You Only See What You Want To See

Chapter 23

We sat together on the roof of the hospital, Kazumi probably watched the landscape while I thought about what had happened since I lost consciousness in the monster’s laboratory. The last thing I had felt was the powerful chakra that came from Kazumi as she had summoned the dragon spirit’s power. After that Kazumi had brought me to the next hospital where the nurses and doctors had treated my wounds and the cuts at my feet. They were still bandaged and I couldn’t see yet; Kazumi had to guide me everywhere. But at least the pain almost disappeared; everything what was left was a slight pulsing in my numb feet.

We hoped that we could stay in the hospital a bit longer until my feet would be as good as healed so that I could see again. We hoped that no one of the Akatsuki had seen Kazumi’s dragon. We hoped that they weren’t suspicious.

Kazumi had tried to contact Pain but he didn’t answer. With every second that passed and we didn’t hear anything from the Akatsuki, our worry grew bigger and bigger. What would happen if they’d find out? Kazumi had told me that Hidan had tortured her just because she wasn’t exactly who she had said she would be. She also had informed me about Tobi. When he and Pain would find out that we had been lying during the whole time and that actually Kazumi was the host…

I let out a heavy sigh. In the moment it felt like the calm before the great storm.

We stayed on the roof during midday, enjoyed the sudden slight breeze and were silent. Until Kazumi started speaking: “Tora, I have to tell you something…”

I frowned at the serious tone of her voice, looking at the place where her face should be.

“I-I think I know… where your parents live.” I just stared at her, and stared, my mouth hang slightly open in surprise.

“What?” It was all I could say.

She sighed. “Back in the hideout I saw in Orochimaru’s soul, trying to find out information about you. He had been there, at your house, when his henchmen dragged you away. When you were unconscious I let a wind version of Masayoshi fly around to find the place, and well… she did. It’s in Sound Country, not too far from here.”

For once I was speechless. My parents… She found them… I could visit them, be together with them… They must be deadly worried by now.

“If you want we can go to them tomorrow, when your feet are better.”

“My feet are already better” I said immediately, finding my voice again. “We can go now!”

Kazumi laughed slightly, but then she stopped. I heard her taking a deep breath and then she whispered: “Oh no…”

“What? What happened?”

“They found us. The Akatsuki… The little mini air version of Masayoshi saw them. It’s Deidara and Sasori on one of Deidara’s clay birds. They’re heading directly to that hospital.”

“Do they look pissed off or just a bit angry?”

“Hard to say… I guess we have to find it out.”

Kazumi and Tora awaited them on a large field behind the hospital because they didn’t want to danger the kind people in a possibly upcoming fight.

The huge clay bird landed a few metres away from them and the Artist duo jumped down.

“You’re not trying to run, un?” Deidara asked, a smirk on his face and his right hand in his pouch, probably preparing some clay.

Kazumi frowned, developing a bad feeling about it. “What do you mean?” she asked carefully. “I tried to contact Leader-sama to tell him our location but-“

“Stop acting stupid brat” Sasori growled interrupting her. “We know that you are actually the host.”

“Yeah, Leader is fuming of rage right now because of you” Deidara smirked. “He wants to see both of you, un. Not your lucky day...”

Tora took a better stance. She had ripped the bandages off of her feet earlier. Her vision was still not as good as before, but she was confident that it would work. “Sorry to disappoint you, but we won’t go anywhere near this guy.”

“I don’t think you have anything to say in it, un” Deidara said, grinning wider.

“Just let us finish this, brat” Sasori meant, his long metal scorpion tail moved into the air, and the tip of it was lilac from poison. “I hate it to let others wait.”

Deidara only snorted but took his hand out of his pouch. With a quick movement he threw some of his bombs toward the girls.

“Stone wall” Kazumi said and Tora created a high wall, the bombs made the stone crumble but it lasted, until Sasori’s tail crashed into a weak spot one of the bombs had made and destroyed it. Others of Deidara’s white clay animals flew toward them and grew bigger, but Kazumi said at the same time:

“Secret element jutsu: Dragon of lightning.” The roaring dragon appeared, morphing out of her body, and sent flashes through the bombs that had almost reached the girls. Kazumi had seen before that Deidara’s bombs were Earth-based, and Earth was weak against lightning.

In the meantime Tora held out a hand over the ground, let it shake and with a push of her palm dust and tiny rocks were thrown into the air, clouding everyone’s vision. The blond bomber threw one of his birds into the air, jumped on it and left the dusty cloud to get a better view. But the flashing dragon followed closed behind him. Kazumi saw everything through the dragon’s eyes and guided it with her own will.

Sasori looked around through Hiruko, trying to detect the chakra signature of the brats. He knew that his partner had flown away and concluded from the loud roaring, the dragon also did. So at least the blind girl had to be somewhere near… but the problem was that her amount of chakra was so little, that it was nearly impossible to detect her. It was more a foreboding than knowing when Sasori turned around and raised his tail in the air. It blocked the rock spear from the blind girl just in second. Opening the mouth of Hiruko he sent poisoned needles toward her but she quickly created a stone wall and directed a line of twisting columns to him. Sasori jumped out of the way, his tail swished to the girl to stab her.

She screamed in pain when the poisoned tip went through her belly. Smirking in satisfaction Sasori landed right in front of her.

“I already told you the first time that you’re out of your league.” The girl looked at him with her blind eyes but suddenly smirked – and transformed into a rock. Cursing Sasori turned around, just to see how the brat broke through the surface of the ground, slammed her hand onto the earth – and before Sasori could do something the ground beneath him became muddy and slick and captured him. She stood at the edge of the trap, smirking winningly.

