You Only See What You Want To See

Chapter 22

With the help of Masayoshi’s chakra Kazumi had ran in inhuman speed to the hideout of Orochimaru.

Trying to catch her breath she stood near a river in front of a high stone wall. A couple of feet behind her a small forest started.

“Do you search the blind girl?” a voice suddenly asked from behind her. Kazumi spun around and saw a dark haired boy standing there with a blank expression. She immediately recognized him. The similarity to his brother wasn’t to oversee. It was Itachi’s little brother, Sasuke Uchiha.

“Where is Tora?” Kazumi asked as blankly as he did, suppressing her emotions the best she could. Even though she boiled in her insides she couldn’t allow all the anger, despair, and hate to slip out. If she wouldn’t keep a cool head she would make mistakes. And that could have a catastrophic outcome.

“You must be with the Akatsuki when you show here up, so you have to know my brother. Tell me where he is and I tell you where you can find your friend.”

“Yeah, why should I believe you? You’re working with Orochimaru, what if I’ll walk straight into a trap?”

“You won’t. I’m not loyal to Orochimaru and in fact I want Tora to leave. Her presence only crosses my plans. So where is Itachi Uchiha?” he asked stepping closer.

Kazumi frowned. She knew she had to come to Tora quickly, who knew what this monster did to her in that moment. But she didn’t want to tell Sasuke the current location of Itachi.

Without blinking once she lied: “Itachi is in the west of Otogakure. He is heading to this base.” Kazumi knew how to lie believable, and so Sasuke nodded and said:

“When you enter, follow the hallway. Take the fourth twist on the left side, then the second on the right side and the third on the left. At the end of that hall is a sealed door. Destroy the seals, behind of it are the prison cells. When Tora isn’t in any of the cells, pass them and turn left. You’ll come then to the laboratories. I don’t know in which she’ll be, but I’m sure you’ll hear her.”

Kazumi nodded as coldly as she could with her racing heard and the fear being like a heavy stone in her stomach.

Sasuke then left and Kazumi turned around to destroy the boulder. She followed the way Sasuke had described to her and soon crossed all the cells with the mutated humans in it; some of them were only barely alive. But Tora wasn’t there.

So she walked past another metal door and came to a long hallway with doors on both sides. Suddenly she heard a scream, filled with agony and endless pain.


Growling and trembling from fear what she would see behind that door, she rushed into the room. Tora was lying bounded on a steel table. Her feet were bleeding and the black haired pale man that had to be Orochimaru just pushed a syringe under her skin.

“Stop it and go away from her!” Kazumi screamed. The Sanin looked up surprised. But instead of moving he only smirked and licked his lips.

“My my… I actually hoped that one of my old friends from Akatsuki would come but I don’t mind your company. Do you want to join your friend?”

Kazumi couldn’t control her emotions anymore and anger swapped over her like a tsunami. She was trembling when she saw into these yellow slit eyes and flashed through his soul, memories and thoughts.

Knowledge was power. He wanted to know everything: Every technique, every jutsu and every hand seal.

So he became immortal to gain and collect all the knowledge over the years. His test subjects, they knew all a little of it. They all knew small pieces of the great picture he created.

He had to change bodies because they were dying.

Sasuke… he would be his next body, his next vessel. Together with the Sharingan he could do so much… possessing one of the greatest eye techniques.

She was perfect, a real challenge. Her body was weak, she had not one specialty. He would try to change it. He would turn her into a specialty.

Gasping Kazumi left his twisted mind and looked horrified at Orochimaru and then to the semi-conscious Tora. She knew… Kazumi knew now some of the solutions to all the secrets.

“You won’t experiment on her any longer” she spat out, gripping a kunai.

The Sanin only smirked. His long tongue slit out of his mouth for a moment and his eyes sparkled.

“My dear, I’m almost finished with my experiments. But you, you could be my next one” he hissed.

“He’s not totally immortal” Masayoshi said in her mind. “But he won’t die that easily and I’m afraid that my power isn’t completely back yet, it would take too much time to fight him. Also you’re still injured from the Jashinist’s torture. Kazumi, you have to find another way to defeat him without killing.”

Okay, Kazumi though, gripping the kunai tighter. She knew that she had to summon Masayoshi’s power for this. Let’s just hope that the Akatsuki won’t see this, she thought and pressed her hands together to concentrate on the dragon power.

