him until his ears bled, but instead of that I only nodded with my hands clenched into fists, my head lowered so that he couldn’t see the tear running down my face. “But I won’t help you killing Naruto” I said quietly.

“We’ll see. Konan, bring her to Itachi’s room to the other girl. Itachi offered me to keep an eye on both of them while we plan our next move.”

“Of course Pain” a gentle kind woman replied but the fact that she did it with respect and because of the fact that she stood the whole time silently by this stupid-Pain’s side, I already didn’t like her.

Kazumi was sitting on one of the armchairs in Itachi’s room, reading a book while the Uchiha was meditating on the bed as someone knocked on the door.

“Enter”, Itachi said simple while Kazumi put her sweet-innocent-child-mask on.

The door opened and revealed Konan and the blind girl, Tora, standing there. Tora looked a little bit pissed as Konan pushed her into the room saying: “Leader will set a meeting later to discuss some things.”

Itachi only nodded, and Konan closed the door and disappeared.

As soon as she was gone, Kazumi dropped her mask instantly, threw the book away and asked Tora: “Did he believe it?”

Tora glanced at Itachi, not trusting him of course.

“Don’t worry, Itachi is on our side. He knows everything and will help us in our escape.”

Tora was still suspicious and Kazumi understood why. After all she probably just knew that Itachi wiped out his entire clan, and not the whole story.

“He did believe me of course. And now tell me what you know about me. But without emo-kid’s-brother in here.”

Itachi just raised an eyebrow, looking at the blind without showing any emotion. Not that she would see it anyway.

Kazumi sat down on the carpet. “Of course I’ll explain everything, just sit down, it’s a long story.”

Itachi stood up, walked to his closet, grabbed some clothes and left the room with the words: “I’ll give you half an hour.”

Tora sat down near Kazumi, and after some seconds of thinking her story over, Kazumi started to tell: “My actual name is Ishi (=stone) Kaneko (=gold child). I was born into a rich business family who earned their money with cruelty and showing no mercy. That’s the reason why my father named me Ishi; he wanted me to be cold and hard like a stone so he could pass his work onto me. But I never wanted to be like this, I wanted to travel around, to meet other people, to be happy. Someday he gave up on trying forcing me into the footsteps of our golden family whose children we were like he always said. Instead of that he only concentrated on my older brother who unlike me became like my father. My mother died at my birth, so I was practically alone. I often wandered through the dragon village, lived on the streets, stole from the people and acted sometimes sweet and innocent to get what I wanted. One day I heard a conversation my father made with some of his henchmen. They wanted to free a dragon, and I was curious so I followed them. They walked to that cave outside the village and the shinobi henchmen of my father – we weren’t a shinobi family, just the one who used them for their own purpose – removed the seals. I guess you already heard about the jutsu gone wrong and my father getting killed.” Kazumi remembered well the day she hid behind some bushes to watch with wide eyes the mass of swirling energy escaping the cave, the screaming and yelling shinobi, her father who tried to tame the beast, the loud roaring of the dragon, and then finally the blood, the lifeless bodies on the ground, the golden eyes that watched her, the mass coming closer and the sudden power insider her.

“The dragon sealed itself inside me, and we escaped. The next days I barely remember because my body was weak and fought against the sudden mass of chakra within me, while the spirit had to regain some strength too after its sealing procedure. As he was strong enough the dragon talked in my thoughts to me. He told me that he was sent to the world of humans to pass justice and to punish those who have black souls. When the spirit – and me too – looks into one’s eyes he sees directly into the soul to see if the person is good, evil or something in between. He sees one’s most important moments in life that shaped them, their character, their change, the good things they did and the bad ones. He then passes justice on the person – that’s the reason why his name is Masayoshi (=justice) – and decides if the person is worthy to live, if he could be changed or if he’s plain evil. That’s the reason why he decided that I should be his host, because apparently I have a good soul while my father had a rotten one. However, while we took turns in walking and resting, I was caught by slave traders. I was weak then, so I couldn’t do anything but I knew I would be able to escape in time. They brought me into an old building where they kept me with other slaves in the basement. I trained my new ability to look into the souls of the prisoners and guards. The longer I looked them into the eyes, the more information I gathered about them. The next day a man came into the house. He said he wanted to buy some tough strong guys he needed for some experiments. He had grey hair bound into a ponytail and round glasses. I of course looked him into the eyes.

This man always had been a spy and had dozens of different identities. It seemed that he was working for a man who he respected a lot. They experimented on people, held them in caves and cells, created monsters, killed and tortured them for power, and felt nothing at all. The man was a medic, but he didn’t heal but abused his skills.”

Kazumi paused shortly, gulped and struggled about keeping on. Tora listened intensely; her blind eyes looked into the distant while she waited to hear some of her lost memories.

