You Only See What You Want To See

Chapter 16

When Kazumi entered the room, Itachi was still sitting on his bed, reading.

“We’ve got a problem” Kazumi started.


“Tobi attacked me. I acted on impulse and blocked him though I actually should be too weak to notice it! He knows now that I’ve deceived them the whole time! God, what have I done? Pain is going to kill us!”

“When did he attack you?” The Uchiha asked calmly, without stopping reading.

“I don’t know… maybe half an hour ago. Why?”

“Because if you’re still alive it means that he won’t kill you yet.”

“Who is he?! I know that he’s not the childish Tobi, so who is behind that stupid mask?”

Itachi paused for a moment and finally put the book aside.

“As long as you won’t tell anyone that Tobi isn’t Tobi, there is a chance that he’ll let you live. But if I tell you who he is and if he notices it, it’s certain that you end up dead. Believe me, it’s better if you don’t know.”

Kazumi only groaned.

“Tobi was here after the accident” Itachi told her after a while. “He thinks that you and Tora are plotting an escape plan together. Act normal and like nothing happened, prove Leader your usefulness and stop plotting until your dragon is strong enough. If Tobi won’t find any other evidences, he’ll let it go slowly as long as you tell him a believable story why you are stronger than he thought.”

Kazumi thought for a moment, but nodded. They certainly had to be careful around Tobi from now on.

“Also I can’t help you that much anymore. Tobi made it clear that he also starts suspecting me.”

“Does he have a higher rank in Akatsuki than you have?” Kazumi asked curious. Itachi was careful around him and he seemed to respect, but also fear the masked man.

The Uchiha only glared at her. “I told you to not dig deeper.”

“I know, sorry.” Sighing Kazumi grabbed one of Itachi’s books from the shelf and started reading it, trying to forget the swirling mask of Tobi.

I was so bored!

Sitting for hours on a bed doing nothing wasn’t funny at all. It was just boring!

After some time I created three little balls of rock out of the wall and let them spin around until I destroyed them.

Normally I would have been happy about having some time to just lie down and doing nothing, but right now I wanted to do something.

I nearly jumped out of the bed when I suddenly felt someone coming closer to the door, but sunk back as I recognized that it was only Woody Doll.

He entered the room with his little weight, walked straight to his desk without bothering to look at or greet me, sat down and started working at something.

Well, and that was it.

Why couldn’t this stupid Leader lock me in a room with a more talkative person? Someone who was at least fun to hang around with? Kisame wouldn’t be that bad.

But no, I was locked up with a boring puppet.

Life and Leader really did hate me, didn’t they?

“What are you doing?” I asked Woody Doll before I’d flip out because of boredom.

“A puppet arm” he answered bored and simple.

“Is it for you?” I wouldn’t stop that easily.

He sighed. “No, it’s for one of my other puppets.”

“How many do you have?”

“Why do you care?”

“Because I’m bored and can’t think about doing something else. So…?”

“I’ve got an army of one hundred puppets and a few extra human puppets.”

“One hundred?! Wow, those are surely a lot. And what are you doing with them?”

“I fight, what else shall I do?” He asked annoyed and probably pissed. But I didn’t care as long as I had someone to talk to.

“How?” I always thought puppets were made for entertainment, out of boredom, or because it was a hobby. I never heard about actually fighting with them.

Suddenly my body stood up from the bed and walked across the room toward Sasori. The creepy thing was: I wasn’t doing anything! My body moved on its own, like it would possess an own will!

Desperately I struggled against the invisible force that pulled me closer and closer to Woody Doll until I stood directly in front of him and our noses were almost touching.

“This is how I do it” he whispered into my ear, took a step back and suddenly the invisible force was gone, just like that, and I could control my body again.

“What… How did you do this?” I asked confused.

“Chakra strings. I attach them to specific points of humans or my puppets and control them like marionettes.” His voice was still bored but I also heard proud and the hint of a smile out of it.

“That’s awesome!” I said grinning. “Of course not if you do it to me, but to be able to control others… that’s cool.”

“Thank you.”

“Is there a chance that you’d teach it to me?” I asked him hopefully. I mean seriously, controlling others and having an army of threatening looking puppets, matched with my earth controlling thing… I’d be invincible!

“No. I definitely won’t even try to teach it to a brat like you.” There was the sarcasm again.

In that moment I noticed that someone came closer to the door. It was the woman, Konan.

“You’ve got a visitor”, I said still sulking a bit from his rejection while I pointed to the door. A second later Konan knocked and Woody Doll opened her.

“Leader set a meeting” Konan said coldly without bothering to greet.

