You Only See What You Want To See

Chapter 15

The stupid puppet brought me to his little room which contained a small bed, no window, a long table, some shelves and a closet.

I sat down on the bed; my feet were still touching the ground of course as the puppet walked to his desk and rummaged through some things.

I still didn’t know if I should be glad or pissed about the fact that I’d spent the next days with him. The negative side was that I couldn’t hurt him in sending him into the wall because there would be a punishing consequence. Other than with Hidan Sasori didn’t seem to be the person I could get away with smacking him into the floor. But on the positive side I’d be able to pay that poison mixing thing back with other things like… accidently punching him hard in the arm, tripping over some of his important stuff, calling him stupid nicknames.

It seemed like Sasori got what he wanted because he turned away from the table to face me. With his bored voice he said: “As long as I am in charge of you brat, you won’t leave this room until someone tells you to and you’ll do what I say or I’ll force you to. I don’t have the patience and time to deal with a little blind girl.”

I narrowed my eyes. Didn’t they just see what I could do even with my blindness?! Man, those guys never learned. I really had to fight against the urge to nail him to the ceiling. Damn arrogant bastards.

But if he wanted to leave me alone, fine by me. I just would play the blind girl and trip over everything that was lying around.

Sasori was already halfway to the door as he turned around: “You should know that I mix poisons, so you don’t want to touch anything that is lying in this room. I won’t clean it up, so be careful.”

Damn him! There goes my plan.

As the door was closed I threw myself frustrated onto the mattress and blew my hair out of my face.

That shitty doll with its woody body went onto my nerves.

My face lit up as I finally had a nickname for him.

Woody doll!

Sighing in relief Kazumi sat down in the armchair in Itachi’s room while the Uchiha locked the door, grabbed a book and started reading it on his bed.

“We did it!” Kazumi smiled. “We’re accepted, Pain believes us and he won’t kill us. We’re safe for now. I just hope it will go on like this.”

“Hn. You’re never safe as long as you’re with the Akatsuki. Especially not if your friend will continue to anger some members” Itachi said not looking up from his book once.

Kazumi just grinned. “Come on ‘Tachi, you enjoyed the show too. In that way Tora earned at least some respect from your friends. And I think she can handle Hidan, though he’s an immortal asshole.”


“Furthermore we’ll be together for most of the time, because I’m now Tora’s assistant.” Her grin widened as she stared out of the window happily. “Things are going up, and soon we’ll be able to fight our way out of this shithole.”

Itachi only glanced at her over the edge of his book. “Don’t get too excited” he warned her. “Things are not over yet, and it just needs one wrong move and you’ll be dead.”

Kazumi glanced back at him. “Stop being so pessimistic, Itachi, and be happy for once.”


With a sigh Kazumi stood up, walked to the closet and took some of the clothes that Konan had given her earlier.

“I’ll take a shower.”


Shaking her head Kazumi left the room.

Itachi should really smile a little bit more often, she thought as she closed the door behind her. Maybe this was the reason why he already had winkles at such a young age. Being always emotionless couldn’t be healthy at all.

The great bathroom with the shower was a few metres down the hallway. She just turned around a corner as she nearly bumped into a huge figure that quickly gripped her arm before she fell backwards on her butt.

Staring in surprise and shock Kazumi noticed the blue skin and as she looked up, the sharp teeth of Kisame were smirking down at her.

“Careful little one” he said while he let her arm go. Quickly Kazumi took a few steps backwards to bring some space between her and the former mist ninja.

“Eh…I-I’m sorry” she stuttered quietly and nervously, playing once again the role of the innocent girl.

“No worry” he replied still with his toothy grin. “Why are you wandering through the halls all alone anyway? You don’t think about escaping, do you?”

Kazumi held her left hand which didn’t carry the clothes up in defensive: “N-no! I just want to shower, and Itachi’s busy so he said that I could go on my own if I want to! I’m not stupid enough to try to escape” she muttered the last part.

Kisame snickered. “Alright kid, then I won’t keep you from showering any longer, unless you want some company.”

As soon as she realised what he had said Kazumi stared at him in shock. This time she didn’t even need to act, as a slight blush rose up her cheeks.

Kisame only laughed: “Just kidding! Have fun in your shower.” Still snickering he walked past Kazumi who quickly made her way to the bathroom. But as she reached it there was already someone standing in front of the door.

“Eh excuse me…” Kazumi addressed the masked man who pressed his right ear on the door.

Screaming in surprise Tobi jumped back and faced the girl probably with shock but because of the mask Kazumi couldn’t tell.

“Do you also have to go… inside there?” she asked carefully as Tobi sighed in relief after he recognized her. Kazumi still didn’t know what she should think about him. Was he really the brainless kid or did he just pretend to be it? Was he innocent or plain evil? Although Kazumi thought it was the latter, she didn’t know for sure, but she knew she had to be careful around him. After all he was in Akatsuki tough he didn’t seem to be a full member. And something about Tobi made her shiver in fear.

“No, Tobi doesn’t have to go to the bathroom, but Deidara sempai is inside. At least Tobi thinks so.”

Kazumi raised an eyebrow at his words. “Are you just spying on your sempai?” she asked confused.

“No! No! Tobi won’t do such a thing!”

“Okay… So Deidara is in the bathroom right now?”

Tobi nodded heavily his head. “Tobi thinks so.”

In that moment the door opened and revealed the blond bomber. As he saw Kazumi and Tobi who was trying to hide behind her, he frowned.

“What are you two doing here, un?” he asked while his hand reached slowly toward his pouch in which he carried his completed clay sculptures. He knew if Tobi was nearby he would need them.

“I need to go to the shower” Kazumi replied quickly.