But the Sanin didn’t let her of course. His mouth opened and a white snake crawled out and went with its fangs shown straight toward Kazumi. She quickly dodged and pierced the snake with her kunai. Hissing and bleeding the snake moved a little before it went quiet. Orochimaru meanwhile had spit out himself and snaked now over to her, his mouth was wide opened and revealed a sword. There was not much space in the laboratory but there was a door. Kazumi ran through it and quickly closed it, forming already a seal to lock it. She heard Orochimaru on the other side of the door chuckling, but she just smirked. Now she would have the time she needed to summon the power.

The little room was stuffed with glasses filled with liquids and dead animals; monitors and other medical things were standing around.

Of course the seal was no problem for Orochimaru. After a second it was gone. Smirking he grabbed the knob and opened the door, only to be pushed backward by a powerful force. Wide eyed he watched as the girl stepped forward. A swirling mass of chakra surrounded her. Roaring was heard and two yellow reptile eyes appeared in the chakra that now took the form of a dragon-like feature, standing protectively before the girl.

“Orochimaru, your heart and soul are rotten. You are evil from the roots of your being, so I’ll justice you.” The growling female voice came from the dragon, it echoed through the room and made the Sanin shiver slightly. But not in fear, it was quite the opposite: He was exited.

This was only… fantastic, Orochimaru thought. This power… was amazing. What was she? Could it be that she was a Jinchuriki? He had to find it out.

His surprised expression turned into a smirk as he licked his lips in anticipation.

The chakra-skin of the dragon turned brown and became hard like stone… No, it was stone. Roaring it showed its teeth, and attacked Orochimaru who only stood there, still fascinated by the spectacle.

But suddenly, before the dragon reached the Sanin, someone jumped in front of him, protecting him with long white spears that looked like bones, which came out of his body and made the dragon stop, his face only inches away from them.

“Lord Orochimaru, are you alright?” the man asked. He had white hair and two red points on his forehead.

“Kimimaro…” Orochimaru said still smirking. “It wasn’t necessary that you came. But now that you’re here, I’d like to turn that girl into one of my test subjects. So she isn’t to be killed.”

“I understand my Lord” Kimimaro said still pointing with his long bones at the dragon which retreated.

“We have to hurry”, Masayoshi’s voice echoed through Kazumi’s mind. “It would take too much time to defeat both of them. The Akatsuki or others from that hideout could be here any second. And Tora fell unconscious. We have to save her.

Kazumi agreed with her. She had to stop them, stop their movements. She grinned as she knew how to do it.

“Masayoshi, retreat your chakra” she ordered. Instantly the earth version of the dragon spirit was back in her body. Kimimaro used that opportunity to attack. Kazumi though didn’t move, she only pressed her hands together, shouting:

“Secret element jutsu: Dragon of the water!”

Kimimaro’s bone that came out of his palm was only inches away from her shoulder when water, mixed with chakra, was spilled out of Kazumi’s body and covered Kimimaro in an instant. The water froze immediately and engulfed him in ice. The blue dragon version of Masayoshi consisted of water and let everything freeze that came in contact with it. Controlling the dragon Masayoshi and Kazumi let it attack the Sanin and spread water all over him. In an instant he was froze as well as the white snakes that came out of his body.

To save her power Masayoshi called her chakra back and the dragon disappeared. Kazumi looked around panting. Most of the spots in the room were covered with slight ice. Only at the line before her, from the bone-user to the Sanin, the ice reached up to the ceiling.

Kazumi’s eyes gazed to Tora. Stumbling she headed to her, destroyed the bounds with a scalpel that lie around and disconnected the cables coming from two machines. She tried not to stare at the wounds that covered Tora’s skin. Or at the chest that barely moved up and down. Or at the soles of feet and her palms that were bleeding from deep cuts.

Gulping and afraid that she came too late Kazumi lifted the thin body of Tora up in her arms and carried her outside the room and back through the halls. Her heart was pounding inside her head, her breath quickened with every step she took and she stumbled often. But Kazumi kept going. She had to reach the exit.

She was almost there when Masayoshi said: “We should burn that place down.”

“What about the prisoners?” Kazumi asked back though she already knew the answer.