“Let’s go brat. I hate it to let others wait.”

As we arrived at Leader’s office, I was surprised to feel Kazumi as well, together with Kakuzu and Full-mouth-idiot.

“What is this bitch doing here?” Hidan asked immediately. Leader who was sitting in his chair behind his desk said calmly: “You’re all here because I’ll send you on missions.”

Okay, now I was confused. I thought he doesn’t trust us enough to send us out of this hideout. I could feel that Kazumi was surprised as well, but something was off. She seemed to be tensed the whole time; it was like her mask of innocence started to crumble slowly. I had a feeling that something happened while I bored to death in Woody Doll’s room.

“Sasori and Deidara, you’ll fly to Suna, infiltrate it and gather information about the One-tail’s Jinchuriki. Furthermore you’ll take Kazumi with you.

Tora, I want you to go with Kakuzu and Hidan to find and eliminate a man in-“

“Wait, you let it sound like you want to separate me and Kazumi”, I threw in, ignoring the icy glares from Leader.

“I didn’t let it sound like this, I mean it”, he said threatening.

“But we had an arrangement that Kazumi is my assistant!”

“To make this clear, we never had an arrangement. You’re not even a member, I could kill you here and now, so don’t test my nerves.” His voice was colder than ice, but I didn’t care. If he didn’t trust us why does he even send us on a mission? Something was off and I had a bad feeling about this whole situation.

I just wanted to open my mouth to protest again as Kazumi suddenly grabbed my arm.

“Don’t”, she simply said. “It’s okay, after all you won’t be alone on that mission and I’ll be fine.”

I closed my mouth again but was still fuming. Hidan only laughed about me. “Sucks for you bitch! Looks like you have to spend the next damn days with us, so you better watch your fucking back!”

“Hidan” Leader said, “even though she isn’t a member, you will not harm her or there will be consequences.”

“Fuck you!” Full-mouth-idiot yelled. “You can’t tell me who I can sacrifice to Lord Jashin and who not!”

I chuckled. “Sucks for you, bitch.”

“You damn little…!”

“Can we get the mission reports now?” An impatient Woody Doll asked annoyed. “I hate to be kept waiting.”

Leader handed him and Kakuzu thing, probably the reports. “Like I said earlier, Sasori and Deidara, you’ll infiltrate the Sand, so Kazumi can prove her usefulness as a spy. Kakuzu, Hidan and Tora will head to the hidden Grass village, there’s a man called Akito (=the little devil) who knows information about Akatsuki. Find out who gave it to him and kill them. Any questions?”

“Yes” I said though Leader gave me death glare because of it. “Why do I have to be with Full-mouth-idiot? Why can’t I walk with someone more fun and with more brain?”


“Would it be that bad if I’d travel with Kisame and Stuck-up-ninja?”

“Do you mean Itachi, un?” asked the bomber what-was-his-name-again? I could swear I felt him smirk about the nickname I gave Uchiha.

Leader only sighed. “My decision is final. Now leave before I change my mind and kill you.”

Grumbling I walked out with the others.

“Stuck-up-ninja?” asked bomber as soon as the door closed behind us. “Kisame is right, you’re not that bad, un.” He laughed and walked off.

“In five minutes at the entrance, brat!” Woody Doll called after him. “And you too girl”, he added “And don’t dare to let me wait, because I hate to be kept waiting.” With that he walked off too along with Hidan and Kakuzu. The latter said to me: “In ten minutes at the entrance and don’t come late because time is money.”

“Those people really have to relax a little bit more often”, I grumbled under my breath but then Kazumi pulled me away to Stuck-up-ninja’s room. Of course he had to be there but as Kazumi started to tell me what had happened to her earlier and that her cover had blown off I forgot about the things I wanted to say to him.

“But why does he send us to a mission if he knows that you’re not the person you pretend to be?” I asked confused.

“He wants to separate you so that you can’t plan anything out” Stuck-up-ninja said with his usual arrogant blank voice.

“Why do you know this” I asked him still not trusting him. “Maybe you were the one who betrayed us!”

“Tora stop” Kazumi said sighing. “Itachi didn’t betray us, he’s on our side. However, we can’t do anything about it in the moment. Let’s just hope the best and go to these missions. I try to make out a believable cover story to explain everything for the case Tobi will ask.”

I nodded.

“One advice: If you want to survive this mission, try to not push Hidan off his temper.”

I rolled my eyes though I had to admit that he had a point.

“However, we’ll see us after this stupid mission. Bye Kazumi and Stuck-up-ninja!”

If I only had known how wrong I was with this.

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