You Only See What You Want To See

Chapter 26

I was sitting on a chair in the very huge dining hall, my father stood in front of me, half-yelling and asking me how I became so disrespectful. I already had turned his voice off after the first word he had screamed into my face.

I was so angry… and sad and desperate and frantic! I couldn’t have saved her. I couldn’t have saved my best friend against that monster!

I felt so useless and powerless. My father was right. I was a failure, a weakling, a desperate case. Maybe it would have been better if I had died in that laboratory, or if the Akatsuki just had killed me.

Memories came back, memories my mind had wanted to protect me from. I was again strapped on that steel table, screaming my lungs out, crying and sobbing, begging for him to stop. I felt him cut deep into my skin, I felt my body burn away and I felt my sweat mixing with the blood that covered my whole body. But that monster only smirked at me, enjoying my pain. I remembered how he was looking: The black long hair, the pale skin, the cruel smile, the smooth hissing voice and the yellow gleaming eyes. And I remembered his assistant, Kabuto. Merciless like his master, slapping me when I didn’t keep quiet, strapping my struggling body onto the table, pulling out the syringe he wanted to push into my skin. I remembered when I once had opened my eyes, I only had seen darkness. My whole body had been arching and numb. I couldn’t have moved. Since then I’ve been only surrounded by the blackest darkness that never had disappeared from that moment on.

“Why do you cry?! Ninjas don’t cry and they don’t show emotion! They are strong!”

I glared up at him, at the man that had sold me to the cruellest man ever.

“Shut up!” I yelled and my voice was shaking only a little. “Shut up you worthless piece of crap!”

My outburst was followed by a heavy silence. I only could hear my own loud heartbeat and my panting voice. I felt tears rolling down my skin and I wished they weren’t there, I wished I could be strong like a ninja. But I wasn’t one. I was only Tora, the useless child that could do some tricks with the earth.

“What did you just say?” my father growled. I could hear the warning undertone of it, could feel him already rising his fist.

I didn’t care.

“I said you’re a worthless piece of crap!” I spit in his face. My whole body was trembling with rage and fury.

“You little… I’ll teach you some manners! I’ll beat some sense in you!” I waited for the punch to come, but it didn’t.

“Kaito, please, no.” It was the thin voice of my mother. The whole time my father had been screaming at me she only had been sitting there, sobbing. “She is still our daughter. I think that she just went through a lot during the last weeks… I’m begging you not to overact-“

“Overact? She is disrespectful, ungraceful and clumsy. This is not our daughter!”

“We all should just calm down a bit and sleep over it, okay?” I knew she was smiling and I hated her for that.

But before my father could answer it knocked on the door. Everybody froze immediately, gazing toward the door.

It knocked again. After the fourth time my father moved toward the door and opened it. I could hear him asking roughly: “Who are you and what do you want?”

“I’m here because of your daughter. I want to talk to her.” This voice… I listened attentively, recognizing it immediately.

“These clouds… You’re Akatsuki, you’re-”

“Itachi!” I yelled, running to him. “That Orochimaru was here and took Kazumi, you have to save her!”

“Tora, what are you doing?! Go back into the house and don’t interfere!” my father yelled at me before he turned again to Itachi. “So you’re Itachi Uchiha, who slaughtered his own clan and is searched all over the world. I don’t even dare to ask what you want with my shame of a daughter.” I balled my hands into fists but stayed in the middle of the corridor. I probably would be in their way anyway.

I could feel the tension between the two ninjas, every one of them was waiting for the other one to attack first. Then I heard the sound of a weapon being moved. I took even a few more steps back.

My father moved his feet not only an inch when his kunai suddenly fell to the ground and I could feel him shaking. Itachi though still stood there like a statue and didn’t do anything. I narrowed my eyes when suddenly my father let out a loud scream filled with pain and agony, and his knees touched the floor. Then I remembered that Itachi had these special eyes, like everyone else from his clan. One of my Konoha friends had told me that.

So my father was trapped now most likely in a genjutsu… Feeling how much he was trembling I was just happy that because of my blindness genjutsu was useless against me.

My ear ringed from the screams and then my mother was coming down the floor. “Kaito! You bastard, let him go!”

I didn’t hold her back as she ran with winding speed to Itachi but even stepped back. Not even a blink of an eye later my mother fell to the ground unconscious, the senbon she has had in her hand was slicing toward my feet now.

My father whimpered, bending down on the floor when Itachi finally moved and I felt the kunai being picked up by him.

The sharp blade slid through skin, muscles, bones and flesh. The only sound my father made was a small gasping before he fell to the floor, motionless and dead.

I gulped. But surprisingly I wasn’t shocked, nor was I scared or sad that my father had died right in front of me. Instead, I was relieved and glad that Itachi had come to take me out of this horrible place. And I was still fascinated that he defeated both of them so quickly…

“We should go now.” I nodded at this and moved past my parent’s unmoving bodies, relieved that I couldn’t see them, especially the corpse of my father. I couldn’t prevent my bare feet to step into the puddle of blood that came out of my father. I used the wall for support to not slip on the sticky substance when I walked past him and followed Itachi outside.

“Can you run?” he asked with his emotionless voice that still sent some shivers down my spine. He just killed my father and was as calm as ever. But then again, he slaughtered his own clan in one night, so that wasn’t exactly surprising.

I only nodded and running we did. We ran away from that house, away from my parents, away from the horror memories and away from my old life.

Orochimaru ran over the field, nearing a forest. The girl lay unconscious in his arms. The girl with the power the Sanin had no idea what it was.