“… My dear, you‘ve seen them. They’re barely alive, and they probably don’t even remember at their life outside this place. That snake bastard turned them into monsters, and if we’d let them free… A lot of innocents will be killed.”

Even though she didn’t like the idea Kazumi agreed on her. But before she could summon the rest of Masayoshi’s chakra, all of a sudden a blade came swishing down and almost chopped her head off.

Standing in front of her was Sasuke. His eyes were gleaming bloody red and she could feel the anger dwelling from him.

“Did you really think I’d fall on this lie?” he spat out.

Damn it! Kazumi cussed in her mind. She couldn’t fight him with Tora in her arms. Also their time was running out. Every minute now the ice could break apart and then they had to be far away from that place.

“Sasuke, let us through please” she whispered, her eyes begging him. She knew from Itachi’s memories that his brother wasn’t all bad, just confused. Well, at least Kazumi hoped so.

His eyes gazed from Kazumi to the limp form of Tora. For only a split second his anger was replaced with a tiny hint of sadness… and guilt.

“You said that you don’t want Tora to be here” Kazumi kept on talking. She had to convince him to let them pass. “I’ll bring her out and she’ll never come back again. But I have to do it now, or Orochimaru would come, or she’ll die. Do you really want her to die, Sasuke?” she asked softly.

“Hn. I don’t care.” Kazumi wasn’t sure if he really meant it.

“Listen, the Akastuki will come to this hideout soon. You can either waste all your energy on me, or save it for Itachi. It’s your choice.”

Surprisingly he did think about it… he nodded and disappeared. Kazumi looked around confused, believing that he would reappear again to stab her back. But he didn’t. Sasuke decided to let her go – only so that he could fight his brother.

Selfish guy, she just thought but didn’t waste any more time and quickly summoned Masayoshi’s power. A dragon, consisted of flames, came out of her. With the order to destroy and burn everything down she sent him away while she headed to the exit. The dragon’s roaring and the bursting of flames was still heard as she stumbled out into freedom. Turning around she saw that there were maybe half a dozen of holes in the stone wall; fire was bursting out into the clouded sky. The crackle of the flames was so loud that she didn’t even hear the death screams of the prisoners and henchmen of Orochimaru as she ran with Tora in her arms away.

Morphing out of the ground, Zetsu just saw Kazumi and Tora leaving the burning building.

“It seems like they managed to escape” white Zetsu said.

“The question is just how? That Kazumi hasn’t any special combat experience.”

“Just like us. Maybe she sneaked in avoiding everyone?”

“No. Orochimaru is clever. He would have noticed her. I even doubt that we can enter his hideout unseen.”

“He could have been distracted by the fire. By the way, why is his hideout burning away?”

The black side didn’t answer because he also didn’t know.

They watched in silence as Kazumi ran away from the stone wall to the nearest trees. In that moment Tobi appeared next to them and took in the whole scenery through his eye hole.

“Report” he demanded, activating his Sharingan.

“There is not much to report, Tobi. We just arrived here a few seconds ago; we only saw them leaving the hideout.”

“Which is burning now” the white Zetsu added and got a growl from his other half.

A loud roaring was heard then and the ceiling of the hideout complex was blast away. Fire reached outside and burnt the grass and some trees. All of a sudden, a burning roaring thing flew out of the hole.

“Is that… a dragon?” the white Zetsu asked amazed. Tobi’s Sharingan flashed through his eye hole as he watched the dragon flying down the wall toward the ground. It seemed like the whole dragon was a mass of powerful chakra that was set on fire, like a Fireball jutsu, though this was way more powerful.

The girl, Kazumi, turned around as the dragon approached her.

“Uh oh, it looks like this was it with our new members” the white side said, thinking that the dragon would kill them.

“No… she doesn’t run away, instead it seems like she awaits it.” Indeed she just stood there patiently and calmly until the dragon reached her – and morphed with her. All the chakra had went straight into her body, Tobi could see it for a split second, before it faltered and the girl seemed to be as powerless as before.

“What the hell just happened there?” white Zetsu asked confused.

His other half needed some time until he answered: “I would say that this was the dragon spirit.”

“But how was that blind girl able to summon it? She doesn’t look to be in the condition to do it.”

“It’s because she isn’t the host” Tobi replied darkly, his Sharingan spinning angrily. “The dragon spirit was sealed inside this Kazumi the whole time.”

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