Sighing Kazumi went on: “I know you, because I saw you in one of that man’s memories. You…you were strapped… on a table. I think he also used you as an experiment.”

“Wait, does that mean I was just the test subject for some weirdo?” Tora asked surprised.

“I don’t know, but what I saw really freaked me out. That man and his superior tortured you a lot. It was horrible.” Kazumi saw once again the black haired girl bound on that metal table, screaming and crying in pain and agony, cursing and begging the smiling grey-haired man to stop while he pushed a needle into her skin. Kazumi could feel the coldness of that man’s feelings while he watched her struggle and hurting herself suffering from the torture.

Tora shook her head. “I kind of know deep in my heart that you’re right, that I really was an experiment and held by that creeper” she said, shivering in fear. “But I still can’t remember what exactly happened.”

“Maybe your brain just wants to protect you. Maybe your memories were blocked to forget your suffering, to forget the cruelty of the experiments.”

Tora thought for a moment. “That sounds possible. But what happened to you? Why are you here? And why does everybody believe that I’m the host from your weird dragon?”

“After two days in the basement the traders went with me to a huge house somewhere in the fire country and sold me to a man. Masayoshi was strong enough to escape, but as I looked that man in his eyes…” Kazumi shivered as she thought back at all those horrible memories. “I was angry, the rage of Masayoshi filled my heart and suddenly I summoned him somehow out of my body. I watched coldly as the man got killed and everything around us was destroyed. It was… scary. But I didn’t regret it. He was an awful man and I think that many lives were saved by his death.

After that I escaped again, but my followers soon surrounded me. They wanted to bring me back to the village, but Masayoshi didn’t and so I fought, led by the spirit, against the men. As the situation grew worse and worse for me, I again summoned Masayoshi. He defeated them in an instant, and killed the second time since I was his host. The first dead man beat regularly his wife while his son had to watch, the second betrayed his wife sleeping with other women but feeling no regret but satisfaction when hurting her and the third abused his power to rule over other citizens. It’s not all cool to have a spirit inside you driven by justice. The whole looking-into-souls-thing is sometimes really hard, sad, depressing and painful. I already killed four people since I’m the host and slowly I think that maybe Ishi does fit me somehow. Because to be honest I felt nothing as Masayoshi killed them. I really was as cold as a stone and it frightened me.

Though there were some good memories and souls too. After our fight I went into a small village where a really kind and warm woman with an adorable little child gave me some money and told me where I could stay. The next day I walked through the landscape, with no particular goal. I always wanted to travel, and this was my chance. But in a forest I ran into Itachi and Kisame, and because of latter was in a killer mode they attacked me. Of course I tried to run away but Itachi caught me. As we looked into each other’s eyes, I wanted to look into his soul to decide whether I should kill him or not, and he did the same with his Sharingan.” Kazumi sighed. “In the end we both watched Itachi’s life, and he was of course pissed and wanted to know what happened. You see, he’s not exactly the person he pretends to be, he’s actually good, and I’m hundred percent sure we can trust him though I promised him to not tell anyone about his secret so I sadly can’t tell you the reason.”

I only shrugged. “It’s okay. If you saw with you magical eyes that he’s good, okay.”

Kazumi nodded thankfully “Itachi decided to kidnap me to be sure I won’t tell anyone his secret. However, we made an agreement on the travel: He won’t tell Leader anything about my true identity and help me escaping, and I would tell him everything. So as I stood in front of Pain I partly lied to him. I told him that the dragon escaped and that it sealed itself into a girl who escaped. But I didn’t tell him that I was the host. Instead I described you, because I thought at that moment that you were the captive of that man. I said you would head to Konoha, because it was the first name of a big shinobi village that came into my mind. I hoped they would waste enough time searching after you until I’d be able to escape. But then Zetsu said that there was indeed a blind black-haired girl with memory loss and extraordinary abilities in Konoha. I couldn’t lie to Pain, because you were the girl I described after all, and it would have been suspicious if I suddenly changed my mind. So I told them that you were the host, hoping that Masayoshi would be strong enough soon and begged Itachi to buy me some time. They did what they could, but after seeing their souls, I realized that the Akatsuki were too strong for me and that it would take weeks until Masayoshi would regain enough power. And Itachi couldn’t risk blowing up his cover, so he had no other choice than helping the others to kidnap you. And well, that’s it. I’m really sorry I dragged you into this mess; it’s my entire fault that you got involved. I never wanted this to happen.”

“Don’t worry, I probably would have pointed a finger at someone else too if I were you.” Tora just shrugged it off. “So what’s the escape plan?”

“I think you have quite a talent for acting, so it would be best if you pretend to be the host.”

Tora grinned. “Thank you.”

Suddenly she punched Kazumi. “What was that for?” the girl asked, rubbing her arm.

Tora just grinned. “That’s how I show affection.”

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