You Only See What You Want To See

Chapter 19

Although I had fallen asleep as soon as we had entered the crappy hotel room, I was still tired when I was woken up roughly in the next morning. One reason for my tiredness was that it had been past two AM when we finally had arrived at the hotel. The second reason was full-mouth-idiot who didn’t appear once in the night but stomped loudly in the room at sunrise as I wasn’t even close to be well-rested. The third reason was that said idiot seemed to be in a good mood so he decided without even asking to drag me outside.

“Let me go asshole!” I yelled tiredly as we left the building – and I felt immediately all the feet running and walking up and down the streets. Groaning I clutched my head. I had a big headache like billions of needles were doing acupuncture on my poor head right now.

Too weak to fight against full-mouth-idiot’s tight grip I let myself being dragged along the streets until my head was close to explode.

“Wait… please” I managed to say.

I felt full-mouth-idiot’s eyes on me as he started laughing. “I know this look. Don’t tell me you have a fucking hangover from this little tiny alcohol you drank? Damn you’re a fucking pussy!”

“Shut up” I growled “And bring me back to the hotel.”

“No way bitch. But I know what will help you, so come one!”

I followed him unwillingly until he settled me down onto a bench, in the western – I think it was west – part of the town. It was a place surrounded by shops and food stands and behind me was a splashing fountain.

“I’ll bring you some water and try to get some pills, you stay here.”

I nodded weakly and put my feet from off the ground onto the bench. All the people who were tramping on the street, causing endless vibrations, made my headache even worse.

Groaning I buried my head into my arms, tried to calm down and hoped that Hidan would come fast with his medicine.

Smirking Hidan walked to the next hospital, stopped the nurse he met in an empty hallway and told her to “get some fucking medicine against headache or I’ll sacrifice you to Lord Jashin, do you damn bitch understand me?” After he showed her that he was serious by cutting her shoulder she gave him with shaky hands the medicine.

Pf, fucking heathen, he only thought. Of course he killed her, just for fun, because a ritual would need too much time and he knew the pain that came along with a hangover too well. Hidan dragged the nurse’s body into an empty room nearby ‘cause Kakuzu would be angry if he again let his victims lay around, because that always meant attention or something like that. The first thing that that old geezer had asked him this morning was if he had taken care of the body of that traitor. Ts, of course he had, as well as with the dead bitch which he had spent the night with. By Jashin that had been an awesome night. She really had understood her work.

Smirking Hidan left the hospital to buy some water for the girl and food for him nearby and walked back to the bench he had left the blind girl on.

The only problem was that she wasn’t there.

Confused Hidan looked around, munching on the sandwich. But there was no black haired little blind girl in sight.

Cussing he went to a nearby stand, pushed the customers who were waiting in the line to the side and asked the seller if he had seen the girl on the bench. The man said yes but he had no idea what had happened to her. Grumbling Hidan went to the next stand. He asked everyone who had a stand near that damn bench but nobody had seen the bitch. No one knew what had happened to her.

In the end Hidan stood again at the bench, throwing the water he had bought for that girl away.

Where in Jashin’s name could she be? Maybe she felt that bad that she went back at the hotel. Yes, that could it be.

Grinning Hidan made his way back into the crowd of busy people until he entered that fucked up room.

“Oi, Kakuzu I’m here.”

“I hear you” the geezer responded grumpily. Then he looked up and narrowed his red and green eyes. “Hidan, where’s the girl?”

The Jashinist frowned. “I fucking thought she would be with you.”

“And why would you think that? She left the room with you.”

“Yeah but you see, I wanted to bring her some shitty medicine for her headache but as I came back at that damn bench on which she should be waiting the bitch wasn’t there anymore and no one had seen her, so I thought she would be with you.” Shrugging he took a seat on one of the mattresses.

Kakuzu’s gaze was ice cold as he looked at his partner. “You let her alone? Even though Leader said that we should have an eye on her?”

“Ts, relax, she had a fucking hangover, and no one runs off with that. Also I don’t remember that this damn Leader said anything like this.”

“Yes because you never listen you moron! I go and search her; you stay here in the case she’ll show up. I hope you can at least do this.”

“Fuck you Kakuzu!”