He ran faster, impatient about reaching finally his hideout so that he could experiment on her. That power... That mass of chakra… That was how he imagined the power of a Jinchuriki must be, but he knew that she was none, at least none of the bijuus. But maybe something else was sealed inside her. Anyway, Orochimaru would find it out and then make her one of his favourite loyal servants. When Sasuke would finally be his vessel and he would be in the possession of the Sharingan, with that girl on his side… he would be more powerful than he ever had been!

Orochimaru didn’t slow down reaching the forest. The trees were nothing than a blur as he ran past them, deeper into the woods. When suddenly, he picked up another presence nearby though the person tried to hide it. The presence was directly in front of him and moved quickly into his direction. Orochimaru narrowed his eyes, hissing slightly. He wanted to reach his base and not to deal with some ninja.

The Sanin who had masked his chakra himself moved to the right to avoid the other person. In every other day he would have stopped to find out who it was, and if the person was on his trail. But today was different, today he only wanted to spend in his laboratory.

The other ninja continued running in the same direction and Orochimaru moved farther to the right side, a small smirk on his lips.

That was when something little and white landed in front of him.

“Katsu!” The thing exploded and sent him a couple of feet backwards. He looked into the sky and saw through the trees a huge white bird flying around in circles.

“Did you really think we would let you slip past us just like that?” a voice asked him from his left side and a moment later none other than Kisame Hoshigaki stepped out from behind some trees. The mist ninja was the one whom signature the Sanin had felt.

“My my, what gives me the honour of the Akatsuki being here?” he hissed smirking while he noticed someone all too familiar stepping out from the trees behind him.

“We want the girl you’ve kidnapped” Sasori’s voice came from within his puppet. Orochimaru’s smirk grew wider seeing his former partner though he cursed in his mind. He had absolutely no need to deal with them now.

“Sasori, so you’re still in that weak organization I see?”

“Stop that distracting talk, snaky” Kisame said grinning, crashing his sword into the ground. “Just give us the girl.”

Orochimaru only smirked wider.

We first stopped when we were almost at the western border of the Sound Country. Itachi had remained more or less quiet during the travel and only had told me that the other Akatsuki were about to take Kazumi back from the monster. I hoped so much that they would be able to cut that snake into several pieces.

“Do you know in which direction Konoha is?” Itachi asked me. We stood on a crossroad; there were large fields all around us. I shook my head.

“Why Konoha?” I asked confused. “I thought you’d bring me back to the Akatsuki base?”

“No, Leader only wants Kazumi. He doesn’t know though that I went to search you or he’d have ordered me to kill you. You’re free to go.”

“But won’t he search after me? And what will happen with Kazumi?”

“I don’t know, but I’m going to support her as much as I can and take care that nothing will happen to her. Also I think that you must be safe in Konoha.”

I nodded. A part of me was happy about seeing my friends again, the other part was sad to lose Kazumi and a small part was still trapped in the house with my parents, the blood and death.

“I’ll help you to find the way to Konoha. You have to run fast, avoid bigger villages and other ninjas, okay?” Itachi asked me and then something fluttered through the air and landed on my shoulder, digging its claws into my shirt. At first I shrieked away when that thing croaked into my ear but then I relaxed slightly when Itachi explained that it was one of his summoning crows that would lead the way to Konoha.

“Thank you, Itachi. Thank you so much. I know I was always rude to you and didn’t trust you, but you’re actually kind of nice.”

“Hn” was the only thing he said but I could feel him smile a little. “Just take care of you, Tora” he said and then he jumped and ran away. I looked after him with my blind eyes for a while before turning around toward my goal. A loud croak though let me stop in my tracks and the bird jumped away from my shoulder and flew into the opposite direction from where I wanted to go. I sweat dropped but then followed the crow with a sigh, toward Konoha, toward my home.

Kazumi woke up groaning slightly. Rain dripped onto her skin and she was pressed against something hard. She opened her eyes just to look at a smirking face. She flinched firstly but then recognized the person who carried her in his arms.

“K-Kisame?” she asked with a slightly thin voice. The grin in the blue face widened and the shark man nodded.

Kazumi half sit up and glanced around. They were walking on a stony grey landscape and through the rain Kazumi saw two other figures walking ahead of them which she recognized as Sasori and Itachi, and when she turned around to look across Kisame she saw Deidara following them. They were all dressed of course in their Akatsuki cloaks, this time they even wore the hats with the little balls which ringed with every step they took.

“What happened?” Kazumi asked confused. The last thing she remembered was that snake bastard in Tora’s house, her summoning Masayoshi’s power, Tora’s warning and the hit that made her black out. Placing her hand on the back of her head she felt some dried blood and a slight bruise.

“I thought Orochimaru had kidnapped me” she said confused.

“He did” Kisame answered her. “But we kidnapped you back. That bastard escaped when he saw that he would lose the fight anyway and that Sasori already had grabbed you.”

Kazumi nodded slightly. The cold rain washed her dizziness away quickly. “Where are we going?” she asked though she already had an idea.

“Leader wants to see you” the shark man told her. “I don’t know though if he wants to kill you or give you a second chance.”

Kazumi feared that it was the former. She couldn’t let that happen, she had to get away from them and out of Rain Country. After everything she had been through she wouldn’t just let herself be killed by Pain or Tobi in the end.

Closing her eyes she searched after Masayoshi, tried to summon her power, but failed every time. Frowning she noticed that something kept her from controlling her chakra flow in general which was lesser than usual.

A chuckle made her looking up and Kisame smirked down at her. “We placed a seal on you to suppress your chakra, and before that I let Samehada suck almost all your chakra. She did really like it by the way.”

Kazumi grumbled, but started to panic in her mind. She was so screwed.

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