“Tobi…Tobi…eh…Tobi wants to accompany her!” the masked man said happily. Both Deidara and Kazumi stared at him with a ‘what-the-fuck’ gaze.

Deidara just shook his head. “Tobi there is more wrong with you than I thought, un.”

“No! Tobi isn’t wrong! Tobi is a good boy! Doesn’t sempai like Tobi?” he almost was crying as he reached toward Deidara who only shrugged him off and walked away.

Sighing Kazumi wanted to enter the bathroom as she suddenly heard a swishing noise. A weapon!

In reflex and without thinking Kazumi ducked and raised her arm to stop the attacker. As she was facing her enemy she was shocked to see that it was Tobi who was holding a kunai in his hand.

Quickly Kazumi retreated. Tobi stared at her through his eyehole, the childish aura around him suddenly had vanished and Kizumi knew that he was smirking in victory right now.

“I… eh… I should go” she said and slammed the bathroom door behind her shut. Breathing heavily she sunk to the ground; her eyes wide open in shock.

What did she do?

All the time she had played the act of a helpless girl, who couldn’t fight at all, now she just had blocked an attack that she wasn’t even supposed to see coming!

So after all Tobi wasn’t that innocent, she thought grimly, and he did suspect her the whole time, he just needed evidence. And like the stupid person she was she just walked right into his trap like a stupid mouse! Angrily she buried her head in her hands.

Itachi was right, one wrong step and they’d be killed. And she just made this move.


Pain was in his office and checked some papers that included information on the Jinchuurikis as the air in front of his desk suddenly started to swirl and the mask of Madara took form.

“I need to talk to you” the elder Uchiha greeted him.

Pain didn’t even bother to look up but only asked: “About what?”

“I don’t think that Kazumi is as innocent and weak as she appears to be. I think she just puts an act and is actually hiding her power. Furthermore it could be possible that she and the blind girl plan together how they can escape from us.”

His words did have the wanted effect: Interested Pain finally looked up from his papers.

“Why do you suggest this?” he asked with his usual voice, the surprise well hidden. “As you analysed her a few days ago you were certain that she wasn’t a threat.”

“I know. But the longer I watched her the more I was convinced that she hid something. Just minutes ago I tried to stab her back. If she would be the innocent girl, she wouldn’t have noticed the attack and I would have stopped the kunai just before striking her. But she blocked it successfully.”

“So who do you think she is?” Pain asked silently. He knew that Madara wouldn’t come to him if he wouldn’t be sure.

The masked man only shook his head. “To be honest I don’t know. I still don’t think that she’s a shinobi; no one can hide chakra for that long and that perfectly. But she does know some tricks and I think that she grew up fighting and only pretends to be weak to deceive others.”

With his eyes closed Pain breathed in and out slowly while thinking about what he should do about it.

“She knows that my attack was a trap” Madara continued. “That means she also knows that I’m not the person I pretend to be.”

“So you want to kill her?” Pain asked. He didn’t have anything against it, but actually welcomed the situation. After all he had been the whole time against keeping both girls alive, but Konan asked him to do this.

Again Madara only shook his head. “She can be useful in the future. There are not many people who can deceive others that easily.” Pain could almost see the smirk on the face of the elder Uchiha.

“Don’t kill her yet but pretend like nothing has happened. I want to do some research first.”

Pain only raised an eyebrow questioningly.

“I want to know who she is before I’ll confront her. Therefore I’ll teleportate to the dragon village to gather some information. As soon as I know something I’ll tell you.”

Pain thought about it for a moment and agreed with Madara’s plan.

Madara was almost out of the door as he turned around to say: “One more thing. If the girls really plan an escape together, keep them separated and send each of them on different missions so that they can be at least useful before we kill them.”

Again Pain agreed with him and Madara left the office.

Sighing, the leader of Akatsuki leaned back into his chair. Those two girls were nothing but trouble. He just hoped for them that they were worth it.

Jumping like Tobi Obito ran through the hallways until he reached the wanted door.

After he had knocked the door was opened and revealed the blank face of Itachi.

“Itachi, can Tobi come in?”

“Hn.” The Uchiha walked back in his room but let the door open so that Obito quickly jumped in and closed it.

“What do you want Madara?” Itachi asked darkly as soon as he was sure that no one could hear their conversation.

Madara chuckled.

“Calm down Itachi. I just wanted to ask you if that girl Kazumi ever left this room without your guidance, or if she ever has spoken with the blind girl about the situation they are in right now.”

Itachi’s face remained as emotionless as ever when he answered. “Kazumi never left the room without me except when she had to go to the bathroom. As for the host, they did talk about what had happen to them.”

“Did they also made plans how to escape, or how they could deceive us?”

Although Itachi tried to hide it Obito could see that he was surprised, but about what? About the fact that Obito suspected the girls or that he found it out? Did Itachi work together with the girls? After all Obito knew that the younger Uchiha was actually still loyal to Konoha and that he had only killed his clan because it had been an order. Did Itachi know something that Obito didn’t?

“Surely they talked about a lot, but not about escape plans. They didn’t plot something. If so, don’t you think I would already have informed Leader?”

Obito thought for a moment. Itachi didn’t know that Obito was aware of his secret and he didn’t want him to know yet. But he couldn’t tell if the younger Uchiha was lying or not. Tora wore a headband of Konoha, would that be enough for Itachi to protect her, even though she did not come from the Hidden Leaf?

“Do you have something else to say, Madara?” Itachi asked. “If not, I would appreciate it if you would leave.”

Again Obito only chuckled. “No, I don’t have any questions left. Not for now.”

Itachi nodded, they both bowed slightly and while one of the Uchiha sat down on the bed with a book in his hands; the other left the room thinking deeply, but smirking.

This would be so funny…

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