After Kazumi had reported everything to Sasori and Deidara they had decided that their mission was completed. The Jinchuriki seemed to leave soon anyway. So they had left Suna in the same night and had flown on Deidara’s birds back.

Kazumi was so happy that it was night. Even though she shivered slightly because of the coldness she preferred it to the hotness of the day.

The bright and magic looking moon shone from the star filled black sky as they flew over the endless sand.

When the first beams of sunlight appeared on the bloody red and orange sky they already had passed the desert. Now they were – according to Sasori – only half an hour away from the hideout.

Kazumi was happy that they were about to reach their goal soon because hours ago Sasori had decided that they should walk so that they wouldn’t draw attention and now Kazumi’s legs and feet hurt like hell. Only pure willpower let her continue walking and as they finally reached the hideout which was protected by a genjutsu, she was so happy that she almost made a joy dance – if she would have the energy left to do that.

As soon as they entered the cool hallway they heard Hidan yelling and screaming angrily. So they had to be back from their mission too, Kazumi thought, smiling slightly. Maybe she could visit Tora before she would take a shower and go to bed.

But of course they didn’t let her rest but dragged her into Pain’s office.

Maybe if Kazumi wouldn’t be so tired and exhausted she would have noticed something but she only listened to Sasori with half a ear as he reported what had happened while she looked forward to a comfortable mattress.

“That was everything Leader-sama” Sasori ended.

Pain who was sitting like usual behind his desk with Konan standing next to him, nodded. “Alright, you can go now.”

They bowed slightly and turned around as Pain again said: “Kazumi, you stay here.”

Raising an eyebrow and cussing in her mind she again faced him as the door shut behind Deidara.

“What do you want Leader-sama?” she asked politely but suspiciously and suddenly alerted. Something was off. She couldn’t tell what it was exactly, but the sudden cold atmosphere in the room ran shivers down her spine.

Pain still looked at her with his ringed eyes, showing no emotion.

Suddenly Kazumi knew that someone stood behind her. But before she could turn Pain said “You know what to do” to the figure.

The last thing she saw as she tried to turn around was the glimpse of an orange and black mask as everything turned black.

The moment Kazumi woke up she knew that she was in deep trouble. She was chained to a wall, her hands were tied over her head and her feet barely touched the cold ground. She was in a dark little cell; the walls and floor were made out of black stone and were covered in different seals that made sure that nobody could escape. The door was in iron and a small burning candle was the only light source because there were no windows.

Damn, she thought and fear rose inside her. What had happened? Why was she in that prison cell right now? Was it because of her failed attempt to try to deceive them? Did they find out about Masayoshi? But how? What was with Tora? She had heard Hidan, so that meant they must have already returned from their mission. Maybe something did happen to her?

But before she could continue thinking the door swung open and the masked man entered.

He didn’t even bother to put on the Tobi façade, his aura was dark and threatening and it made her shiver in fear.

“Why am I here?” she whispered, trying to glare at him with cold eyes. Kazumi wouldn’t show him how scared and nervous she actually was.

“What do you think?” he asked darkly.

“Is it because you figured out that I’m not quite the shy girl you thought I would be?”

He tilted his head to the side, not breaking eye contact with her once – well, she thought that he looked at her but she couldn’t tell with that mask. “It’s a part of the reason, yes, but the main one is your blind friend.”

“Tora?” Kazumi asked surprised.

“That idiot Hidan let her alone for some time and she took that opportunity and ran off. She escaped.”

Kazumi frowned. That didn’t make sense. Why would Tora run away?

“Pain is pissed, so am I, and the only way out of here for you is to tell me the truth, Ishi Kaneko.”

Kazumi’s head snapped up as she heard her true name. How did he know?!

He paused for a moment while Kazumi gazed on the ground and bit her lips.

“I was in the dragon village to check the story the host told us. And I found out some interesting things but I would like to hear them from you personally. So please tell me your story, I’m very interested in hearing it” Tobi demanded in an almost mocking voice.

Luckily for Kazumi Itachi had warned her before so that she had been able to think about a believable story on her way to Suna.

Otherwise she would have been really fucked up now.