“This is the revenge for you poisoning me” she said. Sasori glared at her, of course Tora couldn’t see it but she could feel the aura around him darken. It made her a bit shivering but she suppressed it and was about to leave when Sasori loosened one of his traps and sent it into the air. Hundreds of poisoned needles rushed down but Tora only made her stone tent. When the poisoned rain had stopped she sent one side of the tent to Sasori. The upper half of his tail that wasn’t covered in mud yet crashed it though.

Loud roaring drew their attention to the sky - though both couldn’t see it. Tora for obvious reasons and Sasori because the dust still clouded his vision. But he knew that Deidara was battling the dragon brat and hoped that this idiot would win for once.

Tora decided to go and help Kazumi. She waved at Sasori, saying: “Bye Woody Doll~” and ran to her friend, leaving Sasori who sank deeper into the mud with every second.

In the same time Deidara was battling in the air with the lightning dragon. They flew around each other and although the blond terrorist was faster and more agile he already had to change four times his birds because the dragon had cut off some parts of his clay creations with its flashes. Also Deidara couldn’t blow that thing off. It just deactivated every single bomb he threw at it. So he decided to concentrate at the girl that probably lead the spirit, the only problem was that because of the dusty cloud he couldn’t tell where the girl was. Despite the fact that she seemed to be the host of the spirit she still had a very low chakra signature. And when Deidara finally made out her position and was about to send her one of his C2 bombs, the dragon flew in the way and deactivated it. It was frustrating at least and Deidara grew angrier with every second, flying away from the lightening dragon while he tried to come up with a strategy.

Suddenly there was a heavy wind blow that almost knocked him off of the bird and abstracted him for a moment. Cursing he ducked just in time before the tail of the dragon chopped his head off and jumped down from his bird, creating a new one. Narrowing his eyes he saw another dragon. Kazumi had created it from the air around her so she wouldn’t need that much energy like she used for the lightning dragon. Luckily Masayoshi’s power had almost returned so that she had no problem keeping up, waiting for the right moment to strike.

Gritting his teeth in frustration Deidara watched the two dragons. It was very hard to detect the wind dragon because he almost merged with the air. Then it happened: The lightning dragon attacked, Deidara flew a curve to avoid it but didn’t see the wind dragon coming. The impact knocked him off of his bird as the spirit sank its teeth into his leg, not letting go.

Deidara screamed, but let his mouth hands munch some clay despite the pain. He covered the wind dragon with the clay and exploded it. The teeth let him go just a second before he crashed into the earth.

The impact knocked the air of the bomber’s lunges. Dizzy and groaning Deidara sat up, his bleeding leg hurt with every movement he made but he pushed his body into a sitting position, gazing at the dusted air above him – just to see that the lightning dragon headed directly toward him in full speed, the yellow eyes glowing.

Deidara went pale for a second, his eyes widened.

Then the dragon was there and crashed into him, the lightning let the bomber’s body shake in pain.

Kazumi smirked and withdrew the spirit dragons. She had known that she’d be able to beat him with ease. She walked through the dust to the spot where the crushed Deidara must be laying. The dust in the air had more than doubled and a deep impact was shown in the earth. Kazumi glanced into the hole to expect seeing the dead body of Deidara – but it wasn’t there, just a lot of clay that had more or less the shape of the Akatsuki member. Growling Kazumi turned around just to see Tora running to her. “Woody Doll is stuck, we should leave now” she said. Kazumi nodded but added a “yes” remembering that Tora couldn’t see it.

A few minutes after the girls had left the earth crumbled at a spot and cracked upon to reveal a pissed off Deidara who fought his way back to the surface. Damn kids, he thought growling.

Panting heavily and bleeding from minor wounds he gazed around to see that the dust cloud was vanishing slowly. His lips twitched into a small smirk though as he saw that his danna was still stuck in the mud.

Sasori didn’t even dare to twitch because he knew that it would only cause him to sink deeper. By now he couldn’t move; the puppet parts were covered with heavy, sticky mud and made it impossible for him to control them. He just could hope that this brat didn’t let himself be killed so that he could tug him out of it.

When the bomber finally appeared at the edge of the mud hole a smirk was placed on his face, making Sasori growl.

“What happened to you danna, un?” he asked. “Are you stuck?”

“Just shut up brat and pull me out of it, now” he demanded.

Deidara chuckled and made a rope out of his clay, throwing it at the puppet master. The only thing Sasori could do was to grip it with Hiruko’s teeth and so Deidara pulled his muddy puppet out of the trap on save solid ground.

A second later Zetsu appeared out of the ground, his dark half glaring at the art duo. “You idiots let them escape!”

Sasori and Deidara only glared back. The puppet master was stuck for now in Hiruko because the mud prevented him from moving just a single puppet part. He had to wait until it dried, though he hated waiting.

“Leader won’t be pleased to hear it” the white Zetsu said.

“The girls were more powerful than we thought” Sasori replied. “But it won’t happen again. Next time they’re finished.” It was a silent promise he gave them.

Far away, in the highest tower in Amegakure, the two Leaders of Akatsuki agreed that the girls were no longer their prisoners, or possible future members. They turned out to be powerful enemies who deceived them on purpose and tried to kill two of their members while trying to escape. The host and the earth-controlling blind were traitors who knew too much about the Akatsuki and could endanger their whole mission. And so the Leaders decided that they had to stop them by any cost before they would slip out important information about the organization.

Their punishment would be a cruel and slow death.

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