“You’re right, I am Ishi Kaneko. My father was a businessman who had connections to shinobi and used them. I was his daughter but he never paid me much attention so that the most people didn’t know that I even existed, although I appreciated this. That’s why I started to deceive the people and spied on them. I found out that my father wanted to free the dragon and I was curious so I followed him. I saw everything: How he and these shinobi tried to seal the spirit away, how it killed them all, and how it took control of Tora’s body. She just was there by chance. I ran away after that, fought my way through the land until you guys captured me. That’s all.”


“I told you my story, it would be only fair if you would tell me yours” she said grinning a bit. Her own and Masayoshi’s curiosity let her almost forget the situation she was currently in. Kazumi only wanted to know who the hell that man behind the mask was!

The man chuckled. “You’re a prisoner right now girl, don’t forget that. You can consider yourself happy that I let you live for now. But that’ll only the case if you’re going to support us to find and catch your friend again” he added in a warning tone.

Kazumi frowned. “Tora didn’t run away, I swear!”

“In the moment I don’t care why she disappeared, but I want her back in this hideout as soon as possible.”

“Okay, I’ll help you” Kazumi whispered. She had a feeling that Tora was in deep trouble right now, and she wanted to help her out even if she had to work with the Akatsuki.

The masked man nodded. “Good, but you still tried to mislead us. To prevent you to from doing that again and as a warning you will be punished.” With that Tobi left. Kazumi gulped slightly and leaned back against the cold wall. Just now she noticed her quick heart beat and the knot of fear in her stomach.

“I could help you out of this cell” a sudden feminine voice said growling. “I’m strong enough by now.”

“No! Masayoshi don’t do it please!”

“But they’re going to torture you, I know it! I won’t let that happen, I won’t let you getting hurt!”

“Tora is in danger, and I have to help her. Even if you can bring me out of this cell, you can’t fight against all the Akatsuki yet and I don’t want to reveal to them that I am the host. Please, hold yourself back. I can do this.”

In that moment the door of the cell opened once again and a grinning Hidan with his scythe in his hands entered. “You know bitch, I don’t understand why everyone is so worried about the fact that that blind bitch escaped. Indeed I’m happy about it. I mean, first I killed that fucking nurse because I needed medicine for the girl’s hangover and now I can do whatever I want to you. Sadly this fucking Leader said I can’t sacrifice or kill you, but you’ll wish I can because you’re going to beg me to end your shitty heathen life, bitch.”

Kazumi tensed immediately. She knew that Hidan was a masochist. She knew that he enjoyed pain. She knew that he wouldn’t stop until Pain would tell him to do so.

“Ishi…” Her voice was filled with pain and sadness, but also with a little understanding.

“No. Please, don’t interfere.”

Masayoshi was quiet after that and Kazumi glared at the Jashinist who pulled a kunai out of his cloak. She wouldn’t give in that easily.

Hidan’s grin only widened. He made a step forward until their bodies were almost touching, and then he placed the top of the kunai against her neck and cut her soft skin slightly. She didn’t lean back as he licked the drops of blood away.

Kazumi was neither surprised as his skin colour turned black and white after her blood was in his system, nor was she shocked as Hidan took a few steps away and stabbed his own hand with the kunai so that he could draw the circle with the upside down triangle in it.

“I hope that Lord Jashin isn’t too disappointed that I can only do half of the ritual. But your damn screams will hopefully satisfy him.”

Without warning he pushed the kunai deep into his left upper leg. Kazumi groaned as the same wound appeared on her leg but she pressed her lips tightly shut. If the chains wouldn’t keep her up she would have lied on the ground by now.

Hidan moaned, his eyes widened as he whispered: “Oh yes, this is better than the best ecstasy when the pain turns into pure freaking pleasure.”

Another stab; this time he cut his right arm followed by the left one. Blood splashed on the floor and created small red puddles which grew bigger and bigger by every second.

Her side, her belly, a cut close to her right eye, but she remained silent.

Kazumi’s clothes were soon shredded and bloody, sweat ran into her eyes and made her blink, she panted heavily and Hidan’s insane laughter echoed from the walls.

She didn’t cry, she didn’t scream, at least not until she couldn’t take it anymore.

It took long, longer than any of the Akatsuki members had thought, until her first high pitched scream, filled with endless pain and agony, was heard throughout the base.

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